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(TechTV)   Morgan Webb has defeated Asia Carrera. Opponent for the weekend: Kristy Swanson   ( krockradio.com) divider line
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2003-05-02 04:03:18 PM  
Oh the humanity......
2003-05-02 04:03:35 PM  
Webb for President
2003-05-02 04:03:57 PM  
Would take Asia over Morgan any day...no contest
2003-05-02 04:04:14 PM  
Webb, schmebb.

That's what I always say.
2003-05-02 04:04:16 PM  
Next next week Morgan Webb vs. cold_brains
2003-05-02 04:04:29 PM  
2003-05-02 04:05:18 PM  
<------------------- This dude.
2003-05-02 04:05:22 PM  
Who really gives a shait?
2003-05-02 04:05:31 PM  
need a better pic of Morgan. What is she doing, eating?
2003-05-02 04:05:38 PM  
Sorry this was the wrong opponent Morgan Webb's opponent this weekend: Appapthy. My appathy. Should I ever get cable, I will never watch Tech TV. Unless Morgan is replaced by Asia Carerra.
2003-05-02 04:06:03 PM  
Has Morgan Webb ever been on the rotisserie? I thought not, Asia rules!
2003-05-02 04:06:06 PM  
Wow, I never thought it would go on this long. I thought when they brought out the porn star it would be over.
2003-05-02 04:06:34 PM  
When will the "Reign of Bleh" that is Morgan Webb finally be toppled? I think we need regime change in "Either...Or Land"
2003-05-02 04:06:53 PM  
In the name of fark... vote for Morgan until we get an apoligy from krock.
2003-05-02 04:07:33 PM  
dead lord....

please make it stop.
2003-05-02 04:07:48 PM  
Can anyone defeat Morgan? If so, who will it be?
2003-05-02 04:08:10 PM  
This Morgan person has to be stopped!
Mainly becaue I'm tired of seeing these links every day.
2003-05-02 04:08:30 PM  
No way is she hotter than Kristy Swanson.
2003-05-02 04:08:34 PM  
There should be a TechTV battle between Morgan and Sumi.
2003-05-02 04:08:46 PM  
Morgan beats the hell out of Asia... she's so skanky and ugly:

Kristy swanson has her beat, IMO
2003-05-02 04:08:50 PM  
If Eliza cant win ,

then all hope is lost.
2003-05-02 04:09:15 PM  
It's not about who's hotter anymore. Don't you see? We have ultimate control! Morgan Webb will never lose!
2003-05-02 04:09:35 PM  
No... who's Morgan Webb?
2003-05-02 04:09:41 PM  
which one of you puds are loading the ballots, hehehe :) there is no way in any world that ugly ho should have beaten anyone, but now she's up against kristy swanson. kristy "buffy" swanson. kristy "recently in playboy" swanson. kristy "i'll saw my arm off with a pocket knife to have sex with" swanson. if morgan webb wins again, night will turn to day, light to dark butter faces to fat chicks with pretty faces....the humanity.
2003-05-02 04:09:44 PM  
need a better pic of Morgan. What is she doing, eating?

Exactly. Give her some nice lighting, put her in a kleenex dress, and throw in some nice airbrushing...then see how they compare. Although-- could be that the fact that the fact that she doesn't have any of those things in her photo gives her an edge?
2003-05-02 04:10:02 PM  
I am relatively new to Fark, but am amazed by its power. Why would let KRock mock us and not keep this up? Regime change...we dont need no stinkin' regime change.
2003-05-02 04:10:04 PM  
"...Beowulf cluster from the Harvard Astrophysics lab..."


whoa. hang on a sec here... I understand that reference... Oh, I've wasted my life.

2003-05-02 04:10:07 PM  
Oh, Tech TV. Where the Red Hat/Mandrake debate never ends.
2003-05-02 04:10:19 PM  
This is why the presidential elections are not held online.
2003-05-02 04:10:22 PM  
Read 'em and weep (for the kitties) (NSFW)
2003-05-02 04:10:28 PM  
You guys suck.
If you've ever watched Morgan a few times you'd see how lame she is. Nice rack, but that's about it.
Asia ownz.

Kristy Swanson? Who's the one picking these challengers?
2003-05-02 04:10:39 PM  
I think Morgan keeps winning because people think she might be obtainable. She is a normal person. Like any of us could bag Asia.
2003-05-02 04:10:56 PM  
Morgan Webb is ugly...this is ludicrous
2003-05-02 04:11:02 PM  
this is some of the dorkiest shiat i've ever witnessed. congratulations.
2003-05-02 04:11:23 PM  
It never was about "who is hotter." It is about K-Rock calling us farkers "the great unlaid."


/riotous chant
2003-05-02 04:11:43 PM  
Oh, That's easy. Some chick on TechTV that everyone here wanks off to cause she's a Geek Chick, and everyone honestly believes they have a chance or something.
2003-05-02 04:11:43 PM  
Christ, who keeps submitting this Morgan stuff?

[image from home.earthlink.net too old to be available]

How about we just let this station have their stupid contest back?

2003-05-02 04:11:49 PM  
To beat Morgan, either a Fark Cliche, or Wil Wheaton must challenge.
Its not about who's hotter anymore, its a respect thing. The've trashed us, and we won't let them have their contest back until they submit.
(Its real fun to watch 'em squirm too.)
2003-05-02 04:12:00 PM  
I would think a porn star who has probably had more than 4 guys in one night would be less discerning of who she slept with than a cute girl next door type.

Although I do wish the opposite were true.
2003-05-02 04:12:25 PM  
again -
Kristy: I've seen her bush
Morgan: nothin'

Kristy wins.
2003-05-02 04:13:17 PM  
If Morgan can beat Kristy how the hell was the vote for Grandma Bertha so close with fat ugly Joclyn ...and we still dont know who won....
2003-05-02 04:13:31 PM  
No one is going to beat Morgan unless we don't link the contest (unlikely) or they bring up a Fark clich (also unlikely). They'll get sick of it in about a week, I guess.
2003-05-02 04:13:49 PM  
2003-05-02 04:13:55 PM  
I think Morgan keeps winning because people think she might be obtainable. She is a normal person. Like any of us could bag Asia.

Speak for yourself, I could bag Asia. I just ... uh... choose not too... uh, yeah, that's it...
2003-05-02 04:14:30 PM  
Next week's Either/Or contest:

Morgan Webb vs. the dog that was beaten, frozen, shot, stabbed, tax audited, ran with scissors, broke a mirror, spilled salt, walked under a ladder, crammed into a paper shredder, tossed into molten lava, thrown from an airplane, fought the Kaizer, scratched by a cat, and made to listen to TaTu for three days straight!

I wonder who'll win that one!?
2003-05-02 04:15:06 PM  
i just love stuffing a ballot like we do at fark, i say we vote for morgan untill they get enough people to beat us which might happen. but on the other hand, i dont think that she will ever be beaten if eliza dushku didnt beat her, that is the hottest girl on earth, it isnt even right how hot she is
2003-05-02 04:15:25 PM  
Sorry, Morgan, but no vote from me.

Again, it's Sumi Das or Lindsey Arent. Yum.
2003-05-02 04:15:47 PM  
I voted for Kristy, but then again I voted for Gore.

By the way, flame on if you want but I am headed out to see some nice Friday happy hour boobies shortly.
2003-05-02 04:16:00 PM  
she's hot, and she's not skanky looking. honestly, most porn stars are really gross.
2003-05-02 04:16:02 PM  
Looks like Morgan has a nice set of guns, but I'd need to see her in less to decide. Of course, if I got Tech TV it would help.

As far as anybody beating her, I'd say Adm. Ackbar is the only one that has a chance.
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