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2003-05-02 12:48:47 PM  

Asia Carrera is a much hotter geek girl.
2003-05-02 12:48:55 PM  
I'd like to see her slap that biatch's ass.
2003-05-02 12:49:04 PM  
must have beatin me to the submit
2003-05-02 12:49:08 PM  
Yeah, by a whole .33%
2003-05-02 12:49:17 PM  
I have a more interesting poll:

Which is more fun?
1) Watching grass grow
2) Watching paint dry
2003-05-02 12:49:43 PM  
By 8 seconds. Now I see why they call you Quick1.
2003-05-02 12:50:15 PM  
Can we please stop with this? K-Rock is probably going to be able to buy a new car with all the hits AAMCO sees coming their way.
2003-05-02 12:50:15 PM  
2003-05-02 12:50:16 PM  
Or .66% if you want to look at things that way. Of course, a .1% drop on one score results in a .1% gain in another score, leading to a .2% reduction in their lead.
2003-05-02 12:50:49 PM  
Who cares?
2003-05-02 12:50:53 PM  
Asia Carrera is kinda nasty.
2003-05-02 12:51:06 PM  
Now I see why they call you Quick1.

Back when Totalfark was new, I was first for a few days straight on every thread. It was fun to piss people off like that... :)
2003-05-02 12:51:18 PM  
I'd hit it.
2003-05-02 12:51:25 PM  
Asia Carrera is fugly. Whoever voted for that whore needs their head checked.
2003-05-02 12:51:34 PM  
Morgans' 15 minutes finally up!!!
give it 2 months and someone will post a topless pregnant smoking morgan for her to regain her 'net status.
2003-05-02 12:51:47 PM  
The only thing that can stop Morgan's reign of terror and western society's last hope:

Wil Wheaton
2003-05-02 12:51:49 PM  
dammit, asia carrera should win this!
2003-05-02 12:53:25 PM  
Asia Carrera is nasty it shouldn't have been that close.
2003-05-02 12:53:35 PM  
2003-05-02 12:53:39 PM  
Paulson: Asia Carrera is fugly. Whoever voted for that whore needs their head checked.

Back under the bridge.
2003-05-02 12:54:13 PM  
We all beat off to Asia Carrera. Why is this Morgan character so special?
2003-05-02 12:54:48 PM  
Asia C. has that fugly 'rode hard and put up wet' look

Morgan is still the new h0ttness
2003-05-02 12:54:57 PM  
Hot tip: racing to be the primary person to post in a thread won't increase your chances of banging either of these girls. Carry on. ;D
2003-05-02 12:56:34 PM  
Asia has a butter face.
2003-05-02 12:56:39 PM  
Morgan is special 'cause shes a computer geek, which appeals to 99.9% of the internet population. Plus, she's cute one in my opinion.
2003-05-02 12:58:26 PM  
She is still ahead by 400+ votes. When is this eithor over? It seems like some go on longer than others.
2003-05-02 12:59:11 PM  
What's this..."computer geek" you type of?
2003-05-02 12:59:31 PM  
haven't they been doing a new one every day until now? it seems like they're leaving that skanky pr0n star up there until she gets 50%+1 of the votes.
2003-05-02 01:01:18 PM  
I'd assault them both!
2003-05-02 01:01:23 PM  
If we all band together and vote Asia, this can finally die. Please, I appeal to your intellects, not your genitals. Stop helping Morgan win. She doesn't care about you.
2003-05-02 01:01:50 PM  
that's funny..... they seem to be letting this one run longer than the others...
2003-05-02 01:02:24 PM  
Asia Carrera is kinda nasty.

Yeah I didn't even find her hot back when Wayne's World first came out...

Oh... Wait. Nevermind.
2003-05-02 01:03:09 PM  
Asia is hotter anyway. If Morgan wins it's all because tech geeks are finding some irrational satisfaction in this... this mockery.
2003-05-02 01:03:48 PM  
Asia has butter face... Asia is fugly ... yeah but will Morgan suddenly get 'headaches' when you make a special request in the bedroom ?

Hell, I'll take Asia on talent alone. I don't mind boldy going where many men have gone before. Morgan Webb = most overrated hottie.

2003-05-02 01:04:31 PM  
maybe if it is a tie, they will make a movie together..
2003-05-02 01:04:44 PM  
Maybe we should post this on slashdot. She would win easily then.
2003-05-02 01:05:02 PM  
I agree with the "Asia Carrera is ugly" sentiments. She's f'n nasty lookin, I hate the caked on makeup look. Without it, she's completely average.
2003-05-02 01:05:25 PM  
Maybe they should put Steph the Geek against Morgan.
2003-05-02 01:05:36 PM  
Scyst, do any of the other women care about anyone on fark.com?

No, so stop whining. Like there isn't a billion other things people on fark say or do constantly anyway. So you've had to "suffer" seeing about 7 links about Morgan. Is it really that big of a deal?
2003-05-02 01:06:25 PM  
who is morgan webb?

asia carrera is a pron star for pete's sake.

she is so much hotter

vote for her and end this stupid madness for some chick I've never heard of
2003-05-02 01:06:55 PM  
I agree Stubblyhead, they've changed it every day, why not now ?.... cause they know Morgan's hotter than this skanky-I-can't-tell-my-parents-what-I-do-for-a-living-I'll-have-no-job​-when-I' m-30 whore.
2003-05-02 01:07:02 PM  
since i first looked, morgan has gained about 0.3% of the vote total, not that fark had anything to do with that...
2003-05-02 01:07:45 PM  
Asia - seen her cooter
Morgan - not

Asia gets my vote.
maybe I'm just sentimental.
2003-05-02 01:08:30 PM  
I hate the caked on makeup look. Without it, she's completely average.

Wrong, she does porn, so that just makes her skanky.
2003-05-02 01:09:08 PM  
Rocko67 might be on to somefink. Has anyone heard how Ms. Webb reads her lines? Reminscient of a Seymour Butts video.
2003-05-02 01:10:15 PM  

Next article please.
2003-05-02 01:10:24 PM  
"You all should vote for the porn star because we can see her goodies instead of having to respect her as a person. By the way, I'm so much more sensible and mature than whoever votes for Morgan."
2003-05-02 01:10:44 PM  
I figure there are two ways this will end.

1) They give up and put Wil on as challenger

2) They change the challenger and declare them the winner the second it's a vote ahead of Webb.

They've broken their own rules by having this go on for 2 days now....they'll succumb to anything.
2003-05-02 01:11:27 PM  
Puckhead: ROFL.... you got a laugh out of me with that one!
2003-05-02 01:13:35 PM  
I don't give a damn about women who don't give a damn about their fans. If you're not willing to sleep with your fans then why should I give you any respect? You respect me first and *then* I'll give you the noochie.
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