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(Boston Globe)   Teenager upset that school district wants her to share being valedictorian with two other students. Sues for $2.5 million   ( boston.com) divider line
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2003-05-02 11:41:25 AM  
Just what the world needs, another lawyer.
2003-05-02 11:41:48 AM  
So selfish. It's not like she won't still be able to put "Valedictorian" on her transcripts and resumes anymore. She's just doing this to hog a title that two other students have worked hard to earn as well.

My recommendation: lose the ego, ditch the lawsuit, and go celebrate with your two other intelligent buddies.
2003-05-02 11:43:23 AM  
She said she would be asking for $200,000 in compensatory damages and $2.5 million in punitive damages.

Jeebus H.

The student said she plans to become a lawyer.

Surprise, surprise.
2003-05-02 11:47:42 AM  
Waah farkin waaah

Hot coffee? Sue. Didn't get hired? Sue. Obese? Sue. Cancer from smoking 20 years when you knew it was bad? Sue.

I'm going to sue that biatch for antagonizing me before I finished my first cup of coffee. I think 2.5 mill punitive outta take care of it.
2003-05-02 11:50:36 AM  
She's probably fat too.
2003-05-02 11:53:00 AM  
Because of an immune deficiency, Hornstine is classified as a disabled student

What do you suppose that means? That makes her 'disabled'?

Oh yeah, and I'm 1/10000th Eskimo, I can't be in hot climates.
2003-05-02 11:53:49 AM  
Who else will chip in to hire a guy to drive around and punch the people who create these stupid lawsuits.
2003-05-02 11:54:13 AM  
Because of an immune deficiency, Hornstine is classified as a disabled student

What do you suppose that means? That makes her 'disabled'?

I'm sure she thinks it's justified. I bet her next move is to sue her parents for the "disability," too.
2003-05-02 11:54:36 AM  
On the one hand, it's cr@p that she's suing over this. On the other, the valedictorian is supposed to be a singular position. This strikes me as part of the PC "everyone's a winner" attitude rising in schools now.
2003-05-02 11:55:28 AM  
Someone needs to be donkey-punched.
2003-05-02 11:57:35 AM  
I'm sure Yale or Harvard will take her in her dumbass anyway because they have to fill a 'disabled' clause in the admitting process.
2003-05-02 11:58:54 AM  
Last time I checked, the title of valedictorian only helped you get into colleges, and wasn't worth enough money to get you 11 doctorates (8 years) at a 30 grand/year college. Oh wait, she's a lawyer? That explains it then, she's just getting practice being a lower than human leech.
2003-05-02 12:00:31 PM  

The school does have a point. Weighted grades (and the proportional number you have as well) are just unfair. Basically this means a class that is weighted let's you have a GPA > 4.0 for that course. Which means that all these students have GPAs > 4.0 (yes, really!). What happens is that the students who took gym in this case and got a 4.0 in there actually had their GPAs brought down by an A. Sound stupid? You bet. Are many high-schools still using this ridiculous system? Uh-huh. What it does is create a reverse-logic competition with the students with GPAs > 4.0. Frankly I think you shouldn't be able to get > 4.0 anyway. What it all boils down to is that these students are fighting over "bonus points" or "extra credit."
2003-05-02 12:04:33 PM  
Seems the simple solution would be to take the PE grades out of the equation and see where everyone stood on academics alone.

Cscx I'm going to defend the >4.0 grading. In the past kids could hang out in home economics or shop and edge out the ones taking 4th year math or science. This weighs it a bit, putting a heavier value on more challenging courses.
2003-05-02 01:06:57 PM  
Hornstine, 18, has asked a federal judge to intervene, saying that being forced to share with students with lesser grades would detract from what she has accomplished.

Hmmm... She had an unfair advantage, and she's insufferable.
2003-05-02 01:29:13 PM  
Before everyone starts clamoring over each other to make she's-a-typical-lawyer-type jokes, let me just defend myself (an attorney) and other attorneys in our office here in D.C. who each responded with a sentiment similar to that expressed by Cscx (e.g., donkey punch). This kind of behavior makes those of us in the profession who love the law and what it stands for shake our heads in disgust. She's already gotten into Havard, Cornell and whatever else. Why is she fighting (and wasting judicial resources) to deny two other students a right to tout their grades on their resumes later down the road when it will make not one bi of practical differene to her? As my grandmther used to say, just who the f*ck does she think she is?

This is just short-sighted horsesh*t, and several attorneys I spoke with about this nonsense said that if they were interviewing her and found out she had sued like this, over such incredibly small stakes, they would immediately question her judgment. Which is the coin of the realm for attorneys. Her judge father ought to be ashamed, as well.

I'm keeping my eye on Blair Hornstine over then next few years, to make sure she doesn't apply to my firm.

2003-05-02 02:08:26 PM  
LarsThorwald is right! The lawyers who are pr1cks and leeches make the other 1% look bad!
2003-05-02 02:11:17 PM  
Stevearooni, if you ever wander your Kansas City clod kickers outta the Show Me State and into my neighborhood, then watch out, because here comes Mr. Punch.

Just kidding.
2003-05-02 02:15:01 PM  
I know, Lars, me too! Sorry, I just had to make use of that old joke sometime. Lawyers are a necessity, and they make society work a hell of a lot smoother than it'd be without them. It's the loudmouthed ambulance chasers that are seen, not the ones who are dignified and ethical.
2003-05-02 03:02:00 PM  
Valedictorians are a stupid concept. My HS had a "top 12" which took into account GPA, ACT/SAT scores, teacher recommendations, campus involvement, etc. Taking AP classes, being Student Council President, etc., are more important than getting an A in home ec.

oh, and the senior class elected the speaker for graduation, upon approval by the faculty.
2003-05-02 03:16:31 PM  
Someone just needs to take this biotch and beat her over the head with a 18 inch spikey dildo.

I mean, seriously... she got the title "valedictorian" for her transcripts. And it isn't like it is going to make a damned bit of difference in a couple years (when she will be ashamed to even remember her high school days).

People like this need to be fed to man-eating-turtles.
2003-05-02 03:21:59 PM  
Thats it. I'm tired of being the only left who hasn't sued anyone.

Someone offend me.......I DARE YOU!

<crosses fingers, looks for stuff on ebay to buy>
2003-05-02 03:22:31 PM  
Total. Farking. Nerd.
2003-05-02 03:22:37 PM  
Please, God, let some drunk driver take her ass out before she joins the real world.
2003-05-02 03:23:48 PM  
People like this need to be fed to man-eating-turtles.

There are turtles that eat *people*?!?
2003-05-02 03:24:31 PM  
Doesn't she know that high doesn't count for anything after you graduate?
2003-05-02 03:24:38 PM  
Beyond Valedictorian only helps getting into good colleges and getting scholarships. It has negligible impact beyond that, since it's innappropriate to put high school stuff on a resume when you are 25 and up.
2003-05-02 03:24:43 PM  
heh. First thing she'll learn as a lawyer is to avoid clients like herself at all costs.
2003-05-02 03:24:47 PM  
Howard Johnson is right! Reverend!
2003-05-02 03:24:51 PM  
I hope someone shoots the little AIDS infested whore.
2003-05-02 03:25:27 PM  
I hope they boo the living shiat out of her at her graduation and spit on her as she walks down the aisle.
2003-05-02 03:26:09 PM  
So, wait, would there then be "valedicorians", in the plural, or would it be "Valedictoria"? Because that would sound really silly for whoever had to say it and I would probably giggle at them.
2003-05-02 03:26:11 PM  
Are Valedictorians determined simply by grades? I thought there was some "civic" stuff taken into account as well. If so, then the other girl should be sole valedictorian as this girl has shown that she can't work well with others.
2003-05-02 03:26:38 PM  
10 years from now nobody is going to give a shiat that she was a valedictorian.

but she will be known as a sue-happy entitlement whore.
2003-05-02 03:26:55 PM  
Figures. Moorestown's a bunch of farking yuppies.
2003-05-02 03:27:03 PM  
My class had 5 valedictorians and 1 salutatorian. The valedictorians all had perfect grades. The salutatorian had almost perfect grades. Typically, the way my school worked, was if there was a tie for valedictorian, they didn't have a salutatorian. However this kids mom was a teacher and was on the graduation committee, so the rules changed that year (and probably only for that year, altho I havent confirmed that). Anyway, no one sued. This chick needs to get a life or get laid or something. It'll make her feel better.
2003-05-02 03:27:04 PM  
I find the word "dic" in Valedictorian offensive.

I demand it be changed to valegenitalsorian.
2003-05-02 03:27:22 PM  
I second what Lars said.

They should take away her valedictorian title all together.
2003-05-02 03:27:29 PM  
I think the other two valedictorians should countersue her for emotional damage now. Mwaahahahahaa!
2003-05-02 03:27:36 PM  
Hey I was valedictorian when I graduated from highschool in 1989.

Does anyone give a fark now? Didn't think so, move along.
2003-05-02 03:27:38 PM  
women are such beotches!!! GLORY HOGS!!
2003-05-02 03:27:45 PM  
The girl who was 2nd in my class in high school was only so because she took some pre-school science class, thus having more non-AP classes than the #1 girl. Of course, the #2 girl ended up going to get her MD at John Hopkins, so...
2003-05-02 03:27:55 PM  
Well, I'm hoping that with all this national press, she will never ever get a job at any descent law firm. I'm sure she'll be snapped up at one of those disgusting "do you think you may have been injured, win big!" law-firms, that would go along with her personality.

I am embarassed that I want to go into the same field as this girl. I doubt Harvard, Stanford, et al really wants her all that much after this.
2003-05-02 03:28:09 PM  
God sends his spaceships to America, the beautiful,
They land at six o'clock and there we are, the dutiful,
Eating from TV trays, tuned into to Happy Days,
Waiting for World War III while Jesus slaves,
To the mating calls of ... lawyers in love

[image from artistdirect.com too old to be available]

2003-05-02 03:28:14 PM  
Reminds me of that movie "Election".

Dumb broad.
2003-05-02 03:28:15 PM  
we had 30 valedictorians, out of a class of 300.
2003-05-02 03:28:22 PM  
She's probably fat too.

2003-05-02 03:28:29 PM  
DownSouth: Who else will chip in to hire a guy to drive around and punch the people who create these stupid lawsuits.

Hmmm... sounds like a good idea. I think I'll start a business that does just that! I'll call it "Crotch-Punching Monkeys, Inc." Our logo will be Bert from Sluggy Freelance.

I'll make millions!
2003-05-02 03:28:29 PM  
I guess I meant "before school science class", not "pre-school science class"...
2003-05-02 03:28:46 PM  
$200,000 in compensatory and $2,500,000 in punitive...that's $1.35 million per other valedictorian who gets to stand up there at the podium and try to push her of the stage. On the other hand, if she were to win, she might just be able to avoid taking out student loans for college....
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