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(Boston Globe)   Airplane passengers too damn fat, regional airlines worried about impact   ( divider line
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6609 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 May 2003 at 6:47 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-05-02 03:09:13 PM  
And I thought they freaked out too much over the size of my carry-on...

I think it's time for "Your ass must be this small to ride this plane" signs.
2003-05-02 03:57:49 PM  
2003-05-02 03:59:11 PM  
Grr....try again
2003-05-02 04:01:19 PM  
stupid geocities...
2003-05-02 06:15:05 PM  
I don't like hearing when any airline is worried about impact.
2003-05-02 06:25:32 PM  
If you can't fit in one of the seats in the waiting areas around the gates you should have to buy 2 tickets.

2003-05-02 06:50:07 PM  
Misbehaving children are worse, and they only pay half of one adult fare.
2003-05-02 06:52:16 PM  
Gotta go with Ku_No_Ichi on this one. I have too many stories about being stuck next to a kid that enjoyed kicking my seat everytime I fell asleep. Stupid 19 year olds.
2003-05-02 06:52:25 PM  
they should price your ticket based on your weight. The more you weigh the more fuel and space you use, sounds fair.
2003-05-02 06:52:31 PM  
Crying babies are even worse, and they pay no fare.
2003-05-02 06:52:55 PM  
People that kick your seat are worser.
2003-05-02 06:53:12 PM  
Sorry about that, you just looked so comfortable.
2003-05-02 06:55:09 PM  
Yeah, people are fat.

Hint: Stop eating.
2003-05-02 06:55:12 PM  
Pilot: Dear God, we're heading into that mountain! We need to lose some weight fast!

*everyone looks at the 300 pd man in 3A eating some peanuts*
2003-05-02 06:57:16 PM  
The worst farking people are the ones who put their seat back during the food service, like, what the fark are you thinking?

They should die.
2003-05-02 06:59:36 PM  
i hate first class passengers. smarmy, snotty bastards.

midway through the flight everybody in coach should get to vote to have one first class asshole ejected from the plane.
2003-05-02 06:59:44 PM  
Did someone say Ham? </drool>
2003-05-02 07:00:17 PM  
I knew it! Fat people are a threat to National Security.
2003-05-02 07:00:20 PM  
Luckily for all concerned, substantial weight loss typically follows after impact by an airliner...
2003-05-02 07:00:40 PM  
Xtremehkr that is, of course, the sensible solution...but if that was proposed people would go absolutely nuts about what an invasion of privacy it was, how it was discrimination, etc.

It would have fringe benefits too...people who are able to pack lightly and not be shoving mountains of useless crap into the overhead bin would be rewarded.
2003-05-02 07:00:40 PM  
No offense to any Hefty bags in here....but most people are too damn fat these days.
2003-05-02 07:02:21 PM  
Raising the figure 180-185 pounds per adult passenger by 10 pounds might require airlines to eliminate seats to comply.

Why not eliminate 10lbs. from the passanger?
At the gate..
With a chainsaw...

Really. I'm in the Travel Biz.
And I dont want people flopping over into my already tiny seat when I have to travel myself.
2003-05-02 07:02:23 PM  
Let fly the attack piglets of war!!!

WE shall overcome these airlines, tame the winged piggies and dragons and fly the world on the backs of giant flame spitting beasties! weeeoooo
2003-05-02 07:03:03 PM  
They should have weight guidelines everywhere....I'm sick of going to the movies or sporting events, and having some turkey drumstick taking up half my seat, then the tub-o sighing when I go to sit down and they have to move.

And one time, my wife and I went on Tower of Terror....and the bar wouldn't clamp down on my wife's lap, so I started pulling on it, and this enormous guy got all she had to wrap her legs under mine to so she wouldn't fly out. Pissed me off.
2003-05-02 07:03:52 PM  
fat people are a weapon of mass destruction. look out the democrats will be after them next. those evil, evil democrats.
2003-05-02 07:04:31 PM  

Good idea...
Except tall people use space more efficiently on planes than fat people do.
2003-05-02 07:05:12 PM  
Enve0ner, Somehow, I don't see Ted Kennedy crusading against the hefty.
2003-05-02 07:06:36 PM  
Yah, they should also not let smelly a-rabs fly

one time i was flying alone when i was a wee lad of 16 and one time, they sat me next to a woman who "overflowed" into my chair, rather uncomftorable, my arm fell asleep, the other time i sat next to an arab who kept telling me my gameboy on MUTE was too damn loud, so i put it away to stop is biatching and put on some zeppelin, which was very low, and he biatched to the stewardess and i got yelled at, and he smelled something awful, then he took off his friggin shoes... oh man, then the last and final time on the way home i had to sit next to some army pyscho who kept telling me to join up when i got to be 18 so i could blow things up ect, he was psycho did i mention that. dernit i hate to fly, not because of the fear of flight or terrorists, but of the damn people they let on the planes.
2003-05-02 07:08:40 PM  
I wish I was 185 so I could be average
2003-05-02 07:09:59 PM  
Uhh... why do they have to be Arabs?

There all smelly people of all creeds.
There should be a stripsearch and shower before you get on the plane.
2003-05-02 07:10:03 PM  
ISeeYourDisease the 185 is with the average is supposed to be something weight like 150-160 I think.
2003-05-02 07:12:01 PM  
i hear ya Pugsleythegreat, i had to sit next to this one kid once, wouldn't stop playing video games and loved classic rock. so irritating. i just knew he'd get off the plane and complain about how much flying sucks.
2003-05-02 07:12:06 PM  
I predict this will result in a lawsuit reaction:
1. Airlines sue to get weight limit dropped
2. Class action lawsuit when plane crashes from too much weight
3. Airline goes bankrupt, causing lawsuit from stock holders and investors
4. Lawsuits from airplane suppliers due to non-payment of invoices
2003-05-02 07:14:05 PM  
Ok, some people are fat, but those seats are damn small. I weight 114lbs and I often feel cramped by them.

Ku_no I agree compleatly. I would pay double for a kid free flight.
2003-05-02 07:14:28 PM  
"Fat guy in a little suit...."
2003-05-02 07:15:53 PM  
When Southwest airlines instated a "if you are fat you buy another seat" policy,
my buddy wrote them a letter how much we loved the idea.

They wrote us back thanks us for the support because there was a lot of irrational backlash.
2003-05-02 07:16:06 PM  
Ha. saw that coming both Enve0ner and Bukharin!

I'm not saying A-rabs soley smell, all people smell, old people, fat sweaty people, little grimy kids, regular ole people, we all have stink potentional, but this is an issue of social responsibility, if youre gonna be sitting inches from someone you dont know for more than 5 minutes, make sure you don't stink!

And Env0er it's my right to be an asscan and biatch about people when im positive i irritate others on a regular basis, it's that suburban synicism that fuels my fire
2003-05-02 07:16:34 PM  

thanks us = thanking us.
2003-05-02 07:16:46 PM  
Could you do me a favor and do a "Mirror image" on your profile pic in Photoshop?

I'm afraid of people's mirror images.
2003-05-02 07:18:12 PM  
Ah yes, my reading comprehension skills have failed yet again.

I still wish I was average instead of a being a unique butterfly
2003-05-02 07:18:28 PM  
I usually have very stinky feet.
I like to take my shoes off on flights.
Therefore, I wash my feet really well before I head to the airport.

Fat people should be as thoughtful.
2003-05-02 07:20:59 PM  
Jesus H Christ, man Americans need to put the dingdongs down.
2003-05-02 07:21:36 PM  
No have P-shop. No have friends. Must take pictures in mirror. gomen! *bows*
2003-05-02 07:26:58 PM  
Pugsleythegreatsaid "if youre gonna be sitting inches from someone you dont know for more than 5 minutes, make sure you don't stink!"

because concern for others seems to be running rampant this day and age. i agree with you completely, but just in case, i'd suggest you bring some vix vapor rub on the plane in your carry on. that way, in case the entire flying population doesn't get with the program you can jut smear some of it under your nose and hopefully make the people's around you eyes water. or just try to be the worst smelling one on the plane, i'm sure you could file that under your "suburban synicism" as you called it.
2003-05-02 07:28:42 PM  
I have to admit.

I have a breakfast of baked beans and Schlitz before every flight,
just incase I sit next to a stink-o.
2003-05-02 07:30:10 PM  
Piss on the Airlines. The bastards were the ones with the *great* idea of smashing lal the seats together and taking away all the leg room so they could fit more passengers on flights. Now they complain because they can't get the customers in them?

The entire Airline industry just needs to go flat out of business and reform with serious new business practices and marketing strategies. I actually remember when I could put my shins forward and still be out in open air. I could actually sit in the damn things like a chair and have elbow on either side even if 2-ton Rolo was sitting next to me.

Screw 'em, they broguht it on themselves. Let em burn. Let em burn!
2003-05-02 07:32:24 PM  
On some airlines you have to pay for 2 seats if you're fat. The only problem is the seats are never next to each other. Pretty soon you'll have to check your fat body parts in just to get on the plane. "Madame, please put your ass and tits in your suitcase before boarding the plane."
2003-05-02 07:32:37 PM know what I like to do?

Being fat, I always lean away from the other person, 'cause I don't like to squish them. But, that leaves a nice gap for my ass gas to leak out.

Mmmmm...hammy ass gas.

Who wants to ride to California with me?
2003-05-02 07:32:55 PM  
2. Class action lawsuit when plane crashes from too much weight

It's not a matter of the planes not being able to carry the weight. In addition to luggage, airliners are also known to carry freight. I don't know, maybe the puddle jumpers don't carry freight, but the big boys just need to make some tradeoffs.
2003-05-02 07:34:47 PM  
Now, for the serious side:

Basically, what the airline is saying is it's more cost effective to crash the plane on occasion and pay-off everyone than to eliminate the one or two seats.

Doesn't that make you want to fly?
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