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(Wired)   Troubled nuke lab up for grabs; to be placed on eBay complete with reflections of naked scientists   ( wired.com) divider line
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2003-05-01 02:23:51 PM  
2003-05-01 02:23:53 PM  
As a scientist, I find the thought of naked scientists extremely scary.
2003-05-01 02:24:39 PM  
what, no guitars?!
2003-05-01 02:25:32 PM  
[image from britneyspears.ac too old to be available]
That'll be two dollers, Nya-hay-hey.
2003-05-01 02:26:12 PM  
i bet OBL submits a bid
2003-05-01 02:27:07 PM  
California tag?
2003-05-01 02:27:28 PM  
enough naked people already! just look at today;s stories:
-Troubled nuke lab up for grabs; to be placed on eBay complete with reflections of naked scientists
-Furiously masturbating naked man infuriates residents
-Fisherman picks up topless swimmer
-Naked man streaks through neighbor's house
2003-05-01 02:27:29 PM  
I'd snipe it
2003-05-01 02:28:58 PM  
Quit it, Jester! I'm gettin' all sweaty over here!
2003-05-01 02:29:35 PM  
Hey, nekkid nuke nerds.... !

As long as they all look like Denise Richardson from the last (or so) Bond movie, well then she can come over and split my atoms any time!
2003-05-01 02:30:43 PM  
"Stop playing around, Dr. Thomas! I said insert the control>/i> rod."
2003-05-01 02:31:19 PM  
Finally ! A place where I can perfect my re-animation serum in PEACE !

[image from wozupdoc.net too old to be available]

2003-05-01 02:32:13 PM  
Neat-o headline.
2003-05-01 02:33:41 PM  
Dont think the non-total farkers will get that unless the naked-man-reflection on ebay was posted, which I recall it being rejected.. right?
2003-05-01 02:35:08 PM  
"I'm a newklear physphsya... I'm a nucklr phisaphyisa...
I'm a neklular physapizasit... I'm Smart!"

-line from the Bond film "The World is not Enough" that was cut due to actress Tee-shirt not being wet enough.
2003-05-01 02:35:56 PM  
neeeeeevermind... i looked :)
2003-05-01 02:38:01 PM  
Denise Richards

Love to look at, hate to hear.

She made that Bond film horrible, yet at the same time a joy to watch.
2003-05-01 02:38:40 PM  
See her in empire.

Get a little Leguizamo at the same time.
2003-05-01 02:38:54 PM  

Nope, it was posted for the unwashed masses. Hilarity ensued.
2003-05-01 02:40:05 PM  
mmmmmm....female naked lab babes
2003-05-01 02:41:18 PM  
"Nookie lab?" sign me up...
2003-05-01 02:43:20 PM  
Will the last person to leave please turn out the lights?
2003-05-01 02:44:43 PM  
ummmmm, who gives a crap!!!
2003-05-01 02:44:55 PM  
Woot! Faculty and students of UC have been trying to get the U out of the nucular weapons biz for 20+ years. This is great news.
2003-05-01 02:46:11 PM  
2003-05-01 02:46:22 PM  
Zorgon: Don't forget UC still has Livermore.
2003-05-01 02:49:27 PM  
What I don't understand is why the scientists are so adamant that UC stay on as the manager. Not only that but they're quitting in anticipation of someone else taking over. Now it may just be me but I would think that most people would wait till the new management took over, and then decide if they liked it or not.
2003-05-01 02:51:48 PM  
Thales: I think they're more concerned that it'd be taken over by a for-profit organization, which would significantly shift the direction of its work. However, I agree...I don't understand why they would quit now. Lining up new jobs just in case?
2003-05-01 02:52:39 PM  
Is it just me or is every story today loaded with pop-ups that have pop-ups and pop-up children?
2003-05-01 02:52:49 PM  
naked scientists!!??

i'm not sure about this........wait......
oh god i WAS able to come up with a dirty fantasy about naked scientists, so i guess i can't say anything bad about this....
2003-05-01 02:53:34 PM  
The first thing I thought when I saw the headline:

Troubled nuke lab up for grabs, doo dah, doo dah
Naked guy with flabby abs, oh the doo dah day.
2003-05-01 02:54:43 PM  
05-01-03 02:46:22 PM FalseEyedDio

Yep. But, progress is progress.
2003-05-01 02:54:52 PM  
Of course the pictures will be photoshopped, like fat naked scientists could not possibly take their own picture.
2003-05-01 02:56:24 PM  
05-01-03 02:49:27 PM Thales

Working for UC is great. Or, *cough* so I've, uhh, read. *cough*
2003-05-01 02:57:51 PM  
I understand if it was taken over by a for-profit organization but the article plainly states that UT is seriously considering a bid. I'm sure that other colleges also would jump at the chance to add the management of Los Alamos to their brochure. I would also guess that there are several for profit companies that wouldn't change the focus as drastically as the scientists fear.
2003-05-01 02:58:13 PM  
"Joe! I'm in one of these boxes, find me!"
2003-05-01 03:01:20 PM  
Thales: I suspect that people became jumpy as soon as the scandals broke through.
2003-05-01 03:01:55 PM  
[image from nrc.nl too old to be available]
what was this article about?...oh yeah; it was about monkeys
...no, it was about nukuler powers stuff. I'm tired
2003-05-01 03:02:33 PM  
CanuckGuy, a Frink reference is a vote from me.

..damn... no voting...

"Those monkeys are going to pay..."
2003-05-01 03:05:43 PM  
i personally thought the flash liquor commercial was more entertaining than the article
2003-05-01 03:07:28 PM  
FalseEyedDio yes but I would think that the scandals would make them want UC to stay on as manager less.
2003-05-01 03:07:35 PM  
Sadly, they're not the only U.S. lab with security problems:
[image from sony.gamerweb.com too old to be available]
2003-05-01 03:10:46 PM  
Nice one, Hogans. I think that Black Mesa needs to hire a new security contractor, one who hires guards who have names other than "Barney".
2003-05-01 03:10:58 PM  
05-01-03 02:23:53 PM Axoplasm

As a scientist, I find the thought of naked scientists extremely scary.

oh, i'm sure you're not THAT bad.
2003-05-01 03:11:19 PM  
weirdest. headline. ever.?
2003-05-01 03:11:28 PM  
Thales: Yes, but...eh, you got me. I do not have a very high opinion of UC's ability to manage anything. I say raze it! Establish University of Dio instead.
2003-05-01 03:13:14 PM  
Did anybody happen to grab a screenshot of the guitar before ebay pulled it? If you do, post a link, or I'll give you my email address...

It had been pulled before I had a chance to view it!

2003-05-01 03:21:54 PM  
Where are the naked scientists?

2003-05-01 03:22:25 PM  
In other news, N. Korea seriously looking to buy land in New Mexico.
2003-05-01 03:38:46 PM  
This is kinda off-topic but....

In one of the links from that article there was an article about how Los Alamos produced a new plutonium weapon core and that they would make several hundred more over the next few years. Isn't that a violation of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty (not that our current administration gives a damn about what the rest of the world thinks)?

/semi-off topic question
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