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(Sydney Morning Herald)   Elle Macpherson lines her baby's cot with lead to shield him from airplane cosmic rays   ( smh.com.au) divider line
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2003-04-30 09:16:44 PM  
Some truth to that... I remember reading in a text book ages ago about levels of radiation from things such as x-ray machines and so on -- one of the items was flying on jet planes, although I thought it had more to do with the engines, not being above a good portion of the atmosphere.
2003-04-30 10:28:54 PM  
If your going to make siren sounds, at least mention her movie Sirens.
2003-04-30 10:39:16 PM  
Then again, could be the extra lead absorbed from crib lining is a bigger problem than the slightly increaded cosmic ray radiation. Hint: The airplane is made of metal. Also, tinfoil is for hats, not blankets.
2003-04-30 11:10:15 PM  
Rememeber...IQ tests are not required of supermodels.
2003-04-30 11:28:12 PM  
I wonder if she's one of those anti-microwave oven people too? You know, 'cause it puts microwaves in your food.
2003-04-30 11:31:41 PM  
Hey, they changed the headline, now my previous comment makes no sense.
2003-04-30 11:32:56 PM  
Next headline: Elle Macpherson's baby in hospital for lead poioning treatment... amazing that she'd be dim enough to think that there's more radiation in an airplane than on the ground, and that it'd be enough to harm her child, but that she'd put let the kid roll around in a lead-lined crib. Never mind the danger of back injury due to lifting a lead crib... who's she married to, Quasimodo?
2003-04-30 11:36:32 PM  
breathing oxygen causes oxidisation and the production of free radicals in the human body which lead to degenerative and chronic diseases including heart disease and cancer.
perhaps someone should bring that to her attention.
2003-05-01 12:01:14 AM  
That's nothing! My parents laced all the paint on my crib with lead! Delicious but deadly. It made me so... I was all... What?
2003-05-01 12:05:30 AM  
Straight dope on airplane radiation

cliff notes on link: "traveling to the airport will more likely kill you than the plane ride, which will more likely kill you than an increase in radiation"
2003-05-01 01:52:03 AM  
Wait, that low sperm count link said Lead is bad.....
2003-05-01 01:52:30 AM  
You wonder how do people that make/sell useless and completly stupid junk survive and actually get rich?
Advertise in the USA!
2003-05-01 01:54:23 AM  
I would much rather line her bed with a coat of my semen. I know that will take some time, but if she is in the bed I am willing to stay there as long as needed until the job is done.
[image from dreroc.com too old to be available]
I apologize for the sinze, but it had to be seen.
2003-05-01 01:54:48 AM  
i wonder if she believes in chemtrails.
2003-05-01 01:55:06 AM  
or size even
2003-05-01 01:55:51 AM  
I wonder if she is one of those parents that makes her kids wear a helmet when they are playing outside.
2003-05-01 01:56:49 AM  
Don't laugh people. If you had excessive wealth and time on your hands, you'd do similar things, too. Most Farkers would probably go all survivalist and build hardened isolation bunkers deep under ground with enough provisions to get them through the next Holocaust.
2003-05-01 01:58:31 AM  
Maybe she just did it so Superman wouldn't be able to see him inside the cot?
2003-05-01 01:59:34 AM  
elle = hottest chick EVAR. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
2003-05-01 01:59:42 AM  
Abnormal sources of lead intake for humans are primarily three. First, drinkers of large amounts of moonshine whisky drink in lead from the lead solders of stills. Second, children, especially toddlers in poor urban areas (of 2255 lead poisoning treatments, New York City, 1970, all but 90 were children 6 years of age and under) from eating the lead-based paints used prior to about 1950. These used compounds such as PbSO4, PbCrO4, and PbCO3 as pigments. Modern paints contain little or no lead. Third, some dumbass supermodels have been known to lay their precious little poopsies in the damn stuff.
2003-05-01 02:00:37 AM  
does anyone here watch jeopardy? because it's celebrity jeopardy week, and vivica a fox finished with a few thousand in the hole the other day. just because they're hot and famous doesn't mean they're not mentally dirt poor.
i think stupid celebrities are hilarious.

(insert obligatory tinfoil hat comment here)
2003-05-01 02:01:13 AM  
Macpherson, 40, allegedly also used foil blankets to shield herself and sons Flynn, five, and Aurelius, 12 weeks, from radiation...

[image from threemoviebuffs.com too old to be available]
2003-05-01 02:02:45 AM  
I'm sure the lead lining in this crib is sealed.

Who knows? Maybe she knows something the airlines are supressing.
2003-05-01 02:03:17 AM  
"Macpherson, 40, allegedly also used foil blankets to shield herself and sons Flynn, five, and Aurelius, 12 weeks"

Aurelius? As in the alien cult that wants to start cloning people?

Time to call the men in the white coats; we've found their missing inmate.
2003-05-01 02:03:55 AM  
I mean . . just look what happened to Ben Grimm!
2003-05-01 02:04:02 AM  
Most likely, the lead is of a thin sheet variety. Most likely, it is housed within cloth layers around the outside of the crib.

Still, that's kind of wacky, and somewhat strange.......Hope they don't let him sit 10" from the T.V. to watch the wiggles, all kinds of radiation emenates from your T.V.
2003-05-01 02:06:19 AM  
I think that's "Raelian", Henchman, as in "not even close."
2003-05-01 02:06:36 AM  
People...I've seen her in some lesbian soft core porn. I nearly fainted from loss of blood as it all rushed elsewhere.
2003-05-01 02:08:43 AM  
[image from u.arizona.edu too old to be available]

Thereisnospoon: I'd have to agree.

What's the difference between you and a mallard with a cold? One's a sick duck... I can't remember how it ends, but your mother's a whore.
2003-05-01 02:11:06 AM  

Who knows? Maybe she knows something the airlines are supressing.

Yah from her copy of "Supermodels Weekly"? Maybe she should start advising Rumsfeld too....
2003-05-01 02:13:07 AM  
As lead breaks down it gives off a gas that is not safe if exposed for long periods of time. Raw lead could make the air inside of the crib dangerous for the child. If you have lead paper weights or door stoppers, turn them in for the pound sale at a scrap yard.
2003-05-01 02:13:32 AM  
Well if the baby ingests enough lead then maybe his IQ will fall enough to be equal to his mothers.

Just a thought.
2003-05-01 02:14:13 AM  
Sounds to me that Elle might have obsessive/compulsive disorder. One manifestation of OCD is the fear of contamination. Mothers suffering from this type of OCD do all sorts of wacky stuff to "protect" their children, because they perceive everything as a possible contaminent. In most cases, the fear is contamination by germs, but I don't think it's much of a stretch to go from a fear of germs to a fear of radiation.
2003-05-01 02:15:00 AM  
Ah, but she's still one of the hottest human beings alive.
2003-05-01 02:15:59 AM  
I wonder if she also worries about her precious bodily fluids.

/stupid reference
2003-05-01 02:16:39 AM  
That was a joke, Brucilla.
Maybe a lame one, but just a joke.
2003-05-01 02:17:38 AM  

I know, mine was too, but mine wasn't lame ;)
2003-05-01 02:17:48 AM  
A common trait of people suffering from OCD is washing the hands after every activity.
2003-05-01 02:17:48 AM  
Bah, everyone knows lead lined jockstraps are all you need.
2003-05-01 02:20:30 AM  
I have on
My sombrero
And, of course
I'll wear a
Pair-o Levis
Over my lead
2003-05-01 02:20:39 AM  
maybe she just used lead paint.

delicious, but deadly.
2003-05-01 02:20:40 AM  
"Airplane"... "cosmic"...

Heh... those two don't really go together.
2003-05-01 02:22:51 AM  
Maybe she will be the Howard Hughs of radiation.
2003-05-01 02:23:51 AM  
Washing your hands after every activity is pointless unless you use bleach.

/being evil
2003-05-01 02:25:18 AM  
washing your face after every activity is pointless unless you use bleach.

/being michael jackson
2003-05-01 02:25:41 AM  
What a dummy. Everyone knows that you're supposed to expose your kids to radiation when they are young. That way they become immune to it's effects. Just like chicken pox.
2003-05-01 02:26:45 AM  
But bleach releases dioxins!

/being OCD
2003-05-01 02:33:32 AM  
As lead breaks down it gives off a gas that is not safe if exposed for long periods of time. Raw lead could make the air inside of the crib dangerous for the child. If you have lead paper weights or door stoppers, turn them in for the pound sale at a scrap yard.

*Can't decide if this is serious or tongue in cheek. Given the tone of the rest of the thread, Bondith will guess it's tongue in cheek.*
2003-05-01 02:36:29 AM  
Macpherson told BA staff that the cot was designed to deflect radiation from the sun and cosmic rays at high altitude, the paper said.

We have something for that. It's called the ozone layer.
"But there are holes in it!" Big deal. You're inside a metal plane.

Second post, and I almost forgot to mention Sirens. I have no idea what this movie's about, but it has hot naked women with big breasts. And a naked blind guy. Farkers, try not to watch that part. Farkettes, you may want to avail yourself of the freeze frame.
2003-05-01 02:37:22 AM  
you get exposed to about .5 millirem/hour flying in an airplane. (millirem being 1/1000 of a rem, or retrogen equivalent man, or a measure of how much radiation someone absorbs) To put that in perspective, people living at sea level get about 27 mrem/year from the sun, 1 mrem/year from residual bomb radiation, and about 30 mrem/yr from food.

However, you get 400 mrem a year from radon in your house. if you smoke, which i imagine elle does, you get more like 4000. in other words, shes a dumb coont.

but i'd still hit it.
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