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(CNN)   O.J Simpson involved in altercation with motorist   ( divider line
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560 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Dec 2000 at 9:34 AM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2000-12-05 11:37:25 AM  
Too bad OJ doesn''t live in Texas...
2000-12-05 11:47:38 AM  
heh, that would be a scary incident. and he lives in miami-dade... i think we need to alter "blame canada" to "blame florida". or maybe "blame miami-dade county".
2000-12-05 1:05:14 PM  
Floridians are able to carry conceiled weapons. It would have been great if that guy shot him. I can''t believe that OJ would even bother?
2000-12-05 1:24:38 PM  
OJ has a temper? Who knew?
2000-12-05 2:13:45 PM  
On the radio this morning the newslady said "O.J. claims he didn''t do it. While we''re all used to hearing that, it is over a different incident today." I thought that was greatly amusing.
2000-12-05 3:21:26 PM  
On a related note, OJ said he would go the the local country club "To look for the real scratcher."
2000-12-05 5:51:32 PM  
I wonder company OJ gets his auto insurance from...
Actually, can you imagine being OJ''s insurance agent? Good God, that would be like being Robert Downey Jr.''s pharmacist. Of course, the agent''s probably laughing all the way to the bank -- I bet he or she has made millions of $$$ in commissions...
2000-12-05 8:08:48 PM  
Not OJ!?
2000-12-05 10:14:18 PM  
Ok, silliness aside, how do you scratch someone by yanking their glasses off their head? Was this "victim" wearing those glasses that have the wrap around the ear (like a c-shape) from 100 years ago? Did he shatter the glasses? I''m confused.
2000-12-06 12:47:26 AM  
As far as I can tell, OJ is not unlike a rook in chess, and therefore, he''d be made of rock, and rock can scratch glass.
2000-12-06 9:15:08 AM  
Don''t normal people go to jail for things like this? OJ is untouchable
2000-12-06 1:09:03 PM  
pertifly, if I try to snatch your glasses, I may scratch your face, especially if I''m not being particularly careful. Don''t pull the "it would be impossible" arguement. Or that you don''t see how it is possible.

Yesterday I said, "I find it hard to believe", but, if they find fingerprints &/or DNA on the guy, OJ lied. He said he didn''t touch him. I hope they find fingerprints or DNA, so we can see he is a crazy person and a liar, all rolled up in one. Up until now, everything OJ has said "could" be true.
2000-12-07 2:24:21 AM  
I''m just glad it was some other guy and not me. I would have made some sarcastic remark ("OJ! How was Thanksgiving? Carve up lots of white meat?"), and he would have beat the holy living shiat out of me.
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