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(eBay)   Mans sells guitar, bidders get more than they wanted. Hint: Supersize righthand picture   ( cgi.ebay.com) divider line
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223398 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Apr 2003 at 6:27 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-30 11:41:57 AM  
2003-04-30 11:43:23 AM  
Bought to you by the Ebay Teapot guy.

Why is it the guys with the smallest equipment always post
it for sale and want you to call them.
2003-04-30 11:44:39 AM  
Yeah, that's REAL and ORIGINAL. Notice the arm?
2003-04-30 11:44:48 AM  
Ok - looks like a photoshop, imo. Looks like it's two different 'poses' of this guy at the same time - unless, of course, there are two of them 'enjoying' this guitar at the same time...
2003-04-30 11:45:24 AM  
2003-04-30 11:45:34 AM  
That's freakin' hilarious.
2003-04-30 11:46:42 AM  
2003-04-30 11:47:25 AM  
tears - running down my face ---- must leave now...
2003-04-30 11:54:06 AM  
"Upon further review...this has definitely been photoshopped."

But WHY??!!
2003-04-30 12:00:25 PM  
alas, they don't look like the same picture.
2003-04-30 12:00:26 PM  
I wonder if he is selling the guitar for someone else.

All of his other auctions are nothing like this one and the items aren't even musical. Hmmm wonder if he even knows it's there.
2003-04-30 12:03:31 PM  
When will people learn?
2003-04-30 12:07:19 PM  
Who says Indidanapolis isn't boring?
2003-04-30 12:12:12 PM  
Even if it is fake and the teapot guy it's especially funny because my husband sells Gibson Les Paul parts online. Happily, this is not him pictured.
2003-04-30 12:40:10 PM  
it hasn't been 'shopped. notice the curvature. it's kind of like having 2 fish eye lenses next to each other, getting slightly different views.

what a nut.
2003-04-30 12:46:28 PM  
"notice the curvature"

umm no thanks.

I agree with Flyinglemur
I think it was shopped. The arm with the camera is different and so are the legs in both photos, in one photo the legs are spread wider than the other.
2003-04-30 12:58:32 PM  
I don't think it's pshopped...it's the curvature and angle of diffraction making the pictures look different. If it were pshopped, the two images would tend to look exactly the same. This is really funny.
2003-04-30 01:06:14 PM  
Does he know? If not, should we tell him? Or leave it there for the Classic Farkers to "enjoy" as well?
2003-04-30 01:12:20 PM  
He must know by now. Shouldn't this get a "weiners" tag, by the way?
2003-04-30 01:15:14 PM  
[image from ebay3.ipixmedia.com too old to be available]

supersized NSFW
2003-04-30 01:16:28 PM  
holy shiat - what a freak
2003-04-30 01:19:57 PM  
by the way, don't think it's a photoshop - look at the other pictures (if you can) - you can see his bare feet - seriously wrong.
2003-04-30 01:24:50 PM  
Yeah, now I would have to agree that this isn't a photoshop - what I thought was his hand fiddling with his bow string was just a roll of fat and his arm was in fact raised just like in the other reflection. (ACK!)
Now, I need to find another photo to rid me of this picture in my head!
2003-04-30 01:26:04 PM  
I don't think its PS'd either. The reflections are on two different curves. I think he's squatting (ugh) in front of the left-side chrome piece.
2003-04-30 01:26:54 PM  
I saved it in case it gets pulled after going to the main page. And no...I didn't save it for any other reason; He's really not my type.
2003-04-30 01:30:50 PM  
From his Ebay store page:

"A good friend of mine happens to be real good at finding things to sell. He knows nothing about ebay, so a partnership is formed!. We will have all sorts of stuff. Keep watching. I should have new stuff every week or so. Thanks...Bob"

So maybe it isn't photoshopped and the guys are just exchanging items?
2003-04-30 02:28:30 PM  
If this is a pshop job, then it's a damn fine one and deserves some recognition (if it weren't for the subject). Notice the guitar case in the background of the reflection on the right side. The floor and the case have the correct color/shading and they're aligned properly. It's either one of the best photoshops ever, or it's real.
2003-04-30 03:04:05 PM  
His counter is jumping by thousands hourly now.
eBay will notice soon, ah eBay big brother of yard sales.
2003-04-30 03:04:59 PM  
I vote for real. I think that's the curvature of the brass shiny thing.

That's my professional opinion, take it to the bank.
2003-04-30 03:07:26 PM  
Dear lord what a fetish. Naked ebaying. Just when you thought you've seen/done it all.
2003-04-30 03:09:22 PM  
Let's just hope he doesn't start selling mirrors or anything...
2003-04-30 03:42:01 PM  
Ha....that was funny some funny stuff....just be glad it wasn't...uh....something else that is also reflective but larger...
2003-04-30 04:00:18 PM  
The guitar's a beauty. But I could never hold it without thinking about him playing it naked. (shivers)
If he wanted guys to buy it he should have had an attractive woman in his place in that photo.
2003-04-30 04:30:54 PM  
His phone number is included in the ad.

Dave's not here, man.
2003-04-30 05:01:48 PM  
[image from lansdalewarehouse.com too old to be available]
It's probably also worth noting that the Jimmy Hoffa mystery has apparently been solved.
2003-04-30 05:14:31 PM  
Bwaaaaaaa! Haaaahahahaaaaaaaaa! Hahahaaaaaaaa!

This guy's sitting there in his all-togethers going, "Wow, man, 15,000 hits and climbing!"
2003-04-30 05:27:11 PM  
2003-04-30 05:44:05 PM  
oh, my good gracious!
2003-04-30 06:29:55 PM  
Nekkid Ebay... new on the Naked News....
2003-04-30 06:30:08 PM  
I think the tea pot guy is up to no good again
2003-04-30 06:31:59 PM  
C'mon people. That's not a fake. It's a oblique image from rounder metal machine heads.

damn funny too
2003-04-30 06:32:11 PM  
Gah, does everyone on Ebay photograph their items while naked?
2003-04-30 06:32:24 PM  
What does he use as a guitar pick? Ugh...
2003-04-30 06:32:38 PM  
"Billy Bob's Equipment", indeed!
2003-04-30 06:32:44 PM  
thats awful!
2003-04-30 06:33:28 PM  
2003-04-30 06:33:38 PM  
The best hilarity is the unintentional. I now need to take some drugs to stop laughing.
2003-04-30 06:33:54 PM  
Thats hillarious!
2003-04-30 06:34:05 PM  
Why are his hands so low?
Is he taking a one-eyed-snake view shot of the products?
2003-04-30 06:34:21 PM  

that is all
2003-04-30 06:34:33 PM  
Ewww! Do you think, if you buy the guitar, it comes with a spare G string?
2003-04-30 06:34:38 PM  
Just knowing that he handled the guitar naked put me out as a bidder
2003-04-30 06:34:41 PM  
You guys gotta save a copy of that pic, it's not gonna stay up for very long!
2003-04-30 06:34:42 PM  
What is it with these weird f*cks?
2003-04-30 06:34:44 PM  
Funny farking shiat.
2003-04-30 06:35:18 PM  
Holy shiat - the counter has gone up by about 15K since I saw it this morning... Behold.
2003-04-30 06:35:28 PM  
Well, there's bare manfeet in pictures #2 and #3. If that's a Photoshop on #4, he's got good continuity in #2 and #3
2003-04-30 06:35:29 PM  
2003-04-30 06:35:49 PM  
Bisquick_Jones- What does he use as a SLIDE?

That is a nice guitar btw :P
2003-04-30 06:35:54 PM  
"Why are his hands so low?
Is he taking a one-eyed-snake view shot of the products?"

2003-04-30 06:36:06 PM  
The counter is increasing by about 30 hits per second!
2003-04-30 06:36:21 PM  
How did who ever posted this find this? Do you fgo searching for this shiat? That's disgusting.
2003-04-30 06:36:33 PM  
1. Not photoshopped
2. ebay username: "BobFreeman"
3. Ebay store name: "Billy Bob's Equipment"
2003-04-30 06:36:42 PM  
OMG so funny cause he's nekkid. LOLOLOLOLOL
2003-04-30 06:36:59 PM  
People get off on the strangest things..

I like him though. He makes me seem well-adjusted.
2003-04-30 06:37:13 PM  
Hegemon1414 probably just looking at guitars to buy. It not a bad guitar, but I don't want my axe touched by nakie guy.
2003-04-30 06:37:21 PM  
billy bob has a pretty good approval rating for a fat, naked guy.
2003-04-30 06:37:59 PM  
Took me a while to find it...
2003-04-30 06:38:05 PM  
Best... fark... ever...
2003-04-30 06:38:30 PM  
[image from counters.honesty.com too old to be available]

the counter, for your counting please
2003-04-30 06:38:38 PM  
Holy crap... just imagine how many PHONE CALLS this guy is getting.

26,000 ebay hits is nothing. A few thousand emails would be a little embarassing for sure, but pervs calling your HOUSE?

You know I think this might be a practical joke... He could have set this up so hundreds of people would call a buddy of his to say they saw him naked on the interweb.
2003-04-30 06:38:45 PM  
Grover machineheads... when only the best will do.
2003-04-30 06:39:05 PM  
Now at 31,000. Lets see how high it can go.
2003-04-30 06:39:10 PM  
I play guitar naked. Drumming naked is just not cool though, unless your the type who likes to watch that sort of thing. Maybe if you wre a woman. Drumming naked would be very cool for women.
2003-04-30 06:39:26 PM  
Why are there two different poses of him in the reflection of the knobs? Wouldn't it be the same?
2003-04-30 06:40:20 PM  
Linque the machine heads are oblique metal reflectors. The arm seen in the left reflection is the white rounded border in the right reflection.
2003-04-30 06:40:51 PM  
Why's it always some fat ass when this happens? Just saying.
2003-04-30 06:41:01 PM  
its real...his left arm is holding the camera and the right arm is holding the guitar or vice versa and it is the same pose, just different angles

/washes eyes with soap
2003-04-30 06:41:14 PM  
"Invent yourself some underpants"
2003-04-30 06:41:29 PM  
Furthermore, he is holding the guitar by the neck, which is positioned between the two machine heads, and below.
2003-04-30 06:41:35 PM  
Here it is on my image server in case it goes down
2003-04-30 06:41:36 PM  
If someone has enough photoshop skills to make that look that real, then s/he has enough intelligence to put the same picture in both sides.

Hence, it's the curvature that makes them look different.
2003-04-30 06:41:36 PM  
Ha! Too funny. THIS is why I love Fark!
2003-04-30 06:41:47 PM  
For life I am scarred.
2003-04-30 06:42:01 PM  
I call hoax, I think that either

(a) this guy is really stupid
(b) this guy is really open about his teeny weenie winkie
(c) its just a practical joke against someone. He takes a camera, photographs purposefully naked shots of himself somehow, and then openly GIVES AWAY a PHONE NUMBER

Has anyone called that number? I'm afraid to even consider it... just the thought of that guy answering the phone naked when you call doesn't make it appealing...

2003-04-30 06:42:11 PM  
no, it shouldn't be the same if the subject is center to the curved reflective sufrace. refraction and curvature would skew things. NOT photoshopped. (i'm a graphic artist/multimedia developer by trade).
2003-04-30 06:42:16 PM  
I thought you set free what you loved... not jack it all over it.
2003-04-30 06:43:21 PM  
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHERE IS THE NSFW?! And why did I have to see that? Thank god the image was at least so small. Well, he looked pretty small, anyway. heh-heh
2003-04-30 06:43:25 PM  
nope, not pshopped.. the dudes just really dumb
2003-04-30 06:43:38 PM  

What, exactly, is solid metal refracting?
2003-04-30 06:43:41 PM  
come on fark, give us a warning.

2003-04-30 06:43:41 PM  
lol...the highest bidder is "mor o les" get it less...les...les paul...les weener?
2003-04-30 06:43:46 PM  
Apparent Nuisance: My woman loves it when I drum commando.
2003-04-30 06:43:46 PM  
Maybe he's an M. C. Escher fan?

[image from images.art.com too old to be available]
2003-04-30 06:44:02 PM  
Haven't you guys heard of this? Dan Savage (sex advice columnist, can be found in The Onion) wrote all about this in a column a few weeks back. There is a group of people who get off by slipping naked images of themselves into Ebay (and other)auction pictures, making it look like an accident. They make sure that people see it by anonymously publicizing it as much as possible...heck, the person who submitted this to Fark might even be the guy for all I know. It's a sick, twisted world out there...there's a fetish for everything.
2003-04-30 06:44:09 PM  
Let me demonstrate something for you... it's magic!

Hold out your hand, arm's length away, straight in front of your nose.

Close your right eye, then switch (open your right eye and close your left eye)!

Magic! Your hand jumps right in front of you but your arm doesn't move! Amazing, no?

It's called perspective, people. One reflection looks different because of the angle of the reflective surface in respect to the camera. Jeesh!
2003-04-30 06:44:14 PM  
Real or Photoshopped...still really farking funny!
2003-04-30 06:44:16 PM  
Billy Bob's Equipment? And that picture? I bet the guitar comes with a dead kitten in the case. And one more on the strings.

Does anyone else hear a banjo? Who just said I got "purty aaaheys"?

2003-04-30 06:44:19 PM  
Apparent Nuisance: "I play guitar naked."

You've been upgraded from Apparent to Confirmed! Think about the children! ;-)
2003-04-30 06:44:30 PM  
Am I just stupid. I don't see a blasted thing.
2003-04-30 06:44:43 PM  
Made in USA indeed...
2003-04-30 06:44:44 PM  
they are two convex reflections...take two convex mirros (like the little ones you can attach to your pc's monitor so people can't skeak up on you)...place them shoulder's width apart from each other and then stand in the middle...you will get two different images on the left and right...

On a different note...that is just some plain old repugnant shiat...
2003-04-30 06:44:46 PM  
LOL! you know what i mean...!
2003-04-30 06:44:46 PM  
35000 hits.... Yup, this was done on purpose.
Think about it.
2003-04-30 06:44:53 PM  
I think it might not be photoshoped even though the poses seem different...

the convex makes it very possible for it to have that extreme 2 different appearences.... and notice on the right.. his arm is not there because it is cut off by the edge and the angle is right.
2003-04-30 06:45:18 PM  
Enjoyduff good point

I was thinking the same thing. It's a "purposefull" mistake
2003-04-30 06:45:20 PM  
2003-04-30 06:45:41 PM  
Antialias, I bet you get daily marriage proposals from pathetic Farkers who check out your bio.

If you go a day without sometime, let me know and I'll fill in.
2003-04-30 06:45:47 PM  
His view count is flying up....it is at 36256 and going up about 1000 every minute or so.
2003-04-30 06:46:48 PM  
The counter is going up by a couple thousand a minute right now. ROFL
2003-04-30 06:46:54 PM  
2003-04-30 06:47:00 PM  
Look in the above shot.

He has no shoe on, and you can see his bare foot (toes).

I don't think it's a 'shop.
2003-04-30 06:47:01 PM  
Doesn't look Photoshopped.
2003-04-30 06:47:06 PM  
Chaotixx I don't think you know what I mean. You mentioned refracting. Well, metal is solid. Not much refracting going on there. Did you mean reflecting?
2003-04-30 06:47:15 PM  
Where do you get these wonderful links?
2003-04-30 06:47:52 PM  
The counter is jumping at about 100 a second nice
2003-04-30 06:48:00 PM  
38,201 & climbing!
2003-04-30 06:48:01 PM  
2003-04-30 06:48:39 PM  
2003-04-30 06:48:46 PM  
The two reflections ARE different.

Get the super size picture, and adjust the levels/brightness/contrast in photoshop. It becomes very obvious

Also the right hand reflection has two people in it.

I bet it was a buddy of his, helping him out, playing a joke.

2003-04-30 06:49:06 PM  
...or should i say "rising"?
2003-04-30 06:49:32 PM  

yes, reflecting is what I meant to type. subconcious is taking over my fingers.
2003-04-30 06:49:36 PM  
:) yay
2003-04-30 06:49:44 PM  
I seem to recall that Flemish masters used to hide images in the reflections they painted. A teacher of mine pointed out a skull that was only seen from an oblique angle. Pretty cool but I can't find any googling. Maybe I dreamt it...
2003-04-30 06:50:10 PM  
I disagree on the photoshop issue. The realistic option is that the guy was a moron and took the photos naked. He prolly hasn't heard of Photoshop contests or Fark, much less the world of concave? reflection. Who would phop their own lumpy self onto an image for a somewhat-obscure eBay sale item just to get hits?

There's some pshop paranoia going on here. He jacked it up and is now wondering WTF while his counter spins through five digits.
2003-04-30 06:50:36 PM  
2003-04-30 06:51:25 PM  

And by the looks of that picture he is also a Purdue fan (grad?)...yikes
2003-04-30 06:51:41 PM  
SherKhan: You're thinking of The Ambassadors by Holbein, which is at the National Gallery, London.
2003-04-30 06:51:59 PM  


She can be my witty sidekick on my television show.

2003-04-30 06:52:00 PM  
Who gives a shiat whether it's photoshopped or not? It's farking hilarious.
2003-04-30 06:52:40 PM  
Convex, Mubega and he knows what he's doing. He might have been trying to get a thrill by posting a picture that wouldn't get any attention. Ahem, ATTENTION BILLYBOB THIS IS FARK!
2003-04-30 06:53:10 PM  
2003-04-30 06:53:41 PM  
Oh, the kittens he's killed.

And neighborhood children.
2003-04-30 06:54:02 PM  
40,000+ people are interested in that guitar. How nice.

Lotta music luvvas out there.
2003-04-30 06:54:39 PM  
43000 ++++!!!
2003-04-30 06:54:52 PM  
Too FARKING funny!!!
2003-04-30 06:55:38 PM  
It looks like there is a woman behind him with saggy boobies in the right reflection. When I loaded it into photoshop and made it brighter I could see it pretty well.
2003-04-30 06:56:25 PM  
Why is it that small freaks always end up doing stuff like that? Weird small freak.
2003-04-30 06:56:41 PM  
Here's a clue for a few of the guys out there: if you honestly think that people (women or men) will find it appealing to look at you with no clothes on, you should definitely be wearing clothing at all times.

Nobody wants to see a naked man. Not even most women.
2003-04-30 06:56:56 PM  
2003-04-30 06:57:07 PM  
*pisses himself from laughing so farking hard*
2003-04-30 06:57:18 PM  
2003-04-30 06:57:31 PM  
Down for the count.. just pulled
2003-04-30 06:57:39 PM  
i am amazed and intruiged
Not shooped methinks.
2003-04-30 06:57:43 PM  
That is probably the funniest thing I have seen all day long! Farking hilarious, and now 46,000 other people have seen it toO!

2003-04-30 06:57:44 PM  
Invalid Item
The item you requested ( 2527199421 ) is invalid, still pending, or no longer in our database. Please check the number and try again. If this message persists, the item has either not started and is not yet available for viewing, or has expired and is no longer available.

Some one told someone....
2003-04-30 06:57:47 PM  
looks like ebay/billybob caught on...auction yanked
2003-04-30 06:57:55 PM  
A woman behind him?

Prolly his sister.

2003-04-30 06:57:56 PM  
You stupid idiots who don't think this was photoshopped are the same stupid idiots who believe the moon landing was real.
2003-04-30 06:57:57 PM  
it looks like eBay shut down the party...balls!
2003-04-30 06:58:07 PM  
Thanks for the NSFW tag on this one, putz.

Oh well, it looks like it's suicide again for me.
2003-04-30 06:58:08 PM  
2003-04-30 06:58:10 PM  
2003-04-30 06:58:29 PM  
Well, now it is farked. Farkers who want to see such a thing, if you missed it, it is posted above in the comments.
2003-04-30 06:58:44 PM  
Aaawww... they took it down...
2003-04-30 06:58:49 PM  
Peteykins: Thanks, that's the one. I could swear she showed us others too, and some involving relfections. Oh well, it WAS the eighties.
2003-04-30 06:58:50 PM  
g1 gone
2003-04-30 06:58:51 PM  
44,000 and it just got removed!
Item now invalid!
2003-04-30 06:58:53 PM  
2003-04-30 06:59:05 PM  

LMAO Billy Bob got "Yanked"
2003-04-30 06:59:05 PM  
It's off E-Bay now.
2003-04-30 06:59:11 PM  
I'm glad I saved it. You're welcome!
2003-04-30 06:59:13 PM  
He has a small penis.
2003-04-30 06:59:26 PM  
>>> i hafta peeeeee!!!!
2003-04-30 07:00:11 PM  
i think they took it down
2003-04-30 07:00:22 PM  
Looks like thy just took the picture down. One second it was up, and now the auction is down... shucks.
2003-04-30 07:00:24 PM  
2003-04-30 07:01:44 PM  
FARKED!!!!!! (well not really)
2003-04-30 07:01:53 PM  
Anyone who saw it can pull the image from their Internet Cache (or should be able to) and repost it.

I would but I'm at woik.

2003-04-30 07:02:02 PM  
I've got to agree with the accidentally-on-purpose crowd. I don't think the picture is photoshopped, but I find it hard to believe that the guy didn't notice he was within full view when he posted the pictures in his auction.

On the other hand, auction has now been yanked. Teehee...
2003-04-30 07:02:05 PM  
This will be a really good test of Inkfrog's mettle.
2003-04-30 07:02:07 PM  
This has been another episode of: The Sensitive Naked Man
2003-04-30 07:02:12 PM  
2003-04-30 07:02:22 PM  
I wonder what other items he has up for auction... some set of mixing spoons that reveal his hairy asss? Or some other instrument that he has tea bagged for your shopping enjoyment.
2003-04-30 07:02:28 PM  
After 2 minutes if grueling scientific research, the Ebay Naked Man In Guitar Reflection Association (ENMIGRA) has verified that the picture is indeed real. Studies indicate that he is holding the guitar in his right hand slightly turned in the counter-clockwise direction causing the reflection in the tuning keys on the back shifted slightly to the left. He is also holding the camera in his left hand turning his camera slightly to the right. Still no cure for cancer
2003-04-30 07:03:02 PM  
Annnddddd...it's gone.
2003-04-30 07:03:10 PM  
Ebay finally pulled it.
2003-04-30 07:03:31 PM  
The counter pasted in above still works... and is still going up.

Although it is down a wee bit from the 1000+ per minute pace.
2003-04-30 07:04:13 PM  
For the record, I don't think it's faked.

But to anyone who claims to be a professional and says this type of thing can't be faked: buy a book on Photoshop, watch the Matrix, then repeat until you get a clue.
2003-04-30 07:04:47 PM  
CaptainGood: You stupid idiots who don't think this was photoshopped are the same stupid idiots who believe the moon landing was real.

Well thought out argument. I like the logic you bring into it with the use of the phrase "stupid idiots." Twice.

There are people who get off on doing this stuff. Deal with it.
2003-04-30 07:06:03 PM  
i haven't read through this whole thing (don't have the time at the moment) but did anybody else notice that the two reflections were different?

one showed him with a hand over his crotch and the other with his arm extended a bit.
2003-04-30 07:06:32 PM  
Ummmm... won't the counter keep going up since people are hitting the honesty-counter.cgi file from this page?

Nevermind... ignore the man behind the code.
2003-04-30 07:06:39 PM  
and its farked
2003-04-30 07:06:50 PM  
300lbs-big hairy ape:

are u referring to me? I didn't say it can't be done. rather, I said it _wasn't_ in this case.
2003-04-30 07:07:08 PM  
I wonder how much longer until somebody auctions of a picture of them looking at a picture of nakie guitar man?
2003-04-30 07:07:52 PM  
that piece of skin you think was his hand wasn't his hand ;)
2003-04-30 07:08:06 PM  
Remember, it's the smart idiots you gotta watch out for.
2003-04-30 07:08:11 PM  
it told me the items been removed now..
2003-04-30 07:09:56 PM  
invalid item!
2003-04-30 07:15:56 PM  
Down-Crier: I think it was irony.
2003-04-30 07:16:57 PM  
Please tell me someone has a mirror of this somewhere!?!!?
2003-04-30 07:17:02 PM  

Um, do I have to keep buying the book over and over again, or can I just watch the Matrix over and over again?

Neither one really appeals to me, but I'll save more money with the Matrix option.......
2003-04-30 07:17:54 PM  
"Have you ever seen a grown man take a picture of a guitar while naked?"

2003-04-30 07:18:15 PM  
If it is photoshopped, it was a waste of time. How hard is it for an actual naked fatass to take his own picture?

His gut does look a lot like the fat guy on the tea kettle... the same?
2003-04-30 07:18:16 PM  
my ex has a pic of me sitting on the commode jamming away on my guitar, oblivious that a picture was being taken. I sure hope she doesn't remember!
2003-04-30 07:18:17 PM  
Is it wrong that i'm turned on by the thought of a female doctor analyzing my sperm?
2003-04-30 07:18:34 PM  
DAMN Ebay deleted it already! Thanks for the pic DavidE!
2003-04-30 07:20:15 PM  
This auction is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more entertaining.
2003-04-30 07:22:30 PM  
Aren't ironies reflective? No, wait. That's irons.
2003-04-30 07:23:00 PM  
I am now tainted for life!!!! Real or not, I did not need these images. farkin weirdo anyway.
2003-04-30 07:23:08 PM  
04-30-03 07:16:57 PM DavidZ
Please tell me someone has a mirror of this somewhere!?!!?

Way ahead of you.

For your everlasting pleasure: http://www.mochunk.net/auctions/ebay7/

2003-04-30 07:28:04 PM  
2003-04-30 07:29:12 PM  
I wonder if he's also selling a teapot...
2003-04-30 07:30:17 PM  
This auction is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more entertaining.

That entire paragraph was one sentence. That, in itself, is inspiring. Crap.
2003-04-30 07:31:00 PM  
Why in the world would he photoshop a picture like this?

It's not some amazing and unlikely event, it's a naked guy.

I mean, I could photoshop a picture of myself eating a cheese sandwich... or I could just take a picture of myself eating a cheese sandwich.

Now, if he was naked on top of the WTC and there was a plane behind him, then I'd ask questions...

Hey, that would be totally hot! Gay disaster-porn! I've got to go register a domain name!
2003-04-30 07:31:47 PM  
Tamarah -- inspiring or insipid? :-)
2003-04-30 07:32:27 PM  
he also posted his phone #.

maybe he did it for a joke or cheap thrills. who knows?

the world is a weird place.

2003-04-30 07:33:32 PM  
Ladies, please, I bet it was just cold.

That or it was a flat-chested chick.

/dry heave
2003-04-30 07:33:36 PM  
That counter's still going up at an amazing rate. Loaded this thread at ~48500, read thru it quick, thought i'd reload and see if I could get the "FIFTY THOUSAND!" post... but it's at 52000 already... good lord almighty..

That's more people than watch the average ITV drama presentation and actually don't think it's bobbins.

And is a lot of people to mentally scar in one day!
2003-04-30 07:34:08 PM  
that's it -- ebay pulled it off
2003-04-30 07:35:59 PM  
Yeah all one sentence. The guys aspires to be a screenwriter. Imagine the dialog in that movie.....
2003-04-30 07:38:46 PM  

After reading your analysis, it seems that even allowing that he might not have taken the picture, it could still be a real picture, by someone standing behind him. This would support the "accidentally on purpose" theories above.

That being said, I still don't know if I buy your whole explanation, since I have to take your word for what you are labeling in your pictures.
2003-04-30 07:38:49 PM  
Darwin The object in front of his arm looks like a len cap hanging by its string and he may be holding the camera to one side so he can look at the guitar and the LCD screen at the same time, which he might do if he was deliberately trying to get his naked image in the reflection of the tuning peg gear cover.

"Most men live lives of quiet desperation."
2003-04-30 07:39:54 PM  
EddyH, see my comments above about the counter.
2003-04-30 07:40:19 PM  
thanks for posting the pic cause the item was removed by the time i got too it...damn funny...
2003-04-30 07:41:35 PM  
REM: never use a camera while naked
2003-04-30 07:43:02 PM  
Why is everyone assuming that there was only one person involved in taking the photos?

Evidently in the "candid" shot the naked guy is holding the guitar (if nothing else), but it's obvious someone else took the pic.
2003-04-30 07:44:22 PM  
it's giving me an "invalid item" page now... what a shame.
2003-04-30 07:45:01 PM  
I wonder how ebay caught on to it. Do ebay mods read fark?
2003-04-30 07:45:50 PM  
I think I found this guy by doing some googling. I'm not sure if I am allowed to post anything I found out about "Naked Dave," but what he does makes things a lot more interesting.

Am I allowed to post anything about this guy?
2003-04-30 07:47:30 PM  
Come on, twist my arm! I want to post it. Somebody please tell me to do it.
2003-04-30 07:47:43 PM  
I can't really believe that, at one point, this thread turned into a discussion of the Flemish Masters.

Only Fark.
2003-04-30 07:54:00 PM  
He took the pic, you can see him holding a camera. Probably on purpose too, that sick bastaad.
2003-04-30 07:56:04 PM  
2003-04-30 07:56:14 PM  
Go ahead, Truitt. You know you want to.
2003-04-30 07:58:35 PM  
Nobody posted the supersized version, so here it is:

http://a4.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/cFWwPmGFjIJhzyAAiltSCttAni2rcge_KVCRN3TRQ​WqF-qpPK TnAFqfF5JU1h85ayUwo4vTOsUNxhbPX/les%20paul.jpg
2003-04-30 07:59:12 PM  
Mods, I can not be held responsible.

Youth minister.
2003-04-30 08:00:05 PM  
left leg and arm are amputated.

I warned the "high bidder" (as a good ebayer who buys guitar equipment should). Very freaky,
2003-04-30 08:01:34 PM  
I posted it twice, Bryanalter.
2003-04-30 08:02:00 PM  
My ex boyfriend used to play his guitar naked. As perverted as this is going to sound, there really wasn't anything disgusting about it.
2003-04-30 08:03:34 PM  
Mochunk, is that your mirror site with all the ebays on? If so, you say on it (RC section) that you want a MOV to MPG converter... give us a shout, I can help MOV -> MPG/AVI/whatever (maaaaybe not realmedia, but then who wants that?)

And sorry to waste your bandwidth, but I did find this
mobile computer far more amusing..
2003-04-30 08:05:55 PM  
2003-04-30 08:12:33 PM  
oh & please dont take the MODs away... they must live for the history of mankind

or at least mp3 them, even though it would mean trebling the size and losing amiga compatibility
2003-04-30 08:12:50 PM  

Ever hear of sarcasm?
2003-04-30 08:15:57 PM  
eddyh: mail me troll at mochunk dot net.
2003-04-30 08:18:24 PM  
"It's called perspective, people. One reflection looks different because of the angle of the reflective surface in respect to the camera. Jeesh!"

Actually its called Parallax.

(domain name for sale: www.ebayinthenude.com $10,000)
2003-04-30 08:19:53 PM  

All pix on ebay are a megapixel at the very most. He may very well have a pro digital camera with a wide body (guitar like that, he ain't poor.. or wasn't when he bought it), but would have had to reduce it in order to post.

Like.. duh :)

And how did you make out all those details from a splattered mess of pixels?
2003-04-30 08:22:31 PM  
this guy lives in the same city as me but his # is an city outside of Indianapolis in Covington, IN. Cant even get the city right. Honky Hillybilly, table of one is ready for you!!
2003-04-30 08:24:50 PM  
Must be this loosers real name and phone #
switchboard search
2003-04-30 08:25:58 PM  
Yeah, let's call him!

And after that, we'll lynch all the losers that can't spell "Loser" !!! Get those farkers! I hate them!
2003-04-30 08:26:26 PM  

Thanks Mochunk!
2003-04-30 08:27:54 PM  
Well, it's gone
2003-04-30 08:28:44 PM  
BUMMER, They took it down *sniff*
2003-04-30 08:30:13 PM  
Well It's been delisted now.
2003-04-30 08:30:13 PM  
Some of you people are way too into Photoshop to think this is a fake. Why on earth would someone fake this? Just take a picture of yourself naked reflected in something.

I don't pretend to know why this guy did it, but I'd bet he really did do it.
2003-04-30 08:34:08 PM  
"Who? Dave? No Man, Dave's not here!?

I think that he can be reached at this number

(765) 938-2997
2003-04-30 08:41:01 PM  
[image from diamondcomics.com too old to be available]
2003-04-30 08:45:26 PM  
Jasemou Dave has a pretty high pitched voice on his answering machine.
2003-04-30 08:45:30 PM  
why don't we ever see nude ladies reflections in ebay auctions?? Maybe women just have the class to take pictures cothed.
2003-04-30 08:46:45 PM  
HAHAHA ... that joke will *NEVER*stop being funny
2003-04-30 08:51:16 PM  
Am I the only one who has ghasped in horror when I saw that?
2003-04-30 08:51:46 PM  
Xkenny13 made me spit water at my screen..

On another note.. AAAGH!
2003-04-30 08:56:13 PM  
What I am not getting is what are you all debating:

the photo is/was posted w/ebay item- hence PHOTO IS REAL. MAN NAKED- THIS IS REAL.

Does it make a difference if he took a pic of himself and a pic of the guitar and p-shopped 'em?

So the actual agrument is: Was the photo taken on purpose for some freakish personal reason of his- or did he get his reflection by accident? And if it was by accident- did he notice prior to posting- or was plesantly surprised about the reflection and posted it anyways.
2003-04-30 09:10:50 PM  
LOL! OMFG! You mean some people are actually NAKED beneath their clothes?
2003-04-30 09:14:29 PM  
um. Antialias, if Inaditch is unavailable, I'll gladly fill in. mmm....vodka...
2003-04-30 09:15:04 PM  
This is just another pic like the tea kettle and the TV. Here is a page about them: http://www.snopes.com/photos/kettle.asp

The guy did it on purpose. Not the first time, won't be the last.
2003-04-30 09:16:25 PM  
here is a link for the copy/paste challenged and/or lazy
2003-04-30 09:19:21 PM  
04-30-03 09:16:25 PM Opalcat
here is a link for the copy/paste challenged and/or lazy

2003-04-30 09:30:53 PM  
04-30-03 08:19:53 PM EddyH


All pix on ebay are a megapixel at the very most. He may very well have a pro digital camera with a wide body (guitar like that, he ain't poor.. or wasn't when he bought it), but would have had to reduce it in order to post.

I said in the picture that it's a possability. Just not a likely ideal. My conclusion was that someone else was taking the picture. He could have also been taking it blindly while squatting.

Like.. duh :)

And how did you make out all those details from a splattered mess of pixels?

Considering that I'm the one who zoomed in on it, and copied and pasted them into that picture, I'd hope that my memory can remember something that happened five seconds prior. It's called the "zoom" feature on PS.

Like... Duh...
2003-04-30 09:32:19 PM  
this only got submitted like 20 times today
2003-04-30 09:37:32 PM  
You'd think, that after selling the infamous teapot...

2003-04-30 09:53:54 PM  
"Action yanked"
C'mon, stop pulling my...
2003-04-30 10:12:57 PM  
Inaditch, CodeBlue40, Paradoxymoron: You guys should stay on topic, but thanks, you're sweet. :)
2003-04-30 10:13:00 PM  
For the record... in case anyone cares....

..that writing that accompanies the teapot image? "Folks, if you're going to be selling something people will be drinking fluids out of...." and so on...

...I wrote that.

Snopes doesn't like attributing anything, so they didn't attribute me. But it is.

The teapot image was real, posted on an australian auction site.

Anyway, behold the power of Fark or something.
2003-04-30 10:14:29 PM  
2003-04-30 10:14:42 PM  
Wow is this the first time someone hasn't said I'D HIT IT!?
I must say that I'm shocked or very stupid for missing it. Even thought its kind of a misplaced, this thread is lacking it.
2003-04-30 10:14:45 PM  

Not so. Angelina Jolie and Vin Diesel can take as many naked shiny photos as they like.
2003-04-30 10:26:05 PM  
For those who think this fake or wonder if he didn't realize it:

There are more than enough times that this has happened. Some folks do this for kicks, there was even a link talking about this at some point in the past {may have been during the teapot scandal (not THAT teapot scandal)}
2003-04-30 10:28:37 PM  
Ok, I'm out of touch: what's the teapot story?
2003-04-30 10:35:05 PM  
For the record, antialias is the hottest thing ever. (Description and photo together).

Oh, wait, the teapot story.

Here's the snopes entry. I wrote the text under the picture but snopes doesn't attribute.

Now, back to Antialias.
2003-04-30 10:40:06 PM  
This is not photoshoped. I've study car redering where we have to study alot about angle of reflection from objects, its is definitely real. Want facts? Do the same thing as him, the result will be pr0bably the same.
2003-04-30 11:15:01 PM  
I didn't know Grovers came that small...
2003-04-30 11:19:05 PM  
the Snopes article is mistaken. the auction did, in fact,
appear on eBay. a friend found it, thought it was funny
and emailed it to me, and i made the screen capture seen

this is a totally authentic, unphotoshopped capture. the
date clearly reads July 30, 2001; whereas, according to
Snopes, it does not appear on the Australian site until
August of the same year.
2003-04-30 11:20:13 PM  
ok, so it won't let me post it.
here's a link.
2003-04-30 11:20:55 PM  
one more try.

if that doesn't work, then godammnit it's just:

2003-04-30 11:21:13 PM  
look at one of the otehr pictures where you see the whole guitar. you can see his foot which looks like it is some old nasty guy's, and in the guitar you can see a slight reflection of what looks like a fat nasty old man, ill get a pic in a sec
2003-04-30 11:29:34 PM  
take a look at the places i circled, you can see one person which looks kinda fat, the person's feet, and what looks like another person, if that previous pic was photoshopped, why would they do a very hard to spot photoshop on the other pic??

[image from images.cardomain.com too old to be available]
2003-04-30 11:32:12 PM  
04-30-03 06:47:06 PM Acrodizer
Chaotixx I don't think you know what I mean. You mentioned refracting. Well, metal is solid. Not much refracting going on there. Did you mean reflecting?

You're correct that it's reflecting, but it has nothing to do with being solid - glass is solid too... it's the fact that it's opaque that negates any possibility of refraction.
2003-04-30 11:39:34 PM  
That is not a guy whacking it. I repeat, wanton acts of jimmy-waxery are not taking place here, or anywhere.
2003-05-01 12:20:21 AM  
I have to go boil my eyes now.
2003-05-01 12:25:17 AM  
The snopes link now includes this incident.
2003-05-01 12:31:03 AM  
OMG... so go to this ebay auction and go down memory lane... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=15029&item=3021506263
2003-05-01 12:33:47 AM  
--- hi­pp[nospam-﹫-backwards]w­oc­dn­uo­s*com wrote:
> Christ, I'll offer to take the guitar off your hands
> for 200 bucks plus shipping since you've obviously
> been handling the thing naked, thus plummetting the
> value of the guitar drastically.

Bob Freeman replied:
I apologize. This is a friend of mines guitar and I
didn't notice the reflection when I placed the ad.
Again, I'm sorry....

And the pic is still on Ebay's site.
http://ebay3.ipixmedia.com/abc/M28/_EBAY_34f0fc810b6efda7c955d77fa9d27​e93/i-6_ B_L.JPG
2003-05-01 01:10:26 AM  
Wow, Snopes has an article on Guitar Guy already!
2003-05-01 01:23:00 AM  
goddamn, you'd think there were aliens hiding in the pics the way they're getting dissected.

Incidentally, Iwrote the guy, too, and got the same exact response.
2003-05-01 01:25:34 AM  
This thread also has to win an award for the most evidence of farkers not reading other posts. That nude dude musta burnt out a fair number of fark retinas.
2003-05-01 01:30:51 AM  
I can't believe no one pointed out that he's likely selling the guitar so he can devote more time to his true passion... which is "playing the hairy banjo."

I'm disappointed in you people.
2003-05-01 01:45:05 AM  

i meant they were somewhat splurged to begin with anyway. i'm kinda impressed that you could make out a guitar case, if that's what it is.
2003-05-01 02:35:30 AM  
2003-05-01 03:08:54 AM  
05-01-03 02:35:30 AM Bds4348


Scroll up to 04-30-03 01:15:14 PM for the Ipix link.
2003-05-01 03:30:01 AM  
Anyone see the auction with the chick in the Link (Zelda) costume with the pantyless upskirt shot? Good laugh, man.
2003-05-01 08:41:03 AM  
yes this was funny but everytime something is posted to Fark from e-bay it is invariably pulled (pardon the pun in this case) from the E-bay servers. I find that aspect a bit tedious.
2003-05-01 09:24:09 AM  

His arms are in two radically different positions in the same image.
2003-05-01 09:43:50 AM  
Please elaborate, Fghfgh.
2003-05-01 09:45:03 AM  
Look, it's not photoshopped, JohnnyDread. His arm is in the oterh picter it's just the way the light is reflecting it's more of a smudge. Ever been in a house of mirrors? Stand in front of one mirror and then look at the one next to it. If it's a decent house of mirrors the two images will look radically different. Anyway, I gave him some feedback, here's his response...

"I apologize. This is a friend of mines guitar and I
didn't notice the reflection when I placed the ad.
Again, I'm sorry...."
2003-05-01 09:54:05 AM  

some people have too much time on their hands. I believe it's legit. exhibitionism is a powerful but mysteriously secret movement. everyone does it, but no one speaks about it.
2003-05-01 10:07:24 AM  
I was hoping to hear Bass555's take on this item, yet he's strangely silent.

2003-05-01 10:26:35 AM  
Hogans: The coincidence here is that I rarely check threads from yesterday after 5pm, but the musical nature of this thread demanded I do. Ya freak.
2003-05-01 11:32:40 AM  
Uh... I guess I'm the first person to get the balls up (no pun intended) to call this freak. I called and got the "do di dee" tone, then the infamous "we're sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service...". Just thought I should let ya know!

-H're Tom
2003-05-01 11:35:14 AM  
And in response to soda's comment:

"...everyone does it, but no one speaks about it."

Speak for yourself, freak!
2003-05-01 03:35:10 PM  
Gee, thanks for multiplying my traffic and hits by 10 just linking the mirror here. Behold the power of fark. Nutty bastards :)
2003-05-01 03:38:17 PM  
wow, this is super late, but I LOVE that screen name, BisquickJones!
2003-05-02 09:45:59 AM  
This is super late too, but a guy I work with emailed him:

> that's pretty sick to have you in the reflection
> (grover keys) naked!

His response (yes, the naked guy)
I apologize. This is a friend of mines guitar and I
didn't notice the reflection when I placed the ad.
Again, I'm sorry....
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