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(eBay)   Mans sells guitar, bidders get more than they wanted. Hint: Supersize righthand picture   ( cgi.ebay.com) divider line
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2003-04-30 08:51:16 PM  
Am I the only one who has ghasped in horror when I saw that?
2003-04-30 08:51:46 PM  
Xkenny13 made me spit water at my screen..

On another note.. AAAGH!
2003-04-30 08:56:13 PM  
What I am not getting is what are you all debating:

the photo is/was posted w/ebay item- hence PHOTO IS REAL. MAN NAKED- THIS IS REAL.

Does it make a difference if he took a pic of himself and a pic of the guitar and p-shopped 'em?

So the actual agrument is: Was the photo taken on purpose for some freakish personal reason of his- or did he get his reflection by accident? And if it was by accident- did he notice prior to posting- or was plesantly surprised about the reflection and posted it anyways.
2003-04-30 09:10:50 PM  
LOL! OMFG! You mean some people are actually NAKED beneath their clothes?
2003-04-30 09:14:29 PM  
um. Antialias, if Inaditch is unavailable, I'll gladly fill in. mmm....vodka...
2003-04-30 09:15:04 PM  
This is just another pic like the tea kettle and the TV. Here is a page about them: http://www.snopes.com/photos/kettle.asp

The guy did it on purpose. Not the first time, won't be the last.
2003-04-30 09:16:25 PM  
here is a link for the copy/paste challenged and/or lazy
2003-04-30 09:19:21 PM  
04-30-03 09:16:25 PM Opalcat
here is a link for the copy/paste challenged and/or lazy

2003-04-30 09:30:53 PM  
04-30-03 08:19:53 PM EddyH


All pix on ebay are a megapixel at the very most. He may very well have a pro digital camera with a wide body (guitar like that, he ain't poor.. or wasn't when he bought it), but would have had to reduce it in order to post.

I said in the picture that it's a possability. Just not a likely ideal. My conclusion was that someone else was taking the picture. He could have also been taking it blindly while squatting.

Like.. duh :)

And how did you make out all those details from a splattered mess of pixels?

Considering that I'm the one who zoomed in on it, and copied and pasted them into that picture, I'd hope that my memory can remember something that happened five seconds prior. It's called the "zoom" feature on PS.

Like... Duh...
2003-04-30 09:32:19 PM  
this only got submitted like 20 times today
2003-04-30 09:37:32 PM  
You'd think, that after selling the infamous teapot...

2003-04-30 09:53:54 PM  
"Action yanked"
C'mon, stop pulling my...
2003-04-30 10:12:57 PM  
Inaditch, CodeBlue40, Paradoxymoron: You guys should stay on topic, but thanks, you're sweet. :)
2003-04-30 10:13:00 PM  
For the record... in case anyone cares....

..that writing that accompanies the teapot image? "Folks, if you're going to be selling something people will be drinking fluids out of...." and so on...

...I wrote that.

Snopes doesn't like attributing anything, so they didn't attribute me. But it is.

The teapot image was real, posted on an australian auction site.

Anyway, behold the power of Fark or something.
2003-04-30 10:14:29 PM  
2003-04-30 10:14:42 PM  
Wow is this the first time someone hasn't said I'D HIT IT!?
I must say that I'm shocked or very stupid for missing it. Even thought its kind of a misplaced, this thread is lacking it.
2003-04-30 10:14:45 PM  

Not so. Angelina Jolie and Vin Diesel can take as many naked shiny photos as they like.
2003-04-30 10:26:05 PM  
For those who think this fake or wonder if he didn't realize it:

There are more than enough times that this has happened. Some folks do this for kicks, there was even a link talking about this at some point in the past {may have been during the teapot scandal (not THAT teapot scandal)}
2003-04-30 10:28:37 PM  
Ok, I'm out of touch: what's the teapot story?
2003-04-30 10:35:05 PM  
For the record, antialias is the hottest thing ever. (Description and photo together).

Oh, wait, the teapot story.

Here's the snopes entry. I wrote the text under the picture but snopes doesn't attribute.

Now, back to Antialias.
2003-04-30 10:40:06 PM  
This is not photoshoped. I've study car redering where we have to study alot about angle of reflection from objects, its is definitely real. Want facts? Do the same thing as him, the result will be pr0bably the same.
2003-04-30 11:15:01 PM  
I didn't know Grovers came that small...
2003-04-30 11:19:05 PM  
the Snopes article is mistaken. the auction did, in fact,
appear on eBay. a friend found it, thought it was funny
and emailed it to me, and i made the screen capture seen

this is a totally authentic, unphotoshopped capture. the
date clearly reads July 30, 2001; whereas, according to
Snopes, it does not appear on the Australian site until
August of the same year.
2003-04-30 11:20:13 PM  
ok, so it won't let me post it.
here's a link.
2003-04-30 11:20:55 PM  
one more try.

if that doesn't work, then godammnit it's just:

2003-04-30 11:21:13 PM  
look at one of the otehr pictures where you see the whole guitar. you can see his foot which looks like it is some old nasty guy's, and in the guitar you can see a slight reflection of what looks like a fat nasty old man, ill get a pic in a sec
2003-04-30 11:29:34 PM  
take a look at the places i circled, you can see one person which looks kinda fat, the person's feet, and what looks like another person, if that previous pic was photoshopped, why would they do a very hard to spot photoshop on the other pic??

[image from images.cardomain.com too old to be available]
2003-04-30 11:32:12 PM  
04-30-03 06:47:06 PM Acrodizer
Chaotixx I don't think you know what I mean. You mentioned refracting. Well, metal is solid. Not much refracting going on there. Did you mean reflecting?

You're correct that it's reflecting, but it has nothing to do with being solid - glass is solid too... it's the fact that it's opaque that negates any possibility of refraction.
2003-04-30 11:39:34 PM  
That is not a guy whacking it. I repeat, wanton acts of jimmy-waxery are not taking place here, or anywhere.
2003-05-01 12:20:21 AM  
I have to go boil my eyes now.
2003-05-01 12:25:17 AM  
The snopes link now includes this incident.
2003-05-01 12:31:03 AM  
OMG... so go to this ebay auction and go down memory lane... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=15029&item=3021506263
2003-05-01 12:33:47 AM  
--- h­ipp[nospam-﹫-backwards]woc­dnuo­s*com wrote:
> Christ, I'll offer to take the guitar off your hands
> for 200 bucks plus shipping since you've obviously
> been handling the thing naked, thus plummetting the
> value of the guitar drastically.

Bob Freeman replied:
I apologize. This is a friend of mines guitar and I
didn't notice the reflection when I placed the ad.
Again, I'm sorry....

And the pic is still on Ebay's site.
http://ebay3.ipixmedia.com/abc/M28/_EBAY_34f0fc810b6efda7c955d77fa9d27​e93/i-6_ B_L.JPG
2003-05-01 01:10:26 AM  
Wow, Snopes has an article on Guitar Guy already!
2003-05-01 01:23:00 AM  
goddamn, you'd think there were aliens hiding in the pics the way they're getting dissected.

Incidentally, Iwrote the guy, too, and got the same exact response.
2003-05-01 01:25:34 AM  
This thread also has to win an award for the most evidence of farkers not reading other posts. That nude dude musta burnt out a fair number of fark retinas.
2003-05-01 01:30:51 AM  
I can't believe no one pointed out that he's likely selling the guitar so he can devote more time to his true passion... which is "playing the hairy banjo."

I'm disappointed in you people.
2003-05-01 01:45:05 AM  

i meant they were somewhat splurged to begin with anyway. i'm kinda impressed that you could make out a guitar case, if that's what it is.
2003-05-01 02:35:30 AM  
2003-05-01 03:08:54 AM  
05-01-03 02:35:30 AM Bds4348


Scroll up to 04-30-03 01:15:14 PM for the Ipix link.
2003-05-01 03:30:01 AM  
Anyone see the auction with the chick in the Link (Zelda) costume with the pantyless upskirt shot? Good laugh, man.
2003-05-01 08:41:03 AM  
yes this was funny but everytime something is posted to Fark from e-bay it is invariably pulled (pardon the pun in this case) from the E-bay servers. I find that aspect a bit tedious.
2003-05-01 09:24:09 AM  

His arms are in two radically different positions in the same image.
2003-05-01 09:43:50 AM  
Please elaborate, Fghfgh.
2003-05-01 09:45:03 AM  
Look, it's not photoshopped, JohnnyDread. His arm is in the oterh picter it's just the way the light is reflecting it's more of a smudge. Ever been in a house of mirrors? Stand in front of one mirror and then look at the one next to it. If it's a decent house of mirrors the two images will look radically different. Anyway, I gave him some feedback, here's his response...

"I apologize. This is a friend of mines guitar and I
didn't notice the reflection when I placed the ad.
Again, I'm sorry...."
2003-05-01 09:54:05 AM  

some people have too much time on their hands. I believe it's legit. exhibitionism is a powerful but mysteriously secret movement. everyone does it, but no one speaks about it.
2003-05-01 10:07:24 AM  
I was hoping to hear Bass555's take on this item, yet he's strangely silent.

2003-05-01 10:26:35 AM  
Hogans: The coincidence here is that I rarely check threads from yesterday after 5pm, but the musical nature of this thread demanded I do. Ya freak.
2003-05-01 11:32:40 AM  
Uh... I guess I'm the first person to get the balls up (no pun intended) to call this freak. I called and got the "do di dee" tone, then the infamous "we're sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service...". Just thought I should let ya know!

-H're Tom
2003-05-01 11:35:14 AM  
And in response to soda's comment:

"...everyone does it, but no one speaks about it."

Speak for yourself, freak!
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