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(eBay)   Mans sells guitar, bidders get more than they wanted. Hint: Supersize righthand picture   ( cgi.ebay.com) divider line
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2003-04-30 07:23:08 PM  
04-30-03 07:16:57 PM DavidZ
Please tell me someone has a mirror of this somewhere!?!!?

Way ahead of you.

For your everlasting pleasure: http://www.mochunk.net/auctions/ebay7/

2003-04-30 07:28:04 PM  
2003-04-30 07:29:12 PM  
I wonder if he's also selling a teapot...
2003-04-30 07:30:17 PM  
This auction is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more entertaining.

That entire paragraph was one sentence. That, in itself, is inspiring. Crap.
2003-04-30 07:31:00 PM  
Why in the world would he photoshop a picture like this?

It's not some amazing and unlikely event, it's a naked guy.

I mean, I could photoshop a picture of myself eating a cheese sandwich... or I could just take a picture of myself eating a cheese sandwich.

Now, if he was naked on top of the WTC and there was a plane behind him, then I'd ask questions...

Hey, that would be totally hot! Gay disaster-porn! I've got to go register a domain name!
2003-04-30 07:31:47 PM  
Tamarah -- inspiring or insipid? :-)
2003-04-30 07:32:27 PM  
he also posted his phone #.

maybe he did it for a joke or cheap thrills. who knows?

the world is a weird place.

2003-04-30 07:33:32 PM  
Ladies, please, I bet it was just cold.

That or it was a flat-chested chick.

/dry heave
2003-04-30 07:33:36 PM  
That counter's still going up at an amazing rate. Loaded this thread at ~48500, read thru it quick, thought i'd reload and see if I could get the "FIFTY THOUSAND!" post... but it's at 52000 already... good lord almighty..

That's more people than watch the average ITV drama presentation and actually don't think it's bobbins.

And is a lot of people to mentally scar in one day!
2003-04-30 07:34:08 PM  
that's it -- ebay pulled it off
2003-04-30 07:35:59 PM  
Yeah all one sentence. The guys aspires to be a screenwriter. Imagine the dialog in that movie.....
2003-04-30 07:38:46 PM  

After reading your analysis, it seems that even allowing that he might not have taken the picture, it could still be a real picture, by someone standing behind him. This would support the "accidentally on purpose" theories above.

That being said, I still don't know if I buy your whole explanation, since I have to take your word for what you are labeling in your pictures.
2003-04-30 07:38:49 PM  
Darwin The object in front of his arm looks like a len cap hanging by its string and he may be holding the camera to one side so he can look at the guitar and the LCD screen at the same time, which he might do if he was deliberately trying to get his naked image in the reflection of the tuning peg gear cover.

"Most men live lives of quiet desperation."
2003-04-30 07:39:54 PM  
EddyH, see my comments above about the counter.
2003-04-30 07:40:19 PM  
thanks for posting the pic cause the item was removed by the time i got too it...damn funny...
2003-04-30 07:41:35 PM  
REM: never use a camera while naked
2003-04-30 07:43:02 PM  
Why is everyone assuming that there was only one person involved in taking the photos?

Evidently in the "candid" shot the naked guy is holding the guitar (if nothing else), but it's obvious someone else took the pic.
2003-04-30 07:44:22 PM  
it's giving me an "invalid item" page now... what a shame.
2003-04-30 07:45:01 PM  
I wonder how ebay caught on to it. Do ebay mods read fark?
2003-04-30 07:45:50 PM  
I think I found this guy by doing some googling. I'm not sure if I am allowed to post anything I found out about "Naked Dave," but what he does makes things a lot more interesting.

Am I allowed to post anything about this guy?
2003-04-30 07:47:30 PM  
Come on, twist my arm! I want to post it. Somebody please tell me to do it.
2003-04-30 07:47:43 PM  
I can't really believe that, at one point, this thread turned into a discussion of the Flemish Masters.

Only Fark.
2003-04-30 07:54:00 PM  
He took the pic, you can see him holding a camera. Probably on purpose too, that sick bastaad.
2003-04-30 07:56:04 PM  
2003-04-30 07:56:14 PM  
Go ahead, Truitt. You know you want to.
2003-04-30 07:58:35 PM  
Nobody posted the supersized version, so here it is:

http://a4.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/cFWwPmGFjIJhzyAAiltSCttAni2rcge_KVCRN3TRQ​WqF-qpPK TnAFqfF5JU1h85ayUwo4vTOsUNxhbPX/les%20paul.jpg
2003-04-30 07:59:12 PM  
Mods, I can not be held responsible.

Youth minister.
2003-04-30 08:00:05 PM  
left leg and arm are amputated.

I warned the "high bidder" (as a good ebayer who buys guitar equipment should). Very freaky,
2003-04-30 08:01:34 PM  
I posted it twice, Bryanalter.
2003-04-30 08:02:00 PM  
My ex boyfriend used to play his guitar naked. As perverted as this is going to sound, there really wasn't anything disgusting about it.
2003-04-30 08:03:34 PM  
Mochunk, is that your mirror site with all the ebays on? If so, you say on it (RC section) that you want a MOV to MPG converter... give us a shout, I can help MOV -> MPG/AVI/whatever (maaaaybe not realmedia, but then who wants that?)

And sorry to waste your bandwidth, but I did find this
mobile computer far more amusing..
2003-04-30 08:05:55 PM  
2003-04-30 08:12:33 PM  
oh & please dont take the MODs away... they must live for the history of mankind

or at least mp3 them, even though it would mean trebling the size and losing amiga compatibility
2003-04-30 08:12:50 PM  

Ever hear of sarcasm?
2003-04-30 08:15:57 PM  
eddyh: mail me troll at mochunk dot net.
2003-04-30 08:18:24 PM  
"It's called perspective, people. One reflection looks different because of the angle of the reflective surface in respect to the camera. Jeesh!"

Actually its called Parallax.

(domain name for sale: www.ebayinthenude.com $10,000)
2003-04-30 08:19:53 PM  

All pix on ebay are a megapixel at the very most. He may very well have a pro digital camera with a wide body (guitar like that, he ain't poor.. or wasn't when he bought it), but would have had to reduce it in order to post.

Like.. duh :)

And how did you make out all those details from a splattered mess of pixels?
2003-04-30 08:22:31 PM  
this guy lives in the same city as me but his # is an city outside of Indianapolis in Covington, IN. Cant even get the city right. Honky Hillybilly, table of one is ready for you!!
2003-04-30 08:24:50 PM  
Must be this loosers real name and phone #
switchboard search
2003-04-30 08:25:58 PM  
Yeah, let's call him!

And after that, we'll lynch all the losers that can't spell "Loser" !!! Get those farkers! I hate them!
2003-04-30 08:26:26 PM  

Thanks Mochunk!
2003-04-30 08:27:54 PM  
Well, it's gone
2003-04-30 08:28:44 PM  
BUMMER, They took it down *sniff*
2003-04-30 08:30:13 PM  
Well It's been delisted now.
2003-04-30 08:30:13 PM  
Some of you people are way too into Photoshop to think this is a fake. Why on earth would someone fake this? Just take a picture of yourself naked reflected in something.

I don't pretend to know why this guy did it, but I'd bet he really did do it.
2003-04-30 08:34:08 PM  
"Who? Dave? No Man, Dave's not here!?

I think that he can be reached at this number

(765) 938-2997
2003-04-30 08:41:01 PM  
[image from diamondcomics.com too old to be available]
2003-04-30 08:45:26 PM  
Jasemou Dave has a pretty high pitched voice on his answering machine.
2003-04-30 08:45:30 PM  
why don't we ever see nude ladies reflections in ebay auctions?? Maybe women just have the class to take pictures cothed.
2003-04-30 08:46:45 PM  
HAHAHA ... that joke will *NEVER*stop being funny
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