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(eBay)   Mans sells guitar, bidders get more than they wanted. Hint: Supersize righthand picture   ( cgi.ebay.com) divider line
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223461 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Apr 2003 at 6:27 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-30 06:34:33 PM  
Ewww! Do you think, if you buy the guitar, it comes with a spare G string?
2003-04-30 06:34:38 PM  
Just knowing that he handled the guitar naked put me out as a bidder
2003-04-30 06:34:41 PM  
You guys gotta save a copy of that pic, it's not gonna stay up for very long!
2003-04-30 06:34:42 PM  
What is it with these weird f*cks?
2003-04-30 06:34:44 PM  
Funny farking shiat.
2003-04-30 06:35:18 PM  
Holy shiat - the counter has gone up by about 15K since I saw it this morning... Behold.
2003-04-30 06:35:28 PM  
Well, there's bare manfeet in pictures #2 and #3. If that's a Photoshop on #4, he's got good continuity in #2 and #3
2003-04-30 06:35:29 PM  
2003-04-30 06:35:49 PM  
Bisquick_Jones- What does he use as a SLIDE?

That is a nice guitar btw :P
2003-04-30 06:35:54 PM  
"Why are his hands so low?
Is he taking a one-eyed-snake view shot of the products?"

2003-04-30 06:36:06 PM  
The counter is increasing by about 30 hits per second!
2003-04-30 06:36:21 PM  
How did who ever posted this find this? Do you fgo searching for this shiat? That's disgusting.
2003-04-30 06:36:33 PM  
1. Not photoshopped
2. ebay username: "BobFreeman"
3. Ebay store name: "Billy Bob's Equipment"
2003-04-30 06:36:42 PM  
OMG so funny cause he's nekkid. LOLOLOLOLOL
2003-04-30 06:36:59 PM  
People get off on the strangest things..

I like him though. He makes me seem well-adjusted.
2003-04-30 06:37:13 PM  
Hegemon1414 probably just looking at guitars to buy. It not a bad guitar, but I don't want my axe touched by nakie guy.
2003-04-30 06:37:21 PM  
billy bob has a pretty good approval rating for a fat, naked guy.
2003-04-30 06:37:59 PM  
Took me a while to find it...
2003-04-30 06:38:05 PM  
Best... fark... ever...
2003-04-30 06:38:30 PM  
[image from counters.honesty.com too old to be available]

the counter, for your counting please
2003-04-30 06:38:38 PM  
Holy crap... just imagine how many PHONE CALLS this guy is getting.

26,000 ebay hits is nothing. A few thousand emails would be a little embarassing for sure, but pervs calling your HOUSE?

You know I think this might be a practical joke... He could have set this up so hundreds of people would call a buddy of his to say they saw him naked on the interweb.
2003-04-30 06:38:45 PM  
Grover machineheads... when only the best will do.
2003-04-30 06:39:05 PM  
Now at 31,000. Lets see how high it can go.
2003-04-30 06:39:10 PM  
I play guitar naked. Drumming naked is just not cool though, unless your the type who likes to watch that sort of thing. Maybe if you wre a woman. Drumming naked would be very cool for women.
2003-04-30 06:39:26 PM  
Why are there two different poses of him in the reflection of the knobs? Wouldn't it be the same?
2003-04-30 06:40:20 PM  
Linque the machine heads are oblique metal reflectors. The arm seen in the left reflection is the white rounded border in the right reflection.
2003-04-30 06:40:51 PM  
Why's it always some fat ass when this happens? Just saying.
2003-04-30 06:41:01 PM  
its real...his left arm is holding the camera and the right arm is holding the guitar or vice versa and it is the same pose, just different angles

/washes eyes with soap
2003-04-30 06:41:14 PM  
"Invent yourself some underpants"
2003-04-30 06:41:29 PM  
Furthermore, he is holding the guitar by the neck, which is positioned between the two machine heads, and below.
2003-04-30 06:41:35 PM  
Here it is on my image server in case it goes down
2003-04-30 06:41:36 PM  
If someone has enough photoshop skills to make that look that real, then s/he has enough intelligence to put the same picture in both sides.

Hence, it's the curvature that makes them look different.
2003-04-30 06:41:36 PM  
Ha! Too funny. THIS is why I love Fark!
2003-04-30 06:41:47 PM  
For life I am scarred.
2003-04-30 06:42:01 PM  
I call hoax, I think that either

(a) this guy is really stupid
(b) this guy is really open about his teeny weenie winkie
(c) its just a practical joke against someone. He takes a camera, photographs purposefully naked shots of himself somehow, and then openly GIVES AWAY a PHONE NUMBER

Has anyone called that number? I'm afraid to even consider it... just the thought of that guy answering the phone naked when you call doesn't make it appealing...

2003-04-30 06:42:11 PM  
no, it shouldn't be the same if the subject is center to the curved reflective sufrace. refraction and curvature would skew things. NOT photoshopped. (i'm a graphic artist/multimedia developer by trade).
2003-04-30 06:42:16 PM  
I thought you set free what you loved... not jack it all over it.
2003-04-30 06:43:21 PM  
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHERE IS THE NSFW?! And why did I have to see that? Thank god the image was at least so small. Well, he looked pretty small, anyway. heh-heh
2003-04-30 06:43:25 PM  
nope, not pshopped.. the dudes just really dumb
2003-04-30 06:43:38 PM  

What, exactly, is solid metal refracting?
2003-04-30 06:43:41 PM  
come on fark, give us a warning.

2003-04-30 06:43:41 PM  
lol...the highest bidder is "mor o les" get it less...les...les paul...les weener?
2003-04-30 06:43:46 PM  
Apparent Nuisance: My woman loves it when I drum commando.
2003-04-30 06:43:46 PM  
Maybe he's an M. C. Escher fan?

[image from images.art.com too old to be available]
2003-04-30 06:44:02 PM  
Haven't you guys heard of this? Dan Savage (sex advice columnist, can be found in The Onion) wrote all about this in a column a few weeks back. There is a group of people who get off by slipping naked images of themselves into Ebay (and other)auction pictures, making it look like an accident. They make sure that people see it by anonymously publicizing it as much as possible...heck, the person who submitted this to Fark might even be the guy for all I know. It's a sick, twisted world out there...there's a fetish for everything.
2003-04-30 06:44:09 PM  
Let me demonstrate something for you... it's magic!

Hold out your hand, arm's length away, straight in front of your nose.

Close your right eye, then switch (open your right eye and close your left eye)!

Magic! Your hand jumps right in front of you but your arm doesn't move! Amazing, no?

It's called perspective, people. One reflection looks different because of the angle of the reflective surface in respect to the camera. Jeesh!
2003-04-30 06:44:14 PM  
Real or Photoshopped...still really farking funny!
2003-04-30 06:44:16 PM  
Billy Bob's Equipment? And that picture? I bet the guitar comes with a dead kitten in the case. And one more on the strings.

Does anyone else hear a banjo? Who just said I got "purty aaaheys"?

2003-04-30 06:44:19 PM  
Apparent Nuisance: "I play guitar naked."

You've been upgraded from Apparent to Confirmed! Think about the children! ;-)
2003-04-30 06:44:30 PM  
Am I just stupid. I don't see a blasted thing.
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