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2003-04-29 11:17:17 PM  
Cut and Paste it:
2003-04-29 11:18:46 PM  
Hey farkettes, I don't think the farkers are knocking Christina's weight to be mean. We are guys and we do like curvaceous ladies. I think the weight comments are a knee jerk reaction to the fact that 'stina always looked like she need a sandwich or two, and now all of a sudden she looks like she not only cleaned out hell's kitchen but ate the soup nazi too. I'm still not certain that is really her....

2003-04-29 11:23:35 PM  
I think black hair is rad on her.
Although the pics other than the close up look like shiatty photoshop jobs.
2003-04-29 11:23:54 PM  
At least she's made some of her fans happy.
2003-04-29 11:24:24 PM  
"more "Oh My God What Happened to Them" pics courtesy of TSG (could be a good contest!)"

I like it, should have enabled voting, here's my entries;

From this:
[image from photofeaturesint.com too old to be available]

to this:
[image from unclemelon.com too old to be available]

And also...

[image from entimg.msn.com too old to be available]

Came from this:
[image from download.consumptionjunction.com too old to be available]
2003-04-29 11:57:24 PM  

[image from christinaaguilera.to too old to be available]

Lots more pics here:
2003-04-30 12:06:40 AM  
My 2 cents

She's a dirty skank. Plain and simple. Her music sucks. She was marginally cute back in the 'Genie in a Bottle' or what the hell ever that song was a few summers back, ever since that skanktastic video with the rest of those MTV skanks was where she started to take a shiat.
2003-04-30 12:17:02 AM  
maybe she had an allergic reaction to something
2003-04-30 12:20:26 AM  
Christina is hot as a soggy McDonald's french fry.

That is all.
2003-04-30 12:32:55 AM  
Man, that's too bad. Oh well..... there's always Shakira! *unf unf*
2003-04-30 12:41:50 AM  
I think this image needs to be posted one more time:

[image from thesun.co.uk too old to be available]
2003-04-30 12:44:01 AM  
I forgot to add the necessary: /sarcasm.
2003-04-30 01:00:06 AM  
let me be the first to write 'hahahahahahahaha'

nevermind the 350 posts before mine.
2003-04-30 01:00:13 AM  
VonDada: "she is, after all, a Hispanic woman."

She's half SPANISH,which isn't the same as "hispanic". Hispanic refers to the native people of mexico/south america who happen to speak spanish because we beat the living crap out of them during the spanish conquest.

/blonde-haired,blue-eyed spaniard.
2003-04-30 01:08:44 AM  
It's the ugly ass VEST that's causing the problems, the VEEESSSTTT!!!!! She needs a makeup/clothes stylist who DOESN'T hate her and will make her look good.
2003-04-30 01:20:27 AM  
Uh, so she's dyed her hair and put on a bit of weight. Not that amazing.
2003-04-30 01:23:08 AM  
Watch me not care
2003-04-30 01:24:25 AM  

cause she was hot before..

or something
2003-04-30 01:26:57 AM  
[image from vanessacarlton.com too old to be available] THIS is beautiful. X-tina...go home. You're done. But first please scrape off about ten pounds of that crud you've slathered over your face, head on over to Gold's Gym and here, eat a carrot.
2003-04-30 01:29:32 AM  
Rebelhead: Okay, okay. Hispanglish then. Geez.

Or, maybe Latinaish? Mexicish?
2003-04-30 01:40:26 AM  
I would just like to say fark you to rebelhead.
That is all.
2003-04-30 01:42:32 AM  
To me, it seems like a satire on how quickly looks can turn around people's view of you and your work.

But I'd hit it now, even more. She brings the padding, I'll give her more pudding in return.

/Possessed by her strange sexiness
2003-04-30 01:45:36 AM  
Who gives a crap if shes put on a few pounds, shes still far from fat, and shes still hot. Personaly I think the new look is certainly better than her last stint as a Dee Snider double. Consider this a few mounds of clay shes put on to carve herself a killer body with more T&A than last time. As for thinking she might be pregnant- yeah that looks like a possibility, given her fun bags suddenly look like they've got more groceries in them.
2003-04-30 01:48:34 AM  
VonDada No, no Mexicish. Shes part Ecuadorian (as in, from Ecuador) so its Ecuadorish.........or something ,yeah.
2003-04-30 01:54:39 AM  
Lots of criticism floating about .. I suggest you look at yourselves before running your collective mouths off at her. She's still just a human being for god's sake!
2003-04-30 02:08:09 AM  
Woo! She doesn't look like a clown! Now if we could only convince her to lay off that bronze stuff...the skin on her chest is a lovely color and would look fabulous with that black hair.

I'm just glad she doesn't need a sammich anymore.
2003-04-30 02:22:04 AM  
Legopowa: where's the fun in that? Dammit, this is a Fark thread- all notions of human decency are tossed out the window.
2003-04-30 04:05:46 AM  
It's only natural that some people's weight goes up and down. She was never pretty to start with, so what's the big deal here?
2003-04-30 04:25:13 AM  
Its hilarious to read peoples reactions when they find out how normal/average many "stars" look when not prepped for hours before a photo shoot.

What did you expect? In the meantime, have a good look at yourself first before passing judgement. Whats that? You're posing in front of the mirror now and are absolutly perfect? NM then.
2003-04-30 04:45:04 AM  
:'( I normally LOVE the way she looks, but she looks god aweful now.... damn!
2003-04-30 05:17:02 AM  
The problem here isn't that she gained a few pounds (although she has). The problem is that her pulled back hair and freaky face make it look like she had a failed face lift or something. There is a real danger here of her becoming a female version of Michael Jackson in a couple of years.
2003-04-30 05:49:41 AM  
DonnaPinciotti ...

... Excellent post. I couldn't have said it better myself. And, as an over-21 normal hetero guy, I can honestly say that she's physically more attractive to me than she ever was. She's becoming a woman -- not a little girl anymore. That wardrobe change will happen soon, and it will add a touch of class to an image that desperately needs it.
2003-04-30 06:38:46 AM  
Delta goodrem, if only all other female singers looked like this
2003-04-30 06:46:31 AM  
2003-04-30 07:18:25 AM  
04-29-03 05:55:55 PM Farkin_lady

Well she's trying to be like Madonna. Madonna changed her hair all the time from blonde to brunette etc. Well, we know what happened to Madonna.

Name one woman in the history of pop music that is more successful. one. there is non
2003-04-30 07:25:54 AM  
I do not know why so many people are against her.

ie she has no talent

There are millions of people each year trying to get a foot in the door. If she had no talent and you have so much more than why is she known internationally and you are not. She has talent. simple might not be what you want to listen to but nobody would make it past 1 week if they did not have showmanship, the ability to working farking hard and talent.

She is a slut.

Lets try using your brains. She is selling an act an act millions of men buy. She is a paid cockteaser nothing wrong with that as this is what you MEN want if you didn't then only women who dress in clothes that do not reveal their bodies would be idolized by men. Do not mix up what some-one does as part of their act as that being how they are in real life.

To the people who constantly have to put down people
2003-04-30 07:37:18 AM  
[image from thesun.co.uk too old to be available]

"NEW YORK (AP)- Meanwhile, in other news, Derek Jeter hosted his Boobies-injury press conference to report on his recovery and to announce his Pony shoe deal."

2003-04-30 07:43:34 AM  
HA HA... the "primary message" filter strikes again. It shouldn't say "Boobies-injury press conference" but "first press conference after his injury."

Truth of the matter is, boobies injuries just aren't funny.

How come the f-p filter only sometimes does the 12-hour future time stamp?
2003-04-30 09:10:18 AM  
So, she went from ugly to uglier.
What's the big deal?
2003-04-30 10:18:36 AM  
Yeah yeah, she's getting a little pudgie, so what. How many of us didn't start to put on a little weight in our mid 20s.

I wouldn't say she's ugly. She's just very plain looking. I mean if you saw a person who looks like her in those photos walking down the street would you gasp in horror and shield the eyes of small children, point your finger and scream like a frightened schoolgirl, "ugly!" or would you perhaps just think to yourself, "yet another girl with too much junk in the trunk to get away with an outfit that exposes her belly."

So she's getting a little Elvisification. Happens to most people once they're no longer starving college students. Heck some people are just born Elvisified.
2003-04-30 10:29:40 AM  
Yeah, plain is a good description... except that I tend to *like* girls that people consider "plain".

I don't like slutty chicks.
2003-04-30 11:08:27 AM  
Och Aye. That's looking cute. I would surely run after her, but then I'm a Scotsman.
2003-04-30 12:39:01 PM  

'Lets try using your brains. She is selling an act an act millions of men buy. She is a paid cockteaser nothing wrong with that as this is what you MEN want if you didn't then only women who dress in clothes that do not reveal their bodies would be idolized by men. Do not mix up what some-one does as part of their act as that being how they are in real life.'

Umm... no. Sorry but when you are doing you act, you are still living part of your real life. If you think that everything compartmentalizes that easily and has no effect on a person... well, I can only say you must have never actually talked to a stripper who wasn't at work. YOU CAN ALWAYS TELL. They just have a certain, I don't know, sad(?), tired, jaded feel to everything they say or do. I can say this with some authority because I live in Houston, the strip club capital of the world, and if you go out to any expensive place in Houston (especially a night spot) you will run into many strippers. They are really a dime a dozen.

Anyway, if your willing to be that dirty and portray that image on stage, you've already sold out your human dignity. Once you've taken that step there isn't anything to keep you acting decent elsewhere.


'She's half SPANISH,which isn't the same as "hispanic". Hispanic refers to the native people of mexico/south america who happen to speak spanish because we beat the living crap out of them during the spanish conquest.

/blonde-haired,blue-eyed spaniard.'

I would like to second the motion of the person above who said 'fark you', but hopefully make the reasons a bit more clear. Being Spanish (ie: from Spain) is great. Just like being from any ethnicity or national background is great, unique culture, interesting history, traditions, etc. That said, Spanish people who find themselves looking down on 'Hispanic' people (ie: non-white people in South America) are farking pathetic. Having a colonial history isn't necessarily something to be ashamed of (since you personally didn't conquer anyone) but it definitely isn't something to be proud of either.

For some who might not know much about the history of South America, that's much like a white Afrikaaner in South Africa bragging about how they knowed the shiat out of the zulu tribes already there. Yeah good robbery, and genocide guys.

But even leaving aside that, almost all of the white south americans that I know (read: Spanish) are insufferable farking elitists. Their culture is typically one of inheriting lots of money from some ancestor who probably in turn inhereted lots of money form some ancestor, ad infinitum. And yet still, having done nothing in their lifetimes except drive around in a BMW daddy bought and living in a trendy townhome (daddy of course also bought), they still manage to look down upon the non-white people (Mexicans, native indians, etc.) who actually work in their own native countries, for not being as rich or (sometimes as) educated as them. Here's a hint, it's hard to reach the upper echelons of your society when your faced with a million aristocratic Spaniards with racist ideas, and of course if you can't afford to go to a exclusive (read: expensive & white) private school you aren't getting any opportunities.

Spaniards are aristocrats in South America because they stole everything from the people who lived there, and set up an oppressive social system to insure that their spoiled brat kids would continue to be rich and spoiled for generations (without doing much of anything other than shopping in Gucci boutiques).

Most white South Americans I know don't do much of anything except shop and sit in farking coffe houses with their completely vacous friends complaining about their (mexican) servants and talking about what color is hot this season.

And that isn't anything to be proud of.
2003-04-30 01:25:30 PM  
Sam Kinnison looks great in a pony cap.
2003-04-30 02:09:53 PM  
Good lord, she weighs what, 125 lbs? She is so fat! Nobody will ever find her attractive again!
2003-04-30 02:18:21 PM  
She actually looks like a real person now! Holy $hit!!!! Whoever thought celebs would like, wake up in the morning and not be gorgeous? Actually now, I have more respect for her because she's taking on the man.
2003-04-30 02:25:11 PM  
Pffff - I'd still throw one up her sh!tter.
2003-04-30 02:39:53 PM  
[image from deansplanet.com too old to be available]

[image from deansplanet.com too old to be available]

[image from deansplanet.com too old to be available]

2003-04-30 03:17:48 PM  
I'm sure once she pops out her kid and starts jogging, she'll get into decent shape again. I know that throughout college, my weight has fluxuated, and I can only imagine how bad touring and shiat can be. She's got a few decades of killing her braincells off one by one and pounding down McDonald's before she really has to worry about becoming the Anna Nicole Smith of soulless pop music, you guys really should go easy on her outside of the always inflamatory Fark threads.
2003-04-30 04:18:22 PM  
Comon people, i mean really. Are you that easily fooled?
[image from webhost.bridgew.edu too old to be available]
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