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(Carson)   Christina Aguilera gets a full beating with the ugly stick   ( divider line
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219702 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Apr 2003 at 5:39 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-29 08:42:10 PM  
Pearly8067so who cares if she weight 97 pounds instead of 95

She deinitely weighs a bit more than 95 pounds. Considering Britney weighs 135.. (Well, she did before she started to gain a little weight.)
2003-04-29 08:43:39 PM  

It looks like Christina picked the wrong week to give up heroin! Somebody hook her up with some Afghani Flake before her career ends!!!

\ remember kids....don't do drugs, stay in school.
2003-04-29 08:44:22 PM  
so, what are the odds of NSFW pics of her?

Yeah, I know...skeezy ho, but what are ya gonna do?
2003-04-29 08:50:30 PM  

'She needs to hit the gym, and go on a diet. And go back to being blonde. Very few girls can pull off the brunette/black hair thing.'

Hmm... maybe someone should tell all the women of africa, asia, plus all the native americans and south americans that? Not to mention all the italians, greek... oh what's the farking use. That comment is so stupid it sort of makes fun of itself. I'll just quote you again and let everyone laugh at their own jokes.

'She needs to hit the gym, and go on a diet. And go back to being blonde. Very few girls can pull off the brunette/black hair thing.'

And secondly...

'We all want the blue eyed, blonde hair girl.'

No we don't all want anything... much less the blue-eyed blonde haired girl. Good of you to presume to speak for each and every member of your gender though.
2003-04-29 08:53:50 PM  
I hate skinny girls. I need something to grab on to. Don't care for her face much, but she finally has a healthy-looking body.

I wonder how many of the guys who post on here saying they like skinny girls have big old nasty beer guts and what not.
2003-04-29 08:57:38 PM  
So I guess all the farkers who always say she's too skinny/ wears too much makeup should be all over her now.. right? Right?
2003-04-29 09:02:32 PM  
What a bunch of farkwits you are. A girl gains some wieght, and you pounce like a pack of jackels
2003-04-29 09:03:23 PM  
Phase 1: Gain Weight
Phase 2:
Phase 3: Profit!
2003-04-29 09:05:49 PM  
Nice to know PaganPoetry... and as long as I can not make out the details of your hip bones when you bend at the waist then we will have to talk.

There is nothing worse then spearing yourself on some girls hip bones.
2003-04-29 09:09:45 PM  
What the fark are you people complaining about?

Like the previous poster said, people yakked that she's too skinny and shows a wrong body image for girls to look up to.

Now that she's changed that, people are now complaining that she's too fat. The sitting pic shows a bit of a spare tire.

I like women with meat on their bones. I would still proudly hit it(with an STD test first).
2003-04-29 09:11:06 PM  

'Sad to say, but I guess I have grown up - give me a plain looking woman, with a little meat on her, who's interested in being a good person, and she's way hotter than todays bleached blonde, enhanced flesh peddler of the day, to me at least.'

I think you are only wrong about one thing... that isn't sad to say. I think 90% of the fark guys who drool over every perfectly lit, heavily made-up, airbrushed woman who shows up here fit into two categories:

1) Never/almost never been with an actual woman. Ideas of what's appealing based entirely on internet porn and old VIP episodes. Nonetheless, constant unsolicited remarks about what he would/wouldn't hit.

or perhaps even sadder...

2) With a woman who is probably quite average; that is to say - very attractive to someone that appreciates her. Constantly drools over unobtainable fantasy women in magazines and porn. Needlessly makes actual woman feel inadequate, makes self feel dissapointed. Woman probably eventually tires of being made to feel second class, otherwise nice girl may find herself in bed with the first man who actually finds her very sexy...
2003-04-29 09:12:34 PM  
I saw that the background of one of the pics said GLAAD and saw on her "official" site that she was received an award.. so I went to or whatever and saw the photos there of her:

this and this.... that really is her...

2003-04-29 09:13:04 PM  
"On the next Jerry Springer"...
[image from too old to be available]
"Mama, make daddy quit grabbing my ass"
2003-04-29 09:19:37 PM  
Amen Wmichaelis! i concur.

/back to kitten killin
2003-04-29 09:20:09 PM  
I wouldn't hit it. And I never would have; she can sing, but she a ho.

2003-04-29 09:23:53 PM  
Every day is so wonderful, then suddenly,
It's hard to breathe
Now and then, I get insecure from all the pain
I'm so ashamed

I am beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring me down
I am beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring me down, oh no
So, don't you bring me down today

-Christina Aguilera "Beautiful"
2003-04-29 09:33:24 PM  
lol, you guys fell for the crappiest photoshop job, ever.

how sad
2003-04-29 09:33:36 PM  
Hey, can someone post her beside Dee Snider?

Or that one picture of her with the hat... that would be clever...
2003-04-29 09:34:45 PM  

I'm in bus 6661666 seat 68 - which seat number do you have?

I think that I was right behind you.

/// completely agrees agrees with the fact that all who look at that picture are going to hell
2003-04-29 09:39:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"In So\/iet Ru$$ia, Christina Aguilera gives full beating to the ugly stick!"

"And I'd still hit it. What a country!"
2003-04-29 09:45:26 PM  
Is it just me,,, or is that NOT HER! Those pics are not her, this is bs. You ppl are easy.
2003-04-29 09:49:15 PM  
Not sure what to say here...ok, maybe she's tired of the comparisons to the "other blonde bimbos". Truth is I'd rather hit Vanessa Carlton over and over until my wood wears out. Smarter, writes her own material, funnier, sexier, and plays the piano with the best.

As for the "no makeup" pics...

We had this gal at my office some time around the early Middle Ages who did some modeling for a local department store chain. To see her without make up she was just another slightly homely college chick. With the make up...holy farking christ smoking hot!

So cut Christina some slack...and look for the "come back tour with a thinner Christina" soon.

2003-04-29 09:52:41 PM  
You guys are terrible! Just because a girl suddenly weighs a NORMAL weight doesn't mean they are ugly! Magazines and supermodels all exaggerate a girls natural curves and makes you believe that thats how the human female should look. The only thing I don't like in those pictures is her black hair...thats kinda creepy lookin', or maybe greasy or something.

*runs away*
2003-04-29 09:56:12 PM  
No, I don't like her music.

Yes, I think she's a skank.

No, I don't think she's fat.

Lay off, you Farking Idiots. To quote Pulp Fiction, "How strange that what are pleasing to the touch and pleasing to the eye are seldom the same." You want that bony, anorexic, prepubescent look, but I can guarantee you that having your hands full of curves is the touch you need. And obviously a fair amount of you haven't had it, if you're still bashing any woman that ain't bony.

Yeah, her music sucks. But think twice before you say you wouldn't hit it, even with the ugly stick. If she could learn to mediate her figure with her choices in clothing and makeup, you might all be singing a different tune. She might be too, a better one that wasn't some shiatty pop track.

And the fact a certain crop of you wants the prepubescent, 16 year old Christina look back is just farking sick. Meet some real women. Who work out, who eat decently, and who aren't permanent fixtures in your image index.

(/done pissing off fellow Farkers)
2003-04-29 10:06:18 PM  
I think what people are failing to acknowledge is that we hold sex objects to a different standard than real human beings.

Christina and Britney have made themselves into sex objects, so we're evaluating them on those terms.
2003-04-29 10:07:40 PM  
i can't believe i am going out on a shaky limb to defend this skank, but....
i gotta go with the pregnancy theory. She never had those breasts before. Someone got some booty on valentine's...paging mr. timberlake? probably not though. she's dating some boring manager type

/incriminating self with US mag research, hangs head in shame.
2003-04-29 10:11:17 PM  
Just to prove she wasn't ALWAYS so scary-looking...

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

That said, it doesn't bother me she's gained weight (i'm also thinking pregnant)... it's the fact she's obviously screwed around with her hair and face so damn much she's ruined herself. It's a shame...

2003-04-29 10:13:21 PM  
So what if she gained some weight, I'll still hit it.
2003-04-29 10:14:31 PM  
Looks like she fell out of the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down, got beat with the ugly stick, Hot hit by the ugly car and finally shot herself with an ugly gun.
2003-04-29 10:17:18 PM  
Her face is a little too chubby (round). Otherwise nice.
2003-04-29 10:17:46 PM  
She looked skinny just a couple of months ago. There are only a few ways that somebody gains weight that fast -- 1) pregnant, 2) glandular disorder (Cushing's disease, hypothyroidism), or 3) she's on steroid meds for some other disease, like lupus. You REALLY have to eat to put on weight like that -- DeNiro had to forcefeed himself milkshakes and ice cream to play Al Capone in "The Untouchables".
2003-04-29 10:18:20 PM  
I'd hit it like she stole sumthin.
2003-04-29 10:24:33 PM  
maybe she got the number of michael jackson's "plastic" surgeon...
ugh. can't tear myself away from thread. like watching a train wreck...or the new jlo video. asstastic....
2003-04-29 10:30:53 PM  
It could be worse...
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-29 10:32:09 PM  
Wow...I guess I'm the odd one. I think those pictures (except the first one, but I blame the photographer) are great. She looks so SO much better now than she did before. I wouldn't have hit it in the past, but now I would just hit it...I'd punch her in the farking eye.
2003-04-29 10:32:43 PM  
*wouldn't just hit it....

farking hands.
2003-04-29 10:40:07 PM  
BlindMan: Oh, I meant the author of the article, not "average Farkers." Hee.
2003-04-29 10:45:16 PM  
she looks like mimi from drew carey in a couple of those pictures, especially from the dee snider days.
2003-04-29 10:46:04 PM  
more "Oh My God What Happened to Them" pics courtesy of TSG (could be a good contest!)

Yasime Bleeth:
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-29 10:47:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
At least she doesn't look like Hedwig anymore. Ugh.
2003-04-29 10:52:34 PM  
The main issue here is that Christina has made herself completely unrecognizeable. That said, close examination indicates she's always had wide hips, the shot in the white cleavage holder is probably one of the best of hers I've ever seen, and she should have gone back to brunette a long time ago.

And count me in on the "pregnant" speculators as well...
2003-04-29 10:52:38 PM  
I don't know what you guys are talking about. She looks about 1000 times better then the last pics I saw of her with the blonde braided hair. Maybe she got hit with the reality stick.
2003-04-29 10:53:32 PM  
She is, after all, a Hispanic woman. Have you seen most Hispanic women past the age of 22? They look like balloons at the Macy's parade. The only thing missing is control ropes tied to their hands and feet.

That many carbs and no exercise has to be bad on the body. Plus, I think she is preggers.

By the way, I love Hispanic women. I think Xtina looks like she should not like her image stylists want her to look.
2003-04-29 10:54:14 PM  
sorry, here's the Yasmine you remember from Baywatch, not the Yasmine in line at the methadone clinic:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-29 11:05:19 PM  
I, for one, would hit back then and I'd hit it now.

Here's some recent pics from AP:

[image from too old to be available]
Christina Aguilera walks the red carpet where fashion designer Jeremy Scott unveiled his fall collection, Thursday night, April 3, 2003, in Los Angeles. Aguilera is wearing one of Scott's designs. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Singer Christina Aguilera receives a special award from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation for including gay and transgender images in her music video for the song "Beautiful," at the 14th annual GLAAD Media Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 26, 2003. At right is presenter Dave LaChapelle. (AP Photo/Jill Connelly)
2003-04-29 11:06:15 PM  
Is anyone surprised that Yasmine Bleeth turns out looking like just what she is? That being:

A dirty burned out old stripper?

I hate to tell you guys, but the cheap girls you lust after today turn out like that in real life. Say all you want about societal double standards... blah blah blah, but find a classy woman (note: taking off clothes for money=not classy), if you want to avoid being with an embarrassing no-longer-hot hag like this.
2003-04-29 11:09:06 PM  
Also, this photo ... (supposed to be above?)
[image from too old to be available]
Singer Christina Aguilera receives a special award from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation for including gay and transgender images in her music video for the song "Beautiful," at the 14th annual GLAAD Media Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 26, 2003. At right is presenter Dave LaChapelle. (AP Photo/Jill Connelly)
2003-04-29 11:14:03 PM  
Didn't anyone else see her on SNL a few weeks back and freak out then? She was sporting much of this extra weight then, but the boobies didn't look as nice...
2003-04-29 11:14:49 PM  
Photoisland at it again?:
2003-04-29 11:16:37 PM  
Wow, for once I can say I'm the same size as Christina Aguilera. Not like I ever wanted to be stick skinny anyways... healthy yes, frail and bony no. I'm fat so I know what a fat tummy looks like.. I don't think she's pregnant.
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