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(Yahoo)   Toronto Blue Jays sell out after lowering prices to $1 dollar to raise tourism. In other news, 40,000 new cases of SARS expected next week in Toronto   ( divider line
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3333 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Apr 2003 at 11:13 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-29 03:57:00 PM  
Might I humbly suggest a combination of "Nickel Beer Night" with free baseballs to the first 10,000 through the gate?

I'd watch that.
2003-04-29 05:19:55 PM  
One of the fun facts about the Skydome:

SkyDome is the only facility in the world to wash 37,000 seats in addition to all areas of the stadium after each event. It takes 14 people 8 hours to complete.

So, considering it seats about 60,000, a more accurate headline would read "22,934 new cases of SARS and 66 cases of 'what the hell is stuck to my ass?'"
2003-04-29 05:29:14 PM  
population control for canada....
2003-04-29 07:37:32 PM  
Sniff, I got another one of my posts up.
2003-04-29 07:52:55 PM  
With the average Blue Jays ticket about $14 in American dollars, the move is costing Rogers roughly $484,000.

Bullshiat. How much more will they make in beer and hot dogs and t-shirts/hats/big foam #1 hands than they usually do??
2003-04-29 08:59:30 PM  
04-29-03 07:37:32 PM Valdemiro
Sniff, I got another one of my posts up.

You only get to brag about the first one ;-)
2003-04-29 09:23:22 PM  
I think the Jays should bring back Mookie Wilson...

2003-04-29 10:02:52 PM  
How could you possibly care that much about baseball, especially when hockey is still on? Oh wait... Toronto

2003-04-29 11:16:05 PM  
And they were losing 12-4 last time I checked, heh.
2003-04-29 11:16:36 PM  
40,000 SARS cases? That's one case for every run they gave up tonight.
2003-04-29 11:17:55 PM  
Let me guess, first 1000 people through the door get a free face mask?
2003-04-29 11:17:57 PM  
Leafs remain Toronto's most successful pro sports team this year.

/another cheap shot
2003-04-29 11:17:59 PM  
Doesn't matter - the crowd will still suck (no clapping, cheering) and the Skydome is a horrible "stadium". Having said that, I'm being dragged to a game on Saturday. Hello Beer Man!
2003-04-29 11:19:45 PM  
'The tickets sold for $1 Canadian, which is worth 69 cents in U.S. currency.'

Worst use of number 69. Ever.
2003-04-29 11:20:01 PM  
The Blue Jays' parent company, Rogers Communications Inc., said it wants to "bring the community together at SkyDome ... to show its support for the city of Toronto."

because the only thing better than one case of SARS is 50,000 cases of SARS
2003-04-29 11:20:23 PM  
this is the shadiest promotion in history. Like, Bill Veeck-shady.

the Jays only get 19,000 a game.

So the extra 31,000 basically covers the people who would normally have gone anyway.

then factor in the $8 hot dogs, and rogers made a freakin' mint tonigh.

they didn't lose squat.

except the game, half their pitching staff, and a bunch of baseballs.
2003-04-29 11:20:46 PM  
$1 dollar?
What the hell's a $dollar?
2003-04-29 11:21:03 PM  
Well. Not only are they charging less for the tickets, but now you can pay for the tickets in American currency. $1 ? Sorry Canada, we don't want to annex you anymore. Ok, we'll take St. Catherine St., but nothing else.


[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-29 11:22:22 PM  

Rule number one about baseball's finances: never believe what the teams or Bud 'Used Car Salesman' Selig says, because they're usually lying out their asses to gain leverage against the players. It's stupid
2003-04-29 11:22:27 PM  
Wow, only 11 seconds per seat, impressive.
2003-04-29 11:22:48 PM  
Magpie1998 -

may I refer you to the Toronto Rock, who this coming Saturday, will be in Rochester, appearing in their fifth consecutive National Lacrosse League final. They've won 3 of the 4 so far since they entered the league, and have lost one playoff game in team history.

The Rock won the last championship at Maple Leaf Gardens, and the first at the Air Canada Centre.

Most successful pro sports team? No contest.
2003-04-29 11:23:28 PM  

"this is the shadiest promotion in history. Like, Bill Veeck-shady."

Do *not* speak ill of Bill Veeck.
2003-04-29 11:23:44 PM  
While they probably make more money on this game than they would have otherwise, it's still a really cool thing to do.

No one is required to buy a hot dog, drink, hat, etc. This is an opportunity for people to take their entire family to a ball game for $5...$3.50 in real money. This gives people a chance to do something they otherwise wouldn't get the chance to do, watch a pro sport live for nearly nothing.
2003-04-29 11:24:46 PM  
Skydome is bad but not as bad as the"Hump" in Minneapolis. Constanly listening for a flushing sound everytime I went there. Baseball is bad enough without having to endure the "Hump".
2003-04-29 11:24:54 PM  
Sorry- my mistake.

I didn't mean Bill Veeck.

I meant Mike Veeck.
2003-04-29 11:25:45 PM  
Speaking of Bill Veeck, how the hell do you pronounce 'Veeck'?
2003-04-29 11:26:05 PM  
Whoopty doo, now the Rangers are going to catch SARS and bring it back here with them
2003-04-29 11:26:10 PM  
at least it was a hit-fest
16-11 final score, Toronto still 10.5 games behind first place (not bad 27 games into the season)
2003-04-29 11:26:27 PM  

/inside joke that nobody on here will understand

2003-04-29 11:27:22 PM  
If the Rangers are making out with the Jays, they deserve every disease they get.

Actually, I wouldn't be too worried - to get infected, the Jays would have to catch SARS first.

And they can't catch anything.
2003-04-29 11:27:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Excelent. When the stadium fills up, release the bees.
2003-04-29 11:27:34 PM  
Actually, I think they're only 10 games back.
2003-04-29 11:28:14 PM  
Why isn't there more anti-China sentiment from the world? I mean, hell, we invade Iraq for "potential" threats, but China does NOTHING to contain a more powerful killer and recieves little international backlash in the mean time.

I think China is criminally negligent. I think they should suffer penalty for the inaction. Think of all the BILLIONS in lost production and reactionary measures absorbed by Canada, Europe, and the USA in this matter.

/BTW, I'm glad we invaded Iraq, so I'm not veiling anti-GWB sentiment in this post.
2003-04-29 11:28:47 PM  
No, you're right. It is 10 games.
2003-04-29 11:28:55 PM  
[thinks to self]: Why am I reading a website which details the most sucessful National Lacrosse team?
2003-04-29 11:28:58 PM  
sorry Sidi they suck more than that
2003-04-29 11:29:54 PM  
Yeah, I checked, I forgot how screwed up they always are with their standings. Had to check espn to get the real ones.
2003-04-29 11:30:10 PM  
Because China has nucular weapons, M.C.PeePants
2003-04-29 11:30:23 PM  
DeanMoriarty: Actually, here in STL last summer, the blue jays were all dying of the West Nile...crows, too! ...SARS SchmARS.
2003-04-29 11:30:25 PM  
[answers Phawley's subconscious]: because it's Championship Week and I'm going to tell everyone.
2003-04-29 11:31:24 PM  
Very nice usage of CSM, Wydok.
2003-04-29 11:32:15 PM  
DeanMoriarty: Word! ...go Rock!

good's hoping they score many [enter appropriate objective here]!!! ;)
2003-04-29 11:32:18 PM  
M.C.PeePants actually, it sounds like China has done as much as possible to quarantine this. They did lie about the number of cases (and I believe they're still lying)...but it seems like they're doing more to lock down people with the disease than a nation with more liberty could possibly do.
2003-04-29 11:32:47 PM  
if everyone buys only one cup of blue-light aka:skyfoam they will make up their money no problem.

in other news, the leafs don't suck. their golf game has never been better.

/had to add another cheap shot.
2003-04-29 11:33:02 PM  
stfu wit the SARS, its gone, ok?
in case any americans think this is a good deal, canadian baseball blows baseballs, and im pretty sure the jays are losing

2003-04-29 11:33:45 PM  

May they score many goals.
2003-04-29 11:33:56 PM  
Thanks Red_five_s_b. I miss my Scully.
2003-04-29 11:34:35 PM  
With the average Blue Jays ticket about $14 in American dollars, the move is costing Rogers roughly $484,000.

not accurate...

Their average attendance is 17,742.

If they were to remain at average attendance at $14 per, the revenue for tickets is $248,388.
Selling 40,000 tickets at $1 each (assuming all the $16000 do use the option to buy a $1 future game ticket) the revenue is $40,000.[easy]

Lost revenue purely on asses in seats = $208,388.

Add increase for printing of tickets and additional staffing, lets budge up by $40,000.

Lost revenue = $248,388.

"Fan Cost Index" [Cost of a family of four to attend a baseball game] is $148.66
remove the $56 for ticket prices (since already accounted for) and it is 88.66 for a family of four to 'enjoy' once having entered. $22.16 per person

Now calculate the dollars spent by the marginal fans, attending only due to the $1 price. (40000-17742)*22.16
(17,742 would already have spent that money, so are not factored into this formula) = $493237.30

Where was I? Oh yeah...

Assume a 40% cost of goods sold (I'm being generous here...)
profit on merchandising/food = $295,542.40

Merch/Food profits + Ticket Profits = game profits
$295,542.40 + ($248,388) = $47,154.40.

Step 1: Get Team
Step 2:
Step 3: Profit!

Jeez, I thought that through too damned much
2003-04-29 11:35:43 PM  

I think it has more to do with the fact they offer cheap, overseas labor for our manufacturing industry, Wydok. It would be kindof like us "biting the hand that feeds us."


Only under scrutiny of the international community has China reacted. Many speculate that China was battling the problem for months before it spread off-shore. (Lemme find a link to back up that claim.) China's government is like Iraq's in the sense that bad news is looked upon with disfavor, so problems like this aren't often brought up until they are serious. (i.e. Yalu River dams, etc...)
2003-04-29 11:36:21 PM  

I could have mentioned the St. Mike's Majors, who are pro in the oddly, but easily offended eyes of the NCAA, too. But I meant major league.

It's not major league if your games are on time delay on cable.
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