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(CBS2)   Bogus letter sent to parents promising free condoms and hotel rooms for their kids on prom night   ( divider line
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11813 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Apr 2003 at 12:27 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-29 12:30:34 PM  
Pretty good one.
2003-04-29 12:31:00 PM  
Geez, the stuff I never thought of in high school!
2003-04-29 12:32:42 PM  
Wiley Coyote.... Super Genius!
2003-04-29 12:33:50 PM  
That must have both freaked out the parents and given the kids a flash of hope.

2003-04-29 12:34:20 PM  
/i got nothing
2003-04-29 12:34:24 PM  
"Safety first"
2003-04-29 12:34:27 PM  
haha... This one's a classic!
2003-04-29 12:35:20 PM  
At least the school gave them props.......
2003-04-29 12:38:15 PM  
"the letter was very creative but was in no way endorsed by the school"

So what, they aren't having prom?
2003-04-29 12:38:21 PM  
2003-04-29 12:39:38 PM  
If it helps em gaduate the high school, then do it!
2003-04-29 12:39:44 PM  
This happens all the time. Supposedly my old high school did it about ten years ago.

Funny though.
2003-04-29 12:39:47 PM  
Bravo, well done.
2003-04-29 12:40:29 PM  
Huh ? What about roofies for those 'difficult' dates that have those silly things called morals that stop them from being with you ?
2003-04-29 12:40:49 PM  
Principal Joe Mancuso says the letter was very creative, but in no way was it endorsed by the school.

What a kick ass principal.
2003-04-29 12:45:52 PM  
hah, that's great. did everyone in the class get one? if so, it must have been an inside job.
2003-04-29 12:46:18 PM  
what but i find teenage pregancy to be hilarious if it wasnt for that we wouldnt have teen movies er wait can i have this comment stricken from the record. Im going to go make some bastard children.....later!
2003-04-29 12:47:01 PM  
My question: Why aren't schools actually doing this?
2003-04-29 12:47:08 PM  
The school SHOULD at least have free condoms, though. We all know the kids are going out to fark like rabbits. At least give them the chance to wrap their tools.
2003-04-29 12:48:22 PM  
Damn, I wish I had thought of that. My bet, the day after graduation, the kid responsible is going to go public in a huge way.
2003-04-29 12:48:39 PM  
I think they should have been asked to chip in a few bucks for the kids that can't afford to buy their drugs
2003-04-29 12:49:40 PM  
I went to HS near there. The good news is that since most of the kids are parents before they graduate, so the condom issue isnt that big a deal.
2003-04-29 12:50:38 PM  
Kids don't know about sex for another year! They're not the age of consent!
Of course, making it safe is the same as encouraging it, right? I think high schools should make condoms available.

that said, hotel rooms are unnecessary. what ever happened to random rooms of the after-party host's house? Or, in my case, the field where the party was held, under a picnic table. Spoiled brats these days, getting a hotel room.
2003-04-29 12:52:29 PM  
Definatley a classic! Bummed I never thought of it years ago. The principle sounded like he got a klick out of it too.
2003-04-29 12:59:33 PM  
For the fashionable young lady this year:

The Condom dress and fabric flower corsage
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-29 01:05:29 PM  
I wonder how many of these guys are shaving their pubes...?
2003-04-29 01:05:31 PM  

I'm just glad those things look like new condoms rather than used.

2003-04-29 01:10:05 PM  
holy dog poo . . . i went to high school there!
2003-04-29 01:11:57 PM  
Cerie: is that thing real? if so... cool idea, although I don't think too many schools would appreciate the humor...
2003-04-29 01:13:52 PM  
Vtgoddess You were a Bubbler? I went to Camp Hill! Its like we were neighbors! (I mean neighbors who didnt know each other)
2003-04-29 01:22:56 PM  
I can one up you Chrisaxp. Went to Virginity HS, then VaTech (back when it wasn't quite so popular). Good to see some semi-good ("not particularly bad") local news after:
1. Shooting in Red Lion
2. HS kids found to have stolen handguns in East Pennsboro
3. Dead body pulled out of the Susquehanna
all in short order.
2003-04-29 01:23:13 PM  
2003-04-29 01:24:30 PM  
Oh it' real here is the link
2003-04-29 01:27:36 PM  
It was that one guy from Girls Gone Wild that got busted a while ago. He's planning to film Girls Gone Wild: Jailbait Fantasies.
2003-04-29 01:29:08 PM  
One word for this: BWAHAHAHAHA! Added points for style.
2003-04-29 01:30:54 PM  
Yellowbeard what the fark?

I wonder if I'm gonna get any on my prom night ... I'm going with my ex-girlfriend ... so probably not.

2003-04-29 01:36:41 PM  
GoodyearPimp Where is VATech? I havent heard of that, but I do miss Central PA sometimes. (Not often) and VtGoddess Good to see your school spirit after all these years.
2003-04-29 01:36:52 PM  
Hilarious. Confirming parents' worst fears.
2003-04-29 01:39:12 PM  
ironically, i also went to college at Va Tech. in blacksburg, va.
2003-04-29 01:41:17 PM  

With an email like "wi­za­r­dsla­yer[nospam-﹫-backwards]n­iam­o­dz­iw*net" I don't think you're EVER gonna get any.
2003-04-29 01:43:47 PM  
Vtgoddess I visited down there one weekend. Seemed like a fun place! Ah Good times, good times

P.S. Whats with the tongue on your profile pics? :)
2003-04-29 01:44:50 PM  
Either a Michael Jordan impression, or I think I'd like to get to know her better Chrisaxp
2003-04-29 01:46:56 PM  
My gf is one year older than me, and I of course went to
her senior prom and showed her a good time. At MY
senior prom, she was nice enough to pay for a room
at the Sheraton where the prom was. She took care
of anything and everything, as far as expenses went.

She also took care of the condoms. ;)
2003-04-29 01:48:00 PM  

I used that e-mail address instead of my AOL e-mail address. I'd rather use a dorky e-mail address than my ... AOL address.

Plus I mentioned I'm going with my "ex-girlfriend," which kind of implys that I already got some.

2003-04-29 01:48:06 PM  
just goofin' Chrisaxp . i was going through some of my pictures and i realized that i had a lot of them with my tounge out . . . .so what better place for them than FARK?
2003-04-29 01:52:08 PM  
Vtgoddessso what better place for them than FARK?

My house??

/farkstalker mode off
2003-04-29 01:56:22 PM  


I'm just glad those things look like new condoms rather than used.


That's just the differnce between the party-girl version and the evening-gown version.


(PS: Did you ever try to say "version" and say "virgin" instead?)
2003-04-29 02:07:47 PM  
What? No "hilarity ensues" tag ????? WTF?
2003-04-29 02:39:41 PM  
there has to be a farker at that school, or a parent farker...someone post the damn letter already
2003-04-29 02:44:18 PM  
Vtgoddess: Just curious, did you ever know of anyone walking into the mirror wall in at Preston's & Co. thinking it was another room?

Not that I did so in a drunken stupor or anything.
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