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2000-12-05 10:37:00 AM  

some people are hopeless...what the hell are they talking about? he''s a messiah because of the politically bullshiat and media hype. "he''s just a small boy, yet he is such an example...we must exalt and follow him!"

2000-12-05 4:22:06 PM  
Someone once claimed that Elian Gonzalez was "a symbol of democracy, clinging desperately to life so that he could come to the land of Democracy" (not an exact quote, but the meaning is there).

Let''s see, his mom became shark food, he was on the verge of starving to death, and coming to America wasn''t his idea in the first place. It was his mother''s. The kid wouldn''t have cared if he washed up in Florida or back in Cuba, as long as he got out of that Goddamned ocean. Don''t get me wrong, I think it''s better that the kid lived than died, but I don''t see what all the fuss is about. When you get right down to it, he''s just a kid who got lucky. The response would have been a lot different had he been an ugly old man, rather than a cute little kid.

Poor, poor Elian. Now he doesn''t get to play with his Power Rangers and grow up to be a spoiled brat with an ego swollen by undeserved fame. Too bad. He would have been great in one of those "boy bands" the media are constantly raving about. EliaN''Sync?
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