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(via Reason.com)   City officials of Charleston, SC complain about students sunbathing with g-strings and breast exposed in park   ( charleston.net) divider line
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2003-04-28 03:39:30 PM  
'Ever since the city wrapped up its renovation of the popular downtown park, it has become a hot spot for bikini-wearing college students.'

In other news today, farkers unite in a move to Charleston, SC... fark parties to come
2003-04-28 03:50:19 PM  
Blatant tourism promotion. Fight for your right to thong. Where's Cisco when you need him.He must be hanging with the Macharena guys.
2003-04-28 03:51:12 PM  
It's Affy. She's stopping traffic.
2003-04-28 03:58:21 PM  
What? No pics of the offending sun bathers?
2003-04-28 04:04:57 PM  
There was a bit of the article that was not included, but which is found on the regional AP service:

Fellow councilman Edward G. Seville, who opposes Gilliard's efforts to have the college curb bikini-clad sunbathing suggests the city may want to spend its time and resources on a different campagn. Seville voiced his approval for a campaign he calls: "Get Wendell Gilliam Laid Immediately."
2003-04-28 04:09:47 PM  
He sure seems to know a lot about "Girls Gone Wild".
2003-04-28 04:11:52 PM  
Absolutely farking absurd. I know the Wendell Gilliard guy. He's helped with the Mayor's Youth Commission in Charleston at several meetings, and he really seemed like a hard-line Democrat who would have no problem supporting rallies and other such "free speech" gatherings in which displays a bit more explicit than sunbathers in bathing suits would be present. The guy annoyed the heck out of me, and he kept trying to butt in at the meetings and explain "his view" of what the local youth want/need from the city, instead of letting me and the other kids present at the meeting talk.

I guess it's a summer thing. I've never really noticed sunbathers in Marion Square, although I try to avoid going downtown as much as possible, and traffic is bad enough in that area without trying to catch a good look at the hotties laying out in Marion Sqare.

However, you college-age Farkers may indeed want to look into moving to Charleston. I've heard that the College of Charleston is quite the party school, and with its "caliber" of academics, you shouldn't have a problem finding lots of time to party. Me, I'm going to be a Furman guy (okay, I know, it's a dry campus). I'm getting out of here as fast as possible.
2003-04-28 04:14:42 PM  
Councilman Wendell Gilliard says he is ready to take a stand, comparing the activity to the hot-selling "Girls Gone Wild" videos of college students in various stages of drunken undress.

"I've seen them pushing the limit. They have their breasts exposed, their ... rear end exposed, wearing a G-string bikini," he said. "This 'Girls Gone Wild'-type attitude has caught ahold all across the country.

First rock-n-roll, and now THIS?! How's he know so much about Girls Gone Wild?

Gilliard recently asked city police to look into whether the bikinis violate the city's indecent exposure ordinance, and he will meet with College of Charleston officials to ask them to deter students from sunbathing in the park.

'Volunteers, form a very long line to the right.'
2003-04-28 05:25:34 PM  
Quickly! We need to make a road trip there and beat them up before they change something.
2003-04-28 05:54:52 PM  


When did Charleston, NC relocate to Utah?
2003-04-28 06:24:22 PM  
The Rev. Carl Wiggins, pastor of the Chapel of the Holy Spirit in Ladson, said he wouldn't mind seeing a sunbather-free Marion Square.

"I'm here praying, and it's hard on a human being not to be distracted," he said.

Isn't your God supposed to help you with the whole "averting your eyes to worship" kind of thing?

Jeebus pastor, go read the book of Job.
2003-04-28 06:43:36 PM  
Jashter:Charleston, South Carolina.
2003-04-28 07:57:03 PM  
For the past two years, Marion Square has been renovated: New dirt base, new turf, better facilities, etc, so this is (kinda) a new problem. And a good problem it is!

Most of these girls are from the College of Charleston -- they're bluebloods and rich kids. Expect no action unless you can produce 3 Platinum level credit cards and a $250,000 bank account on demand. But all is not lost! If you like the "girl next door" type, look for Charleston Southern University students in North Charleston. If you like ruff and tuff women, check out the Military College of South Carolina, better known as The Citadel. (Yes, THAT Citadel!) be prepared for slim pickin's though; Citadel was all male for 125 years!

As for the pastor, I have no problem being "distracted." It's tempting to end your daily prayer with "Thank you Lord, for making the park so beautiful!"
2003-04-28 08:09:10 PM  
As for the pastor, I have no problem being "distracted." It's tempting to end your daily prayer with "Thank you Lord, for making the park so beautiful!"

Can I have an, "AMEN!", brother?

BTW... I want pictures so I can see for myself if they are truly distracting or not.
2003-04-28 08:35:57 PM  
What kind of place wants to stop girls from wearing bikinis?
2003-04-28 08:36:34 PM  
what no pictures?
2003-04-28 08:36:37 PM  
did anyone else read the last line?????

"That's something you just don't want touch."

are they nuts?
2003-04-28 08:37:18 PM  
He may not KNOW he's gay, but he's rooty-tooty fresh and fruity.
2003-04-28 08:38:50 PM  
I need to know if there are any male sunbathers in skimpy clothing in the park before I can decide on the issue :-P

And no, I haven't read the article, why do you ask?
2003-04-28 08:42:13 PM  
no public displays of semi-nudity even in 98 degree heat?
no drinking beer in public?
no toplessness?

You'd think this story takes place in the USA!!

(what......? oh.....)
2003-04-28 08:43:14 PM  
2003-04-28 08:43:32 PM  
John Ashcroft will take care of this heathen godlessness.
2003-04-28 08:43:59 PM  
On the one hand, it's wrong for him to try and force his morality on the town, but on the other hand, the scantily clad, college girls can be said to be doing the same thing.

Oh, the moral dilemma!
2003-04-28 08:45:01 PM  
My college sucks!!! Im transferring to see the hotties in g-strings, i bet studying would be fun as hell. ohh wait, i mean difficult as hell, fark me.
2003-04-28 08:45:16 PM  
"That's something you just don't want touch."
I adamantly disagree...
2003-04-28 08:46:08 PM  
I don't get it, why is everyone scared of a bit of boobie? Maybe if more boobie was shown more often, clothed women could have a conversation without having someone staring at her rack.

Just a thought.
2003-04-28 08:46:35 PM  
Oh how I love Charleston. And whoever was bashing the school, you're an idiot.
2003-04-28 08:47:09 PM  
any of you stop to think that maybe the women/men wearing these skimpy outfits are 300 lbs and harry?

what if??

if not, then yeah that sucks...
2003-04-28 08:47:28 PM  
Since I work for the college that is providing most of the females in this story, I can say that the scenery can be very nice around campus this time of year. That being said, I've never seen any exposed breasts, but I'll make sure to look next time I'm passing marion square.
2003-04-28 08:47:45 PM  
a GIS for prude led me to this. may be NSFW. but damn, it could be compition for the squirrel with da big kahuna's .
2003-04-28 08:50:17 PM  
Fellow Farkers ... for those not familiar with Charleston's colleges, my neck was incredibly sore from all the rubbernecking since I just happened to be visiting at the very time they were moving in, starting classes, and exploring their new home. An absolute target rich environment. My girlfriend was actually amused and openly in agreement with my assessment.
2003-04-28 08:51:13 PM  
Man, I lived in an apartment that overlooked Marion Square when I went to C of C. Good times. Labman is definitely right about the scenery around campus this time of year.
2003-04-28 08:51:45 PM  
I will not let that clothes-nazi take Marion Square away from us! It's getting pretty warm here, and more and more people are wearing less and less clothing, which is just the way things work. Unite C of C Cougars to stop this madman!
2003-04-28 08:52:35 PM  
Puritan dumb ass.
2003-04-28 08:53:51 PM  
Just_Another_Arsehole: WTF

I don't see the issue here. It is a report about people sunbathing. People have always sunbathed. Is there something wrong with that?
2003-04-28 08:55:15 PM  
When did we revert to a Puritan state?

No sunbathing, witch!!!!
2003-04-28 08:55:34 PM  
"The problem is, the Supreme Court has been trying to figure out for 30 or 40 years what indecent exposure is. So how's a cop going to figure it out? he said. "It is unenforceable ordinance."

If only everyone in the south grasped logic the way that this man does.
I had a good day of sunbathing myself; it's spring across the south. And there were 2 Swedish girls in bikinis there. No joke. Penthouse cliches aside, they only wanted to talk in Swedish so no dice. Nice to look at though. God bless exchange student programs...
2003-04-28 08:56:36 PM  
MTV to being shooting "The Real Charleston" next month
2003-04-28 08:58:14 PM  
Another reason to move to Canada....At least Ontario. A few years ago women won the right to go topless on the street if they so choose...They argument being that if men could do it....Unfortunately it's not as prevalent a phonemenon as one might hope for even when the weather is permitting.
2003-04-28 08:58:48 PM  
" If you like the "girl next door" type, look for Charleston Southern University students in North Charleston."

I'm calling shenanigans. That was the "Baptist College of Charleston" until they changed it about 10 years ago, and is now Charleston Southern.
2003-04-28 08:58:56 PM  
2003-04-28 09:00:13 PM  
Incidently I've been looking into doing an exchange myself with Jonkorping University in Sweden, don't know if it'd be worthwhile. Could any Swedish farkers tell me if the place is nice/academically good? Cola?
2003-04-28 09:02:11 PM  
Rev. Carl Wiggins: "I'm here praying, and it's hard on a human being not to be distracted [by little boys]" he said.
2003-04-28 09:06:07 PM  
"I'm here praying, and it's hard on a human being not to be distracted," he said.

hehe. He said "hard on".

2003-04-28 09:06:31 PM  
Quikster On wednesday 4-30-03 morning one of the local radio stations here (96 wave) is going to have a bikni contest out in this park.
2003-04-28 09:08:26 PM  
<On wednesday 4-30-03 morning one of the local radio <stations here (96 wave) is going to have a bikni contest <out in this park.

Can you say "ROAD TRIP"?!?
2003-04-28 09:11:22 PM  

That would be just as interesting, just in a different more freakshow sort of way
2003-04-28 09:12:12 PM  
Damn you, Milkbone! Great minds think alike.
2003-04-28 09:12:34 PM  
2003-04-28 09:12:55 PM  

"Road Trip"

(thankyew folks I'll be here all week, please try the veal)
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