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2003-04-26 09:43:50 PM  
When is this whole "It's cool because it's retro" thing going to die. It's getting pretty old.

I'll be the first to admit, you can't beat playing adventure on the atari 2600, but once the acid trip fades and drinking orange juice doesn't bring it back, it's time to put it away...

And breakout the great gaming system ever. The Sega CD!!!!
2003-04-26 09:44:58 PM  
Whooh. Time to put the bong down and start posting in the right thread. HAHAHA I suck.
2003-04-27 12:26:38 AM  
Methinks someone spiked the water supply in Edinburgh with LSD.

2003-04-27 12:26:46 AM  
I swear I once saw a pigeon with three wings. It wasn't even in Bridgeport, it was in New Haven, where the big Omni is now.
2003-04-27 12:28:44 AM  
I swear that said pubescent green
2003-04-27 12:31:37 AM  

Judging from these posts I am beginning to see what kind of polluted folk are up at this hour.
2003-04-27 12:32:17 AM  
I'm not at all suprised. New Haven is dirty. However, I bet that pigeon flew with his 3 wings from B-port cause B-port is even dirtier.
Rat [TotalFark]
2003-04-27 12:32:40 AM  
don't you like to read the Edinburgh news with a Sean Connery accent?...or is that just me?

/you'll rue the day, Trebek
2003-04-27 12:34:36 AM  
Papaya -
That's my point - here's the best example I can use to explain to people not from the area. It was a radio contest.

"First prize," says the DJ, "A night at [some resort hotel] in Bridgeport."
"What's second prize," says his co-host, "Two nights in Bridgeport?"
2003-04-27 12:35:31 AM  
riiiiiiiiiight. it's natural. uh-huh.
I don't believe that for a minute.

/conspiracy theorist
2003-04-27 12:35:34 AM  
boy, i hope the grasshopper wasnt the mother...
2003-04-27 12:39:08 AM  
So where are the pictures? It's one thing to say the birds were all psychedelic, it's another to prove it.
2003-04-27 02:07:34 AM  
[image from afhboston.com too old to be available]

Sorry Ma'am, that does not qualify as a "pink bird."
2003-04-27 04:20:09 AM  
Natural mutation is the devil's work!
2003-04-27 07:26:08 AM  
Who is it who keeps posting links from the Edinburgh Evening News? I thought I was the only Edinburgh Farker.

Anyhoo, Grangemouth is not so much a town. More a HUGE petrochemical installation with a couple of thousand houses attached. But if somebody says that purple and green pigeons, and pink grasshoppers, locally are natural mutations, then of course I believe him.

I've got a meeting there on Wednesday - I'll keep my eye out, and report back.

/Your man in the doocot
2003-04-27 09:53:32 AM  
I see someone has been watching too much Evangelion...
2003-04-27 11:31:48 AM  
Humans have a tendency to state and repeat the very, very obvious, such as "It's a nice day," or, "You're very tall," or, "Oh dear, you seem to have fallen down a thirty-foot well, are you alright?"
2003-04-27 12:45:54 PM  
WeeKeef: me, but I'm not from Edinburgh. Sorry.
2003-04-27 05:51:32 PM  
[image from users.binary.net too old to be available]
2003-04-28 11:55:53 AM  
[image from members.aol.com too old to be available]
2003-04-28 12:57:22 PM  
[image from geocities.com too old to be available]
2003-04-28 03:08:49 PM  
[image from coolgifs.de too old to be available]
2003-05-03 04:24:38 PM  
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