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(Sky News)   British Telecom forced to pull its "Fast and Reliable" ad, because serviceis not fast nor reliable   ( divider line
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2001-09-28 12:16:43 AM  
2001-09-28 12:17:06 AM  
HUGE B(*)(*)bies! And I'm not sorry ...
2001-09-28 12:17:06 AM  
err, ahem, i mean "boobies!"
2001-09-28 12:28:36 AM  
If only we could make AOL do the same...
2001-09-28 12:42:52 AM  
Damn ya' beat me to it, Quickl
2001-09-28 01:37:47 AM  
Maybe I can get the Canadian government to do the same thing with Telus' high speed ADSL service. They advertised it as high speed, reliable, etc. But my friends and I have had nothing but problems with it. No service at all for days at a time, email farking up. Even after I threatened to sue them they still haven't fixed anything.
2001-09-28 02:25:24 AM  
Maybe they could get the US Gov't to do the same thing with AOL.
2001-09-28 03:22:22 AM  
Querty2: They wont do anything till they see the papers. and dont use that tatic everwhere, because, if you use that, for example, against a dell tech support rep, they will yank your support privs.
2001-09-28 04:26:09 AM  
Nothing against youse Brits, but isn't this somewhat leading to a statement that the average British telephone service subscriber is a complete idiot? I mean, if the government needs to protect its citizens against the word "anytime" (which is really the only word in their ad that makes this false advertising), they either have little-to-no faith in its citizens' abilities to not take statements literally, or it has nothing better to do.

It's not like BT is actually stating, "Hey....ditch Mercury Telecom's and AT&T UK's service, they don't provide you with anytime fast and reliable access to the internet."

I don't think this is necessary....the Brits are not this stupid.
2001-09-28 04:39:56 AM  
Really, folks, but hasn't British Telecomm long been a butt of many a joke about it's sordid exchange problems? Did anyone honestly think they would deliver any better as an ISP?
I can't help but think of 'Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency' by Douglas Adams in which an elderly professor discovers that dialing certain exchanges on his phone turns his entire apartment into a time machine, hehehehe.
2001-09-28 05:09:57 AM  
I don't think "Anytime" was the problem. They said it was fast and reliable and it ain't. Trust me.
2001-09-28 05:41:16 AM  
I always liked those 24 Hour Fitness gym adds. You know the ones with the fine print at the bottom of the screen that says "Not all locations open 24 hours"?
2001-09-28 06:12:27 AM  
"Fast" and "reliable" are very much point-of-view terms, though....and by US law could get away with it. "Anytime" isn't.
2001-09-28 06:13:31 AM  
I know, I's British law, not US law. Don't forget the fact that they're still POV terms.
2001-09-28 06:23:28 AM  
I think the ad was yanked because nobody believes that BT Anytime could be described as fast OR reliable, regardless of the definitions. It's just poo. We don't get hung up on technicalities. Call a spade a shovel, that's what I say.
2001-09-28 06:42:52 AM  
I don't know MisterSym, I rather like the idea that the British Govt actually did something to protect her citizens from a bad business.

I live in the U.S. and am rather sick of the anything goes tough luck you loser attitude our government plays on us just because a company can afford better lawyers than most of the rest of us.

Yes yes, we Know he was guilty, but he has such a dream team of expensive lawyers that we figured it would be bad press if we actually put him in jail.

2001-09-28 07:43:39 AM  
Kalkin: I might agree with you about it being good that the British Government took action, but I have to deal with Ameritech's poor business on a daily basis. It may help that I work in the telecommunications business, but I've learned not to use Ameritech as my LEC. I've used Sprint and MCI local.

Now, they may just lease lines from Ameritech (this is true), but at least when I deal with them on a problem, I see some sort of monetary supplement (a credit on my bill, in this case) for the slow speed of repair (which is largely due to Ameritech having to fix THEIR lines).

I know BT has competition....I've worked with AT&T UK and Mercury Telecom before.
2001-09-28 07:49:44 AM  
Somehow, somewhere I lost you MisterSym, sorry.

I just mean I think its nice to see the Government taking action against a company not living up to it's advertisements. (without numerous lawsuits pressuring such). I'm not sure where your payment worries come in and I agree with you in the sentiment you should get paid for your problems.

Maybe the thread is just dead and I'm just too bored to let it lie.

Nice chatting with you tho even if I am completely lost over what your saying, hehe.
2001-09-28 08:39:25 AM  
Dont' feel bad, Kalkin....I tend to lose people when I ramble. I'm on my 9th hour at work tonight, and trying to keep awake. I'm off in a few, no problem.
2001-09-28 08:46:52 AM  
Btinternet has a new dialup number!
Wow, now I connect at 16kbps, if at all! This is why they can't claim fast or reliable.

I'm gonna continue using their old number till it dies. It seems to be working faster than usual since loadsa peeps have switched to the other number.
2001-09-28 09:19:31 AM  
BT's ADSL rollout a complete farking joke too - and they've been fighting the government to hold onto the local loop license by saying they 'haven't got enough resources' to prepare the system for other carriers. This from a company that makes £97 profit per second...

It should never have been privatised!
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