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(kctv.com)   Woman notices scary whackety-whack incident in car next to hers. Suspect drives a damn nice car   ( kctv.com) divider line
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2003-04-25 10:50:41 PM  
Jeez. Don't freak out, ladies. Point and laugh. Call other people over with derisive comments about Fapman's size, technique, grip, etc. THAT's how you stop creeps like this.
Um...not that I know anything about...nevermind...
2003-04-25 11:28:03 PM  
The site is Farked already. Crap.
2003-04-25 11:53:04 PM  
Article all gone.

2003-04-26 03:27:21 AM  
Well that link was.... unfulfilling.
2003-04-26 03:28:09 AM  
Uhh, farked?
2003-04-26 03:28:41 AM  
Yup 4th post and it's gone... Since when did "whackety-whacking" become scary??!?
2003-04-26 03:29:16 AM  
Yep It's been whacked.
2003-04-26 03:30:28 AM  
Women are SUPPOSED to enjoy watching the whackety whack action.
This woman must have been a lesbian nun.

2003-04-26 03:31:17 AM  
Let me tell you a little story about a man named farked. Farked, even before you start. That was a pre-emptive "fark." Now, I have a whole bag of fark with your name on it.
2003-04-26 03:32:34 AM  
Hehe, either one of the admins is really really drunk, or they're farking with us.
2003-04-26 03:32:37 AM  
I guess fark crushed that website's bandwith with a massive 50 hits?
2003-04-26 03:36:15 AM  
Premature efarkulation?
2003-04-26 03:38:06 AM  
I'd whackety-whack it!
2003-04-26 03:38:16 AM  
Our apologies.
You have reached a page that is currently unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please use your browser's BACK button to return to the previous page.
2003-04-26 03:38:22 AM  
BEST POST ALL WEEK!!!! OMG I was dying laughing.
haha you cant see it.
2003-04-26 03:40:26 AM  
that has to be record of some sort.
2003-04-26 03:41:01 AM  
I loved it!

It was better then Cats. I will go read it again and again.

/old-timey SNL
2003-04-26 03:51:10 AM  
Whacky tobbaccy?
2003-04-26 03:54:23 AM  
FarkingFarker: Stoner :)
2003-04-26 04:00:05 AM  

/Oh, it's Farked!
2003-04-26 04:19:00 AM  
Since when did "whackety-whacking" become scary??!?

Since people started whakety-whacking the whacky tobaccy
2003-04-26 04:22:54 AM  
Whacking is fun!
[image from fathom.org too old to be available]
2003-04-26 04:27:46 AM  
Webmasters getting wise to referrals from a "certain" source these days? That's gotta be a new record for an article going down on a corporate site...
2003-04-26 04:28:58 AM  
So, Zenmaster: What did the article say?
2003-04-26 04:36:36 AM  
The site was amazing! hundred of boobies, and men were doing lines off them while smoking hash. Then it had a link to send away for a free 1/8. And beer. Lots of beer mentioned.
Better luck next time Irie....
2003-04-26 04:40:13 AM  
Wow....behold the power of Fark. Maybe the Kentucky paper people warned them what we do to servers and news sources that mess with "The Granny".
2003-04-26 04:53:49 AM  
Behold: The power of Fark.

That was fast.
2003-04-26 04:58:29 AM  
What kinda car is it, dammit?!
2003-04-26 05:06:27 AM  
Fark needs a referral proxy server. Does Anonymizer do this?
2003-04-26 05:19:15 AM  
Heh. "You have reached a page that is currently unavailable. We apologize for blah blah blah..."

Gotta love the headline above it: "Are city employees surfing the web on your dime? You'll be shocked at what we found!" You mean they have teh Intarnet?!

2003-04-26 05:22:18 AM  
we need a way to chache a page as soon as it is indexed on Fark.
2003-04-26 05:32:35 AM  
Yeah, that isn't too hard, but who in hell is going to pay for hosting the cache??
2003-04-26 05:33:44 AM  
What kind of a farking car was it?

Don't leave us hangin' here...
2003-04-26 05:37:46 AM  
a yugo. with boobie models.
2003-04-26 06:16:15 AM  
Whacked. But check out our gas prices you SUV owners...
2003-04-26 06:26:59 AM  
But the good news is that its gonna be sunny and warm with a high around 70 in good old Kansas City today.

2003-04-26 06:38:57 AM  
My friend had a driving experience that could fit the headline.

He was at a long stoplight and noticed some quick movement in the car next to him. He looked over and was greeted with the sight of a freak beating his erect member against the steering wheel, all while staring directly into my friend's eyes. A high-speed chase ensued. Unfortunately, my friend couldn't catch him to kick his ass.

Just wanted to share. My friend is still traumatized by it, which amuses me greatly.
2003-04-26 06:55:47 AM  
The KCTV5 link isn't farked, the story was removed from the site. The KCTV5 site uses a World Now template (www.worldnow.com), and when a story is removed, the "Our Apologies" message is displayed.
2003-04-26 07:20:20 AM  
yes it would have been removed because of the fark referral.

i.e. farked

2003-04-26 08:03:16 AM  
You farkers are hilarious. Thanks!
2003-04-26 09:22:53 AM  
Yep, the story if farked. I would, however, whackety-whack Carolyn Long.
2003-04-26 09:23:45 AM  
Damn stick CTRL_C key...
[image from kctv.static.worldnow.com too old to be available]
2003-04-26 10:13:41 AM  
Anyone still have the text in their browser? Plz post in the thread.
2003-04-26 11:04:10 AM  
Farked, eh? Sigh. Seemed like an interesting story.
2003-04-26 11:05:32 AM  
I laughed...............I cried....................I farkin farked and was farkless DOH
2003-04-26 11:20:19 AM  
[image from home.kc.rr.com too old to be available]
2003-04-26 11:34:24 AM  
What kinda car is it, dammit?!

Don't get too excited, it was a dark red 95-97 Lincoln Mark VIII.
2003-04-26 12:31:51 PM  
2003-04-26 12:40:58 PM  
Anyone still have the text in their browser? Plz post in the thread.

I'll summarize. A lady on her lunch break noticed a guy following her closely. Eventually he pulled up beside her, and turned out to be masturbating with a big grin on her face. The lady freaked out, got his license plate number and a description of the car (a dark red 95-97 Lincoln Mark VIII) and called the police. The license plate turned out to be unregistered, so police are still looking for the perv.

This is sweeps, and every little story is going to be amped up a little bit.

Just as a qualifier, I work at KCTV5, so this is how I know all this.
2003-04-26 12:42:02 PM  
"...with a big grin on her face."

D'oh. Should read "his" face."
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