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(Yahoo)   Whale given traditional funeral in Vietnam. Traditional funeral = barbeque   ( story.news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2003-04-25 04:12:27 PM  
Are they sure it was dead? Probly better shoot it and put it in the freezer for a while first.
2003-04-25 04:14:45 PM  
I didn't catch the barbeque part. Thought the whacky Japanese did the barbeque. These people just buried it out of respect.
2003-04-25 04:23:56 PM  
[image from bort.smugmug.com too old to be available]
2003-04-25 06:14:48 PM  
So the PETA president should move to Vietnam?
2003-04-25 07:16:27 PM  
i got yer traditional vietmanese barbaque right here

[image from ciudadfutura.com too old to be available]

war sux, eat pussy not bullets :(
2003-04-25 09:55:29 PM  
Are they sure it was dead? Probly better shoot it and put it in the freezer for a while first.

2003-04-25 10:56:39 PM  
thats harsh..
2003-04-25 10:56:45 PM  
I thought the traditional way to dispose of a dead whale was to blow it up? I think I saw that somewhere once...
2003-04-25 10:57:13 PM  
So the barbeque part was supposed to be funny? I don't get it.
2003-04-25 10:58:56 PM  
Here's a Japanese map of the edible parts of a whale.

[image from city.shobara.hiroshima.jp too old to be available]

It would appear that you can eat the eyes, the blubber and the moustache.
2003-04-25 10:59:15 PM  
From the headline, I thought Ingrid Newkirk had died.
2003-04-25 11:01:13 PM  
mmmm whale burgers...
2003-04-25 11:01:37 PM  
They probably mixed it with cabbage and peppers before burying it.
2003-04-25 11:04:20 PM  
Earlier this month, 1,000 mourners attended a funeral for another whale

That's one kiloMourner.
2003-04-25 11:05:17 PM  
I'd hate to be around where that whale is buried. They better have buried it 6....hundred ft underground.

Mmmm Fishy

As for the "mourners" uhh.. boohoo?
2003-04-25 11:05:53 PM  
Dinner is served.
2003-04-25 11:07:06 PM  
Nah, they only blow them up in America, where it's too expensive to bury a whale. Explosives are cheap; labor is expensive.

Udo: Damn, that's funny!
2003-04-25 11:07:42 PM  
Anna Nicole visited Vietnam?
2003-04-25 11:11:35 PM  
Hmmph. remind me not to 'cash out' in 'nam....
2003-04-25 11:12:33 PM  
war sux, eat pussy not bullets
After what happened with the kitten and the barbeque, you just can't post that now.
2003-04-25 11:12:35 PM  
nice find. if i had to live my life by visual aid (or sweeping generalizations), i don't think i'd survive in asia.
2003-04-25 11:12:51 PM  
You'll have a whale of a time!!!!

get it? a...whal...?

2003-04-25 11:13:10 PM  
least-clever headline ever.
2003-04-25 11:13:18 PM  
Wonder how whales aste like... since they're mammals, they probably don't taste like fish...
Now i'm curious!!!
2003-04-25 11:15:43 PM  

"Wonder how whales taste like... since they're mammals, they probably don't taste like fish...
Now i'm curious!!!"

You've never performed cunnilingus on a certain type of lady, I see.
2003-04-25 11:18:00 PM  
KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD mmmmmmm.. sperm whale
2003-04-25 11:18:12 PM  
Tastes like chicken!
2003-04-25 11:19:52 PM  
Millay: Sorry, I'm not a lesbiam... I woudn't know!
2003-04-25 11:20:46 PM  
oops, lesbian.
2003-04-25 11:24:51 PM  

Um...it's not just women in comfortable shoes who go down on other chicks. Sorry to blow your mind.

Welcome to the 1980's.
2003-04-25 11:24:57 PM  
Udo: Damn, that's funny!

I was actually (obliquely) poking some fun at:
The corpse of the 12-metre (yard) long whale was discovered off Phan Ri Cua beach

wherein one metre = one yard suddenly. Poor metrics, you see. Um yeah. Maybe I shouldn't explain any more huh
2003-04-25 11:27:40 PM  
*waits for the next article*
2003-04-25 11:29:23 PM  
Millay: I know that, you're not a lesbian just because you did it once with a girl (or do it now and then). That's not what I meant, sorry.
2003-04-25 11:31:29 PM  
2003-04-25 11:44:05 PM  
Whales are mean. I remember this video in bio class about whale behavior. You think Shamu is a cute little whale at Sea World that does tricks? No, that farker's a cruel, unfeeling biatch. The orca on the tape basically chewed a seal to death, then used its tail to throw the thing head over ass more than 20 yards. It was playing with the corpse!

Crazy ass whales. Someone call PETA.
2003-04-25 11:44:59 PM  
Millay Um...it's not just women in comfortable shoes who go down on other chicks. Sorry to blow your mind.

lesbian n.
A woman whose sexual orientation is to women.
A native or inhabitant of Lesbos.

I don't see what "comfortable shoes" have to do with it. Cerejaninja could just have easily said bisexual, would that have been better? What the hell does it matter?
2003-04-25 11:45:32 PM  
...unfortunately, PETA was not there.
2003-04-25 11:46:03 PM  

People Entertaining Their Ass
2003-04-25 11:47:40 PM  
"Look, daddy, a whale egg!
[image from marbleheadelectric.com too old to be available]
2003-04-25 11:49:12 PM  
er.. asses! assai?
2003-04-25 11:55:41 PM  
My work blocks all CGI I guess. I can't check out any fark user profiles and I can't click on the FARK link to get to a story. Anybody know a workaround short of pasting the link in my address bar & delting all the stuff before the 2nd http??
2003-04-25 11:58:48 PM  
Well, AgentPothead, you could always do work, and Fark at home.
2003-04-25 11:58:56 PM  
Can you get whale meat in the USA? Do I need to go to Japan to get a good whale barbeque?
2003-04-26 12:00:08 AM  
pmfph... ~work~
2003-04-26 12:02:52 AM  
Myabe if people would stop living in developments and spread out a little they wouldn't have to worry about blocking the neighbor from hell.
2003-04-26 12:03:44 AM  
Brazil, as I understand it, you would need to go up pretty far north and fall in with some Iniut , who are still allowed to hunt whale.
2003-04-26 12:04:24 AM  
Doh, too many windows open. To late at night.
2003-04-26 12:07:21 AM  
That sucks. There are millions of those fat bastards. Let's harvest a few here. Why should the Japanese and Inuit have all the good eats?
2003-04-26 12:15:10 AM  
Wydok I'm front desk at a motel so basically I'm paid to watch tv and read FARK. Besides, home is for sleeping.
2003-04-26 12:23:57 AM  
Ah, well then AgentPothead. I don't have any advice for you though. Never heard of a firewall or whatever that could block querystrings. :(
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