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(CNN)   Oranized crime and drug dealers are the same thing as terrorists to the US government   ( divider line
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2001-09-27 03:55:26 PM  
Well FIRST good POST.
2001-09-27 03:57:37 PM  
2001-09-27 04:02:15 PM  
"Frankly, we can't differentiate between terrorism and organized crime and drug dealing," Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff told the banking committee.

Funny, that's the best argument for legalization of some drugs I've heard in a long time.
2001-09-27 04:06:34 PM  
I agree. If we have any nukes left over when we are done turning Afganistan into a parking lot we need to drop a few on our local gang bangers.
2001-09-27 04:06:42 PM  
Gee, America, I'm really sorry I sold that 1/8 oz of weed six years ago. I hope I didn't kill anybody.
2001-09-27 04:06:52 PM  
Skallas -

Yeah, that does add a whole new wrinkle, doesn't it?
2001-09-27 04:07:56 PM  
This should be labelled
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I know not everyone agrees with me, but I think they're right. The kind of damage that illegal drug production and distribution causes makes it immoral. Especially abroad.

IF we manage to eliminate it... well, one less thing to worry about.
2001-09-27 04:08:46 PM  
Of course, just because we legalize it here doesn't mean that other countries will. It'll still be a profitable way for the terrorists to raise money.
2001-09-27 04:09:30 PM  
Here is an idea. Why don't the FBI/CIA/NSA ask the mafia to help us find the terrorists. Seriously, all of the above organizations have worked with the mob. Why not have these guys help us root out and find the real bad guys hiding in the mobs sleasy motels. It is going to be tough to get access to the kind of info that the mob has. All we would have to is forgive some extortsion charge and they will roll over on all the underworld hang outs, like foreign banks that have terrorist money. If they keep it on the down low no one will know. At least th mob is not into mass mass murder, gambling and prostition are nothing.

Just a thought.
2001-09-27 04:11:56 PM  
arent they just trying to say that Al Qaeda falls under RICO?
2001-09-27 04:19:08 PM  
There is one missing letter in the title, you should read :
"Coranized crime and..."
2001-09-27 04:21:29 PM  
hmmm... They're trying to cut off the money to terrorists?

I'm getting really impatient can't we just blow up one thing while we're trying to deal with the money situation. It would be like when I was a kid and got to open one present on christmas eve.

2001-09-27 04:22:50 PM  
Yeah. Send Monica, she'll blown Laden.
2001-09-27 04:26:45 PM  
"These groups don't hold themselves independently: They work with one another.Terrorists get engaged in drug activity. They have relationships with organized crime," Chertoff said.

Yeah. Just like Iran-Contra, where the CIA was bringing cocaine to the States through Nicaragua and other south American countries, then using the money to buy arms and sending them to Iran. Or was it Iraq? It's all so confusing.
2001-09-27 04:27:33 PM  
When they say drug dealers, I think they mean like cartels and major oganized distrubuters. Not hippies growing weed out of their closet for their friends.
2001-09-27 04:28:02 PM  
has anyone done the Word "NYC" in wingdings font, thingy?
2001-09-27 04:28:27 PM  
I wonder what the government is going to do the next time a bomb goes off at an abortion clinic? Are they going to freeze their bank accounts and then drop bombs on them? If so, good. I don't want to live with a double standard.
2001-09-27 04:28:56 PM  
BaconFarker, hate to tell ya but that's way old, thanks for asking though.
2001-09-27 04:30:06 PM  
Well not way old but... well ya know..
2001-09-27 04:31:10 PM  
hippies growing weed out of their closet for their friends
need to go to prison
2001-09-27 04:32:05 PM  
Actually this isn't that scary. What is scary is that the FBI considers Earth First, The American Indian Movement, and the Black Panther Party terrorists.

They take any group they don't like and throw them on the list. Why? Because it's easier to persecute a group if you can label them "terrorist".
2001-09-27 04:32:53 PM  
okay... didnt know 2 weeks constitutes "way old"
2001-09-27 04:32:54 PM  
2001-09-27 04:32:59 PM  
Easy ther WALKEN. Hippies and Weed are less harmful than red-necks and beer.

BaconFarker- I tried that it is wierd shiat.
2001-09-27 04:34:18 PM  
I meant that hippies in general need to do time..

I am ok with therednecks joining them too...

2001-09-27 04:35:16 PM  
OK I got hit by the wave of patriotism too in the past 3 weeks, but honestly, someone just tell me what it is the government could say that everyone won't agree with?

"Drug dealing = terrorism? They're right! Kill em!"

"National IDs? Sounds great! Where can I get one?"

"All males in the US have to wear pink tutus? Right on! Whatever for democracy!"
2001-09-27 04:38:27 PM  
Seems everybody is having trouble spelling O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-E-D.

Anyway I had this movie idea I wanted to share. The plot begins with a much similar tragedy that has already happened but while the government and military are deciding how to react, a well off mob boss that had operations in the city that was hit sets up an assassination on the terrorist leader behind the acts.

This movie could be a kind of Goodfellows meets Rambo.
2001-09-27 04:40:12 PM  
Actually, Yevgeny, I would consider them terrorists also. Cut the bullshiat.
2001-09-27 04:40:21 PM  
walken was just joking about the "hippies and weed" comment. must have been. only someone who's brainwashed AND retarded would possibly come to such a shiatheaded, dumbass conclusion.

if you can do drugs in such a way that you harm no one but yourself, do them. i think we need a bit of personal responsibility. who wants to change the "land of the FREE(TM)" into a police state?
2001-09-27 04:40:28 PM  
Starring Joe Pesci as the hitman
and the guy who played Saddam in Hot Shots! as the terrorist!
2001-09-27 04:40:44 PM  
Hackers and virus writers will also be considered terrorists. I think that is a bad idea. Nobody is going to die if their web site is defaced or their hard drive is erased. Also know that I am not condoning hacking and virus writers.
2001-09-27 04:40:55 PM  

They don't make any distinction between small time and large time dealers, they persecute them all the same, no matter if it's heroin vs. marijuana. Herion being an EXTREMELY addictive drug, that does terrible things to people, and Marijuana being a mild euphorient and mildly addictive, and is about as harmfull to the body as smoking cigarettes.

Blind justice (we don't know, and we don't care)
2001-09-27 04:46:19 PM  
I like where you're going with that X_NekoChu_X. We could, maybe, have a retard (sorta like Rainman, but not) in it too. And I saw a Rutger Hauer movie that could add to the excitement. Where he escapes from a prison, or something like that. So the Retard escapes the prison and kills Bin Laden.
2001-09-27 04:46:38 PM  
i agree with walken

how are you going to set up decent florescent lighting in a closet??

quality, man - think quality
2001-09-27 04:46:45 PM  
Fishbowl: We used to freely work with organized crime, murderers, and criminals in order to gain intelligence, until Congress outlawed it.
2001-09-27 04:46:53 PM  
The only thing I've seen a pothead kill is a bag of Oreos.
2001-09-27 04:47:37 PM  
I think traditional organized crime wouldn't apply to the statement. The new organized crime has no respect for communities or tradition -- they're just out for a buck.

The "old" mafia and yakuza are very different from the new breed of international gangster. This is one of the few times that I'd like to return to the past.
2001-09-27 04:48:17 PM  
Or maybe it was a Christopher Lambert movie, where he escapes from a prison. But either way Rutger Hauer would HAVE to be in it (He would die early in it tho).
2001-09-27 04:48:28 PM  
2001-09-27 04:50:03 PM  
BaconFarker: Can't you just picture a couple of Itallian accented guys wandering through the desert. Oh wait wasn't that Ishtar?
2001-09-27 04:55:48 PM  
X_NekoChu_X: alls we need is some comic relief (like in Spies Like Us). Joe Pesci cant be the only comic relief. How bout Yakoff Smirnoff, im sure he isnt busy these days. The more accents the better, I always say. Or even better, Byron Allen... no wait ARSENIO HALL! [image from too old to be available] doesnt have an accent but boy was he good as Semi in Coming to America. im sure he could fake it.
2001-09-27 04:56:01 PM  
Reckless- Okay...All I am saying is that covert ops, etc. are not politically correct and we need to know bad people to get info on other bad guys. There does have to be some level of oversight, but Congress must know that the world is not always a friendly place. Even if their supporters only want to think happy thoughts. Realism sucks but it is the way of the world.

StevieB- That is the funniest thing I have heard all day. ; )
2001-09-27 04:58:50 PM  
Earth First has stated that Smallpox should be released back into the environment because it's a living organism with rights. They have also shown themselves very willing to take action in support of their positions whenever the opportunity arises. Frankly, that equates to a threat of biological terrorism to me.
2001-09-27 05:06:43 PM  
Earth First: spike trees, burn down buildings...nope, they're not terrorists
2001-09-27 05:10:56 PM  
the only thing you gotta remember to not get arrested for drugs is.. dont get arrested.
2001-09-27 05:25:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Have any of you seen this? Does it scare anyone how normal these guys look?
2001-09-27 05:27:29 PM  
If you legalized hippies growing weed in their closets for their friends, wouldn't you cut off a major money maker for the cartels and terrorists. WOuldn't this free up money for the investigation of hard drugs and terrorists. Not to mention maybe a few million for treatment. The taxes on the growing (and yes, people would pay a "grow" tax) alone would pay for a hell of a lot of treatment for sick people hooked on heroine.

I know. Makes way too much sense doesn't it. Besides we all know that plants are evil. Chop 'em down and lay some concrete.
2001-09-27 05:32:45 PM  
Did the tag on this story change? I thought it was tagged as [Scary].
2001-09-27 05:43:30 PM  
Did anyone here see this article describing: In May 2001 the Bush Administration and Colin Powell gave the Taliban $43 million as a reward for their statement that growing opium was against their religion?

Oh the irony!
2001-09-27 05:46:00 PM  
Wonderful, label a couple more illegal activities as terrorism and the government can do away that that thorn in its side called the Constitution. Due process, protection against unreasonable search and seizure, right to bear arms... who needs it! :(
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