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(Omaha World Herald)   Idiots tattoo station's call letters across foreheads for $150,000. Then fail to show up to court for the lawsuit. Dixie Chicks show up naked in protest   ( omaha.com) divider line
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2003-04-24 09:24:44 PM  
Ah, a semi-permanent record of their sheer stupidity. I guess it's too much to ask that the station's call letters are "WANK".
2003-04-24 09:38:19 PM  
How much does Tattoo removal cost, 'cause if it's less than $50,000 for the head tattoo then that's still $100,000 left over.
2003-04-24 10:33:50 PM  
[image from image.inkfrog.com too old to be available]
2003-04-25 12:08:42 AM  
How much if I tattoo "FARK" on my head?
2003-04-25 12:10:33 AM  
Am i the only one that had to read that headline twice?

...it still doesn't make sense.
2003-04-25 12:11:17 AM  
Hell I'd tattoo anything on my head for $150,000.....and then just get it removed. Dunno why these idiots didin't show up for the court case though.
2003-04-25 12:11:30 AM  
Probably too busy renting a belt sander for the homegrown removal process.
2003-04-25 12:11:45 AM  
Thales - Yeah, I bet they thought that, too. But they never got paid. That's what the lawsuit was about.
2003-04-25 12:11:57 AM  
foreheads? with an s?

That I gotta see...
2003-04-25 12:12:40 AM  
2003-04-25 12:12:47 AM  
Clevershark - there's two people. Ergo, two foreheads.
2003-04-25 12:13:04 AM  
2003-04-25 12:13:40 AM  
Yeah, you could just get it removed with a fraction of that money... but how dumb do you have to be to not get something like that in writing up front?
2003-04-25 12:14:07 AM  
There are so many reasons these guys are stupid. Even if tattoo removal is less than $50,000, it takes a long time to get one removed, and there's the chance of scarring. There are easier ways to prostitute yourself for $150,000, and most of them don't leave you looking like a jacka$$. And then, after showing that much stupidity, they skip court. It's a pretty common practice in suits like this the throw it out if the plaintiff doesn't show up, isn't it? If he doesn't care enough about the money to actually try to get it back, he shouldn't have it.
2003-04-25 12:15:35 AM  
I guess it wasn't so much a contest, as much as a Malthusian check.

Heck, I'd like to see that sort of "competition" spring up all over the country. It would save time by permanently identifying those people who are too f*cking stupid to talk or work with (or brake for, frankly).

I don't think tattoo removal works on the forehead, because the skin is thin and taut at that spot. That's also a good indicator for the non-retarded among us to determine that you shouldn't put a tattoo there.
2003-04-25 12:16:30 AM  
If you get your tattoo professionally removed with a really good Tattoo remover(which is expensive but hell, you have 150,000 and 1/4 of that would be more than enough) there are chances you wont get a scar. And even if you do, you can get a much cooler tattoo put in place.
2003-04-25 12:16:33 AM  
And by this point in time, do not most semi-intelligent people realize that radio stations are not the best at paying up on random things DJ's say? It's just a marketing ploy to attract attention; even if nobody does it, they get credit for trying to find somebody who will. And now the station is famous for having retarded listeners. WOOHOO!!!
2003-04-25 12:16:39 AM  
DieSchafe - please provide information on how I can prostitute myself for $150,000 that's easier than tattooing something on my forehead. I'm in.
2003-04-25 12:17:12 AM  
One day a girl was gonna give me a blowjob, and looked at my penis and asked, "Why do you have "Fark" tattooed on your dick ?

I said, "No honey, give me an erection first."

When she finally got me hard she looked again, and the whole tattoo said, "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we ..."

2003-04-25 12:17:45 AM  
They probably misspelled the call letters; thus, no case.
2003-04-25 12:18:14 AM  
I know someone who got a tattoo on their bald top part of their head, and later got it removed without any problems.....and yes he's an idiot for getting a tattoo on his head volluntarily.
2003-04-25 12:19:01 AM  
Can always replace those tatoos with more telling ones:

2003-04-25 12:19:21 AM  

A sander?! Now, that is a great idea. And to think that I have been use a cheese grater all this time like a sucker.
2003-04-25 12:19:24 AM  
Voluntarily even.
2003-04-25 12:21:30 AM  
I worked in radio for many years. That's nothing compared to some of the stupid things people will do in radio contests. Morons + contests = good radio.
2003-04-25 12:21:48 AM  
about as stupid as the idiots reading this forum right now
2003-04-25 12:22:21 AM  
It probably wasn't $150,000, it was $100,000 or a hundred grand. Which was, in reality, a candy bar.

I miss O&A
2003-04-25 12:22:24 AM  
[image from americainprophecy.com too old to be available]
2003-04-25 12:22:29 AM  
I grew up about 10 miles from Colona, IL. I can tell you from personal experience that the town is FULL of people this stupid. It's just sad.
2003-04-25 12:24:07 AM  
Oooh, that's bound to leave a mark.
2003-04-25 12:25:13 AM  
[image from i.cnn.net too old to be available]
At least a bum knew that to get the cash before hand.
2003-04-25 12:26:10 AM  
"666" is the only tattoo I would consider getting on my head :-)

Still, it would take an awful lot of beer and various other narcotics...
2003-04-25 12:29:28 AM  
"Coming soon DON"T BE A DUMBASS!!!! Once a week I will prove that the 93 rock listeners are not Dumbasses. (I hope!)"

Quite ironic I thought..

2003-04-25 12:29:32 AM  
well once you got it removed, if it leaves some scar, put more tatto like Chakotay's facial tattoo.
did i say facial? oh.. this is about tattoo.
2003-04-25 12:30:36 AM  
This is potato-cannon level stupidity.
2003-04-25 12:31:14 AM  
Remember that scene in Papillon with the guy with all the tattoos on his face?

Tattooed Guy: "Do you like my tattoos?"
Dustin Hoffman: "Yes, very much."
Tattooed Guy: "So did I, but I was drunk at the time."
2003-04-25 12:31:16 AM  
What it loks like when the call letters for an Aboriginie Radio Station are tattooed on your face:

[image from vanishingtattoo.com too old to be available]

2003-04-25 12:35:03 AM  
aren't those borg implants, Skinink

2003-04-25 12:35:32 AM  
the dj that got sued is now a dj 20 minutes from where i live, he was talking about it on the radio today, pretty funny story.
2003-04-25 12:35:43 AM  
If you tatoo FARK on your frehaed, you will get...

A boot to the head
2003-04-25 12:38:45 AM  
Yep, that's the town where I grew up... tsk tsk (shaking head from side to side) Davenport that is. Not Colona, hell no! (as if is makes any difference.)
2003-04-25 12:39:14 AM  
Rmoose -- there's a lady who likes a tough challenge!
2003-04-25 12:39:57 AM  
IamArturoBandini!!! Isn't that Tom Hanks?

Went to a party once, and a friend of mine had written 'fark ME' in sharpie on his forehead. When asked why he wrote it, his reply was "I thought 'fark YOU' would be too offensive."
2003-04-25 12:41:50 AM  
Few things I want to get off my chest:

1. I submitted this like two days ago with a better headline (in my opinion). And from the local paper (or was it a local tv station?), not one 5 hours away. And with the follow-up tag, since this was originally posted when the whole fiasco first happend.

2. I also submitted an article about 2 months ago about how the young asshat (Richard Goddard Jr.) got beat down with a ball peen hammer and almost hung by people he was staying with. http://www.wqad.com/Global/story.asp?s=%20%201125449 Someone with the html skillz that I don't want to learn can link that up.

3. I used to work for said radio station, and had a shift immediately before the DJ in question. Nice guy and all, but I'll bet you anything that he did it as a joke, without the approval of the radio station. That's off the record, btw. I had moved away by the time that this incident happened, so I don't know anything more specific than what's in the papers and on TV.
2003-04-25 12:42:12 AM  
I couldn't read the article thanks to that website's epileptic fit-inducing flash animation that advertises Omaha's exciting movie listings. But I did enjoy the liberal use of 'blank.gif' and the revelation that Saddam Hussien was a space alien:

[image from ads.omaha.com too old to be available]
2003-04-25 12:44:21 AM  
Tell them its a gang tat....it will be removed for free by many clinics!!!
2003-04-25 12:44:51 AM  
I've thought about tatooing my phone number on my forehead since I'm always forgetting it (cuz I don't call myself!) - except it'd be backwards in the mirror and I'd probably call Arabia by mistake.
Besides, I wouldn't be home.
2003-04-25 12:49:58 AM  
[image from wqad.static.worldnow.com too old to be available]
2003-04-25 12:55:58 AM  
I'd like to get a tatoo of a butt with a butt-shaped tatoo, and I'd get it tatooed right on my butt.
2003-04-25 12:57:11 AM  
YES! I was worried about this idiot being from omaha (where I live) when I saw it was from the Omaha World Herald. Glad he's not from here...we have enough dumbasses to keep us occupied
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