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2003-04-24 03:09:18 PM  
I predict "The Big One" in 2012...
2003-04-24 03:09:52 PM  
Hello? 911? yes, I'd like to report a future earth quake in San Fran *hangs up* Hello? operator? I'd like to cancel all flights for San francisco till the year 2035!
2003-04-24 03:10:48 PM  
Way to narrow it down
2003-04-24 03:11:35 PM  
Man that did study, unlikely to lose virginity before 2035, may move out of parents basement though, and get "really swinging pad"
2003-04-24 03:12:34 PM  
Wow, they're really going out on a limb with this one.
2003-04-24 03:12:50 PM  
Major quakes may occur in any part of this rapidly growing region.

What is it about this region that is rapidly growing? Population? Land mass? Frequency of earthquakes? I don't get it.
2003-04-24 03:12:54 PM  
Has there ever been a case of one of these things being accurate? I remember all the talk in the Midwest about how there would be another major earthquake along the New Madrid fault by 2000 (for those of you who don't know, the last earthquake along the New Madrid actually changed the course of the Mississippi for a few days).
2003-04-24 03:17:06 PM  
I blame N.Korea.
2003-04-24 03:17:37 PM  
Glad I live in NYC where nothing can ever go wrong...
2003-04-24 03:17:39 PM  
Earthquakes, hell. I've gotta get this dam' USGS '3%' sign off my house.
2003-04-24 03:18:12 PM  
I predict someone will complain about the headline between now and 2032.
2003-04-24 03:18:19 PM  
One great big festering neon distraction....
2003-04-24 03:21:25 PM  
Is this really a bad thing?

And what about the caldera in Jellostone? That's a potentially devastating volcano that could take out half that region, no?
2003-04-24 03:21:45 PM  
If they're wrong a lot of people are going to be complaining in 30 years.
2003-04-24 03:23:10 PM  
Here are a couple of pics of where I live:

[image from soundwaves.usgs.gov too old to be available]

According to a liquefaction study I think we're going to look like "A" again after the next "big one".
2003-04-24 03:23:43 PM  
2003-04-24 03:24:57 PM  
And this just in. Experts predict major earthquake in Los Angeles Basin likely to occur within the next century.
Damn.. this is pretty easy. I shoulda been a scientist.
Severe tornadoes likely to do localized damage in areas of Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle sometime this summer.
2003-04-24 03:27:53 PM  
Make me a fill-in-the-blank-ologist.
Just like OPIATE69, here goes:

This summer in Florida there will be scattered hurricane action. Both coasts. OK now gimme my check.
2003-04-24 03:28:32 PM  
Opiate69, don't forget the ever-migrating trailer parks in the Florida panhandle
2003-04-24 03:28:55 PM  
I predict flooding of the mississippi.
2003-04-24 03:29:37 PM  
FLASH!!! Snow in Buffalo this winter!!!
2003-04-24 03:29:37 PM  
[image from theimaginaryworld.com too old to be available]
2003-04-24 03:29:41 PM  
this could be "the big one" folks..new oceanfront property to soon become available. and by "soon" i mean "maybe perhaps kinda sorta in the next 30 years, but don't sell the farm on this info"
2003-04-24 03:29:43 PM  
So, what color of earthquake alert does that put us to?
2003-04-24 03:30:43 PM  
and what's the difference between an "earthquake" and an "EarthQuake?"
2003-04-24 03:30:57 PM  

Is that like PlanetQuake?

Or maybe LearnToCapitalizeQuake?

2003-04-24 03:31:38 PM  
This must be one of Saddams secret weapons.
2003-04-24 03:31:59 PM  
Hehehe.. this is fun.
Scientist are predicting extreme low temperatures and heavy snow in the Arctic region of Alaska. Details at 11.
2003-04-24 03:32:42 PM  
I predict everything east of the San Andreas is going to fall in to the Atlantic.
2003-04-24 03:33:34 PM  
I predict another boobies link...
2003-04-24 03:33:58 PM  
That's gonna suck.
2003-04-24 03:33:59 PM  
Oddly enough, we just had an earthquake here, less than 10 minutes ago. I think it's mother natures way of disagreeing with bring your daughter to work day.
2003-04-24 03:36:34 PM  
After careful and deliberate study over the past year, I have determined that posts succeeding this one may contain sarcasm. Farker discretion is advised.
2003-04-24 03:37:05 PM  
"[S]cientists conclude that there is a 62% probability of at least one magnitude 6.7 or greater quake, capable of causing widespread damage, striking the San Francisco Bay region before 2032."

Of course it's science; just not an exact one. More like an artful science.

/has nothing
2003-04-24 03:37:12 PM  
Major eathquake in 2,398,118,743....2,398,118,742.....
2003-04-24 03:37:25 PM  
Experts recommend that you stand in a doorway for the next 30 years.

(old Johnny Carson line)
2003-04-24 03:38:11 PM  
w00t! Im ready to rock and roll living here on the Hayward fault.

Overlord: I think they mean population. Fremont has 200,000 alone and it sprawls into the surrounding cities which are fairly large. The only way I can tell where I'm at is from the "Now entering...." signs. Hell, driving south to San Jose, it's nothing but developments and malls.

Hope I'm off the Left Coast before it hits and living somewhere safe like South Philly.

2003-04-24 03:38:19 PM  
SweaterGirl, where is "here"?
2003-04-24 03:42:26 PM  
So if you live in the San Francisco area and are planning on having a baby this year, keep in mind that between now and the time your baby has graduated college, started a career and is raising 2 kids of it's own there could a major earthquake! Also keep an eye out for stray comets or asteroids one of those could hit the earth by the time your baby is in an assisted living home watching matlock : /
2003-04-24 03:42:31 PM  
Sooner than that if my evil plan gets off the ground :D
2003-04-24 03:42:32 PM  
Larrystorc, have you been to South Philly? Having grown up in Philly, I'd take my chances in the epicenter of a level 7 in San Francisco!
2003-04-24 03:43:19 PM  
Hey, wait a minute!! I'm a scientist (or at least that's what my 1040 says, Farker didn't cut it)!!!
2003-04-24 03:44:05 PM  
What do I win if he doesn't get this right?

Uh, anything in this general area right in here. Anything below the stereo and on this side of the bicentennial glasses. Anything between the ashtrays and the thimble. Anything in this three inches right in here in this area. That includes the Chiclets, but not the erasers.
2003-04-24 03:44:35 PM  
Ferruz, yes I have. I'd walk thru there in the middle of the night just to get a real east coast pizza and not this Left Coast crap they call pizza.
2003-04-24 03:45:19 PM  
discostupafly, nice jerk ref, ps the new phone book is here!
2003-04-24 03:48:13 PM  
How do you "prepare" for an earthquake? Hold on?
2003-04-24 03:49:10 PM  
Whale_Oil_Beef_Hooked: Makes no difference what the 1040 says, boy, if I went by mine, I'd be an "accoutant". D'oheth! Wonder what those IRS folks must've thought of me......
2003-04-24 03:55:05 PM  
anyone else just feel that?
2003-04-24 03:58:02 PM  
In other news, tide comes in, tide goes out.....

Who gets it first - SF or Tokyo?
2003-04-24 04:02:17 PM  
miss cleo reference in 5...4...3...2...
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