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(North End Waterfront)   Fleeing suspect unsuccessfully fakes a nap at hospital   ( divider line
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6606 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Apr 2003 at 2:58 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-24 11:37:39 AM  
I swear, not all of us Kansans are this stupid. Only about 90% of our state is near this guy.
2003-04-24 12:01:23 PM  
Fakes a nap? He should have put his head in the trash can, then nobody could have seen him.
2003-04-24 03:02:01 PM  
at least he tried.....I guess. I try to fake naps at work but it doesn't work here either.
2003-04-24 03:02:31 PM  
He shoulda dragged a doctor into a utility closet, beaten him half to death, taken his clothes, donned a surgical mask, and pretended to assist in triple bypass surgery. That one ALWAYS works. Like that one time in Ft. Lauderdale when I was...wait....nevermind.
2003-04-24 03:02:35 PM  
Fakes a nap? I told him to act like he's taking a sh...
2003-04-24 03:03:05 PM  
all I can say is boobies....big lushious boobies.
2003-04-24 03:04:06 PM  
hey! it worked in the movies
2003-04-24 03:04:23 PM  
"When confronted with the police he brought his index finger and thumb up to his eye and attempted to 'crush the heads' of the police and security blocking the entrance. He was unsuccessful at this as well."
2003-04-24 03:05:15 PM  
Am I the only one who had to reread the headline? Because at first it looks like it said he "takes a fap" at local hospital. Something is dreadfully wrong with me.
2003-04-24 03:05:17 PM  
Classic hospital hilarity...I work at the hospital where that 15 y/o hired the prostitute a while back. Let me just say to the uninformed, that that incident and this here, are some of the more tame things that I hear about daily in the hospital setting.
2003-04-24 03:07:13 PM  
Then the nightsticks woke him up by going "Boeing Boeing Boeing" off his head.

/Wichita joke
2003-04-24 03:08:44 PM  
04-24-03 03:05:17 PM The_Human_Torch
Classic hospital hilarity...I work at the hospital where that 15 y/o hired the prostitute a while back.

Doogie Howser?
2003-04-24 03:08:55 PM  
The_Human_Torch: You light your farts too?? I thought I was the only one!

2003-04-24 03:16:00 PM  
EvolveYouPuts: I thought it said "takes a fap" at first also.
2003-04-24 03:19:04 PM  
Shoulda been pretending to read a newspaper to cover his face. Or at least find a sewer grate or something.
2003-04-24 03:20:24 PM  
Stupid Wichita moron.

/stupid kc person
2003-04-24 03:23:19 PM  
A real ninja would've walked right by them unnoticed.
2003-04-24 03:23:27 PM  
Last time I tried that, I came to with a missing kidney
2003-04-24 03:28:11 PM  
Rofl, what a dumbass.
2003-04-24 03:34:04 PM  
And I'd have gotten away with it.....meddling John Q...
2003-04-24 03:34:06 PM  
haha "fleeing"

I mean really, it's a silly word, "flee"
2003-04-24 03:36:18 PM  
But so is "weird"

Sound it out. "Weeeiiiirrrrdd".

Weird word.
2003-04-24 03:36:34 PM  
If the dude was smart he would have checked himself (under an alias) in to the ER complaining of a crushing chest pain. Not only can he grab a few winks, he can get a few doses of free morphine before the tests come back.
2003-04-24 03:37:09 PM  
Hey buddy..your not asleep! Wake up!
Fapfapfapfappa fapfapfapfapfap.
He's done..take him away boys.
2003-04-24 03:47:30 PM  
If this hospital is like the size I work in - or the surrounding 3 - he could have made it away. Just run inside, hop an elevator to a random floor # (try 3?)
walk into the restroom, push one of the tiles on the ceiling and hoist yourself up in the electrical crawlspace.

I played this episode in one of those 'choose your own adventures' books.
2003-04-24 04:20:48 PM  
I give the guy an "A" for effort but a "D-" in disguises.
2003-04-24 05:31:16 PM  
Then the nightsticks woke him up by going "Boeing Boeing Boeing" off his head.

Man, I really hate when people pronounce it "boing." Living in Wichita, you hear that a lot :(
2003-04-24 06:26:33 PM  
I lived in Wichita for a while, pretty nice town but I was glad to move back to KC after my contract ended.
2003-04-24 07:59:21 PM  
heh, it's not that bad, but I'll be glad when I graduate and leave (hopefully with employment elsewhere)
2003-04-25 03:46:59 AM  
2003-04-25 03:51:12 AM  
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