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(Some Guy)   Trailer for new Tenacious D song "Wonderboy" available. Directed by Spike Jonze   ( divider line
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1935 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Sep 2001 at 12:23 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-29 12:46:22 AM  
LOVE THE D.... this D not the "d"
2001-09-29 12:54:23 AM  
I thought it said 'Directed by Spike Lee' and when I was watching it I was thinking, 'how'd they get Spike Lee to direct this whitebread milquetoast crackers video?' It's Spike Jonze though.
2001-09-29 01:05:22 AM  
2001-09-29 01:05:43 AM  
Thought I would put this up here because it is my favorite thing by Tenacious D, "fark her gently". Oh and it is Not at all safe for work.
2001-09-29 01:08:19 AM  
Oh, and here is a Flash version of "fark her Gently", slightly better picture quality and still NSFW
2001-09-29 01:10:27 AM  
i don't care for their music.. but they're funny guys
2001-09-29 01:46:57 AM  
With Karate I'll kick your ass!
2001-09-29 02:19:09 AM  
Jack Black rocks out!
2001-09-29 02:19:45 AM  
What does the message 'could not find specified server' mean? Cuz that pops up when I try to watch the video on WMP.
2001-09-29 02:25:50 AM  
the link is farked!
2001-09-29 02:47:47 AM  
This will be the Best...Video...Ever...
2001-09-29 02:49:26 AM  
Yes, but will it be like Weapon of Choice? Will it have Walken?
2001-09-29 02:57:29 AM  
Well, no Walken, but it will have broadswords, yak killing with "mind bullets" (that's telekenesis, homes), and a soaring musical will rock your socks off and make your girlfriend ovulate. What more could you want? You can always photoshop Walken in later... =)
2001-09-29 04:52:41 AM  
The album is great. I've loved the "D" for a long time, and I was hoping the album would be as good as the shows. It is. It's different to hear them with a full band, but they really kick ass. It's funny as hell, too.
2001-09-29 04:53:48 AM  
2001-09-29 06:27:43 AM  
farkers, i've got all the HBO episodes (6?)in .rm format, i'd be glad to upload them to anyone who is interested in the D. it's the least i could do for all the fun ive had over the last few weeks as a young farker.

Fall tour! Halloween in SF baby!
2001-09-29 10:32:54 AM  
Being a fan of fantasy type stuff and any music that can rock this looks fairly decent.

However, I do not think I can ever get past the title of Wonder Boy.

reminds me of wonder bread.

no self respecting villian or hero would ever call himself wonder boy, egads.
2001-09-29 10:46:00 AM  
2001-09-29 10:49:53 AM  
Rinpoche can you put them up on morpheus? just put em into your "my shared" folder, where morpheus dumps the downloaded files. thanks. if you dont have morpheus, (you really should...) clickhere and try looking for it here.
2001-09-29 12:41:06 PM  
Note: Wraith's link does not work. He meant this.
2001-09-29 02:12:11 PM  
What sucks is that there are like NO lyrics to any of their songs anywhere. Not even in the linear notes where there should be some. FAWK!!!!!! that blows, I hate transcribing stuff :]
2001-09-29 06:26:28 PM  
And the demon said "Be ye angels?"

This is the greatest song in the world... tribute!
2001-09-29 06:35:26 PM

This is a link for some lyrics... not all the songs on the album however... but also some that were not on the album.
2001-09-29 07:49:21 PM  
Once again, I am crying in my pants with excitement.
Rocket Sauce!!
2001-09-29 09:55:02 PM  
ok..i just set up morpheus..we are good to go..leech all you want cause i am gonna be out the next day or so.

my username is "the_rinpoche"

all my shared files are of the D. the episodes are titled "td_ep1.rm" etc up to td_ep6.rm...

i hope it works (p2p) cause i have a pretty rock solid firewall...although napster worked so...enjoy. hurry though cause i am not a big fan of p2p stuff i prefer it uses all my bandwidth.
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