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(Pioneer Local)   Baseball game interrupted when hawk drops dead rabbit on player   ( divider line
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18417 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Apr 2003 at 6:14 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-24 12:05:06 PM  
Was the rabbit white? Was it the result of a Holy Hand Grenade?
2003-04-24 12:10:42 PM  
The hawk was a friend of Ozzy the Osprey.
2003-04-24 01:01:26 PM  
Niles West-West Nile. Coincidence?
2003-04-24 03:19:25 PM  
This is seriously the funniest story I have read in a week. I'm still laughing over it.

/gets a grip
2003-04-24 04:10:16 PM  
This would be much better if they would top it off with a video of this happening.
2003-04-24 04:49:11 PM  
Flaming Cows... Rabbits falling from the sky... Didn't Nostradamus write about this?
2003-04-24 05:48:27 PM  
Witnesses say the hawk flew away screaming "This one's for Ozzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy"
2003-04-24 06:17:35 PM  
What the article fails to mention is that the rabbit had a burning rag tied to it at the time.
2003-04-24 06:19:48 PM  
is that considered an error ??
2003-04-24 06:20:16 PM  
WTF? Is it Bird 'n' Bunny Week(tm) on Fark?

/cuz I missed the promos for it...
2003-04-24 06:21:48 PM  
Oh, great. It's a Chicago 'burb, too.
2003-04-24 06:23:06 PM  
That's why I didn't get any Easter Eggs this year!! I wondered what happened...
2003-04-24 06:23:45 PM  
What became of its basket full of eggs?
2003-04-24 06:23:48 PM  
had a hawk drop a lamprey in a friend's yard, looks like
a fish with an oil drilling bit for a mouth. ugly SOB too.

the other one was the bald eagle and the salmon. eagle grabs 30-40 lb. salmon on the back. they tumble over and over through the riffles, eagle has to let go and struggle
back into the air.

sometimes I miss oregon...
2003-04-24 06:24:02 PM  
I just have to ask...does anyone know what's going on with the black names vs. blue names? I just got home...
2003-04-24 06:24:08 PM  
"Thats when the sky really fell in on the Vikings and North assistant coach Ron Zagorski in particular."

Ahh nothing quite like bending the truth to make it funnier.

2003-04-24 06:24:51 PM  
Rabbits: Nature's little cell-phones..
2003-04-24 06:28:40 PM  
They must be REALLY pissed about that kestrel thing....
2003-04-24 06:30:04 PM  
Zagorski emerged unscathed. The rabbit? It wasnt that lucky.

AWWWW poor wabbit who care about Zagorski
2003-04-24 06:31:24 PM  
The birds are fighting back! The birds are fighting back, I tells ya!
2003-04-24 06:32:00 PM  
Darth - good call - there is no such thing as "coincidence." synchronicity maybe, but coincidence? nope.
2003-04-24 06:35:30 PM  
Let me be the first to say, EWWWWWWW!!!!!!
2003-04-24 06:37:24 PM  
If I had a nickel....
2003-04-24 06:42:43 PM  
Rabbits: Nature's little cell-phones..

I stared at that like 'WTF', then realized that the lil' bunny was the bird's cell phone and he dropped it and lost it at the baseball game like a drunken Cub or Sox fan and

/uh, yeah. Sumpin' like that.
2003-04-24 06:50:08 PM  
Time for some BBQ bunny.
2003-04-24 06:51:32 PM  
Now you know why the baseball players hate them so much.

2003-04-24 06:52:44 PM  
MilkBone he may also have been drawing a comparison to the guy who beaned Everett with a cell phone a couple days ago.
2003-04-24 06:53:26 PM  
Mind you, I had never really considered the aerodynamic properties of a plummeting Lepus. Or it's destructive potential.
2003-04-24 06:55:57 PM  
Beware, MLB....the birds....the BIRDS!
Revenge is tweet.
2003-04-24 07:01:35 PM  
I was thinking of this article.

Oh. What Sidi said.
2003-04-24 07:04:19 PM  
The Hawk was just showing his appreciation for the removal of the Osprey competition :) You KNOW to a hawk one human looks pretty much like any other human...Featherless, stuck to the ground, and with too many foolish naked limbs :)
2003-04-24 07:11:17 PM  
I beat the hawk is pissed.

He lost his dinner.
2003-04-24 07:13:34 PM  
Of all the hare-brained ways to interrupt a game, this has to have been one of the strangest.
2003-04-24 07:25:37 PM  
Who hasn't thrown a dead animal at an athlete?!
2003-04-24 07:30:49 PM  
Princess? Is that you?
2003-04-24 07:33:31 PM  
Can we say "avian payback"?

Too bad they're not dropping dead rabbits on korea.
2003-04-24 07:49:16 PM  
It's a Avian message... Jae-kuk Ryu sleeps with the rabbits.

/The Birdfather
2003-04-24 07:50:50 PM  
At least the rabbit wasn't shot out of a potato gun
...this time
2003-04-24 07:51:34 PM  
"Smithers, I'll donate that money when pigs fly"

cut to pig flying across window

"would you like me to get the checkbook, Mr. Burns?"

/lame simpson reference
2003-04-24 07:52:28 PM  
I would have to call this one 'mascot interference' and not award a hit or take an AB away from the batsman.
2003-04-24 07:53:17 PM  

What would be worse that one launched with a potato gun (also called a "punkin chunker" would ba if it was a "pie" shot.

/obscure Discovery channel refernce
2003-04-24 07:54:28 PM  
not "ba:, BE

/ using /
2003-04-24 07:58:21 PM  
I still think Randy Johnson's envolved somehow.
2003-04-24 08:08:57 PM  
Oh man, this is CRAZYGONUTS!!!

Wait a minute - it's not that crazy at all.
2003-04-24 08:09:41 PM  
Every intelligent person knows that a rabbit is the hawk's "daisycutter".

You never thought of that! Puny humans!
2003-04-24 08:11:56 PM  
funny article. I find news like this much more interesting than another *bling *bling busted a cap in the mofo'
2003-04-24 08:12:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Oh boy, Wabbit season!!!
2003-04-24 08:19:53 PM  
Where was PETA in all of this? Oh, I suppose it's all right for birds to eat animals, but not humans. We're so unworthy.
2003-04-24 08:20:00 PM  
Perhaps in retaliation of the Osprey incident?
2003-04-24 08:41:35 PM  
MilkBone he may also have been drawing a comparison to the guy who beaned Everett with a cell phone a couple days ago.

I was thinking of this article.

Oh. What Sidi said.

DAMN! My bad. So many birds and baseball players getting beaned by fans/birds/players/cell phones/rabbits my head's just a' spinnin' these days.

/Verily, I say.
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