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(Guinness)   World Record for Spaghetti Nasal Ejection has gone unchallenged for over four years   ( divider line
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4966 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Apr 2003 at 4:39 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-24 11:40:54 AM  
His mother must be so proud.
2003-04-24 12:01:55 PM  
2003-04-24 12:03:19 PM  
Of course, the article also misspelled Ramen Noodles as "Ramon", so I guess I shouldn't be such the spelling nazi, right?

2003-04-24 04:41:08 PM  
Record for Fark headline misspellings on one week not so safe.
2003-04-24 04:41:51 PM  
Gimme a minute. I'm on it!
2003-04-24 04:42:06 PM  
insert a witty comment
2003-04-24 04:42:28 PM  
My noodle knows all about ejection.
2003-04-24 04:42:39 PM  
man that blows
2003-04-24 04:42:40 PM  
The picture in the article could be a fark cliche.
I'm still laughing.
2003-04-24 04:42:46 PM  
I'll take him on any day. Someone gimme a noodle.

Nevermind, that sounds gross.
2003-04-24 04:44:12 PM  
I'll step up to the challenge.

/inserting noodle
2003-04-24 04:44:34 PM  
I'm coming for him
2003-04-24 04:45:30 PM  
This has me thinking, this guy probably uses the Nori Nasal Passage Cleaner on a regular basis.
2003-04-24 04:45:35 PM  
It always starts with Ramen, then someone offers spaghetti and before you know it they are on the road to linguini ending up addicted to lasagna noodles.
2003-04-24 04:46:02 PM  
Flumpis: That was farking hilarious!!!!
2003-04-24 04:46:40 PM  
I'd like to see that guy snort soba noodles
2003-04-24 04:47:20 PM  
f*cking link...Registration popups...

/throws damn ball at osprey.
2003-04-24 04:47:29 PM  
Flumpis, good one.
2003-04-24 04:48:03 PM  
Did somone mention a record?
2003-04-24 04:49:12 PM  
Flumpis, you are truly a comedy genius.
2003-04-24 04:49:17 PM  
Flumpis: Must you say something absurd? I wanna know what is so funny, but am worried my coworkers will overhear me say "scooter my daisyheads". Just checking.
2003-04-24 04:50:38 PM  
Nobody nose the trouble I've seen..
Nobody nose my sorrows..

What are Ramon noodles?
2003-04-24 04:50:41 PM  
is there a record for penile smegma ejection?
2003-04-24 04:51:00 PM  
Judging by the pleased look on his face, I'd say he's been enjoying some "Ramon Noodles" if ya know what i mean.
2003-04-24 04:51:23 PM  
Flumpis - is part of the hilarity the $50/minute charge?
2003-04-24 04:51:25 PM  
Kleenex surrenders.
2003-04-24 04:51:48 PM  
This article is just begging to have hundreds of bored morons choke to death on pasta in the next couple of days.
2003-04-24 04:51:59 PM  
Call the number and ask for Flumpis. If the guy asks you to touch his but, say "only if you touch mine."
2003-04-24 04:52:20 PM  
How about with an extension cord?
2003-04-24 04:52:55 PM  
Incidentally, i urge you, if at all possible, to play the video clip. It's funny on any number of levels.
2003-04-24 04:53:32 PM  
yes, but can he do that while ironing on Mt. Everest?
2003-04-24 04:53:58 PM  
You don't have to say something absurd, but even carrying on a conversation would be quite funny. Also, Maven, what happened?
2003-04-24 04:55:27 PM  
finally....a game we all can play!
2003-04-24 04:55:36 PM  
i just called and then hung up when someone said that absurd?
2003-04-24 04:55:51 PM  
How pitiful we have become. Why in my day, we used band-saw blades as snortable fun, and we LIKED IT! Spaghetti....bah.
2003-04-24 04:56:32 PM  
That is QUITE absurd!
2003-04-24 04:56:53 PM  
First I left a message asking a birdcage. Then I called back and someone picked up. I asked for Flumpis. The guy handed me over to another guy, and when I asked if this was flumpis, he asked me if I would touch his butt. So I said only if you touch mine first. (I'm a guy) He said "seriously?".
2003-04-24 04:57:08 PM  
in other news: Guinness Book of World Record to change name to Guinness Book of Stupid Human Tricks.
2003-04-24 04:57:34 PM  
That should be "asking about a birdcage"
2003-04-24 04:57:41 PM  
eh, I'm too much of a wimp to try this at work, maybe I will try when I gte home, it is a Mass number....
2003-04-24 04:57:50 PM  
This just reminded me of an episode of Pete and Pete when Pete got a marshmellow in the shape of a presidents head stuck in his nose. Oh, life was so much more simple when i was younger.
2003-04-24 04:58:12 PM  
so, uh, what's on the other end of the line?
2003-04-24 04:58:25 PM  
Alright, what's the deal with Flumpis' number?
2003-04-24 04:58:27 PM  
Punk. Real record holders use dry noodles.
2003-04-24 04:58:59 PM  
If you do call that number (1-508-641-1908), post the results so we can share in the hilarity.
2003-04-24 04:59:10 PM  
Nobody answered.

Did we fark a phone number, by chance?

/Now THAT'S an idea...
2003-04-24 04:59:14 PM  
Hilarious. But, if I knew this was worthy of the Guinness book, I have a friend from elementary school that can outperform him with a gold chain.
2003-04-24 04:59:47 PM  
Flumpis, seriously, you made me laugh so hard I spit drain cleaner all over my monitor. I was trying to kill myself but I'm not anymore cuz that was so farking hilarious. How did you come up with that?!
2003-04-24 04:59:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-24 05:00:16 PM  
Flumpis, I think you invented an entire Fark category. "Farkphone"
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