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2003-04-23 03:07:19 PM  
Wet burka contest, anyone?
2003-04-23 05:08:38 PM  
Worst. Spring. Break. Ever.
2003-04-23 05:50:27 PM  
Hell, that's why I went to college.
2003-04-23 06:55:14 PM  
hoping to get married, be healed or get a divorce

Funny I never thought I'd need divine intervention for a divorce. I figured all I'd have to do is be myself..
2003-04-23 06:56:15 PM  
Jaerb Wednesday...

/Coach Z
2003-04-23 06:57:11 PM  
Ahhh, Myths.... gotta love em

every culture has no shortage of silly ones

and who knows, some of them may work
2003-04-23 06:57:58 PM  
"I just came to see the girls"

That explains about 80% of my life...

2003-04-23 06:59:28 PM  
Recockulous: You stole my line!

Coincidentally, that's also the motivation for half of what I do. The other half is motivated by hunger or lack of energy.

2003-04-23 07:00:07 PM  
We all assume he meant young girls... but then why would he go to a ritual that he himself states "only old people believe it"... *shudders*
2003-04-23 07:00:26 PM  
Pray that you don't hit "a warm spot".
2003-04-23 07:02:11 PM  
When I was there I peed in that water.
2003-04-23 07:02:25 PM  
Ha, that guy rules!
2003-04-23 07:06:03 PM  
Oh, JOB, the guy from the bible...

I thought they were talking about employment.
2003-04-23 07:07:12 PM  
Sounds like mass at Seton Hall.
2003-04-23 07:08:26 PM  
"Its nonsense, only old people believe it. I just came to see the girls, maybe I'll get to meet someone," he added.

Adding that last tidbit onto his quote makes it seem a mite hypocritical...."I don't believe it, but hey, I'll meet someone"
2003-04-23 07:10:34 PM  
As soon as the sun touches the water...

2003-04-23 07:10:35 PM  
"But, paradoxically, it is on the last Tuesday"

thanks Zeno

This is worse than the misplaced Ironic tag that apears on Fark daily
2003-04-23 07:11:01 PM  
Didn't Job end up with all his children dead and covered in ugly, painful scabs just because God got bored one day?

I don't know about anyone else, but I can do without that kind of luck.
2003-04-23 07:11:39 PM  
silly Mutt, you didn't ACTUALLY believe that the world was round, did you?

2003-04-23 07:11:46 PM  
The have a video of the racier scenes from this event at www.girlsgonewildonjobwednesday.com.
2003-04-23 07:18:26 PM  
TentaclePr0nRocks they forgot to include one word:

meet someone gullible
2003-04-23 07:19:53 PM  
Damn you, 13Items! That link's been farked already. Missed it!
2003-04-23 07:20:22 PM  
Clevershark nah...it wasn't because he was bored, it was because he had a little action going with the devil.

You know, when your belief system includes your god randomly making a true believer suffer for a bet...something is wrong.
2003-04-23 07:21:19 PM  
Clevershark You don't get it--God loved Job the most so he tested him with horrible sorrows. You should pray to God that he loves you as much as he loved Job. I do, and hey, I think it's working.
2003-04-23 07:25:16 PM  
"Its nonsense, only old people believe it. I just came to see the girls. Maybe I'll get to meet someone"
he then added:
"I'm so very very alone. Why won't girls talk to me?"
2003-04-23 07:30:01 PM  
Cryinoutloud -- indeed, I see from your profile that He saw fit to send you to Montana... you are "blessed" indeed!
2003-04-23 07:31:21 PM  
Cryinoutloud -- I do, however, find it somewhat disturbing that you should list the "Montana Sexual and Violent Offenders Registry" as your personal web site...
2003-04-23 07:35:45 PM  
Pray that you don't hit "a warm spot".

Pray that you get "to hit" a warm spot.
2003-04-23 07:44:36 PM  
Ahh, one day our great great great grandkids will look back on this religon thing and say "WTF were we thinking?" and laugh about it.
2003-04-23 07:48:47 PM  
2003-04-23 07:49:12 PM  
[image from creditunionsrock.com too old to be available]
2003-04-23 07:50:17 PM  
I always wonder why these crazy rituals that promise good health and a bunch of other good things last for hundreds and hundreds of years when they are inefectice. Dont people think "This shat doesnt do anything. Im outtie."
2003-04-23 08:04:01 PM  
I just came to see the girls, maybe I'll get to meet someone," he added.

I know what you mean, bro. I only go to the Christmas Eve church services to meet chicks.
2003-04-23 08:04:53 PM  
New from MTV Films...
2003-04-23 08:08:43 PM  
2003-04-23 08:09:38 PM  
hey look, a woman wearing a tent. sexy.
2003-04-23 08:10:16 PM  
what's candy floss?
2003-04-23 08:13:05 PM  
what's candy floss?
I was wondering the same thing. I bet my dentist wouldn't aprove.
2003-04-23 08:13:32 PM  
You want a donkey...
[image from kidzworld.com too old to be available]
I don't think I understood the assignment...
2003-04-23 08:14:52 PM  
Apparently it's cotton candy:
[image from popcornandcandyfloss.com too old to be available]
2003-04-23 08:16:21 PM  
I feel a strange kinship towards these people.

Folks is folks...

2003-04-23 08:24:40 PM  
They stay there all day? In the water?

Could you float a keg if you wedged it in an innertube?
2003-04-23 08:36:56 PM  
04-23-03 06:57:58 PM Mikemir
"I just came to see the girls"
That explains about 80% of my life...

Shoot minus work and sleeping, that explains at least 90% of mine.

/Tried to buy a life but the K-Mart, near my house, went out of business that day.
2003-04-23 08:42:51 PM  
It is called "Job Wednesday" because in ancient days (even today?) the day starts after the sun sets. Therefore, its Tuesday until the sun is fully set. When the sun sets it's Wednesday.
2003-04-23 08:43:20 PM  
God didn't "test" job, he just didn't protect him (the wilful angel wasn't Lucifer, it was Satan; that was just its name). God's job isn't to protect us; it's to trust us, our own free will, to keep faith in the face of adversity.

Didn't you guys ever go to sunday school?

2003-04-23 08:45:44 PM  
Funny thing, I don't remember Job being a prophet. I thought he was a merchant.
2003-04-23 08:50:33 PM  
Well, technically we here in the United States put forward that on December 25th, a fat man in a red suit flys around in a small land vehicle pulled by flying deer, sliding down chimneys (even to the houses that don't have chimneys) and placing wrapped parcels under chopped down fir trees we've all propped up and covered with lights and baubles.

Or at least that's what they show on the news every year.

Oh, and every one of us that celebrates Christmas believes the above is true. Verbatim. Every one of us. Really.
2003-04-23 08:53:08 PM  
Does it ever cure them of the sickness of participation?
2003-04-23 08:56:03 PM  
I love Egyptians. To celebrate their faith, they go swimming. In Iraq, the lacerate themselves with broadswords.
2003-04-23 08:57:40 PM  
[image from geocities.com too old to be available]
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