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(CNN)   Public schools are failing because they're full of rude asshat kids raised by lazy asshat parents   ( divider line
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2003-04-23 12:08:04 PM  
Antiflag: What school in STL did you go to? What college? I went to Pattonville and then on to Lafayette. It was pretty horrible in both places. Pattonville was falling apart and the teachers weren't fit to teach grade school and Lafayette was just slighly poorer then Ladue. It really sucked.
2003-04-23 12:08:21 PM  
My 10-year-old cusses like a sailor. I tell him to stop it, but of course he doesn't. BUT he is polite and respectful of adults. I know I've been horrified by the behavior of kids towards adults for at least a decade now. I NEVER would have done stuff like that.

I'm trying to teach my kid to have curiosity about everything and to use his own head. Then no matter how many asshats and apathetic teachers he runs into, he will still be able to think on his own.
2003-04-23 12:08:34 PM  
Ivory, Phoxxy? Don't you have any Lava?
2003-04-23 12:09:27 PM  
Nrvous: Well.. there's a high probability.
2003-04-23 12:10:06 PM  
Cryinoutloud: My 10-year-old cusses like a sailor. I tell him to stop it, but of course he doesn't. BUT he is polite and respectful of adults.

I take it you aren't an adult, because he sure as fark isn't respectful of you.
2003-04-23 12:10:06 PM  
Drussil4 ~ You're kids are going to be scared shiatless to date. There's the side of don't trust strangers, respect yourself and your body and don't do it if you feel even slightly wrong about it. But you're just scary. Most boys are hormone bots... but you just don't get into situations where you're alone with them. There's a difference between playing it smart and being scared to death.

My two cents on schooling: homeschool. If you can do it, homeschool.
2003-04-23 12:10:28 PM  
God bless ya, Drussil4
2003-04-23 12:10:31 PM  
Cryinoutloud: You KNOW your kid cusses like a sailor? Put some Lava soap in that kid's mouth and tell him everytime you hear it, the same thing is going to happen. I bet it stops REAL fast after time 2 or 3.......
2003-04-23 12:11:03 PM  
I knew we were doomed in 1983, when I ditched my pro hockey dream for a job and decided coaching kids could help me stay in the game.
Within one month of assistant --ASSISTANT! --coaching these miscreants who were now wearing my alma mater's uniform, I had three screamers in the parking lot with the second line goalie's Old Man, who kept telling my about his season ticket in the blues.
2003-04-23 12:11:31 PM  

Oh yeah, well the jerk store called, and they're running out of you!

/better cum back than yours. Props to those who recognize. Off to school.
2003-04-23 12:11:59 PM  
GEAH: Well, Lava would be too big of a bar to put in their mouths. I got one of those trial sized bars of Ivory that's small. And it's in it's own special container to nothing else gets on it.

But Lava would be pretty vial. The girls haven't done anything that horrid to deserve that. :P
2003-04-23 12:12:19 PM  
Norburg invokes the great George Costanza!
2003-04-23 12:12:42 PM  
I took and passed with flying colors the California exit exam, where is my diploma?

These useless tests are getting out of hand.

My mother is a special ed teacher and about 80% of her student are just farkin LAZY!!

You cant put ALL the blame on them, thier asshat parents dont even give enough of a shiat to show up to the parent teacher meeting.

On the plus side, the drugs and stupidity running rampent in my HS are easily ignorable with all those slutty looking babes!

I openly leer at the girls.
I dont like thongs stickin up 2 inchis above the pants though, most of all i miss good ole fashoned panty lines.

GEAH is absolutely right, these asshats will continue to stew in their vat of self-righteousness unless people confront them.

It may not be your civic duty to step in and "raise her kid for her" but it is fun once in a while!
2003-04-23 12:12:44 PM  
Cryinoutloud if he wants to swear like a sailor, treat him like they treat sailors in the navy, or at least the way they used to. Wake him up at 5:30 to do PT and then have swab the decks and stuff. And make him wear an eye patch... that'll learn him.
2003-04-23 12:12:47 PM  
Discipline is needed when raising a child, but that doesn't have to come in the form of spanking. My brother and I were only spanked a couple of times by our parents. We both did well in school, are in stable jobs and relationships, never had any substance abuse problems, and never been arrested. The problem I see with a few parents in public in that they are never consistent with the kid. They let him get away with something a number of times before making them stop. That sends the message to the child that the parent isn't serious about stoping the bad behaviour regardless of whether they end up spanking them or not.

Will I do any better with my son? I don't know. I hope so, but it's hard to tell at 5 and 1/2 months. I have already accomplished one importnat parenting goal, he loves books.
2003-04-23 12:14:32 PM  
I went to grade school in parkway, which was ok except for the bussed in kids from the city which pretty much got sent to a single class. High school i went to hazelwood, supposedly the crown jewel in the north county school system, complete and total crap schools, football valued above all else and 90% of the jr.'s were in basic algabra.
2003-04-23 12:15:22 PM  
And make him wear an eye patch... that'll learn him.

Funny stuff
2003-04-23 12:15:47 PM  
Lower class sizes - fewer students per teacher. The more personal attention a kid gets, the more disciplined they will be and the more they will respect authority.
That seems like the best solution. For the cost of 3 f-16s, you could fund that in my state.
2003-04-23 12:16:15 PM  
I think spanking is important, especially if the child is doing something dangerous. Case in point; went to visit my sister this weekend and her 2 year old was throwing a fit, holding her ankles and generally tripping her up while she was COOKING. Hot greasy food not two feet above this kids head and he's tripping her. That is call for a spanking just to get it through to him that this is not exceptable. I believe it's much kinder than getting badly burnt from hot food when he finally manages to trip her.
2003-04-23 12:16:24 PM  
The joys of school... As we don't have many private school's here in Finland, everyone gets pretty much the same education for 9 years (ages 7-16). After that, you can do whatever you want: stop studying and go to work (and don't excpect a high pay), go to vocational college, or continue to our version of high school. The students who are failing in the first nine years get usually sent to special classes, where they are "guided" through the exams, meaning the teacher will stand behind them and point out all the wrong answers so the student can correct them. It's not the perfect system, but it works, usually...
2003-04-23 12:16:44 PM  
"I really don't think that beating a child will make it more loving and respectful"-Cola

Loving? No.
Respectful? Possibly.
Afraid to engage in bratty behavoir? More than likely.

Beating/spanking gives a very powerful incentive to behave correctly. Make no mistake, pain is not an easy thing to forget about. Pain will stay vivid in the mind of a child. Will definitely give the child something to think about before behaving in an ill fashion.

Plus, for the parent, violence is a nice way to release built-up stress and anger.
2003-04-23 12:17:09 PM  
A good old switch to a much more productive school system would be my recommendation, and some major societal changes.

The student's parents are rude asshats because either they are so pretentious that it is sickening (read upper middle class families living beyond their means on credit, or alot of new money). If not that student's parents are poor as dirt and doing drugs.

The kids are asshats because the parents are asshats and never there for them. The kids also do not have a freaking clue what discapline is because any form of discapline had been changed to child abuse and/or Ritaline. The asshat kids can get away with whatever they want to do because teachers are helpless to stop them.

The Teachers don't care because they are underpayed, work crappy hours (6am-8/9/10 at night), and seeing kids who do not want to learn does not make you want to teach.

The schoolboards create the asshat kids too because they create stupid rules like the one where you can't defend yourself if a kid hits you (as a kid). And you know most bullys just need a good asswhupping to be good kids.

The whole alternative school thing is a joke too.

We need to thin the herd out a little, then rebuild on a more Japanese style school system, one that is actually effective. Longer school hours, uniforms, respect, discapline, year round schooling. Hire teachers who actually enjoy teaching and kick the asshat teachers who are nothing more than morons with a degree out. Society also needs to change to respect education and learning, and to respect one another a little more.
2003-04-23 12:18:16 PM  
Holy ye'God, Trunks, people do it because unless it's a paper written by a grad student, there should be no reason to read it 3 times just to understand it. Have your wife teach you some grammar, man. That was completely bumbling and incoherent.
2003-04-23 12:18:20 PM  
There are "gangs" (really just groups of punk kids) in the area I live, which in and of itself would make me send my kids to a private school.

I wouldn't want my children exposed to those punks for a single minute.
2003-04-23 12:18:33 PM  
Obviously we all just need to homeschool. Anyone tried that?
2003-04-23 12:19:46 PM  
Phoxxy, you can get Lava in a liquid dispenser. Just open their mouths and squirt it in.
2003-04-23 12:19:49 PM  
I go with warning, spanking, grounding, because I always felt grounding was fairly cruel and unusual when I was growing up. Spanking hurts and is embarrasing, but it was over quick. Tough to say how well its working at this point, though. My oldest just turned 4, and is described as being the most well behaved at the babysitter (by the babysitter) but from what I've seen of those kids, its really not saying much. Should I remove my kids from the babysitters where they are surrounded by some really bad kids, or am I right that they are going to see this stuff anyway, so they might as well get the exposure right now when I know that I still can positively influence them? Thoughts are appreciated.
2003-04-23 12:19:56 PM  
Caiteach: But WERE spanked at some point. It must have had some effect on you.

But you are right about consistency. You have rules in place, as we do in our house, and inforce them without exception. Honestly, I've only had to "spank" my youngest once or twice in the last four months, but that consisted of nothing more than a wack with my hand on her rear to let her know I mean business. As far as any real spankings, I think each of my kids have had maybe two each in the last year. And that's because they broke all the rules and grounding didn't do anything to curb the problem.
2003-04-23 12:20:12 PM  
Nrvous ~ I've already started to investigate homeschool laws in my state for when my kid reaches that age. Seems the only way to go.
2003-04-23 12:21:10 PM  
Nordburg -

She's 16 now, or at least damned close. Trust me, I had to look that one up.

Drussil4 -

If I had a nickel for everytime somebody said they'd use me as an example of reasons to be wary of guys......
2003-04-23 12:21:12 PM  
Props to Carlb and GentleGiant for being parents who give a damn. We need more of you in this world.
2003-04-23 12:21:26 PM  
I have a 3 yo and a 9 yo. They get out of line, and daddy is gettin out the stick. I will not have rude kids. They will listen to the teacher, and behave as well. If they dont, its ass whupin time. Those of you that disagree, dont have kids. Your the problem.

Feel free to flame. Course, your still wrong.
2003-04-23 12:21:27 PM  
Nrvous homeschooling is often derided as being something for fundementalists or anti-government types, but I suppose done with the right amount of social interaction with other children and adults and/or in a co-operative of some sorts, it could be beneficial... I have friends who were homeschool and they are well adjusted people.
2003-04-23 12:22:14 PM  
Jaythebrb ~ Hard question. Can you get a private babysitter? Can have it's own drawbacks with the lack of socialization.. but outside activities (like sports) can help with that part.
2003-04-23 12:22:58 PM  

the people that lived across from the street to me did that. i guess it worked pretty well. both there children are going to college, i think. they also have organisations for homeschool kids, so you can particitpate in the same type of activities they have at regular school, so your kids arnt to anti-social. only problem is, most home school kids are home schooled because of crazy strong religious beliefs, so thats the kind children your kids would have to hang out with. that, and the parent of the child better know there shiat. teaching every subject a child should know could be kinda difficult.
2003-04-23 12:23:06 PM  
Cyberwzrd, if you ask almost any Japanese person who went through the school system there, they'll tell you that almost all of the teachers over there didn't want to be there. Japanese schools have a lot going for them, yes, but over there they're just starting a huge new wave of societal problems, including really farking unattentive and apathetic students.
2003-04-23 12:24:00 PM  
Nomales, as long as it's not abuse, it works. I believe in it.
2003-04-23 12:24:13 PM  
Anyone who's not concerned about the state of public education in America has never dated an Elementary Education major...
2003-04-23 12:24:15 PM  
Home schooling is not a realistic solution. Children need to have interactivity with other children in order to develop the social skills they will need later in life. And by other children I don't mean a family with fifteen kids...that doesn't count....or all the kids in your Sunday School class. Kids also need to be exposed to diversity which they won't have in a home schooled environment. Plus, the parents need to be well educated for it to work as well.
2003-04-23 12:24:16 PM  
FiveFrozenFish ~ In Illinois they have homeschool "support groups" were bascially the parents can get together and plan field trips with all the kids and sometimes kids go to other kids houses to learn a subject one parent might be better in, like music or a foreign language. The important part is to keep the love of learning all people are born with.
2003-04-23 12:24:21 PM  
04-23-03 12:21:26 PM Nomales
I have a 3 yo and a 9 yo. They get out of line, and daddy is gettin out the stick. I will not have rude kids. They will listen to the teacher, and behave as well. If they dont, its ass whupin time. Those of you that disagree, dont have kids. Your the problem.

Feel free to flame. Course, your still wrong.


My 5 year old starts school next fall and I have done my best to teach him how to behave properly in public.
2003-04-23 12:24:55 PM  
You're right. Half the human race is of below-average intelligence. (roughly) Witness the duct tape and plastic sheeting fiasco.
2003-04-23 12:25:06 PM  

I have to agree with you. only if the ass whupin really hurts though. if it doesnt hurt, then it isnt going to do the job right.
2003-04-23 12:26:10 PM  
Nomales is my kind of parent. Thanks for raising your portion of the next generation properly.
2003-04-23 12:26:43 PM  
Etihod ~ You seriously think homeschool kids don't get social interaction with other kids? Most of them are in community sport, volunteer work and there are even homeschool fieldtrips with *gasp* groups.
2003-04-23 12:27:45 PM  
Very interesting and provocative thread

Off to lunchie-wunchies...
2003-04-23 12:27:53 PM  
Well, we could always just give the dumb kids potato guns... they would find more frogs and screwdrivers to shoot each other with. (on the recent news about children in florida and minnesota shooting themselves with potato guns)
2003-04-23 12:28:42 PM  
Oh, another point about home schooling. By home schooling you pull your support from the public schools. What happens to all of the low income parent who need to work during the day and can't afford to stay home and teach their kids. Then they take yet another hit from the more well off people because their schools suck that much more. Its a bad cycle.
2003-04-23 12:29:01 PM  
It is too sad. I live next to a family where the mother stays in bed just about all of the time, when she is not in bed she is not home and the father is nowhere to be seen most of the time. So the 3 kids are hardly ever left in the care of an adult, the oldest is 12 the youngest 6. The kids are rude, they swear, they are dirty (which is not completely their fault since they have no one around to teach them any better). It is a sad case and the cops have been called several times but they feel the 12 year old can baby-sit and putting them in foster care would be a worse situation. I have just never seen kids this rude, they come over to play with my son and about 30 seconds after they come into our yard my son is usually bleeding or crying from being thrown down, they help themselves to any of my sons toys that are not in the building, we have an outdoor toy bin and when we go out more often than not all the toys are strewn about the yard. It gets so irritating, but I also feel bad for them, they have no one to teach them any better. However, now my son is starting to pick up some of these habits. I have had lengthy talks with him about it and he seems to understand that acting like a jerk will not get him anything. The funny thing is though is when my family is around my son or perhaps he says thank you at a restaurant or store people act surprised and comment on his good behavior, my family usually tells me I got lucky, apparently to them it has nothing to do with good parenting.
Ok, thanks Fark for letting me vent.
2003-04-23 12:29:02 PM  
Course, I'll admit a lot of the homeschool literature out there is very Christian fundamental. You just have to weed that out.
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