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(AP)   It's probably not the best time to be selling a soft drink called Sars in Taiwan   ( divider line
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2003-04-23 08:58:59 AM  
The man in charge of the credit has been sacked.
2003-04-23 08:59:55 AM  
It will probably go the way of the "Ayds" reducing plan...what sad luck!
2003-04-23 09:00:09 AM  
How about a nice cool cup of SARS?
2003-04-23 09:01:51 AM  
I remember a dieter's snack waifer called "Aids" some fifteen years ago, they later changed the name to "Thinz" if I remember correctly.
2003-04-23 09:05:10 AM  
Sars - a shortened version of its major ingredient, sarsaparilla - has been the flagship drink of the Hey Song Company since the 1940s.

heh..wonder how that name came about.
2003-04-23 09:07:29 AM  
This reminds me of those "Driveby" potato chips they sold in Detroit a few years back.
2003-04-23 09:09:00 AM  
*must remind myself to discontinue marketing plan for "Festering Bubos"
2003-04-23 09:09:17 AM  
I know it's early, but the story makes me want to grab a tall, cool "Schmidt's Gay Beer"
2003-04-23 09:14:11 AM  
And yet Herp Ease is still on the market?
2003-04-23 09:14:22 AM  
We used to drink sars all the time in Australia. Probably still do. It's what you guys call root beer.
2003-04-23 09:15:36 AM  
...from the makers of Water Soluble Condoms,/i>!
2003-04-23 09:23:36 AM  
Am I the only one who wants like six cases of this stuff?
2003-04-23 09:25:08 AM  
Can you say "bad timing"? I knew you could.
2003-04-23 09:26:01 AM  
I'm glad I'm not the only one who had an Aids joke pop into their head after reading the article.
2003-04-23 09:31:32 AM  
I wonder if they advertise using that Gary Glitter tune? You know....the Hey Song?....

2003-04-23 09:31:42 AM  
I love when western journalists talk about asians taking some product or another for some health reason.

They always say "...which they believe does x y and z"

It's like, "These monkeys put cake batter all over their faces, because they believe it will make a supreme being swoop down and give them luck."

Did they ever think that the stuff DOES help sore throat and lower body temperature? If it's cold, just about anything lowers the body temp, and most liquids also help sore throat.
2003-04-23 09:37:54 AM  
"Sars" is short for sarsaparilla.
2003-04-23 09:38:03 AM  
i drink that all the time and it taste much better than coke. trust me have a try, sort of the cross between dr pepper and coke. as for the claim it relieves this and that, i say bs. i have drank sars long enough to know it does nothing to you physically except to add a few pounds of fat.
2003-04-23 09:39:31 AM  
Kinda small but it's all I could find...

2003-04-23 09:40:34 AM  
Let's try that again...
2003-04-23 09:43:57 AM  

/the new guy
2003-04-23 09:58:58 AM  
This article makes me Smilax
2003-04-23 09:58:59 AM  
I don't see the problem at all. The drink has been around for decades so it is probably a well known brand name.

I was a bit disterbed they said most of our customers would realise you couldn't get SARS from our drink however.
2003-04-23 10:02:16 AM

Good luck finding the Sars drink.... The videos for the other products are weird!
2003-04-23 10:14:57 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Another disease in a can.
2003-04-23 10:25:17 AM  
No, actually, it is the best time to be selling a drink called Sars. There could be no better time to remind the world how stupid this whole "epidemic" is.

In other news, Fox News reported the death of the gentlemen in Canada from the virus, but somehow neglected to mention his age. It probably would have been less scary, and we don't want that.
2003-04-23 10:25:32 AM  
I don't know... I mean, people drink "Coke," and that's associated with an addictive narcotic. I bet that Sars (the drink) looks up to Coke.

Maybe someday Sars (the drink) will become a symbol of capitalism the world over.
2003-04-23 10:26:29 AM  
Although, I would love to hear an ad that starts off, "From the people that gave you SARS..."
2003-04-23 10:29:43 AM  
In australia, theres a brand of sarsparella called Double SARS.
2003-04-23 11:04:42 AM  
When I lived in the Philippines, there was a drink called Sarsi. I can't remember ever trying it, but I assume it was a similar product. I was a big fan of the orange soda there - both Mirinda and Royal Tru-Orange.
2003-04-23 11:05:13 AM  
I think you can buy canned SARS at SEARS, but only in the catalog, (catalogue for my European and Canadian friends.. and isn't that Simpson Sears in Canada????
2003-04-23 12:13:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Mmmmmmmm...sars soda
2003-04-23 12:40:10 PM  
Do they sell Sars at Sears?
2003-04-23 12:40:34 PM  
"No, actually, it is the best time to be selling a drink called Sars. There could be no better time to remind the world how stupid this whole "epidemic" is.

In other news, Fox News reported the death of the gentlemen in Canada from the virus, but somehow neglected to mention his age. It probably would have been less scary, and we don't want that."

Greetings from Toronto,

I dont know exactly which report you've seen, but I believe a man in his 80-90's died after contracting Sars.

Now, around the globe, I believe the number of lives lost to all strains of Influenza approaches 2-3 million.

By the numbers i've seen, this deadly new virus has a fatality rate of less than 3-4%. Of course, only serious cases are reported (deaths). Total mortality rates are assumed to be much lower.

Also, take into account that very old people who, at their age have horribly weak immune systems, are toted as victims in this terrible crisis.

There's now a WHO travel warning for Toronto and Beijing.

I think I'm going take the subway to chinatown and lick my hands after touching everything and everyone in sight. If I'm not dead in a week then someone owes me a farking drink.
2003-04-23 12:57:36 PM  
SARS is actually The Andromeda Strain. It has already begun to mutate. It's time to call in the scientists, and open the underground Wildfire Project in the desert.

Seriously, how many people has SARS killed? In China? A country with over TWO BILLION people? If anyone would care to check, they will probably find that ten times as many people in China have died in the same amount of time from heart attacks.

I heard on the radio last night, that the city officials here are already talking about the West Nile Virus for this summer. "If it ain't one thing, it's another". I think about nine people died last year from West Nile. There are more people in the paper here each day dying from old age.

And what about Laci Peterson? How many people are murdered every day. The press is going to make this into another fuggin OJ case. I'm really tired of all of this media "in your face because you have a RIGHT to know" crap.

end of rant.
2003-04-23 01:25:45 PM  
What about the 50 people gunned down in LA every day? Jesus, you have more of a chance to die being hit by frozen crap falling from a plane than dying of SARS.
2003-04-23 02:12:37 PM  

heh..wonder how that name came about.

Hey Song is actually a phonetic translation of the Chinese name, which means Black Pine.

Yeah, I know, that doesn't help much, but it's a start.
2003-04-23 02:47:28 PM  
It's actually a pretty good drink. Better than root beer.
2003-04-23 03:34:47 PM  
"Sars" is short for sarsaparilla.

Gee thanks HitchhikerOne. Had I not already read that in the second paragraph of the article I would not have learned anything today.
2003-04-23 07:51:28 PM  
Ah, the missing vector that is spreading this thing.

Back to coke!
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