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(Drudge)   California is out of money. Asks Nevada for a loan. "I'm totally good for it," Golden State says   ( kfwb.com) divider line
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2003-04-22 05:24:58 PM  
Chinese guy: "You pay now! NOW!"
Bart: "What happened to you China? You used to be cool."
Chinese guy: "Hey, China still cool! You pay LATER! LATER!"

/Simpsons. In what is considered to be...wait for it...the... Worst. Episode. EVER.
2003-04-22 05:27:38 PM  
Florida = Sunshine State.
2003-04-22 05:27:39 PM  
"Good for it? That's allright. We know where you live, and if you decide not to pay, Vinnie here will relocate your kneecaps. How's his china hutch sound?"
2003-04-22 05:32:04 PM  
Again, I ask why this is attributed to Drudge, and not KFWB. *sigh*
2003-04-22 05:34:23 PM  
Why was Gray Davis re-elected again?

The jokes on you California.

[image from gray-davis.com too old to be available]
2003-04-22 05:35:54 PM  
04-22-03 05:27:38 PM Cerie
Florida = Sunshine State.

Maybe you don't follow the NBA.. you know, the Sunshine State Warriors. Now.. what fool could have posted this?

/runs and hides :)
2003-04-22 05:54:25 PM  
bmr68 The 'pubes ran that moronic crook Simon against Davis. The fact that these two were the best the most populus state in the nation could come up with says worlds about where public service is headed in the USA. For another example, see slimeball Sanches vs. idiot Perry.
2003-04-22 05:54:42 PM  
Sorry I don't follow the NBA, but I do live in the sunshine state which is Florida.
2003-04-22 05:57:30 PM  
And it's a good post Tim. Be proud.
2003-04-22 06:13:14 PM  
Nah, it's a lame post. I'll fix the headline anyway.
2003-04-22 06:15:08 PM  
Recall Gray Davis and Impeach President Bartlett!

2003-04-22 06:16:13 PM  
There's no California tag? Florida may have lots of stupid shiat go down, but we aren't farking BANKRUPT.
2003-04-22 06:16:25 PM  
Whew. God bless admins!
2003-04-22 06:16:47 PM  
Sure wish we'd had a none-of-the-above box on the ballot,
because I don't like either of 'em. Dump Davis.
2003-04-22 06:16:52 PM  
Scene: Governor's Trailer Park. The Governor sits in a chair, smoking Parliaments. He is being questioned by Vincent Coccotti, elected head of California Taxpayers For A Better Tomorrow.

Gray Davis: I haven't seen the Comptroller. He, uh, has all the money.
Coccotti: You see that?
(Holding a clenched fist, then striking Gray Davis)
Coccotti: That smarts, doesn't it? Getting slammed in the nose. Farks you all up. You get that pain shootin' through your brain, your eyes fill up with water. That ain't any kind of fun, but what I have to offer you, that's as good as it's gonna get. And it won't ever get that good again. We talked to your neighbors. They saw a Gray Davis 2002 Bus. Purple Gray Davis 2002 bus. The Comptroller's purple Gray Davis 2002 bus, parked in front of your trailer yesterday. Mr. Davis, you seen your comptroller?

And scene!
2003-04-22 06:16:55 PM  
Thank you california republicans for making parody of politics. Getting their asses kicked in November has made them into even bigger babies.
2003-04-22 06:18:06 PM  
2003-04-22 06:18:07 PM  
The trouble with California is that it's full of Californians.
2003-04-22 06:19:41 PM  
Har, look at the cute Texan talk. Gootchie goo!
2003-04-22 06:19:45 PM  
I've got some loose change, Gary. Take it. But do a good job on the windshield, OK?


Oh sure! GIve California a loan. Next thing you know, there's a massive earthquake, and the only one you'll have to collect from is Prince Namor.
2003-04-22 06:19:49 PM  
Honestly, California probably could not afford, moneywise, to conduct a recall election now. Gray Davis will therefore be in for life. Everyone will be calling for the National Guard to go get him out. Except, of course, the French.
2003-04-22 06:19:53 PM  

No, that article just looks like the garden-variety scare tactics the Democrats always use to find more ways to slop at the public trough.
2003-04-22 06:20:05 PM  
whar states aren't in financial straights that bad?
2003-04-22 06:20:37 PM  

2003-04-22 06:20:42 PM  
cali suxor
2003-04-22 06:21:13 PM  
Holy shiat New4Jax sure has some ugly ass anchors. I mean even in my News area there are at least 2 hit worthy anchors per station.

2003-04-22 06:21:19 PM  
And if they get denied they'll probably just sue anyway.
2003-04-22 06:21:36 PM  

California's projected deficit is equal to the other 49 states COMBINED. So yes, times are tough all over, just not impossible as in Kalifornia.
2003-04-22 06:21:45 PM  
where most of California's money goes

[image from go.hrw.com too old to be available]
2003-04-22 06:21:59 PM  
Xtremehkr: Thank you california republicans for making parody of politics. Getting their asses kicked in November has made them into even bigger babies.

It requires a certain genius to take a story about the most Democrat-dominated state in the union turning itself into a financial black hole and turn into a complaint about Republicans. Bravo.
2003-04-22 06:22:06 PM  
And the Bush administration will lend a helping hand.
2003-04-22 06:22:08 PM  
Nice of them to quote Yarohslaviski, who just got back from a fact-finding mission to Cuba. Maybe he learned some good tips on government from Fidel.

This state is a political madhouse. Can't wait for Arnold or Rice to run for gov.
2003-04-22 06:23:47 PM  
Kpar90, ain't that the truth.
2003-04-22 06:24:30 PM  
Bankrupt in other ways as well, culturally, morally, etc. California really is full of asshats. Otherwise, the mountains and weather are pretty nice.
2003-04-22 06:24:48 PM  
Is that why most of the movies coming from Hollywood SUCK???????
2003-04-22 06:28:51 PM  
Goobernor Gray Davis has been a real inspiration to my muse.

[image from cymerian.com too old to be available]
[image from cymerian.com too old to be available]
[image from cymerian.com too old to be available]
[image from cymerian.com too old to be available]
2003-04-22 06:29:10 PM  
plenty of asshats here. The mountains and the weather are great! actually I work amongst the asshats five days a week
so I can get away from them (in the mountains) for two days a week. sure we have our problems but where else are
you gonna get an orange off your backyard tree in january?
2003-04-22 06:29:14 PM  
Actually, most movies don't make any money on paper, thanks to creative accounting.

Hence, CA has no money.
2003-04-22 06:30:34 PM  
A late budget???

New York hasn't had an ontime budget for 18 years straight.
Even now, with the state in a big $ meltdown,
the state still hasn't passed a budget.
2003-04-22 06:30:45 PM  
Fark California.
They elected the liberal do-gooders who got them in to this jam.
2003-04-22 06:31:14 PM  

Looks like more bash-the-poor, underfund necessary services for our children, pave the state over so old people can move down here and run people over by not knowing the diference between the gas and the brake republican fecal matter to me. Soon, though, if we tax the poor and middle class more, then the rich will spend money so we can work for minimum wage.
2003-04-22 06:31:32 PM  
Impeach the dude! Here in the land of Az we do it all the time.

We have Oranges in January too.
2003-04-22 06:33:20 PM  
Now's when Japan shows up and buys California. Perl Harbor was just the beginning.
2003-04-22 06:33:23 PM  
Cali is screwed - and, truth be told, most of the other states are probably in the same boat - or at least on the same, stinky creek...
2003-04-22 06:33:32 PM  
Nobody noticed the first sentence?

"It would be a worse case scenario"

Nice grammar!
2003-04-22 06:33:45 PM  
Bankrupt in other ways as well, culturally, morally, etc. California really is full of asshats.

Oh, good point. That's sarcasm, by the way.
2003-04-22 06:34:12 PM  
"Nevada to California: Drop Dead"

/obvious Post reference
2003-04-22 06:34:56 PM  
Example from my previous post.

The company I work for has retail outlets in all 52 states. 16% of those outlets are in California, yet 42% of our workers compensation costs go to California. Are California workers more likely to get injured? No. Are California workers more likely to suck the tit of the system? Yes.
2003-04-22 06:36:03 PM  
I wish I could have a say in whether they get any of my tax money. Let's put that to a vote!!

/Las Vegan
2003-04-22 06:36:21 PM  
That is 50 states, plus Mexico and Canada. Not 52 states. Man I can be a dumbass sometimes.
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