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(The First State)   "Honey, before you go to bed, be sure to walk the 66 cats, 22 dogs, 22 birds, nine hamsters, three ferrets, four each of lizards, rabbits, rats and hybrid gerbils, eight chinchillas, one turtle and a couple of fish."   ( delawareonline.com) divider line
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2003-04-22 12:47:38 PM  
"Dammit woman! I told you, you wanted those damn animals, so you'se gonna have to take care of em!"
2003-04-22 12:56:08 PM  
County code-enforcement officers declared the house unfit for human habitation.

I hope they don't stop by my house...
2003-04-22 01:28:26 PM  
A husband-and-wife animal-rescue team

They let these creeps on an animal rescue team????????
2003-04-22 01:34:23 PM  
can someone sum up the article? I'm still reading the headline.

2003-04-22 01:39:29 PM  
That article made me itchy,
2003-04-22 01:41:17 PM  
"In other news, our weatherman is going to be at the Grand Opening of 'Big Kim Korean BBQ'."
2003-04-22 01:41:54 PM  
Why would he have to walk the fish?
2003-04-22 01:41:54 PM  
Why just one turtle? Were they worried that two would be too hard to take care of?
2003-04-22 01:41:55 PM  
[image from ruhr-uni-bochum.de too old to be available]
2003-04-22 01:42:18 PM  
How do you walk a fish?

*c'mere Fluffy!*
2003-04-22 01:42:31 PM  
"Dinner is served" would've made this headline.
2003-04-22 01:42:54 PM  
In other news, PETA offers $15K to these folks to change their names to ASSHATS
2003-04-22 01:43:12 PM  
... and a partrige in a pear tree!
2003-04-22 01:43:51 PM  
the walking fish is a joke.

they don't make great "pets"
2003-04-22 01:44:01 PM  
At least the kids were learning multiplication skills.
2003-04-22 01:44:02 PM  
2003-04-22 01:44:43 PM  
[image from delawareonline.com too old to be available]
2003-04-22 01:44:49 PM  
Dinner is served!
2003-04-22 01:44:55 PM  
...on second thought if it was one of those crazy "Flying Fish" from Mario Bros. I supose you could walk them....
2003-04-22 01:44:56 PM  
Maybe it's a Chinese walking Death-fish
2003-04-22 01:45:20 PM  
2003-04-22 01:46:52 PM  
The thing I find odd is the age difference. 49 and 74??!! Did she want all of those animals to keep her husband clean?

Fluffy the fish cleans oud daddy's navel while spot licks uran...err...his brown eye
2003-04-22 01:47:17 PM  
Just for Alto Reed:

"I've a whale of tale to tell you, boys/
A whale of a tale or two..."
2003-04-22 01:47:40 PM  
They found all these animals in a bear?

/poor reading skills
2003-04-22 01:47:46 PM  
The couple's 20-year-old daughter Samantha Pettingill

The walking fish needs petting.
2003-04-22 01:48:24 PM  
Husband 74, wife 49 with two toddlers.
2003-04-22 01:48:29 PM  
They are all named Eric.
2003-04-22 01:48:29 PM  
Dammit, Matt! You must have posted that while I was disabling my HTML. Well, folks, I give up for the day. G'night, everyone!
2003-04-22 01:48:49 PM  
Was the guy's name Noah?
2003-04-22 01:48:58 PM  
"Honey, before you go to bed, be sure to walk the 66 cats, 22 dogs, 22 birds, nine hamsters, three ferrets, four each of lizards, rabbits, rats and hybrid gerbils, eight chinchillas, one turtle and a couple of fish."

I know ... it's already been said ... but ...
2003-04-22 01:49:06 PM  
.....and a partridge in a pear tree
2003-04-22 01:49:37 PM  
04-22-03 01:48:29 PM EatHam

They are all named Eric.

Especially Eric the Half a Bee.
2003-04-22 01:50:16 PM  
Cerril Connoly....
2003-04-22 01:50:34 PM  
What? No feathered gazelles?
2003-04-22 01:50:52 PM  
damn, way too, late

guess i ll get COLE in my stocking this yr
2003-04-22 01:51:06 PM  
What is this, Raul's Wild Kingdom?

"Badgers? Badgers?!? We don't need no stinkin' badgers!!"
2003-04-22 01:51:22 PM  
...and a partridge in a pear tree

Oh...HAHAHAHAHAHA!! It was only after this line was posted three times that I got the joke.

That's funny stuff.
2003-04-22 01:51:28 PM  
2003-04-22 01:51:51 PM  
Damn,and I thought having a rhino in our house was bad...
2003-04-22 01:52:04 PM  
Where's your PETA now?!
2003-04-22 01:52:37 PM  
now i dont feel so bad for owning 1 ferret
2003-04-22 01:52:45 PM  
rhino...now daddy can get rid of that bidae
2003-04-22 01:54:00 PM  
all hail Albo's first-ever accepted post!
only took about 18 months.
i was trying for a record-length headline
2003-04-22 01:54:47 PM  
Fruit Bat
2003-04-22 01:55:02 PM  
[image from tvcentral.com.ar too old to be available]

Problem solved.
2003-04-22 01:55:14 PM  
congrats albo
2003-04-22 01:55:19 PM  
the most shocking thing about this article is that they owned 4 gerbils.

unless they were psycho enough to get them neutered
2003-04-22 01:56:15 PM  
Why would anyone walk a fish?
2003-04-22 01:56:20 PM  
You don't walk cats, birds, hamsters, lizards, rabbits, rats, gerbils, chinchillas, turtles or fish.

Just those damn dogs

All the more reason not to have dogs.
2003-04-22 01:57:09 PM  
[image from delawareonline.com too old to be available]

Looks exactly like my dog.
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