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(Yahoo)   Steinbrenner celebrates Yankees best start ever by feuding with his manager   ( story.news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2003-04-21 08:23:41 PM  
Steinbrenner really is the #1 a-hole in all of professional sports.
2003-04-21 08:26:52 PM  
He's as stupid as Guliani.
2003-04-21 08:41:12 PM  
He could avoid this kind of thing if he'd just keep his mouth full of calzone.
2003-04-21 09:33:07 PM  
Joe Torre must have more patience than Job and Francis of Assisi combined. He should get to the Hall of Fame on his character alone.
2003-04-21 09:42:37 PM  
It's ridiculous how much larger the Yankees payroll is than any other team. Of course they're winning all their games spending that much. Ridiculous.
2003-04-21 10:50:46 PM  
Yeah, the Yankee's buy too many players. I know the Mets do this too, but they're too dumb and usually end up overpaying for pretty average guys.
2003-04-22 01:22:07 AM  
Was that G-I-U-L-I-A-N-I that you were searching for, Darkhorse? Steinbrenner will fvck up this team, just as he has in Yankees teams past. Torre's given this ingrate four world championships since '96. Red Sox and Cubbies fans would lay down in traffic for just one...
2003-04-22 01:22:50 AM  
[image from min.net too old to be available]
2003-04-22 02:57:03 AM  
Was the manager named Costanza?
2003-04-22 02:58:52 AM  
Wait...moved to the farm team in Florida instead of the AAA club in Clevland? Er...I thought that the AAA club usually WAS the farm team?

(not a huge baseball fan, obviously, but curious)
2003-04-22 03:03:24 AM  
Steinbrenner never claimed to be a kind person.True Yankee fans remember the dark days between '79 through '95.The only highlight was Billy Martin and Don Mattingly.
2003-04-22 03:04:46 AM  
Kurohone: triple-A, double-A, and class A are all farm teams.
2003-04-22 03:04:51 AM  
How many wins have come against the Twins, though? They haven't beaten the Yankees for TWO YEARS! Thank god we don't play them anymore...

2003-04-22 03:06:31 AM  
I don't understand why any of you follow sports. What a waste of time.
2003-04-22 03:08:02 AM  
Steinbrenner is never happy, even when he wins the world series. Thats why players take half the money to play for other teams. John Smoltz being the latest example.
2003-04-22 03:14:10 AM  
About time the Yanks had a bad year. Even folks who don't give a squirt about baseball would enjoy seeing them lose.
2003-04-22 03:17:22 AM  

That's what I thought. So where did Contraras[sp] get sent then? AA?
2003-04-22 03:19:36 AM  
Don't worry Quick1 this is the T'Wolves' year, I can smell it......

/getting your hopes up
2003-04-22 03:20:59 AM  
Fark the Yankees.
2003-04-22 03:21:39 AM  
Steinbrenner talks shiat just for the sake of talking and making a scene. He wants everyone in NY to know that they owe it all to him.

He goes after Derek Jeter for God's sake. The kid dove into third head first and got his shoulder kicked out of socket basically, on the first day of the season no less, and Steinbrenner says he doesn't care, or whatever. What a moron.
2003-04-22 03:22:17 AM  
Too, many, commas, sorry, everyone.
2003-04-22 03:29:19 AM  
everybody hates a winner. The yankees may have the biggest payroll, but they dont have the biggest bank account. the owner of the the Twins has more money than Steinbrenner. GO YANKEES!
2003-04-22 03:30:03 AM  
Kurohone: The Yankees Tampa, Florida complex is there class A affiliate.

Kurohone:"That's what I thought. So where did Contraras[sp] get sent then? AA?"
2003-04-22 03:39:39 AM  
Heartbreaker, brewbaker...
2003-04-22 03:42:39 AM  
All the way to single-A? Yowch. *_* So was he really doing that bad, or is George being more of a dick than usual to make a point?
2003-04-22 03:43:40 AM  
he had an ERA over 10. Funny, it was the RED SOX the shelled him
2003-04-22 03:51:05 AM  
Kurohone: He had a 10.80 ERA, 6 walks in 5 innings pitched, and hitters were batting .440 against him. So yes bad. Normally when a team drops a player from the major leagues to class A it's to make a point. Most experienced players get dropped to triple A.
2003-04-22 04:05:57 AM  
Yeah Andonbray, The Yankees suck almost as much as the Dallas Stars, I don't know why anyone would follow them.:-P
Couldn't resist
2003-04-22 04:10:56 AM  
They do suck! they only have the highest winning percentage in all of sports! what a bunch of losers!

The yankees are the greatest team to ever play any organized sport. period.
2003-04-22 04:24:26 AM  
Easy there Cuda010. I'm an Orioles fan, believe me I know the Yankees are good. Just read Andonbray's post and profile to get the joke.
Steinbrenner is still an ass though
2003-04-22 04:32:17 AM  
i've come up with this great original argument to use against yankee fans. it goes a little something like this...of course they win, they have so much money. secretly i just don't like them because they always beat my home team as a child.
2003-04-22 04:43:23 AM  
Contreras got reassigned to the Yankees spring training facility (which happens to be in Tampa, as well as the Yankees A team). Clemens, Wells, etc have been sent there in recent years to rehab. With that being said, Steibrenner undermined Torre with the way he handled this situation. If the Yanks don't win again this year, Torre might get a pink slip (no thanks for winning 4 world series of course)
2003-04-22 04:48:53 AM  
Granted Cuda, the yanks are a very successful franchise, but most people are sick of seeing them win so much, especially because they have so much money to throw around for the best players. I just wish the mariner's would fricking beat em in the playoffs sometime. sigh, they totally screwed up the best chance they had a couple years ago. Oh well, all Seattle teams are mediocre.
2003-04-22 06:40:03 AM  
Steinbrenner is a jackass, yeah...but he's one of the best ever when it comes to bringing up players from the minors. The reason the Yankees have been so good for the past seven or eight years is because they keep bringing up spectacular players from a spectacular farm system.

And it's one thing to have a ton of money and spend it on the big names and just hope for a championship (Texas Rangers, New York Mets)...it's an entirely different thing to have a ton of money and spend it wisely, creating a team that will continue to play at an unbelievably high level.

Oh, and Yankees starting pitchers this year? 13-0. Suck it down, haters. Suck it down.
2003-04-22 07:24:12 AM  
Category should be "obvious."
2003-04-22 07:37:04 AM  
I hope that old lunatic dies soon so Torre doesn't leave and the dynasty doesn't get dismantled. I hear his son is just as loose with the purse strings as his old man.
2003-04-22 08:06:41 AM  
"You eat the salad, then you eat the bowl. There's nothing more satisfying than eating your lunch, and looking down and just seeing a table." (paraphrase)

I hate the Yankees because they are evil. All of them. And in sports, you can't be hated unless you are good. For example, I love seeing the Cowboys slag through a couple mediocre seasons, but I think I subconsciously want them to be good enough to really despise again.

Anyone else think that the Steinbrenner-Torre feud here is a bit staged? Torre gets to be the good guy who wanted the player to go to AAA, while Steinbrenner plays the heavy? And the fact that Contreras has been a bust so far is a mere footnote to the far more interesting story about the power struggle.
2003-04-22 08:14:32 AM  
Regardless of what happens with Steinbrenner, the Yankees will always suck.
2003-04-22 08:18:28 AM  
Steinbrenner and Saddam will fall.

Go Royals.
2003-04-22 08:37:31 AM  
Payback time for the rally chimp tonight

LOT 12 - River Avenue - Bronx House of Detention

The Tailgate is in lot 12 every home Friday night in the Bronx.
2003-04-22 09:11:01 AM  
The only thing about the Yankees that is bogus is baseball's own rules. The Yankees are sitting on a pile o cash the other teams can't touch. That and the owner actually wants to win. If he were like most baseball owners, he'd have 2/3 as much to spend, and spend it dumber.
2003-04-22 09:12:47 AM  
Neakid - I think you are mistaken about Smoltz. I think you are referring to Greg Maddux circa 1993 when he took less money to go to the Braves.

Lots of guys would love to play for the Yankees and have a chance at:

A big paycheck
A big ring
2003-04-22 10:30:16 AM  
Doesn't he celebrate EVERYTHING by feuding with his manager/players/the ("liberal") media?

This guy is just never satisfied. I hope his team chokes like Latrell Sprewell.

2003-04-22 11:00:13 AM  
Can someone compile pictures of him year by year, because he is definently getting crazier and stranger looking year by year, hes like an angry hairy bear of sorts... creepy

2003-04-22 11:21:24 AM  
fark George and fark the Yankees.
2003-04-22 11:47:51 AM  
I hate Don Zimmer

/totally unrelated. But I hate him. Laughed my ass off every time he gets beaned in the head in the dugout.
2003-04-22 11:52:43 AM  
04-22-03 03:43:40 AM Cuda010
he had an ERA over 10. Funny, it was the RED SOX the shelled him

Yankees haven't played Boston yet this year, put on your helmet and try again.

04-21-03 10:50:46 PM ChewbaccaX
Yeah, the Yankee's buy too many players. I know the Mets do this too, but they're too dumb and usually end up overpaying for pretty average guys.

Most of the top teams in payroll are guilty of this, it's called free agency, and as we have seen already this season(and last), payroll does not equate success or a world series title.
2003-04-22 11:54:50 AM  
Cooler heads will prevail, Contreras will either get better or he'll become the next Hideki Irabu, and life will go on. This isn't really such a big deal as it's being made otu.
2003-04-22 12:03:24 PM  
It's antics like these that make me happy the Packers are community-owned. Owners seem to be more bad news than good; for every owner like Mark Cuban, who is consistently positive for not only his team but the league, you'll find a Marge Schott, Art Modell, Jerry Jones, Wendy/Bud Selig, or Al Davis (who is the number one contender for King of the Jackasses with his latest lawsuit). Even if an owner isn't tampering with (or flatout mismanaging) his team, then he's making an outsized spectacle of himself.

Zevon2000 and others

Scared money don't make none. Although, that street maxim didn't do the Orioles any favors.
2003-04-22 12:06:05 PM  
Oh, everybody is right and everybody is wrong. This is The Boss, remember!
Nothing "logical", "rational", or within four blocks of sane is involved when it comes to this guy. If you don't believe me, mull these two words Billy Martin.
Or tell me why the team hasn't called a captain.
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