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2003-04-21 11:27:25 AM  
[image from classicgaming.com too old to be available]
2003-04-21 04:54:53 PM  
Dude, I so owned the Super Mario Bros. Shampoo, which was kind of ironic since I didn't have a Nintendo. Still, I thought it was really cool until, while playing with it, I accidentally squirted a whole bunch of the shampoo into my eye, causing me to begin crying in pain and have to go to sleep early that night because my eye hurt so much. My parents suggested that I write a letter to the company explaining that it really wasn't "tear free" shampoo.
2003-04-21 06:01:05 PM  
I don't remember ever actually knowing someone that had the NES Advantage controller. I've never even seen one in really life!! Sure, I've seen them in tons of movies, but do they really exist??

/adjusts tin-foil hat
2003-04-21 06:06:54 PM  
They do indeed.

[image from thepong.com too old to be available]

I still have mine, and it works much better than those rectangle controllers, which would stick. I still play RBI baseball against my brother using the NES Advantage when I visit my parents' place.

2003-04-21 06:22:56 PM  
I always wondered what that ROB was for...
2003-04-22 01:10:55 AM  
I had ROB the robot. He was used to play the game "Gyromite." Which, incidently, was one of the coolest Nintendo games ever.

Especially the sound that was made when your scientist got crushed.
2003-04-22 01:11:14 AM  
I still have my old NES, but it only gives a gray screen when I try to play a game now...
2003-04-22 01:11:37 AM  
remember the bazooka and glove? Those controllers were awesome, but only worked on like 3 games.
2003-04-22 01:12:16 AM  
Gyromite and ROB own.
2003-04-22 01:12:52 AM  
I pnly ever owned two tv game machines. A NES and a XBOX.
I think that says something about me.
Not sure what.
2003-04-22 01:13:54 AM  
ah the days of the 8-bit nes.......tyson, bubble bobble, contra, g i joe, zelda.....man, the good old days
2003-04-22 01:17:15 AM  
remember that movie "The Wizard" with fred savage. man he was kooo.
2003-04-22 01:17:41 AM  
As a public service:

The NES Cleaning FAQ.

Might be handy for those who have NES problems...
2003-04-22 01:17:50 AM  
2003-04-22 01:19:43 AM  
I find Seanbaby's NES pages to be, far and away, a cut above this.
2003-04-22 01:20:32 AM  
Bigchuck, how the hell did he know about the secret tunnel room at the beginning of Super Mario Bros. 3 before it even came out! He's a prodigy, i tell you.
2003-04-22 01:20:56 AM  
You can also buy new NES connectors. There are pages on how to replace them online.

M.C.PeePants: Are you the same guy I was playing Battlefield 1942 with?
2003-04-22 01:21:15 AM  
I had an NES Max, and it was a very cool controller. It felt good to hold, had rapid fire buttons and did away with the directional pad with that circle pad. It was simple, yet very elegant and excellent.
2003-04-22 01:21:16 AM  
I actually went back a couple months ago to play my old favorites. Contra, all-star softball (the one with all the strange characters, the witch who batted with a broom, the levitating guy, etc.), the Mario games...

That system kicked so much ass.

Other than the one game I hated more than anything I've ever encountered. I was given it by my parents, used, without a manual. I want to say the name was something like Sector Z. Anyway, it was a horizontal scrolling shooter set in a maze...you would go from one sector to another and I could never figure out what the hell you were supposed to do.
2003-04-22 01:24:23 AM  
My brothers and I loved the baseball game with robots. It was slightly imbalanced at the higher level. Mmmm, laser sword...

Contra, Zelda2:Link's Awakening. Awesome graphics for an 8-bit.

And good ole' excite bike and Duck Hunt!

[image from atarihq.com too old to be available]
Only used it to pound with the fists. Much easier that way!
2003-04-22 01:24:37 AM  
This watch was the bomb diggity!
[image from gamefans.de too old to be available]
2003-04-22 01:25:55 AM  
I didn't really like Zelda 2. But Zelda 1 was one of the games I went back to play...another classic.
2003-04-22 01:26:18 AM  
mmmm, PlayChoice 10...
2003-04-22 01:27:24 AM  
Yeah, I tried to play Zelda2 recently. I don't know how I ever beat the thing. The end was very difficult... many lost hours I could have spent outside with a basketball. Oh well, I guess that's why I'm training to be a games programmer instead of a pro basketball player.
2003-04-22 01:28:06 AM  
Links Awakening rocked! I hated the ending, though. Something about those "it was all just a dream" deals always makes me feel so frickin' ripped-off.
2003-04-22 01:29:10 AM  
The end was a long process but really easy.
2003-04-22 01:30:04 AM  
I had an Advantage controller and that thing was bad assed! I got it as a homecoming present after spending 2 weeks at Lake Tahoe with my cousins. When I got home there was this box nearly as big as the NES itself sitting on my bed. It was the Advantage, king of gaming controllers. It was heavy and sturdy even though some of the gimmicks sucked (slo-mo=turboed start button) the variable speed turbo buttons with LED indicator was remarkable. And the dual plugs with the player selector switch was cool too. They worked great for player the take-a-turn 2-player games and made sure your cousin of neighborhood frined didn't ever start crying because they got stuck with a normal crappy controller.

The only thing that could compare to that bad-boy even today is that mame controller that's actually the control panel for an acrade tower.
2003-04-22 01:30:39 AM  
That was one of the things that bothered me about SMB2 (the dream ending). The other one was the fact that they screwed up the sprites on the vegetables, so the leaves changed colors when you pulled them out of the ground (they remade the sprites to make it a Mario game and had a different color when they were holding the veggies, but forgot to change the veggies in the ground).
2003-04-22 01:32:13 AM  
2003-04-22 01:34:47 AM  
Does anyone else remember the Nintendo GI Joe game? That was one of the best...it had the one-wheeled vehicle you climbed into the middle of that could go up walls.
2003-04-22 01:35:35 AM  
Single best thing about NES - Two words:
Double. Dragon.
2003-04-22 01:37:49 AM  
I get irritated at stuff like this. I grew up with Atari, and I love my Xbox.

During the late 80's, however, I was trying to discover this new thing called "girls", and completely abandoned video games for a few years. Oh, sure, I'd go over to someone's house and play "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out" but I completely missed that part of video game history.

Luckily, in 1992, I finally bought a Genesis and haven't looked back since.

But, damn. Stupid teenager that I was, I missed some great video gaming.
2003-04-22 01:37:51 AM  
farked beyond comprehension...

2003-04-22 01:40:16 AM  
I also remember a lunchroom argument where I tried in vain to convince some of my fellow 2nd graders that the Bros. in Super Mario Bros. was pronounced Brothers.
2003-04-22 01:43:09 AM  
I would just like, before I depart, to go on record as saying that while I never had much of a life with the chicks, nary a day goes by when my PS2 isn't turned on. Hmm, you think maybe those two have some connection? Well, I'm off to ponder that while I go play Vice City.

Ah, videogames have come such a long way since 2 lines on either side of a screen bopped a white dot around.
2003-04-22 01:46:23 AM  
I've got all you cats and kittens beat! peep this:

[image from mcsweetie.com too old to be available]

the official nintendo director's style seat!
2003-04-22 01:48:56 AM  
I own 4 of the original NES systems, multiple copies of almost all of the 400 games, and all of the attachments. they all still work. Anyone interested? I sell.
2003-04-22 01:51:37 AM  
I played Zelda 2 recently, as my friend was having trouble with the thunderbird at the end, and beat him first try, then killed Link's shadow without being hit. I do believe this is what makes me badass.
2003-04-22 01:52:27 AM  
Super Mario 3 = Best NES Game Ever. If only game companies would go back to the side-scroller for once, instead of the overdone 3D/first person perspective.

On a side note, the Zapper shown on I-Mockery is grey, yet mine is red. Just a color variant, or were one of the colors the scarcer of the two?

Off to dig the NES from the basement...
2003-04-22 01:54:32 AM  
Madtimcash I don't think SMB3 is a clear best. It's an incredible game, and definately one of the top 10...but I don't think it's a clear winner over GI Joe or Megaman 2.
2003-04-22 01:55:32 AM  
Sidi: I still hate the beams in Quick Man's stage.
2003-04-22 01:56:20 AM  
One word: Faxanadu
2003-04-22 01:59:08 AM  
*slaps head*

Chrono Trigger. I must now bow my head in shame.
2003-04-22 01:59:35 AM  
Aw freakin' yeah. After I got the emulator, that was teh first thing I started playing.
2003-04-22 01:59:42 AM  
Wait, SNES. I am not shamed.
2003-04-22 02:02:00 AM  

A bunch of soccer moms got pissed off at the grey color for being "realistic" and it was turned into that shiatty looking red color. I'll show them though, check out what I'm getting to accompany my Desert Eagle on my PS2.
2003-04-22 02:02:36 AM  
Dammit, Fark. Dont throw away my link.

2003-04-22 02:04:37 AM  
Best NES Accessory: The Zapper Light Gun.

It made that awesome "ka-CHANG!" sound when you pulled the trigger.
2003-04-22 02:10:27 AM  
Damn straight. None of the modern light guns make that badass sound, just a pansy little click.

I'd like to see someone convert an old school Zapper to be Guncon compatible.
2003-04-22 02:16:25 AM  
MadTimCash--no way, aren't you the dude from Wilkes? And now your profile says you're coming to Syracuse for grad school? That's hella cool, man, lotsa luck. Lucky me, I'm looking for jobs (check my profile).

I suck. I didn't get a NES until the Xmas where all my friends got Super Nintendo.

But I did get a PS2 within a week of launch, so eat that!
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