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(Denver Channel)   Woman becomes suspicious when boyfriend won't answer door or telephone. Hilarity ensues   ( thedenverchannel.com) divider line
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2003-04-21 09:17:31 AM  
Reverse roles.

Man in car, woman in house.

Is it just as funny girls?
2003-04-21 09:56:07 AM  
I'm going to buy a Benzo and name it Christine.

[image from findcoolmovies.com too old to be available]

2003-04-21 10:26:44 AM  
What is it that makes Benz the car of choice for murderous broads? Can't you run over your husband/ram the house with a good, solid American car? Wouldn't the Ford Explorer be up to this task? Is America losing out in the auto wars because our cars can't be considere Weapons of Individual Destruction? Musings for a slow Monday morning....
2003-04-21 10:54:56 AM  
How about this article on the sidebar: (I suck at HTML)


(Woman arrested for REPEATEDLY urinating in coffee pot, on videotape too, but no sample video)
2003-04-21 11:20:41 AM  
rodeodoc: it's because a woman with a benz had it bought for her by someone (most likely), and feelings of entitlement are a big contributor to being a psycho-biatch.
2003-04-21 11:28:32 AM  
"...Just because she did something psycho doesn't mean he didn't give her a reason...."

O.J. Simpson had a reason. Plenty of them. Didn't make it right.
2003-04-21 11:50:29 AM  
It would have been better if he had just been taking a major dump and couldn't get the door or the phone.
2003-04-21 12:03:44 PM  
Bet ya the Benz was his.
2003-04-21 01:39:38 PM  
She may be crazy, but it also seems she was correct.
2003-04-21 02:49:25 PM  

I know that the likelihood is he was cheating, but I'm sticking with my story. Them's the facts I gathered from the article. I choose not to assume things.

//I'm a guy.
2003-04-21 04:28:14 PM  
Wouldn't you know ahead of time if your woman was capable of something like this???

I don't have the energy to try and get away with cheating. If I wanted someone different, I'd get a divorce and THEN fark around... Simply too lazy to pull a Jack Tripper (and I married my wife because I love her and wouldn't want to hurt her)

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