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(Denver Channel)   Woman becomes suspicious when boyfriend won't answer door or telephone. Hilarity ensues   ( thedenverchannel.com) divider line
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2003-04-20 07:18:19 PM  
Funny thing is, he was cheating.
2003-04-20 07:19:48 PM  
Holmes also attempted to attack a woman who was at the home, Robinson said

Well, she was right about him cheating, more than likely. However, crashing a Benz into the house isn't exactly a sane thing to do. Jealous woman are never sane anyways though.
2003-04-20 07:25:08 PM  
Damn it Jabber. I was gonna say nearly the same thing. She was right. Completly nutso, but right.
2003-04-20 07:25:36 PM  
This is what the show "Cheaters" is all about. It's the best new reality show around, human suffering can be funny shiat.
2003-04-20 08:27:31 PM  
Yeah, she goes through all that, and there actually IS another woman there.

That's what makes it funny.
2003-04-20 09:00:39 PM  
We're all used to seeing horribly written news stories on the web. This story was actually written with a bit of flair for the the dramatic!
2003-04-20 09:15:29 PM  
Just because there WAS another woman there, does not mean he was cheating. She could have been the cleaning lady, or something.
2003-04-20 09:24:35 PM  
I swear this could be my ex.
farking psycho biatch.
2003-04-20 09:24:53 PM  

hopefully that would have been adressed in the article...unless this is one of those "draw your own conclusion" news articles
2003-04-20 09:25:54 PM  
Could have been his sister visiting for all we know. I mean, if you have family over, do you always want to stop and talk to your girlfriend?

For some family > potential family
2003-04-20 09:26:53 PM  
So it's hilarious if a jealous woman crashes her car into her cheating boyfriend's house and attacks him with a baseball bat, but if a guy were to do the same thing, it's sick and wrong.

That's not the kind of America I want to live in.
2003-04-20 09:26:58 PM  
That's my type of girl. I love them level headed ones.
2003-04-20 09:27:26 PM  
What is it with crazy chics and their mercedes these days?
2003-04-20 09:27:29 PM  
Heh. I think I used to date her.
2003-04-20 09:29:00 PM  
Please, TSG, get her mugshot.
2003-04-20 09:29:08 PM  
Sincityrugby, we've ALL dated her in one form or another.
2003-04-20 09:31:02 PM  
Better him then me. i have no garage.
2003-04-20 09:31:07 PM  
JOHNDX, yeah the cleaning lady was there to "polish his knob", dressed in a French Freedom Maid outfit.
2003-04-20 09:31:50 PM  
Stupid tag.
2003-04-20 09:32:08 PM  
She's kinda got a Rodney King / Basic Instinct kinda thing goin' there.
2003-04-20 09:32:56 PM  
Stop Making Sense:

Damnit, stop making sense.
2003-04-20 09:32:58 PM  
I misread this as "Woman becomes suspicious when boyfriend won't answer door on telephone." and was laughing for a good minute until I reread the headline...
2003-04-20 09:32:59 PM  
If it was his sister or the cleaning lady or something, the article would have said so. The fact that it didn't say who the lady was means that she probably had no real excuse for being there.
2003-04-20 09:33:17 PM  
I love people.
2003-04-20 09:33:30 PM  

2003-04-20 09:33:55 PM  
2003-04-20 09:34:03 PM  

It's possible the news people simply didn't have that information released to them by the cops or the people in the house. The psycho chick wouldn't know who she was anyway.
2003-04-20 09:34:05 PM  
The only reason I'm saying that is that I've had psycho g/f's who accused me of all sorts of stuff, that I never did.

And yeah, occasionally, they trashed my shiat.

Women, gotta love 'em though! wo0t!
2003-04-20 09:34:11 PM  
'My other car is a shotgun'
2003-04-20 09:34:30 PM  
[image from provide.net too old to be available]


2003-04-20 09:35:38 PM  
I know! In know! He was sleeping and the 'other' woman was a burgler!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

2003-04-20 09:36:24 PM  
haha, it sure did ensue
2003-04-20 09:38:20 PM  
If you're gonna have an affair, you gotta go to *her* house. When will these n00bs ever learn?
2003-04-20 09:40:44 PM  
"Holmes also attempted to attack a woman who was at the home, Robinson said."

I wonder what that other woman was doing there. Did they have a maid service?

that last line makes the article...
2003-04-20 09:42:45 PM  
I think he was cheating. Psycho-hose-beast had to go to the bedroom to find Mr. Cheater, where, presumably, she attacked the woman and Mr. Cheater.
2003-04-20 09:43:47 PM  
Women. Can't live with them, can't fvck beer.
2003-04-20 09:45:26 PM  
Damn, life in a monastery is sounding better all the time. Naaahhhhh....
2003-04-20 09:45:29 PM  
"Can't live with them, can't fark beer"

what about the long neck wide mouth bottles?
2003-04-20 09:46:56 PM  
Just remember, the person you are with is a reflection of you.
2003-04-20 09:48:15 PM  

I loved how they sort of tacked that on to the end too. "oh yeah, BTW..."
2003-04-20 09:48:28 PM  
New on Fox this Summer: "When Women attack!"

Lets face it... she's a cheap publicity seeking whore. Get over it bint. You're ugly... he's f*cking a better looking model. And thus the World goes round.
2003-04-20 09:49:03 PM  
...one crazy biatch if you ask me...
2003-04-20 09:49:43 PM  
Was it a nice Mercedes? If so => lethal injection.
2003-04-20 09:51:00 PM  
Am I the only one who noticed this?
[image from members.cox.net too old to be available]
2003-04-20 09:51:24 PM  
When I stop answering phones and the door for some girl, it means "we're broken up." How can he cheat on smoe chick if he refuses to even lie about being faithful?
2003-04-20 09:53:56 PM  
M1 Abrams. The ULTIMATE bashing machine. When you absolutely, positively have to vent your spleen. Or burn off some PMS tensions.
2003-04-20 09:54:28 PM  
Good God, I forgot to include the BMW ad right above the article. What are they trying to tell us?
2003-04-20 09:59:28 PM  
She used a Mercedes to break into the house. That's good solid German engineering and construction for you. You think she could pull that off with some little p.o.s. Saturn or Toyota Camry? No way.
2003-04-20 10:04:32 PM  
all i can say is jeebus... i hope it wasn't an S-class. i have no love for the other mercedes makes, but S-classes are some swank engineering.
2003-04-20 10:10:14 PM  
Wasn't that vicious broad in texas who ran over her dentist hubby and then parked on him driving a Benz also?

Oh shouldn't that be jailarity ensues?
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