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2003-04-20 05:14:53 PM  
at least they aren't the Rolling Stones.
2003-04-20 05:33:40 PM  
What? They aren't still the worst farking band ever?
2003-04-20 05:42:39 PM  
For the Farkettes, HAPPY EASTER

Thier music might not be getting better with age, but....
[image from i.ivillage.co.uk too old to be available]
[image from apenaspapo.weblogger.com.br too old to be available]
2003-04-20 05:49:27 PM  
"Shot through the heart, this tune's so lame, we gave rock a bad name." God I miss the Swinging Erudites.
2003-04-20 06:12:15 PM  
Bon Jovi???


Is Jersey really as bad as the stereotype goes?
2003-04-20 06:12:16 PM  
Couldn't get much worse
2003-04-20 06:15:44 PM  
Jamie Lee Curtis gets better with age, too.
2003-04-20 06:19:20 PM  
Beavis: "Hey, Butthead? You remember when these guys were cool?"
Butthead: "Uhhh... no."
Beavis: "Heh-heh. Yeah. Me, neither."
2003-04-20 06:19:26 PM  
jamie lee curtis is a freak, plain and simple.
2003-04-20 06:22:09 PM  
Bon Jovi hasn't been good since the eighties. Oh wait. They weren't good then either.
2003-04-20 06:22:13 PM  
I tried killing kittens to a Jamie Lee Curtis movie once. One of those that she showed her teats on. Couldn't do it. Had to go back to my National Lampoon's Vacation tape. Beverly D'Angelo in the shower. Now THERE was a woman!!!
2003-04-20 06:22:28 PM  
[image from kvikmynd.is too old to be available]

2003-04-20 06:24:49 PM  
The first sentance of the article states that men were pumping their fists to Bon Jovi.

Hmmm. I guess it's cool that their so open about it.
2003-04-20 06:26:41 PM  
If I were at a Bon Jovi show at a club, I would beg for some pyrotechnics.
2003-04-20 06:28:30 PM  
Jebus, can someone edit that B/W? I don't want the office 'confirmed bachelor' to see that on my screen and get the wrong idea.
2003-04-20 06:28:54 PM  
better with age eh? well it's getting closer to the day he dies...and thats the only good thing I can se and I guess we'll have to wait a while.
2003-04-20 06:29:58 PM  
Me (putting Portishead in the CD): "So what do you listen to?"
Blind date: "Oh, the usual. Springsteen. Madonna. And I really love Bon Jovi!" -wrinkles nose when music starts- "Oh, I don't like rap very much."

2003-04-20 06:30:11 PM  
Zakke--That was my first thought. Remember, the real heterosexuals of Bon Jovi are the roadies.
2003-04-20 06:30:27 PM  
In ref to the pyro joke:

I'd rather die for Great White than Bon Jovi.
2003-04-20 06:30:38 PM  
Bon Jovi gets better with distance
2003-04-20 06:32:01 PM  
bon jovi is a farking whore!

its like saying cher or madonna gets better with age

ITS NOT HAPPENING PEOPLE! 5 people run all media in the world eh? it shows with articles like this ;\
2003-04-20 06:33:05 PM  
Sweet jebus it's slow on Fark today. Where is everyone?
2003-04-20 06:33:46 PM  
I'd read somewhere that Jon Bon Jovi had said that the worst punishment you could inflict on him is to tie him down and make him watch his early videos. So I'd say that he agrees with the headline.

Well, "It's My Life" is a halfway decent song.
2003-04-20 06:34:26 PM  
did anyone see vampires 2? i heard he was in it, poor carpenter cant make a movie without someone ruining it.

(yeah, i know he wasnt involved in the sequel, its still a sequel to a movie he worked on)
2003-04-20 06:35:31 PM  
<b>IronChefRichmod</b> - We were out having Easter dinner with the relatives. I'm stuffed, now, and will likely gain even more weight!
2003-04-20 06:36:21 PM  
This is a slow day here. I am too bored at work for this!
2003-04-20 06:36:21 PM  
Let's see, he's still making more money than any of us, has gotten more tail than a lobster trap, and won a Golden Globe. He sold around 93 million albums, and his latest went multi-platinum. His personal wealth is estimate at $100 million.

If Jon Bon Jovi is lame, a loser, or uncool, then I should be so lame.
2003-04-20 06:37:00 PM  
Bah, my HTML didn't work. Looks right...
2003-04-20 06:37:42 PM  
I'm a cowboy......

2003-04-20 06:38:33 PM  
ohh......thats Guns & Roses.....same same
2003-04-20 06:38:33 PM  
Slippery When shiatty
2003-04-20 06:40:11 PM  
the late 80's were a blur of hair and meat
2003-04-20 06:40:12 PM  
Today is sooooooo sloooooooooow. It makes me actually a bit excited to see a near naked Jon Bon Jovi. That's how bad it's been today! Put the damn Peeps and Cadbury Eggs down and throw us something we can really chew on! Or suck on, depending on personal choice...
2003-04-20 06:42:22 PM  
Bon Jovi is the epitomy of musical integrity.
2003-04-20 06:43:44 PM  
I'm a fan of the hairband genre. Better musicianship and showmanship that what's out there today.

As for Bon Jovi, they were ok live. They certainly survived with more dignity than many of their contemporaries (Vince Neil, Stephen Pearcy, Jani Lane, but Jon has lost a lot of his voice.

Winger was better in concert last summer, but that's probably because Kip hasn't done ANYTHING in the last decade, while Bon Jovi has kept performing.
2003-04-20 06:47:56 PM  
Hairbands were good musicians?

I agree that a lot of the stuff that is popular today sucks, but come on!!!

DikkkVein PalmStain was a technically good guitarist, but he had no soul or passion.

Like most hairbands.
2003-04-20 06:49:34 PM  
They still can't hold a flame to Jack Russell presents Jack Russell's Great White.

2003-04-20 06:52:22 PM  
I really really need some stimulation people, I am soo bored. I cleaned the grout in my shower stall. I even dusted. Its raining Im alone and I dont own a TV so I cant even zone out to the gawd awful mindless drivel that they program on major holidays. Help me before I try to scour the kitchen washbasin.
2003-04-20 06:58:06 PM  
JBJ gets better each time I forget about him and start thinking about Winona Ryder.

btw, this is probably the 2nd time in my life I thing of JBJ. What a waste of brain...
2003-04-20 06:59:03 PM  
if you're bored and you know it, masturbate...

mmm, isint this a song?

you stick your right hand out...
2003-04-20 07:01:13 PM  
Bubblegum rock. Bah.
2003-04-20 07:02:43 PM  
Bungalo: you are SO right.
2003-04-20 07:05:12 PM  

Tell us how a TV licence works in the UK. Does it come in on cable? Is your Internet dial-up on on cable modem? Or DSL? What is the cost?

I wish I were in England right now. Love it there. London especially.
2003-04-20 07:05:41 PM  
Why couldn't Great White have been on a multi group hairband nostalgia tour? Think of the possibilities of all those other bands going up in smoke.

Hell is having Great White music ringing through your head as the flames consume you.

Happy Easter.
2003-04-20 07:16:43 PM  
Maybe true, the older I get the harder it is to hear. SO when I go death, I should be able to listen to it.
2003-04-20 07:17:14 PM  
To have a TV, you must licence it with the government. I cant recall off hand the exact amount but it is about 30GBP for a B&W and 130GBP for a colour TV. If you are caught without one, you face a fine of 1000GBP. The licence pays for the programming you get from a standard ariel array. 4 channels. Cable is called Sky. This cost an additional amount based on the plan you sign up for.

As funny as it sounds, the government monitors TV usage with special vans setup with equipment to see if you have an unlicenced TV in your house. If a TV is detected, and it doesnt have a licence, you are fined.

I currently have a dial up for 150 hours a month at 15.99GBP. It a horrible plan but as I am currently rather poor, it will do. Broadband is about 39.99GBP a month. This is actually a really good plan, most are around 2p a min.
2003-04-20 07:21:03 PM  
1GBP is roughly equal to 1USdollar
2003-04-20 07:22:31 PM  
bah...i have been beaten to the triumph relation...
2003-04-20 07:24:55 PM  
"Whooooooooaaaaah! We're two-thirds there! WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAH! Drawin' from Medicare!"
2003-04-20 07:25:50 PM  
Bon Jovi is awesome, and so is Bruce Springsteen (saw him last night, now I know why they call him the Boss). Oh, and rap sucks, at least JBJ and the boss can actually play musical intstruments.
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