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(The Province)   Woman drops baby off bridge, sues bridge builder   ( canada.com) divider line
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3903 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Sep 2001 at 9:02 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-26 09:05:49 AM  
sounds a little fishy to me
2001-09-26 09:07:58 AM  
Sounds like she was "dropped"..;)
2001-09-26 09:22:14 AM  
What kind of bullshiat is this?

"Hi, I'm a stupid lady who thinks that I can sue the pants off of a company to recoup the money that I lost and am losing in my divorce because I lack A SIGNLE GOD DAMN IOTA OF COMMON SENSE"

Ok, I feel better now.
2001-09-26 09:22:45 AM  
woulda been a little bit more effective if I didn't typo single.
2001-09-26 09:26:17 AM  
Hey, makes sense to me!!!

ohhhh, wait...i'm still high on the mescaline
2001-09-26 09:27:52 AM  
To bad she couldnt have fallen off instead (Is that wrong of me to say?)

But stories do sometimes have a happy ending, him getting custody.
2001-09-26 09:30:12 AM  
Dammit! Billy? Did you see a sign mentioning that babies could fall off this bridge?! I'm suing!

I gotta agree with Ham Salad. She just had an abortion, and it doesn't sound like a "slipped". :)
2001-09-26 09:34:26 AM  
I'm surprised the tree huggers aren't counter suing for the damage the baby caused to the trees.
2001-09-26 09:57:38 AM  
"Miraculously, tree boughs broke the baby's fall and she suffered only a few scratches."

So what the hell is she suing for??
2001-09-26 10:07:13 AM  
2001-09-26 10:08:05 AM  
Rock-a-bye baby, up on the bridge;
Mommy just dropped her mongoloid kid;
The boughs broke her fall; she only got scratched...
But now we all know mom's a crazy biatch!
2001-09-26 10:09:41 AM  
H2oicfs-Thanks now I'm sleepy.
2001-09-26 10:11:00 AM  
I remember this biatch. First she chucks her kid off the Capilano Suspension bridge, and then is found innocent of murder.(Shiat) And then she sues the Capilano Park.

'Thou doth protesth too much?'
2001-09-26 10:11:30 AM  
Err, attempted murder I mean.
2001-09-26 10:12:57 AM  
I hope she loses.
2001-09-26 10:20:46 AM  
She should be suing her parents for their substandard genetic material which caused her to be a stupid and clumsy individual. And her kid for being slippery. And her other kid for being a brat.

and they should sue her for being a silly cow with no sense of personal responsibility.
2001-09-26 10:23:38 AM  
H2oincfs- Good to see I wasn't the only one who flashed to the nursery rhyme part of my brain upon reading that line

Miraculously, tree boughs broke the baby's fall and she suffered only a few scratches.

I wonder if the author phrased it that way on purpose.
2001-09-26 10:39:41 AM  
1. She pays for the defendant's lawyer and all of their costs.

2. Her lawyer gets disciplined.
2001-09-26 10:53:18 AM  
I'm going to sue "God" because he gave the terminal disease called Life.
2001-09-26 11:03:57 AM  
Good luck to her. If the bridge builder was negligent, I hope she gets enormous punitive damages.

This is like the McDonalds' coffee case: sounds stupid if you only learn a little bit about it or are inclined to shoot your mouth off on the basis of a tiny bit of ignorance about the case, but if you look deeper it turns out that the company involved may very well have been negligent.
2001-09-26 11:06:59 AM  
okay, i live about 20 minutes away from this bridge, and remember when this happened. she tried to kill her baby on purpose, everybody knew it then, how the hell did it switch to this? police RECOMMENDED charges! damn... farking fools
2001-09-26 11:11:09 AM  
Did anyone else ever think that the McDonald's coffee case and things like this are actually started by the company to get free advertising?
2001-09-26 11:14:10 AM  
She is just a farking Moron
2001-09-26 11:15:50 AM  
Just what would a bridge look like if it were constructed so this was not possible?

Anybody have a photo of the bridge as it is now? Prefer one with people on it, for a sense of scale.

Tubal ligation, anyone?
2001-09-26 11:18:27 AM  
Sounds to me like she was trying to off her retard kid. How about that: off the kid AND get some cash to boot!

Then she could have lived happily ever after with the other two NORMAL kids.

Ha! Backfired. Karma - you dont believe in it until you have to.
2001-09-26 11:21:20 AM  
she's guilty.
2001-09-26 11:31:17 AM  

If you drop a object, it goes *down*. In order for the kid to go over the railing, the kid would have had their center of mass OUT and OVER the railing.

Lets say she were standing on a plain slab of concrete. If she dropped the kid, even then theres a very good chance of a broken skull or neck. Whats next, suing the earth for not being made of nerf?
2001-09-26 11:56:24 AM  
Cavardossi: Great attitude! "I'm not responsible for any of my actions - I just need to work out how to effectively blame others...!". Nice one.
2001-09-26 11:59:55 AM  
Wow! I thought we only had dumb-ass lawsuits like this here in America. Guess Canada is becoming more like the states after all.
2001-09-26 12:06:46 PM  
The UK, too. There's a woman over here suing the law firm she used to work for for racial and sexual harassment, after reading an email one bloke sent exclusively to another saying "Can we get a fit blonde this time". I blame the government.
2001-09-26 12:37:13 PM  
Goatman: Piss off! that's not the same thing at all! Suing for sexual harrassment = fair enough, firms should know better, especially LAW firms (hello?).

Suing a bridge because you dropped your kid off it is something else. In a shock move Poohsticks losers take out a class action suit...
2001-09-26 12:38:16 PM  
cool, you can say piss off without being filtered. and minge. Can you say flange though?
2001-09-26 12:40:30 PM  
Londongirl: Well, the fact that it was an email that was not sent to her or anyone other than the single recipient made me think it was rather unseemly - I thought it similar to trying to sue people you hear talking about you behind your back. If it had been copied to the whole company, or indeed she had simply been copied in on it, I would think it more reasonable.
2001-09-26 12:41:21 PM  
You can. I don't believe you can say "

with a carrot and a jar of peanut butter" though
2001-09-26 12:45:59 PM  
Just what would a bridge look like if it were constructed so this was not possible?

Mole4hire: It's not too hard to build a bridge so that your kids can't fall off:

[image from coveredbridges.com too old to be available]

However, she's still a complete idiot. Frivolous lawsuits are bullshiat, and I'm thoroughly in line with Anotherlawyer's ideas about how to deal with people who insist in bringing them to court.
2001-09-26 12:52:48 PM  
Goatman: Live by the law, die by the law. & you must admit this sort of attitude is too prevalent in city firms. but mainly if lawyers would all just sue each other out of business the world would be a better place. and this daft cow would have to think up another crazy money making scheme such as performing your peanut butter/carrot act in public. BTW, I hope you weren't thinking crunchy peanut butter. *Very* bad idea.
2001-09-26 12:57:14 PM  
Londongirl: Crunchy tends to give a betterm grip, though, but I have both types, just in case, so you choose.
2001-09-26 01:01:28 PM  
I knew a bloke who tried that and got a piece of crunchy peanut stuck under his foreskin, so don't say I didn't warn you.
2001-09-26 01:04:22 PM  
He clearly didn't wear a hat, then.
2001-09-26 01:08:26 PM  
well it wasn't raining.

If that's a word for condom (I am so sheltered), I'm really puzzled as to why you would. Peanut butter may be full of aflatoxins & saturated fat but I never heard it gave you gonorrhea...
2001-09-26 01:12:02 PM  
I was talking about law suits.
2001-09-26 01:12:55 PM  
Anyway, what are we all doing here? It's pub time again! Yay!
2001-09-26 01:17:35 PM  
This skank threw her kid off the rail and now she's trying to cash in, heres a link to some of the evidence the cops had.
and a poor quality video clip here......

I remember seeing some amateur video on TV when this happened but of course I can't find it now. Her lawyers probably had it removed from the CBC site.
2001-09-26 01:35:45 PM  
Yeah,I remember this woman yappin away on CBC when her husband got custody of the kids.She was biatching about how if she was a white woman (she is of middle-eastern decent I believe)she would still have her children,and that Canada is to blame for its oppression of ethnic minorities.Bull-f'n-Sh!t.Canada is probably the least racist place on earth.Its a shame they didn't lock this dumbass up,she could share a cell with Gillian Guess.
2001-09-26 02:01:22 PM  
Throw her off the bridge...puleese?
2001-09-26 02:01:41 PM  
PS: don't forget the attorney.
2001-09-26 02:17:59 PM  
"The bridge incident changed his mind, and last June he was awarded custody of both children after a 31/2-year court battle."

so... 15.5 years?
2001-09-26 02:36:01 PM  
Hope this works

[image from capbridge.com too old to be available]

This is the bridge that she launched her baby from
2001-09-26 02:39:00 PM  
Wow, Dusted knuckle, thanks for the additional links and information. Interesting that she apparently changed her story several times... I found it most telling that her demeanor changed in that way when she discovered the kid was ok. I would have expected someone who was "berzerk" with worry to become hysterical with joy or... something, at least!

I'm wondering if she TOLD the other kids to jump up and down so that she'd have a cover for her story? Innocent until presumed, but still. Strikes me as VERY suspicious.
2001-09-26 03:34:11 PM  
Punishment is in order. Dreaming that we can get her to revisit the bridge, how many Farkers would show up to really jump up and down?
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