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(The Smoking Gun)   Flight attendant's bra sets off metal detector, forced to go through security again braless. Sues   ( thesmokinggun.com) divider line
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2003-04-18 02:38:54 PM  
Spinal Tap reference in 4...3...2...
2003-04-18 02:40:27 PM  
After I take over, one of the first things I'll do is ban the practice of suing for "emotional distress." Life sucks. Deal with it.

That, and I promise a monkey in every kitchen by 2010.
2003-04-18 02:41:04 PM  
What?? No pictures??
2003-04-18 02:41:06 PM  
braless? or topless?

too lazy to read the article. someone summarize it for me please.
2003-04-18 02:42:14 PM  
Aarkwilde - there's no pics. Waste of time.
2003-04-18 02:42:26 PM  
For Random_McEric

Nelson: "How many monkey butlers will there be?"

Bart: "One at first, but he'll train others."
2003-04-18 02:42:28 PM  
That is probably the most un-sexy bra I have ever seen. Live it up woman! Join the mile high club! Get on with your bad self!

Oh god I am bored at work today. *sigh*
2003-04-18 02:42:42 PM  
She should consider herself lucky. If I were one of the security screeners I would insist on complete nudity everytime for the hot ones.
2003-04-18 02:42:45 PM  
I forsee terrible things for attractive women going through security..."erm, your jeans seem to be setting off the metal detector...Could you take them off to clear security please? You shirt needs to go to...there's metal in the button."
2003-04-18 02:42:50 PM  
Good. I hate this airport security crap. I know it's necessary to a point, but I think it's being implemented well beyond that point, and not properly in concert with other methods that would take a little bit of power away from people who really should not have it.
2003-04-18 02:43:32 PM  
"Hhhhmmmmmmm....suspicious undergarment.....aaahhhrrllgghhh"
2003-04-18 02:43:39 PM  
2003-04-18 02:43:56 PM  
Security guy felt her up with wand.

I thought post traumatic stress disorder was caused by things like artillery barrages or seeing your squad-mates machine gunned in half.
2003-04-18 02:44:22 PM  
A monkey in every kitchen by 2010?

Fool! Under my regime there shall be TWO monkeys in every kitchen by 2008!

Bow down to me, Random_McEric, and I shall spare your life, that you might serve as Minister of Monkeys in my cabinet.
2003-04-18 02:44:32 PM  

That is absolutely the greates thing I have ever read..
You are a brilliant man.
2003-04-18 02:45:24 PM  
Moved from other thread that's a repeat, but also greened:

The asinine part about this is if you all really knew how stupid security was for flight attendants. I've got a family member who is one, and doing this would be ok...except that the rest of their security is just farkin stupid.

My relative can walk onto most planes after passing through what really can't pass for security at most airports. Most likely this flight attendant had to go through normal security.

When u fly folks, don't fool yourselves into thinkin we're more secure now. We're not. We just have security freaks now. (Who if other holes were plugged up, would be effective.)

It's like trying to slim down a fat man by giving him an enema while letting him eat cake.
2003-04-18 02:45:55 PM  
Sign me up for one of those monkeys as well...
2003-04-18 02:47:45 PM  
We were at the Cleveland airport on our way to Memphis and one of the screeners decided to pick a SMOKIN HOT 20ish woman with a great set of fake b00bs and a kickin booty to match. Needless to say, he spent a LOOOOOOONG time feeling her up, I mean screening her until they figured out she was not a terrorist. My boss, his boss, a couple of us other schmucks, and the rest of the folks in the baggage screening vicinity were all staring. Some with smiles and wish to be that screener for 5 seconds (the guys and a couple girls) and those who were obviously disgusted and appalled (rest of the women).
2003-04-18 02:47:51 PM  
Emotional distress is the most b.s. complaint in the history of lawsuits. Nearly impossible to prove or disprove.
And seriously, how much emotional distress could be caused by having her take off her bra? Is she having nightmares every time she goes to put on her wonderbra? Stupid, stupid,
2003-04-18 02:49:11 PM  
I have a feeling we will be hearing about this woman in another article in a few hours....
2003-04-18 02:49:52 PM  
[image from surroundpro.com too old to be available]
2003-04-18 02:49:57 PM  
my mother's a flight attendant, and yes, the planes aren't any safer now according to her, just more annoying to get on.
2003-04-18 02:50:09 PM  
A note to my fellow Americans:

STOP being such farking pussies. Your babbling about "security" and "terrorism" is annoying the hell out of us who have half a brain. And all for a false sense of security.

2003-04-18 02:50:18 PM  
I don't think it was the bra, so much as the crotch pat down when she was on the rag. If it was my wife, the guards would be calling the custodial staff to pick their teeth and internal organs up off the floor.
2003-04-18 02:51:04 PM  
Was she boarding a Hooter's flight? I hear those chicks go commando and in times like these, we should respect all our uniform service people.

2003-04-18 02:51:37 PM  
04-18-03 02:43:56 PM Kanthek
Security guy felt her up with wand.

Kanthek, it was a Security Gal. Probably an ex-gym teacher. Also, she felt her up even though the wand didn't go off in that area.

For others who didn't read the article:
The male security guard agreed with her that the search was excessive and unwarranted. She eventually became so distressed that she just wanted to go home, but they wouldn't let her leave and at that point demanded that she remove her bra.
2003-04-18 02:52:00 PM  
If you read the suit, the security guy was off the deep end, and the policeman nearby sided with the flight attendant. The wand beeped over her chest, but the security guy demanded a pat down of her crotch.

Sounds like a good lawsuit to me.
2003-04-18 02:53:55 PM  
04-18-03 02:50:09 PM Moonman9j9 and everyone else biatching about emotion duress:

I'll agree that the vast majority of the time the claim is complete bs; however, there is a key difference here.

The woman requested to just leave. There's no law in airport security that *requires* you to be screened. Only that you be screened if you wish to get on board the plane.

The point at which they refused to let her go home is the point that they opened themselves up this lawsuit because she can rightfully claim, "I knew this was going to harm me, so I requested it to stop the only way I knew I could legally--and they refused."

What I don't understand is why the trooper who seems to have had a problem w/this did nothing. You'd think it'd be against the law not to let her leave like that.
2003-04-18 02:56:58 PM  

I wasn't biatching about that. I was biatching about all these neo-patriotic Americans who support this whole uber-screening process at all costs, even though in reality it does very little to stop would-be terrorists.
2003-04-18 02:57:15 PM  
Actually, it was a female security guard.

The flight attendant walked through the metal detector and the alarm went off. The female guard wanded her and the wand went off in front of her chest.

The security guard then told her to spread her legs and tried to wand her in the crotch. repeatedly.

The flight attendant was menstrating and didn't want to be wanded repeatedly in the crotch in front of her peers and people who might be on the plane with her.

a cop nearby said the whole search was non standard.

The complaint makes it look like the security guard didn't like it that the cop and the flight attendant knew how to better do her job than she did.

Isn't the federal govt responsible for this now? Shouldn't she be suing the feds? the do have more money...
2003-04-18 02:58:45 PM  
OK you got me. I didn't actually "read" the article. More like scanned it for interesting words. Those smoking gun things are a pain to click through.

She is full of it on the stress complaint though
2003-04-18 02:59:18 PM  
"The guard then advised Ms. Sheeran that she would need to completely pat-down her breast and crotch areas."

Emphasis Mine

That would indicate the "the security guy" is actually a "security girl". Dunno how much difference that makes though.


2003-04-18 02:59:26 PM  
Wow, that reads almost like the Penthouse Letter I once sent off. Why is it that one person's emotional nightmare can be another's pleasantly surprising afternoon?

"Dear Penthouse, I never used to believe your letters were true until..."
2003-04-18 03:01:40 PM  
04-18-03 02:58:45 PM Kanthek
She is full of it on the stress complaint though

Yeah. I just see it as a keyword to use in order to get some justice out of this. Saying "violation of rights" or something like that probably won't get her too far in court. The stress thing is just a catch phrase, but it should accomplish the desired result.
2003-04-18 03:03:02 PM  
this was so over the top. i also didn't see the need to have 2 people watch her take her bra off.

the security company said at the end of the document, that with the need for strict security, people should expect to be uncomfortable and embarrassed. so basically what they're saying is they have the right to humilate you to that extent in the name of security.
2003-04-18 03:03:20 PM  
The majority of people that partake in terrorist attacks, are male arabic people, between the ages of 18 and 45 isn't it? Why don't we concentrate our terrorism searches on THESE people?
2003-04-18 03:03:21 PM  

My bad, I confused your post w/other ppls.

Your right too--the extra security is a friggin joke. If they plugged up all the holes, then it'd be acceptable, but as it is, if you are determined, it's still very easy to get through most of the secrity at airports.

I'd list a few ways to get around airport security, but I don't want to violate the DMCA.

/bad geek joke
2003-04-18 03:04:48 PM  
AtomicToad - I agree with you 100%. Duelling would solve that situation just fine as far as I'm concerned. There would have to be genuine distress going on for people to be willing to risk their lives in a duel, rather than just crying "emotional distress, gimme gimme gimme!" in the big money grab lawsuit game we have now.

And in the duels, you could have your monkey serve as your second.

OK, that's the last mention I'll make of monkeys. Honest.

2003-04-18 03:05:58 PM  
The majority of people that partake in terrorist attacks, are male arabic people, between the ages of 18 and 45 isn't it? Why don't we concentrate our terrorism searches on THESE people?

Because that would be incredibly politically incorrect.
2003-04-18 03:07:08 PM  
That security guard (whether male or female) was way out of line! It was totally unnecessary to put that wand there, especially after it was obvious to nearly everyone around the situation that it was her eff-ing BRA that set off the metal detector... I agree with AndrewFish--if some moron decides they want to go "there" while I have my period, they best be prepared to die a slow, painful death.

I have a story about a security guard (though, I laughed about mine): Going through the Minneapolis airport over Christmas of 2001, I was wearing a tight long-sleeved shirt and some seriously low-cut jeans. It didn't really leave much to the imagination. But for some reason the male security guards pulled me aside and wanded me, patted me down, made me remove my shoes and searched my carry-on. Not once, not twice, but THREE times!!!! The last time was right before I boarded the plane. I turned to the guy and said: "they did this twice before I even got here!" And he told me it was better safe than sorry, with a perverted grin on his face. The passengers on my flighted were pissed because they had to hold the plane for me.
2003-04-18 03:07:24 PM  
Wow, sounds like a script for a porn movie, moving the wand "slowly up her legs".
2003-04-18 03:07:49 PM  
tame, but not safe for work

start looking down about halfway...
2003-04-18 03:08:58 PM  
I just flew to Florida a couple weekends ago, I was afraid that the underwire in my bra would set off the detectors. When I went through I squinted my eyes, looked at the guard and simply said "Bras?!" and he laughed and said I was fine. He also stated that they generally do not set off the detectors, so I'm very curious as to what kind of bra she was wearing to set it off!
2003-04-18 03:10:03 PM  

I am sure that's what the flight attendant was thinking.
2003-04-18 03:10:34 PM  
Anyone else strangely aroused by this article?
2003-04-18 03:10:50 PM  
Havent you watched this seasons "24"? Even middle class blonde haired blue eyed Americans can be nukular terrorists!
2003-04-18 03:11:58 PM  
Is this an example of the Civil Liberties that Ashcroft is blamed for taking away? This may be described as Bush wiping his feet on the Constitution, but at least nobody is getting dropped into a plastic shredder in this country.
2003-04-18 03:12:19 PM  
Us little, white, Midwestern girls must pose a serious threat to national security....
2003-04-18 03:12:29 PM  
crap, try that again

2003-04-18 03:12:43 PM  
Lady Circe

Betcha they turned the sensitivity up on the wand or walk through thing at Logan. This is Logan, where all those idiots got through with no problem on 9/11. Sounds like another place to find an alternate airport.

Ya know, like people who drive through Alabama just to avoid Georgia (because of the speed traps...).
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