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2003-04-18 02:37:30 PM  
GIS for "Prince of peas":

[image from graphics.jsonline.com too old to be available]
2003-04-18 02:51:26 PM  
Like Jesus can't stand up for Himself...sheesh.
2003-04-18 02:58:26 PM  
Did Jesus also say "the best way to attain peas in not with the olive branch, but with the knife"?
2003-04-18 03:22:20 PM  
Having not read the article, I'm assuming that this is telling us that we should eat Jesus?
2003-04-18 03:58:39 PM  
HumbleGod, that was already established in the Gospels ;-)

Jesus said to them, "I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day."
2003-04-18 06:17:08 PM  
Pensacola resident Carolyn Stallworth, 45, pointed at the sign and said "You don't play with Jesus."

But it's his ball! He'll take it home if we don't let him.
Kat [TotalFark]
2003-04-18 06:52:14 PM  
Uh...of course HumbleGod.

Haven't you ever heard of communion? That wafer is Jeebus!
2003-04-18 06:55:10 PM  
Jesus in a Biscuit
2003-04-18 06:55:32 PM  
I wonder what the historical Jesus was like.
2003-04-18 06:55:52 PM  
They meant 'Jews'.
2003-04-18 06:56:42 PM  
Cheeses of Nazareth?
2003-04-18 06:56:51 PM  
Where I am (Eastern NC) a big stink is currently being raised over something kinda similar. PETA put up a billboard in the biggest pork-producing county in NC saying 'He died for your sins - JesusVeg.com' with a picture of a hog.
2003-04-18 06:57:29 PM  
2003-04-18 06:57:43 PM  
Sorry, PETA...those were leather sandals he was wearing, not wooden clogs.

I'm still waiting for PETA to speak out against the sperm holocaust that takes place anytime someone swallows.
2003-04-18 06:57:56 PM  
Jesus has jumped the shark.
2003-04-18 06:58:25 PM  
Think about it...do you really think Jesus would care? What's wrong with peas?

However, as the article mentioned, you never ever play with Jesus. Peas, yes. Jesus, no.
2003-04-18 06:59:20 PM  
Pensacola resident Carolyn Stallworth, 45, pointed at the sign and said "You don't play with Jesus."

I beg to differ

Jesus got leaps, yo.
2003-04-18 07:00:58 PM  
well, god did pass the job onto his son, so I guess that like royalty.
2003-04-18 07:02:14 PM  
"Jesus Quintana: You said it man. Nobody farks with the Jesus."

/The Big Lebowski
2003-04-18 07:02:35 PM  
so .... pray for whirled peas?
2003-04-18 07:03:34 PM  
OK, being cruel to animals probably is offensive to God (he said to rule over the animals, not be mean to them), but Jesus did eat meat.

Jesus would have been a free-range kind of guy, I suppose.

The orange slice for a halo is pushing it, though.
2003-04-18 07:04:02 PM  
Carolyn Stallworth, 45, needs to LIGHTEN UP! Jeebus---how can one actually purport to be religious (not least of all Creationist) without a sense of hu...never mind.
2003-04-18 07:06:42 PM  
Millay Having read so many articles about PETA they probably wouldn't care too much if it were people sperm. That's the Catholics' job. ;) Now if it were animal sperm maybe...

(Which I hope people don't swallow...but having read that article about the woman who farked a dog...)
2003-04-18 07:06:51 PM  
WTF does Jesus have to do with historical accuracy???
2003-04-18 07:06:55 PM  
Prince of peas, huh? Why not add further offense and proclaim him "lard of lards" as well?

Tallowed be his name?
2003-04-18 07:08:31 PM  
Luke 2.5 Simon answered, "Master, we've worked hard all night and haven't caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets."
6 When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break.
2003-04-18 07:08:48 PM  
Can someone explain to me why all those Jesus sports statues show a white Jesus? I mean really, if you were going to pick an athletic deity...

Why are you all looking at me like that?
2003-04-18 07:08:54 PM  
[image from home.flash.net too old to be available]
2003-04-18 07:10:28 PM  
"Historically inaccurate"

Whew. We don't want to mess with that factual history book the bible, right?
2003-04-18 07:12:35 PM  
Rabbi David Ostrich - what a name.

Made my day.

Mmmmmm peas - sacrilicious (had to be said).
2003-04-18 07:12:40 PM  

They want your children to eat priest weinner and then the priest will eat them!

2003-04-18 07:13:11 PM  

Whew. We don't want to mess with that factual history book the bible, right?

2003-04-18 07:14:23 PM  
2003-04-18 07:14:51 PM  
Holy shiat, it's Bevets! Woo!
2003-04-18 07:15:45 PM  
Here's the actual "prince of peas":

[image from shinolas.com too old to be available]

2003-04-18 07:16:08 PM  
Leppe007: That is just....wrong.
2003-04-18 07:16:50 PM  
Holy cripes! Bevets just posted a quote showing that Jesus advocates eating fish! I guess Bevets thinks the PETA is retarded too.
2003-04-18 07:18:03 PM  
jebus multiplied the fish, didn't he? man, PETA must be desperate.

bible quote:
"it's ok to eat fish / cuz' they don't have any feelings."
- Book of Nirvana, verse 12
2003-04-18 07:18:47 PM  
Actually, God is really into the whole "Stabbing animals to death" thing.

Really, it's quite cruel. Animals are supposedly lower beings, and don't even go to hell or heaven. There's very little Jesus-related stuff about kidness to animals, but plenty of older stuff about killing animals for God.

Really, I don't think Jesus EVER showed any kidness to animals. He mostly fed them to people. He was very human-focused.

Which is why I think Vegans need a new god?... How about that one Greek chick that turned a hunter into a deer, and let him get eaten by his own dogs? Granted, she did it because he saw her boobs, but what better PETA goddess!?
2003-04-18 07:19:13 PM  
"This is going against the religion of people to actually believe in something."

Well said, Carolyn Stallworth.
2003-04-18 07:19:48 PM  
Jesus was all about eating people and such. Nutball. My religion believes that Jesus liked to touch little children. I want to be able to express that with a 100 foot statue just like those damn christians .. or catholics ... or whoever.
2003-04-18 07:19:56 PM  
[image from outcross.com too old to be available]

PETA's other campaign ideas:

Jesus - Prince of Rhubarb
Jesus H. Christ - King of the salad bar
Jesus: he died for your pets
Jesus - Christianity, Crucifiction and Carrots
Christinity is cool! So are veggies!
Kill a baby seal for Jesus!
PETA - Annoying mainstream society for 20 years!
Hitler was a vegitarian...Be like Hitler
2003-04-18 07:20:42 PM  
Jesus loves me, he loves me a bunch, 'cause he always puts Skippy in my lunch!
2003-04-18 07:20:50 PM  
I agree, Wydok.
2003-04-18 07:22:13 PM  
Yeah, all these OT animal sacrifices. This god fellow was a right sod really.

Can you say 'sod' on Fark?

/hell here I come
2003-04-18 07:25:14 PM  
Robotninja, that's a Stewie quote, right?
2003-04-18 07:27:22 PM  
If god didn't want us to eat cows, why did he make them so tasty?

Eaten by
2003-04-18 07:27:30 PM  
If you examine the tenants of Kosher butchery you'll see that Jews are quite careful to avoid causing the animals unnecessary pain and suffering. While it's questionable whether Jesus was Jewish, I think he probably understood these rules, and would be horrified by the modern methods of slaughtering animals.
2003-04-18 07:27:51 PM  
2003-04-18 07:28:37 PM  
Peter quote. He was singing to little kids...
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