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(This Is Local London)   US military running out of things to call their military operations. Op. Blue Spoon, anyone?   ( thisislondon.com) divider line
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2001-09-26 09:15:10 AM  
Operation Too Cheap For a Professional PR Department
2001-09-26 09:15:57 AM  
They haven't gone so far as Op. Spinal Tap yet, so I think we're allright.
2001-09-26 09:16:19 AM  
this should have had a tag
2001-09-26 09:17:02 AM  
How about:
"Operation Put Laden in the Bin"?
2001-09-26 09:24:30 AM  
I call shenanigens, this was on Memepool a few days ago..

2001-09-26 09:39:56 AM  
farked after only 98 visits?? cheesy site
2001-09-26 09:47:30 AM  
Operation Super Happy Lucky Special
2001-09-26 10:00:41 AM  
operation just cause? as in:
"why are they having a war?"
"just cause"
2001-09-26 10:18:32 AM  
All I want to know is, where the heck did "Blue Spoon" come from??
2001-09-26 10:34:21 AM  
blue spoon
bin laden started a war
we don't know what this guys for
he's gonna get farked and more.
blue spoooooon...
2001-09-26 11:04:21 AM  
Operation...um...FIGHTING! Yeah...with, THEM! Those guys! Operation KAPOW! Operation uh, BOOM! On YOU! Yeah! Watch out! Operation Karate CHOP!

(George W. coming up with operation names Cartmen style)
2001-09-26 11:31:20 AM  
Operation: Where in the Middle East is Bin Laden?
Operation: Crunchy Frog
Operation: Wasted Taxpayer Dollars
Operation: What happened to the Social Security Money?
Operation: Freedom Removal

Not that I have an opinion on the subect, or anything....
2001-09-26 11:47:14 AM  
Operation AMF (Adios Mother Farkers)
2001-09-26 12:33:20 PM  
Operation: Operation

- from the Department of Redundancy Department
2001-09-26 12:35:06 PM  
2001-09-26 12:35:35 PM  
Farking tags...

Operation *your ad here*
2001-09-26 12:48:47 PM  
2001-09-26 01:21:31 PM  
Operation: Taleban out of my Uterus.

2001-09-26 01:26:23 PM  
So they scratched 'Operation Infinite Justice', but how about 'Operation For Great Justice"?
2001-09-26 01:51:20 PM  
Operation All Your Base Are Belong to Us.
Argh, I feel dirty.
2001-09-26 02:29:23 PM  
Operation: Yo mama Osama

-not mine, but thought it was worth repeating
2001-09-26 02:37:19 PM  
Operation X10
Sorry, that's a spy mission.
2001-09-26 03:58:09 PM  
Operation Petticoat
Operation Rat Patrol
Operation Resistance is Futile

Operation Infinite Justice. fark 'em if they don't like it. It's all that fundie religious shiat that causes most of the worlds problems anyway.
2001-09-26 04:02:43 PM  
WoodyTX has it right.<br>

2001-09-26 05:36:42 PM  
I like the Tombstone-themed "Operation Reckoning"

"It's not revenge he's after..... it's the reckoning."
- Doc Holiday, Tombstone
2001-09-26 10:54:42 PM  
Here are two of my all-time favorites from Fark:

Operation Whack-a-Mole
Operation Don't Make Me Come Over There

Why can't they get something AMUSING going? Why this corny BS anyways?
2001-09-27 12:00:48 AM  
Operation Hide & Seek
Operation Peek-a-Boo I See You!
Operation Level Tent
2001-09-27 03:46:59 AM  
Operation Pig Greaser
Operation Bringing Home the Bacon
Operation Spread Eagle
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