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72 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Apr 2003 at 6:14 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-17 02:45:00 PM  
Bah, that's probably due to steroids.
2003-04-17 06:15:32 PM  
The one time I try to post and someone beats me to it.

2003-04-17 06:17:50 PM  
2003-04-17 06:18:27 PM  
Is that a Freedom Poodle?
2003-04-17 06:18:35 PM  
its on wheels, the prolly gave it a push start
2003-04-17 06:18:53 PM  
Yeah, but what can he bench?
2003-04-17 06:20:12 PM  
Does any one care?
2003-04-17 06:20:27 PM  
And all along I thought those things were only useful as toliet brushes. Silly me.
2003-04-17 06:21:27 PM  
Keep it away!
Don't let that poodle bite me!
We can't let it reproduce!
2003-04-17 06:21:28 PM  
2003-04-17 06:22:41 PM  

Damn GIS. Bet ya ain't unFELCHable.

/Manly man
2003-04-17 06:22:49 PM  
yeah? great. i got some news, here. it's still a farking poodle. and poodles are pretty shiatty.

btw, is it "freedom" poodle now?
2003-04-17 06:23:20 PM  
The International Weight Pull Association Championships

still no cure for cancer...
2003-04-17 06:24:07 PM  
And, given no friction, I could pull billions of pounds and I only weigh 165.

Now, if they gave the amount of actual force he was using to get the sled moving and pull it, then I might be impressed.

No I wouldn't. It's a toy poodle. A yappy rat with half the intelligence.
2003-04-17 06:24:46 PM  
[image from home.pacifier.com too old to be available]
'taint nothing new.

You can find some bizzare stuff on google without even trying.
2003-04-17 06:25:15 PM  
Let's see that smartypants poodle PUSH 180 pounds of stuff...
2003-04-17 06:25:20 PM  
But can Yipyip pull mustard man ?...
2003-04-17 06:25:44 PM  
"This man is my exact double! That dog has a puffy tail!!!"
2003-04-17 06:26:28 PM  
yip yip?

ling ling?

[image from imagestation.com too old to be available]
2003-04-17 06:28:00 PM  
I swear I've seen that exact same poster in House of 1000 Corpses Phenylalanine .
2003-04-17 06:29:03 PM  
FatherG That's a Bouvier des Flandres, not a Poodle.
2003-04-17 06:29:42 PM  
I tried to find a poodle but failed Khazar-Khum. Does this mean I have to turn in my google card?
2003-04-17 06:31:14 PM  
Reminds me of winter's stupidest "sport." Skijoring.

[image from anchoragenordicski.com too old to be available]
2003-04-17 06:31:36 PM  
Here's the The International Weight Pull Association website. Didn't see a section for poodles.
2003-04-17 06:31:39 PM  
Here comes that poodle dog
Big as a blimp
With a rhinestone collar
Snappin' off the trees
Like they was
Bonsai twigs on a
Dry-water landscape

If I had a toy poodle I'd name him "Frunobulax" but call him "Fru-fru" in front of the ladies.
2003-04-17 06:31:53 PM  
So what...Jack Lalane pulls trains and boats and shiat and he is only as big as a shiatzu.
2003-04-17 06:33:10 PM  
Holly Jumpin Jesus...they actually have an "international weight pull association" what the?
2003-04-17 06:34:31 PM  
Well lemme tell ya something, brother, that's nothing. Why, in front of over 93,000 Huckstermaniacs and the Pontiac Silverdome I lifted Andre the Giant, God rest his soul, brother, over my head and slammed him to the canvas, brother.
Oh wait - did you say a Poodle, brother? Well I thought you were talking about a Great Dane, brother. Wow, that's amazing brother, that the only thing remotely French that can pull 180 pounds is a poodle, brother. I mean, lemme tell ya sometime about how I used to whip the Rougeaus all over the place, brother.
2003-04-17 06:35:27 PM  
Yeah, it helps if the owner is pulling the poodle by the collar...
[image from azcentral.com too old to be available]
/I know, I know....
2003-04-17 06:35:38 PM  
Yeah...I think the guys at the world's strongest man have a similar weight to pull ratio. If you assume they're about 300 pounds, and they usually pull what, two semi cabs?(180/10)*300=4900

I'm pretty sure a semi weighs at lot more than 2,500 pounds, so they're outpulling this little thing.
2003-04-17 06:39:17 PM  
I meant the guys who compete at The World Strongest Man competitions.
2003-04-17 06:41:31 PM  
There a guy that pulled a Jumbo Jet a year or three ago. He had a latter on the ground to get the thing rolling.

[image from ironbear.org too old to be available]
2003-04-17 06:42:18 PM  
The IWPA have such a professional logo I must admit.

[image from eskimo.com too old to be available]
2003-04-17 06:43:03 PM  
That would be LADDER not latter...
2003-04-17 06:43:16 PM  
[image from yuckitup.com too old to be available]
2003-04-17 06:43:18 PM  
DAMMIT! I mean not dammit. Stupid Image.
2003-04-17 06:46:46 PM  
"Mighty Dog" brand dog food should be all over this one.
2003-04-17 06:48:29 PM  
Hyoga: Did this work?
[image from eskimo.com too old to be available]
2003-04-17 06:51:45 PM  
yipyap? Theres some *bling *bling for ya
2003-04-17 06:53:12 PM  
Oh yeah? Well my dog can pull 180 DOLLARS. At the current exchange rate, that's like twice as much!
2003-04-17 06:56:17 PM  
While I'm busy ingnoring them, where are these PETA people when you need them?
2003-04-17 06:57:21 PM  
Big deal, I'm a 150 pound kid and can squat 425.
2003-04-17 06:58:37 PM  
Thanks man, you made my dad. Considerint I just woke up from a 4 hour nap. My friends call me up and say "HEY! what's the name of the vampire in the movie Shadow of the Vampire" and I say "Nosferatu." And thus my crap friends woke me up that way.
But that's too much that you wanted to know, but thank you, I apreciate it.
2003-04-17 07:00:53 PM  
DAY, I mean DAY.
I'm still delusional from my nap I guess.
2003-04-17 07:05:12 PM  
180 pounds? That dog could lift my weener!
2003-04-17 07:08:43 PM  
GoofyGus: How in the world did you find such an appropriate picture?
2003-04-17 07:20:06 PM  
It looks like one of the photos taken by that old "Time" magazine photographers. I foreget his name, but I have an old book of his stuff.
2003-04-17 07:27:02 PM  
[image from zappa.com too old to be available]
"Poodle bites... poodle chews it!"
2003-04-17 07:46:26 PM  
Jakjak How in the world did you find such an appropriate picture?

Somebody emailed it to me with the title "Strong Poodle."
I've been wating for 3 years to post it here. Now, I continue to wait for a story about a fat woman that kills a small dog. Then I can post this:
[image from donspage.com too old to be available]

*resumes searching Total Fark*
2003-04-17 07:48:45 PM  
Well I pull heavy pallets at work all the time. They weigh up to 3000 lbs and I use a little hand jack. Not something with nice wheels. (180/11)*175 = 2863 < 3000. So ha! Take that you stupid poodle!
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