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(The Smoking Gun)   Farker submits CNN pre-obit articles to Fark. CNN yanks them 20 minutes later. The Smoking Gun is there (and damn fast too)   ( divider line
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339 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Apr 2003 at 5:11 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-04-16 5:16:00 PM  
Maybe we stumbled onto some kind of CNN "Dead Pool"?
2003-04-16 5:16:09 PM  
Well, that explains what happened. I was really confused. I wonder what the forums look like for those.
2003-04-16 5:16:59 PM  
Check out the Fidel Castro one, it has snips about Ronnie's life. What's up with that? This is pretty cool shiiiat none the less.
2003-04-16 5:17:04 PM  
WTG Farkers!
2003-04-16 5:17:09 PM  
Ah, that takes me back...

...15 minutes that is.
2003-04-16 5:17:45 PM  
wow, yea, i was wondering how two cnn articles got farked so fast... (

awesome, smoking gun. dick cheney's life as a queen consort... it doesn't get much better than that.
2003-04-16 5:17:54 PM  
...intrepid folks at

2003-04-16 5:17:59 PM  
It was a wild ride while it lasted...
2003-04-16 5:17:59 PM  
wondering why i missed it
2003-04-16 5:18:09 PM  
But how come the death dates are 2001? And why is there Queen Mother info on Dick Cheney's page? This is ruining my Wednesday.
2003-04-16 5:18:10 PM  
You guys make me proud!
2003-04-16 5:18:24 PM  
Those are begging to be photoshopped.
2003-04-16 5:18:25 PM  
Behold the power of FAR-TS(G).
2003-04-16 5:18:26 PM  
Quick!!! Whichever Farker said he had all of them on his laptop, and wasn't sure what good that did for him... send them to TSG, so they can have a complete set.
2003-04-16 5:18:28 PM  
Wow, that was fast. From "hey, where'd the articles go?" to "why can't I even find a discussion on it?" to "hey, what's this new TSG link?" all in the space of about 45 seconds!
2003-04-16 5:18:31 PM  
Note that both Bob Hope and Dick Cheney have been Queen Consort. There's a little know fact for you.
2003-04-16 5:18:35 PM  
What!? No Wilford Brimley?
2003-04-16 5:18:42 PM  
Wild stuff there. Wonder if they have one for Elvis?
2003-04-16 5:18:43 PM  
SuperCool: They're just comps. Web designers will often take a template and just change the necessary bits and clean it up later.
2003-04-16 5:19:02 PM  
Check out the link for his life as the Queen consort...I always knew his appearance was a bit too neat (nudge, nudge, wink, wink...)
2003-04-16 5:19:54 PM  
Oddly, they were all stored in directed called:

2003-04-16 5:19:57 PM  
I guess they hadn't decided what to say about Fidel yet.
2003-04-16 5:20:08 PM  
I guess FARK will be on the NEWS tonite
2003-04-16 5:20:11 PM  
Wow. Kudos to TSG for their speed! I saw two of the links and read a comments page and in that time, they'd been yanked.
2003-04-16 5:20:19 PM  
so why were the original links taken off fark?
2003-04-16 5:20:34 PM  
Whoever posted the phone number earlier, I called it (as it is a local number for me) and it was just a voicemail that said "Peter" followed by a "beeep". According to the Smoking Gun, they were designed by someone named Peter. Good thing I didn't get through, I wouldn't have known what to say!
2003-04-16 5:21:00 PM  
2003-04-16 5:21:27 PM  
The graphic designer's name is Peter Rentz. CNN is apparently very angry right now. Is it really worth getting some poor guy fired by blowing this up into a big thing?
2003-04-16 5:21:29 PM  
It was The Smoking Gun. And the Warm Barrel as well.
2003-04-16 5:21:32 PM  
The discovering Farker need recognition (spelling?). It was, not me.
2003-04-16 5:22:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-16 5:22:22 PM  
heh ya this was funny, then the fark link dissapeared, now it's back, new and improved.

you can gain a sense of the pages by looking at the google cache copy of the directories.

then surf the cached pages from the obituaries link
2003-04-16 5:22:24 PM  

Peter Rentz is the guys name. Someone in the original totalfark post had contacted him via AIM to let him know.
2003-04-16 5:22:33 PM  
The links were taken off? Who posted this in the first place? Awesome. heh. Make those tweaks at CNN think twice about letting something go live like that. No one is looking, sure....
2003-04-16 5:22:50 PM  
I wish they had put one up for Richard Simmons:
2)Life as a Queen Consort (Ok just Life as a Queen)

Or for Richard Gere
2)Life as a Gerbil Consort

2003-04-16 5:22:53 PM  
Maybe TSG will now have an article about Fark discussing their article about Fark posting the CNN article.
2003-04-16 5:22:56 PM  
sniff, sniff...I'm touched to be associated with the fellow farkers, kudos to us for messing up some site, kudos!!!

keep up the good fight
2003-04-16 5:23:09 PM  
Where is the one for Saddam??
2003-04-16 5:23:29 PM  
Are they really going to use that picture of Cheney with that smug little smirk on his face?
2003-04-16 5:23:59 PM  
I was just thinking that the obit l;ooked like PS material,and lookie there...
2003-04-16 5:24:43 PM  
Fark has the TSG photoshop off and running!!!! Go Go Go!!!
2003-04-16 5:25:42 PM  
what is the chance CNN will mention this on tv ?
it's a interesting story.
2003-04-16 5:26:08 PM  
Has anyone considered that these things may have been placed there by someone NOT affiliated with CNN?

Very bad security, regardless.
2003-04-16 5:26:18 PM  
But I'm not dead yet... I'm feeling better... I don't want to go on the cart... I think I'll go for a walk now... I feel happy! I feel happy!!!

/Monty Python
2003-04-16 5:26:24 PM  
"Quick!!! Whichever Farker said he had all of them on his laptop, and wasn't sure what good that did for him... send them to TSG, so they can have a complete set"

CNN Pre-Death cards. Collect them all!

I'll trade you my Queen Mum card, for your Cheney.
2003-04-16 5:27:50 PM  
Guys, they are just templates. Aside from the pictures, birthdates, and quotes, most of the other stuff is innacurate. With Castro, it's talking about Reagan because the guy who did it didn't bother to change the text. Classic case of cut and paste.

And hey, it never hurts to be punctual- any one of those four guys could bite it on a minute's notice.
2003-04-16 5:28:22 PM  
Oh, poor guy.
2003-04-16 5:28:38 PM  
Old news. All these people died in 2001.
2003-04-16 5:28:59 PM  
They don't even know they're dead yet.
2003-04-16 5:29:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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