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(DFW)   Teen puts a frog in a potato gun. Frog exacts revenge.   ( divider line
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1092 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Apr 2003 at 12:00 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-16 08:53:35 AM  
Lisa Berry said that the force of the blast blew off her son's eyelids.

That is one fast flying frog.
2003-04-16 08:55:13 AM  
"I never thought any toy a child could order would wound my child like that."

It's a gun.

and this link has some video of one shooting.
2003-04-16 09:08:10 AM  
In my youth I practiced shooting my potato cannon so much that I was certain I could use it for deer hunting.
2003-04-16 09:08:55 AM  
"I never thought any toy a child could order would wound my child like that."

Something about that sentence tells me there'll be lawsuits galore. Sad, not even the frog wins in this one.
2003-04-16 09:16:44 AM  
If Tommy Chong had added a potato gun to his website catalog, the NRA would have protected him from getting busted for selling mail order bongs too.
2003-04-16 09:18:07 AM  
What is greeen and flies stright into your face at 100 mph?
2003-04-16 09:26:13 AM  
A surrendering Frenchman?
2003-04-16 09:27:04 AM  
I'm sorry, but this is one of the funniest things I've ever read. All articles should start with a line like "A Denton teen-ager was blinded this weekend and faces reconstructive surgery because a toy gun he was playing with shot a frog into his face."
2003-04-16 09:34:29 AM  
If you've reached your teen years and don't know not to stare into the bore of a gun...even a potato gun...while firing it, it's time for you to get a remedial education from Darwin.
2003-04-16 09:35:24 AM  
Another frog-induced blinding. Sad. When will kids learn that frogs don't make good ammo?
2003-04-16 09:35:43 AM  
Yeah, seems like life altering injuries were inevitable for this turd in the gene pool.
2003-04-16 09:39:29 AM  
It's not guns that kill people, frogs kill people.

You can have my frog when you pry it from my cold dead hands

etc. etc.
2003-04-16 09:48:30 AM  
You know what the last thing to go through that frog's mind was when he hit that kid in the face?

His ass!
2003-04-16 09:52:34 AM  
OBB, that was tasteless and appalling; you will surely burn in hell for that statement.

I loved it!
2003-04-16 09:53:33 AM  
The boy was reportedly green with envy of the device.

Officers caution anyone not to leap to any conclusions regarding the legality of the toy gun.

At least the boy didn't croak.

/groan - see boar in bed thread for more pain
2003-04-16 10:39:28 AM  
The boy was unable to comment, claiming he had a frog in his throat.
2003-04-16 10:41:33 AM  
I don't understand how the writer and the family think of this as a "toy" gun.
2003-04-16 10:49:42 AM  
OK no place in this article does it tell me what happend to the frog. I could really careless about some idiot kid who blew his face off with a "toy" potato gun. Screw this kid, I want to know about important stuff like is the frog OK.
2003-04-16 10:56:48 AM  
Hand over your money. I have amphibians, and I'm not afraid to use them.
2003-04-16 11:01:47 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-16 11:28:57 AM  
JeeZ...Social Darwinism in action. We should give potato guns and frogs to more dummies.
2003-04-16 11:35:21 AM  
I learned in kindergarten not to shoot rubber bands at people and not to shoot frogs out of potato guns, because that's a sure way to put your eye out.
2003-04-16 11:36:06 AM  
I was going to say something mean about the kid, but it wasn't his gun nor his idea to shoot frogs out of it. He was fishing and just went over to where the punks were to help out.

I think the punks should be charged with an illegal weapon and cruelty to animals. And then shot out of a potato gun.
2003-04-16 11:37:36 AM  
The mom thinks it's a toy gun.
Her son shoots himself in the face with it.

This may not be the smartest family on the planet.

/captain obvious
2003-04-16 12:02:40 PM  
Does anybody have sympathy for the poor frog?

Poor frog.
2003-04-16 12:04:06 PM  
Loser. Making a spud gun is one of those things growing up. He had to order one. Darwin should pick him up by the balls and pluck him from the gene pool.
2003-04-16 12:05:02 PM  
"You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"

I got nothing.

Poor frog tho.. Cruel and inhumane.
2003-04-16 12:05:20 PM  
Too bad it wasn't a potato or rock. He'll be costing our healthcare system and insurance companies hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of his pathetic lifetime.
2003-04-16 12:05:40 PM  
Serves him right...stupid farking kid. Ugh.
2003-04-16 12:05:46 PM  
<cliche>Social Darwinism at its best</cliche>
2003-04-16 12:05:59 PM  
2003-04-16 12:06:22 PM  
Berry and some friends were fishing at Hickory Creek in Copper Canyon about 1 a.m. Sunday. . . .

Rrrrrrright.....Fishing. Prolly using keystone lite, miller high life, and gunjie as bait.
2003-04-16 12:07:04 PM  
This is really sad actually.

Poor kid.

I'm sure none of you did anything stupid when you were young, eh?
2003-04-16 12:07:20 PM  
Why couldn't they just stick to frog baseball like normal kids?
2003-04-16 12:07:57 PM  
How did he get a Frenchman into a potato gun?
2003-04-16 12:08:05 PM  
quoting Moses: "guns don't kill people; APES with guns kill people."
2003-04-16 12:08:32 PM  
Wow.. this kid is one supreme-sized douchebag. "The gun was misfiring so he went over to help"?? Is he certified in potato gun repair? Did he think looking down the barrel of it would fix the problem? 'Cause apparently he was right.
2003-04-16 12:08:35 PM  
Dumb ass kid, you never use a frog in a potato gun. Toads work much better.
2003-04-16 12:08:41 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

You'll shoot your eye out kid!
2003-04-16 12:08:50 PM  
What the hell what the hell what the hell what the hell what the hell.

hey this cannon keeps misfiring! i think there's something wrong in the barrel, i'll look inside and find out!
2003-04-16 12:08:55 PM  
it would have been funnier if the frog survived and and got stuck in his forehead and slowly ate the kids brain.
2003-04-16 12:09:01 PM  
OK, so hands up all those who think there SHOULDN'T be a lawsuit over this.

The manufacturer is certainly liable. They knowingly sold an illegal device and are therefor negligible. Discuss.
2003-04-16 12:09:39 PM  
Hospital food menu for Friday Dinner: Frog Legs and Mashed Potatoes.
2003-04-16 12:09:59 PM  
"Hello, my honey; Hello, my baby; Hello, my ragtime gaaaal..."
2003-04-16 12:10:05 PM  
"He can still be a man..."

yeah you would have to be hit in a totally different spot for that to no longer be true.
2003-04-16 12:10:16 PM  

Oh my god... Score one for mother nature.... If only the frog could have survived to enjoy this sh*thead's pain and suffering... YES!
2003-04-16 12:10:21 PM  
Vive le frog.
2003-04-16 12:10:45 PM  
Kid in 5 years at social gathering:

"Hey man, what happened to your face? It looks a little strange?" - Colleague

"When I was 17 I shot myself in the face with a potato gun while I loaded a frog into it." - Kid

"Oh. Think I'll go talk to Susan over here. Have a nice day." - Ex-Colleague
2003-04-16 12:10:49 PM  
I'm sure none of you did anything stupid when you were young, eh?

I did a lot of stupid things.

Did I do anything outrageously mind-blowingly retarded like this kid? No.
2003-04-16 12:11:01 PM  

I'd probably feel sorry for the kid if he wasn't out killing poor frogs. I've got no sympathy for animal abuse...

I mean, killing animals for food is different. But when you're doing it for the sole purpose of being nasty you deserve whatever's coming at you. In this case a frog.
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