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(Yahoo)   Swedish government decides not to subsidize Viagra, figures Swedish women are enough to cure impotence   ( story.news.yahoo.com) divider line
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47 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Apr 2003 at 5:03 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-15 03:57:52 PM  
One of the best uses of the
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tags in quite awhile.
2003-04-15 04:06:24 PM  
Swedish boobies may be on average smaller, but I have direct proof (from my long ex-girlfriend) that Danish boobies can be quite nice both in size and form. Oh, and I can tell you the the INS is the most farked up organization in the US government. If they gave a hassle to someone who looked like her then there is no hope for others.

Oh well, went with the native boobies ultimately.
2003-04-15 04:08:25 PM  
Hey Weaps how long was she?
2003-04-15 05:00:00 PM  
DownSouth are you insinuating that she was a he? Because if so, that is real funny since she was a girl.

Ooo! Quittin' time, gotta go.
2003-04-15 05:08:17 PM  
The old and busted Swedish Bikini Team in.........
2003-04-15 05:08:49 PM  
Well, it's not everyday that a man gets stiffed over a stiffie, now is it ?
2003-04-15 05:09:03 PM  
Small boobies? That's fine with me - I like them smaller anyway. Most guys overlook these women, and don't know how good these women are. Usually higher quality.
2003-04-15 05:09:55 PM  
i must concur -- scandinavian babes are in a class of their own.
2003-04-15 05:11:43 PM  
I'm engaged to a Swedish Farker, and there is much borking!

I ain't a swedish chick, so I'm not sure if the ability to do without Viagra can be attributed to the Swedish men or the women...
2003-04-15 05:19:04 PM  
[image from home.tiscali.se too old to be available]

Nina of The Cardigans does it for me.
2003-04-15 05:19:58 PM  
We Swedish men don't need that shiat.
2003-04-15 05:20:59 PM  
had to be said. :)
2003-04-15 05:21:08 PM  
speaking of Swedes, whatever happened to Sunbelly?
2003-04-15 05:22:08 PM  
I moost sey, svedeesh gurls ere-a fery ettrecteefe-a. Zee heedleene-a is currect in theenking thet i vun't need uny feeegra eruoond zeem. bork bork bork
2003-04-15 05:24:33 PM  
I moost sey, svedeesh gurls ere-a fery ettrecteefe-a. Zee heedleene-a is currect in theenking thet i vun't need uny feeegra eruoond zeem. bork bork bork

Irockalot:Dammit, you sound way too much like my fiancee!

2003-04-15 05:25:57 PM  
tssktssk, us vikings dont need no pills to get going :)
2003-04-15 05:27:42 PM  
[image from frutsel.terrainhost.com too old to be available]

Bssie OWNED.
2003-04-15 05:29:41 PM  
True dat...
2003-04-15 05:30:19 PM  
I know swedish men could probably cure frigidity in women. [image from coloradoavalanche.com too old to be available]

Am I right ladies?

Knulla mig hardare! W00t
2003-04-15 05:31:26 PM  
really, Laurenmilan? I think i know him.
[image from home.quicknet.nl too old to be available]
2003-04-15 05:33:30 PM  
Bjork! Bjork! Bjork!
2003-04-15 05:36:24 PM  
Google search gives the answer in the first link.
2003-04-15 05:36:39 PM  
I dunno about breastsizes here.. viking women have often been portayed as opera singers with huge uh, lungs.

My last three exes have been EE+, but my last two partners (one nighters & such) were -CC

Mmmm, svenska kvinnor.. gotta love'em all
2003-04-15 05:41:52 PM  
Posting riddles online is like just giving the answer away. Good thing the only prize is toe clippings. You can type almost any riddle in google verbatim and it will pull up the answer within the first five almost every time. sucky.
2003-04-15 05:42:17 PM  
It's true though; I think something like 1/4 of Swedish women are an A cup.

I'm very barely a B myself.

And Foppalady is being ever so slightly obscene :)
2003-04-15 05:44:47 PM  
Irockalot: How did you get that picture of my fiancee, you bastard?!?!

Seriously, he's Swedish and has a slightly disturbing fixation with the Swedish chef (goes by Asimov_1 on Fark).

On the upside: Good cooking.

On the downside: Made of felt.
2003-04-15 05:44:57 PM  
Cola, Shhh. :)
2003-04-15 05:45:13 PM  
Okay, I'm not posting anything on Fark between the hours of 4:00 and 5:00 anymore. Gettin' a beer.
2003-04-15 05:47:16 PM  
Are Swedish boobies perky? I like small and perky.
2003-04-15 05:51:40 PM  
I dated a norwegian woman who was barely an A cup, but very beautiful. She was insecure about her breast size though, which was a shame. On a side note, I'm pretty comfortable with my breast size.
2003-04-15 05:56:11 PM  
Being a swede, I should have a witty comment about this...
2003-04-15 05:56:26 PM  

I dated a German opare she had nice boobs. I have also dated a Swedish girl and a Brit. I have to say the Swedish chick had the best.

Opare I think I spelling that way wrong
2003-04-15 05:56:32 PM  
The swedish boobies that I have had the privilege of hands-on experience with were pretty damn...average. Give me a norweigan any day. (please?)

Still: Why would we need Viagra ?
(some NSFW)
2003-04-15 05:56:50 PM  

Wow. Just wow.
2003-04-15 05:57:27 PM  
Small breasts are fine and all. I actually don't think I care how big they are really. I don't know if all small breasts are this way...or if it is just a select few but I don't like it when they are real (for lack of a better work) rubbery. Hmmm, I'm not sure if thats the word or not. It's like they are small and elastic or something.
2003-04-15 05:58:30 PM  
Gorgeous women abound in Sweden. Was there about 4 years ago, kept getting punched in the arm by my ex-girlfriend. Big boobs, small boobs, I just remember the blonde hair and blue eyes.
2003-04-15 06:01:18 PM  
All_Lit_UP_AGAIN: The word you're looking for is 'au-pair'
2003-04-15 06:03:59 PM  

Thanks mate
2003-04-15 06:06:10 PM  
I don't care big boobs small boobs. Just as long as the legs or long and the arse is nice. And a flat stomach is a must. Tall women god love em.
2003-04-15 06:07:06 PM  
or = are
2003-04-15 06:19:27 PM  
I think it's a law of nature that any chick with a "Van" in her name is automatically ultra-hot.
2003-04-15 06:25:51 PM  
hmm. you should go to germany then, fromage.
2003-04-15 06:26:55 PM  
Or the Netherlands.
2003-04-15 06:33:20 PM  
Cola: For a moment there, I was about to panic. Then I found your birthdate, and now I don't feel so much like a lecher.
Note: You're actually older than me, but not by much.

2003-04-15 07:05:10 PM  
i'd hit it!
2003-04-15 07:07:27 PM  
[image from w1.852.telia.com too old to be available]

I'd hit it!
2003-04-15 07:08:11 PM  
I'd hit it.
2003-04-15 07:08:53 PM  
Nevermind, that was just me trying out the strikeout html tags :P
2003-04-15 07:16:07 PM  
dont hit it, tap it. Sont wanna break it.
2003-04-15 07:19:10 PM  
Who give a fark about cup sizes? when you look at their face, the breast isnt importany any more.
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