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(Excite)   The Queen gets her first cell phone.   ( divider line
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1821 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Sep 2001 at 3:27 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-25 03:29:49 PM  
Link 50,001 was submitted by..... ME!! HAW HAW HAW! *tear*
2001-09-25 03:32:42 PM  
I'm the second to post in the 50001st link!! Sweet!! A new Guiness Record! (because I have consumed 138 of them prior to posting this!)
2001-09-25 03:35:19 PM  
Oh yeah my insane survivalist link doesn't fly but let's all hear it for the Queen Mum
2001-09-25 03:39:16 PM  
2001-09-25 03:41:20 PM  
I am the fifth dork!
2001-09-25 03:44:31 PM  
2001-09-25 03:45:07 PM  
Better hope she doesn't run in to these guys!
2001-09-25 03:49:12 PM  
Hello Mrs. Queen Mum? I'm with Verizon and we'd like to talk to you about switching your long distance carrier.

Yes, I realize you're busy, but you really could save quite a bit of money.

Wouldn't you at least like to try it out? You can always switch back.
2001-09-25 04:01:09 PM  
Come on she needs a two way! Get with the times Queeny.
2001-09-25 04:01:44 PM  
Um, so what?
2001-09-25 04:04:37 PM  
Do you have Prince Albert in a can?
2001-09-25 04:11:21 PM  
Charles: Why won't you die?
2001-09-25 04:12:03 PM  
Queen: Because making your life miserable if fun
2001-09-25 04:19:36 PM  
Slow news day? How about excite@home write an article about how they are cutting 500 jobs, and closing down some services in areas. Now that *IS* news
2001-09-25 04:20:50 PM  
I think this is a trick by Charles. He figures maybe he can kill off the queen mum with radiation if nothing else.

This article was funny when I tried to put a link to it on a different site too.
2001-09-25 04:26:35 PM  
Hey. Did anybody get her digits??

Yow wow!
2001-09-25 04:28:40 PM  
"Can I get your number, cuz I lost mine."

Oh, and if anyone dressed up as a phone runs up and touches me, they're in for an ass-kicking the likes of which man has never seen.
2001-09-25 04:37:20 PM  
The Queen gets her first cell phone.

2001-09-25 04:42:12 PM  
Big points for the person that gets her number and records the ensuing prank call.
2001-09-25 04:47:40 PM  
you know she has someone to answer her cell for her.
2001-09-25 04:58:52 PM  
This is news?
2001-09-25 05:09:26 PM  
Anyone else who thinks the whole idea of a royal family is kinda silly?
2001-09-25 05:11:23 PM  
do I have to be the first? WHOOPTIE shiat!!!!
2001-09-25 05:11:50 PM  
well... not the first...

where did all these posts come from????
2001-09-25 05:28:32 PM  
Boring guy: blabla blbal balba bla yada yada
Queen Mum: pardon me, my shiat is blowin' up
2001-09-25 07:37:38 PM  
How long did it take the spies/paparazzi to crack her line?
2001-09-26 12:50:55 AM  
We are not amused
2001-09-26 12:56:24 AM  
To all those complaining that this is not news, slow news day, etc...

Save those for slashdot,,mmmkaay?
2001-09-26 02:52:29 AM  
The Queen and the Queen Mum, are two different persons. The Queen Mum is the 100 old coont and the Queen is her tard daughter, who gave birth to a whole bunch of tards.

Who gives a fark about a bunch of inbred, dysfunctional coonts. And when is it news that, that old slut gets a mobile (cell) phone.

Yawn! Wake me when something newsworthy is reported from the UK.
2001-09-26 02:59:16 AM  
This just in,British people are sexually easy and smell bad!
Mmm mmm good!
2001-09-26 04:25:48 AM  
1) this is not the 50001st link, it's the 50023rd
2) Syd H Bridge, thats my country u r talking about, u know the UK, where the history comes from!! so watch your mouth, u have been warned
3) boobies
2001-09-26 04:56:54 AM  
Chris77 - I second that. 4. Beer
2001-09-26 05:29:54 AM  
The Royal Family - an incredibly expensive version of the Union Jack, displaying to the world that here in the UK, we haven't removed our head from our arse for over !800! years!
2001-09-26 05:31:37 AM  
Ooh. Head. Hurts.

Pursuant to yesterday's conversation about British beer: I did my bit last night.

I'm sexually easy and smell bad. That's what beer does to you.

And we all live in castles and go to boarding school.

And anyway: what about the whole SAS thing.


I'm going to hurl now.
2001-09-26 06:15:11 AM  
Thank you Goatman. the onlypoint of the whole sack of parasites is that when they die one by one we allegedly get holidays. Two days when the geriatric drops off her perch! wheeeee!
2001-09-26 06:30:36 AM  
Londongirl: Yeah. My mate just lost a tenner because he reckoned she'd get off before Sept 15th.

We're one down - 17 to go.
2001-09-26 06:34:45 AM  
You British Farkers have my sympathy for having to put up with the royal family. I lived in the UK back in the mid to late 80's, and the way the sychophantic press used to go into a frenzy every time one of them farted was beyond annoying.
As for their life expectancy, I've always marvelled at how a group of people with such a long and well documented history of inbreeding (this is true of all royalty, not just British) can achieve such infuriating longevity. Where are the health problems and mutations that usually hump the leg of inbreeding?
2001-09-26 06:41:03 AM  
Enemyfrank: I think one of the reasons for the inbreeding these days is because they think that life longevity is one of the mutations. Nothing that a cheesewire and a determined hand couldn't cure, though.
2001-09-26 06:58:03 AM  
Get your best men on that, please. Then send them over here. I have work for them...
2001-09-26 08:06:19 AM  
Hardly surprising about longevity. I mean they've never exactly wanted for anythig have they? never had to work, the most stressful thing the queen ever has to do is remember how to use a mobile phone to tell her kids to stop having sex with such ugly people. Honestly, in this country of drooling sycophants, if I was Princess Londongirl I reckon I could pull pretty much any inbred idiot I wanted just by flashing my title. So how come the best Charles can do is Camilla 'why the long face' P-Bowels? and don't even mention the ginger minge.

ooh, rant!

Goatman, if your mate wants to put another £15 on it I'm ready to nip over to the palace and batter the old trout to death with a bottle of gin myself.
2001-09-27 07:42:42 AM  

I have been warned. Sorry, is that supposed to scare me? Can you tell me which of the number of countries that make up the UK, you are from.

Take note of the sentiments of some of your countryman who have posted on this thread. They obviously display much more intelligence that you. You sad case.

fark the English Royal family and all of their inbred, stuck up, shiat licking relatives.
2001-10-01 03:42:29 AM  

Have u even been to England? You certainly haven't met me, so have no basis to call me a sad case.

Q.Whats the difference between America and a yoghurt?
A.If you leave a yoghurt long enough it will develop it's own culture.

Go do something rude to your mom, RULE BRITANIA

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