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(Washington Post)   Bill O'Reilly pulls a Trent Lott. In other news, this is the 500,000th link   ( divider line
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600 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Apr 2003 at 9:34 AM (20 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-04-15 9:34:48 AM  
w00t! Congratulations guys!
2003-04-15 9:35:42 AM  
Having read damn near all of them, I'm surprised my head hasn't exploded yet
2003-04-15 9:37:19 AM  
WOW! Good going,Drew&Co.
2003-04-15 9:37:22 AM  
2003-04-15 9:38:02 AM  
Yeah 500,000th! Yeah wooohoooo.

So what do we win?
2003-04-15 9:38:29 AM  
500,000 links...and YOOOOOOU were THEEEEERRRRRE...
2003-04-15 9:38:47 AM  
eh, his comment is only funny cause it had a high probability of being true.
2003-04-15 9:38:50 AM  
Bill O'Reilly said something ill-considered, intemperate, insensitive and idiotic?

2003-04-15 9:39:06 AM  
Half a mill? Way to go, now Im off to steal Drews hubcaps while yall celebrate.
2003-04-15 9:39:22 AM  
500,000 of continued crap links
2003-04-15 9:39:22 AM  
five hundred thousand....does that count all the re-posts? because if it does...THIS IS A FALSE CELEBRATION!
2003-04-15 9:39:22 AM  
2003-04-15 9:39:28 AM  
O'Reilly with tEh fake lesbians ?
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-15 9:39:36 AM  

/hopping on 'Verbally Masturbate Drew' bandwagon
2003-04-15 9:40:00 AM  
w00t! Lots of articles! w00t! Long live Fark!

And O'Reilly's a jackass.
2003-04-15 9:40:01 AM  
"Bill has been wonderful to these boys. He puts his money where his mouth is."

If an infinite amount of mouth needs an infinite amount of money...
2003-04-15 9:40:26 AM  
Who steals hubcaps anymore...for that matter, what are hubcaps?
2003-04-15 9:41:12 AM  
B.O'R. is a real douchbag.

that is all.
2003-04-15 9:41:15 AM  
Bill should know only black comedians are allowed to make jokes like that.
2003-04-15 9:41:15 AM  
Fair and Balanced Tires!
2003-04-15 9:41:16 AM  
2003-04-15 9:41:22 AM  
We wouldn't have those problems if Strom Thurmond was president!
2003-04-15 9:41:28 AM  
I want .046% of the credit.
2003-04-15 9:41:47 AM  
I submitted the 500,000th link with a much funnier headline.

/had to be done
2003-04-15 9:42:08 AM  
"Does anyone know where the Best Men are? I hope they're not in the parking lot stealing our hubcaps."

Ha that's funny! Good grief people get a sense of humor for christ sake!!
2003-04-15 9:42:15 AM  
Somebody should have gone out and snatched ol' Bill's hubcaps at that point. Then mail him pictures from time to time showing the hubcaps visiting various exotic locations around the world.
2003-04-15 9:42:19 AM  
Why has that woman stolen Jane Jetson's collar?
2003-04-15 9:42:24 AM  

O'Reilly's got a pin up of the Bush daughters on his bathroom wall..

Or was that Uday Hussein?
2003-04-15 9:42:47 AM  
"Bill has been wonderful to these boys. He puts his money where his mouth is."

Where's that? Satan's cock? Eww, gross!
2003-04-15 9:43:12 AM  
an elitist, bigoted conservative? when did this happen? I thought they were "compassionate conservatives" now?
2003-04-15 9:43:18 AM  
awww... I was really hoping It would be a Boobies Link
2003-04-15 9:43:25 AM  
I will tell this story to my grand-kids.
2003-04-15 9:43:35 AM  
Kittens will be extinct long before the 500,000th boobie link.
2003-04-15 9:44:04 AM  
Just doing my part for this historical, 500,000 links...

/gonna read the article now
2003-04-15 9:44:04 AM  
It won't show up for me for some reason. What'd he say?
2003-04-15 9:44:06 AM  
Not surprising.
2003-04-15 9:44:13 AM  
04-15-03 09:42:15 AM InternetSecurityGuard

That would have been funny.
And depending on the locations,
it could have been really funny.
2003-04-15 9:44:17 AM  

Great job, FARK.

Thank you.
2003-04-15 9:44:43 AM  
Did Robert Bryd laugh?
2003-04-15 9:45:24 AM  
five hundred thousand....does that count all the re-posts? because if it does...THIS IS A FALSE CELEBRATION!

A fictitious celebration, for a fictitious website, run by fictitious admins that post articles about fictitious right wing asshole newscasters? Shame on you, Drew Curtis, SHAME ON YOU!
2003-04-15 9:46:35 AM  
people are too sensetive. PC conversation is uniformly boring.
2003-04-15 9:46:52 AM  
ok, it's 240,000 minus all the Left-Eye and Vibrating Broom posts.

i won't tell my grandchildren about fark, i think. who's bill o'reilly? in the spirit of post 500K, i guess i could read the article, but...naah.
2003-04-15 9:47:11 AM  
04-15-03 09:45:24 AM Alto_reed_on_a_tenor_sax

Drew Curtis doesnt exist.
This is an illuminati conspiracy,
didnt you read the Protocals for the Elders of Zion?
2003-04-15 9:47:18 AM  
YEAH! This was my link! My third, fark's half a mil.
2003-04-15 9:47:21 AM  
If you read further down the page you'll see that Ray Charles is going to perform at the Correspondent's Dinner this year.

You know what the last words out of Bush's handler's mouths will be...
2003-04-15 9:47:54 AM  
Did anybody else read further down about Larry King and his wife shopping for underwear at Victoria's Secret? Ugh.
2003-04-15 9:47:57 AM  
I liked all the links except for number 398,736 that was a total waste of my time.
2003-04-15 9:48:18 AM  
Let's see... Everybody here thinks Rodney King needs to be beaten to death and what a funny joke about a group of black kids stealing hubcaps. Nope, no racsists here.
2003-04-15 9:48:19 AM
2003-04-15 9:49:10 AM  
500,000 links and not a single one of them submitted by me. Fark it.
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