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(The Smoking Gun)   Monica Lewinsky to host Fox reality TV series. Her resume provided by The Smoking Gun   ( thesmokinggun.com) divider line
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2003-04-14 04:44:40 PM  
Sat on Presidential Staff
2003-04-14 04:45:49 PM  
She forgot "Human Humador".
2003-04-14 04:46:55 PM  
The only requirement i can see to be host of a reality tv show is "Tool".
Or "Schmuck" as an alternate.
2003-04-14 04:47:59 PM  
She was also into Information Retrieval for a while...
2003-04-14 04:48:18 PM  
Wow, I can post near the top since the boobies link is distracting everyone else.

I think Monica is cute. that is all.
2003-04-14 04:48:23 PM  
Way too long.

Thank you, oh Mystical Red Arrow of Smoking Gun, for pointing out that Monica did indeed have sexual contact with Clinton.
2003-04-14 04:48:35 PM  
I would pay $105,000 for her to use my face as a toilet seat
2003-04-14 04:49:24 PM  
JackHandy: She never actually sat on the presidential staff. But she did orate to the presidential staff on occasion.
2003-04-14 04:49:31 PM  
Facilitated sustained growth rate
2003-04-14 04:50:01 PM  
JackHandy: She never actually sat on the presidential staff. But she did orate to the presidential staff on occasion. In fact, in the latter part of her career, she was the "head" orator.
2003-04-14 04:50:21 PM  
She's not a permanent fixture until she's been screwed on the desk.
2003-04-14 04:50:23 PM  
and she's also achieved a bit orally
2003-04-14 04:50:31 PM  
Monica to give dating advice? How about this one: "Okay, when he denies all contact the two of you have ever had he's really saying that he likes you and wants to see more of you - in private..."
2003-04-14 04:50:42 PM  
Took dictation as well...
2003-04-14 04:50:56 PM  
This is her one big chance... she better not blow it.
2003-04-14 04:50:56 PM  
04-14-03 04:46:55 PM BoySchwen
The only requirement i can see to be host of a reality tv show is "Tool".
Or "Schmuck" as an alternate.

I understand that "fatass" also helps in these matters.
2003-04-14 04:51:02 PM  
[image from update.uu.se too old to be available]
2003-04-14 04:51:30 PM  
This show will really suck

/beat everyone else
2003-04-14 04:51:41 PM  

04-14-03 04:48:35 PM Punchie
I would pay $105,000 for her to use my face as a toilet seat

Erg... Thanks for that scat-ariffic mental image.

*waners off in search of some mindsoap*
2003-04-14 04:51:44 PM  
[image from artistdirect.com too old to be available]

somebody get me a bucket.....:/
2003-04-14 04:52:52 PM  
...no idea if she could do shorthand...
2003-04-14 04:53:08 PM  
What does it say on page 4 under the ink? I was getting all excited to find out what a deviant this guy is and they cut it off in the middle of the good part.
2003-04-14 04:54:53 PM  
I'd hit it!

*beams proudly*
2003-04-14 04:54:56 PM  
Giving the President a blowjob = fastrack to celebrity stardom even though her 'other' talents are lacking.

I mean really, giving the Pres a hummer seems to be her equivalent of finding a magic lamp with a Genie in it. Lucky for her, Clinton was into chubby women. Paula Jones was ok, she just had a horses mouth is all. Jennifer Flowers was cute.

2003-04-14 04:55:07 PM  
I saw her at a premiere last fall and had to restrain myself from going over and slapping her face.

It really angers me that she's gotten so much mileage out of being a clueless ho.
2003-04-14 04:55:07 PM  
On October 10, 1997, the President called in the early morning hours, but got into a big fight with LEWINKSKY. There was no phone sex.
ha ha! No soup for you!
2003-04-14 04:55:50 PM  
I saw the commercial for this show last night, and was laughing out loud the whole time thinking it was a parody ad that was going to end up selling floor wax or something. It was surreal. A bunch of guys in masks, trying to date this girl. They showed the girl dancing with guys in masks, making out, and just sitting together. I think it's called "Mr. Personality" or something like it.

When they said it was going to be hosted by Monica L., I seriously lost it. I may watch once just for the surreal factor. Really, this looks way bizarro.
2003-04-14 04:56:57 PM  
The one thing I can join the Conservatives on. I'm still angry at Clinton. Not for what he did, or had done to him, but for making this waste of space more famous than she should be. He should've just farked an actress, she's already famous. Learn from the Kennedys.
2003-04-14 04:57:00 PM  
The fact that Lewinsky is hosting a TV show is tough to *swallow*...........
2003-04-14 04:57:36 PM  
works better if link to a fetchable image:
[image from travisely.com too old to be available]
2003-04-14 04:58:33 PM  
"The President and Lewinsky were talking about Jewish things near the bathroom when the President said, "Shut up and kiss me." (3rd page)

She had him at 'shalom!'

They give awards for bad writing for stuff like this.
2003-04-14 04:59:44 PM  
Considering he was the most powerful man on the planet,
he REALLY could have done better.

the man has awful taste. strictly trailerpark.
2003-04-14 05:00:00 PM  
I hope she gets that dress cleaned before she wears it on air.
2003-04-14 05:00:35 PM  
Paula Jones was ok, she just had a horses mouth is all
So what are your thoughts about Janet Reno?
2003-04-14 05:00:55 PM  
2003-04-14 05:02:08 PM  
She was either a stupid girl, or a very smart girl.
She was a total loser and not destined for anything special. She saw an opportunity and she took it.
Now, she is banking on it.
Let's see... what kinda car did she drive before she pleasured the President and what kinda car does she drive now?

As for her looks... I'd let her blow me too... but that's about it.
2003-04-14 05:03:11 PM  
I wonder if she's going to give an oral monologue everynight ?
2003-04-14 05:03:28 PM  
teh sUX0r!
2003-04-14 05:04:01 PM  
'Paula Jones was ok, she just had a horses mouth is all'
So what are your thoughts about Janet Reno?"
She's the ugliest looking transformer I've ever seen ! I kid, I kid !

2003-04-14 05:04:06 PM  
So one network employs both Monica Lewinsky AND Geraldo Rivera?

"You're watching FOX! Shame on you!"
2003-04-14 05:04:06 PM  
I think it is obvious that the crossed out section on page four is where the President finished the buisness... I could be wrong...


2003-04-14 05:04:08 PM  
I thought her skills involved putting things into her mouth, not spouting words out. If I appear as a guest, will she provide fluffing services?
2003-04-14 05:04:24 PM  
I thought she was sent overseas to get Saddam's DNA ??!?
2003-04-14 05:05:07 PM  
Puckhead -- He did have a tryst with Elizabeth Ward Gracen, from what I recall reading. That might have been his only good "pick", however.
2003-04-14 05:06:33 PM  
Did clinton wear a mask...Yes, here's the evidence.
[image from grimmy.com too old to be available]
Last post, I swear.
2003-04-14 05:06:52 PM  
[image from comedyzine.com too old to be available]
2003-04-14 05:24:16 PM  
I'd hit the hell out of it!
2003-04-14 05:25:44 PM  
My favorite parts:

"The President wanted LEWINSKY to continue the oral sex while he was on the phone... LEWINSKY complied, but felt cheap doing this."

[image from belgianfries.com too old to be available]

"When LEWINSKY unbuttoned the President's shirt, the President sucked in his stomach... LEWINSKY assured the President that she thought his physical shape was cute."
2003-04-14 05:25:54 PM  
Poor Slick Willie, he must have had a serious case of blue balls! He "did not reach completion" quite a few times!
2003-04-14 05:27:23 PM  
Holy crap! Give me whatever diet she went on!

[image from mirror.media.canada.com too old to be available]
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