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2003-04-13 08:44:40 PM  
Exiledone, lack of sleep probably can have an affect on memory, or something, what was i talking about?
2003-04-13 08:44:52 PM  
What if you are a doctor who has to be on call all the time? Does that mean you can no longer go to a movie without breaking the law? And hwta about all sort of other folks who have to have phones always active for important reasons?

My dad for example. My mom's got cancer, and my dad has a cell phone so that in an emergency people can get in touch with him. So if he lived in NY and wanted to see a movie, he would have to be out of touch with my mom because of tghis stupid law create dbecause some people think anything which annoys them should be illegal? Laws should be for protecting people from danger and theft, and requiring you to pay taxes. And that's about it. Laws like this are unamerican, and against the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If you don't like someone talking on a cell phone, then ratrher than whine to your congressman, you should tell them to shut the hell up, or tell the theatre manager.
2003-04-13 08:44:59 PM  
2003-04-13 08:45:48 PM  
ass pennies?
2003-04-13 08:46:09 PM  
Hooray for NYC.

Not often they do something sensible.
2003-04-13 08:46:11 PM  
What good does a 30 decible soundtrack do the young ears of your critter, folks?!!!!

i hope that decibal level was a typo, cos the last time i checked 30dB was about as loud as someone quietly talking, or a fan running...90 or 100 would be about the level in a theatre with good sound...
2003-04-13 08:46:50 PM  
Why do laws like this get passed? Because our culture has lost its civility.

People have become so self-centered they don't begin to even THINK about how their actions annoy/disturb/hurt other people. From littering to yakking on cell phones in theaters to blowing smoke in others faces, no one feels ashamed for making life difficult for others, and in some cases, have come to take pride in doing so.

Blame the people who never grew up knowing what "courtesy" is. If you can't behave like adults, don't be suprised when those sick of your behavior legislate against you.
2003-04-13 08:47:33 PM  
Doctors can put it on buzz, answer it outside. No big deal...
2003-04-13 08:47:53 PM  
"What if you are a doctor who has to be on call all the time?"

Then the selfish bastard should stay home and watch a DVD.

Yes, your dad should also stay home and watch a DVD. I'm very sorry that your mom has cancer, but don't ruin the movie over it, okay?
2003-04-13 08:47:57 PM  
04-13-03 08:27:43 PM Killemall
This is incredibly stupid. I agree that people should lay off the cell phones, but personal responsibility should prevail here.

Obviously people aren't being responsible for their own behavior. Plus, it's extremely rude to other people in the theater.

Why don't the just post signs, and run warning of ejection, instead? Then boot their a$$e$ for it.

/Man 86ed from theater for a phone call. News@11
2003-04-13 08:48:02 PM  
"What if you are a doctor who has to be on call all the time? Does that mean you can no longer go to a movie without breaking the law? And hwta about all sort of other folks who have to have phones always active for important reasons?"

Yeah, it's to bad they can't go into bars and get shiatfaced while on call, too. Life's so unfair.
2003-04-13 08:49:31 PM  
Knucklebreather, I love you.
2003-04-13 08:49:34 PM  
Usually the people who require a cell phone at all times are doing pretty well, and are making enough money to afford a cell phone with the vibrate feature.
2003-04-13 08:49:41 PM  
My wife's got cancer, but I think I'll catch the matinee of Chris Rock in Head Of State...I hear it's the shiznit...

MMM...my wife has cancer, I think I have better things to do than hang out alone in a movie theater.

Just my opinion.
2003-04-13 08:51:11 PM  

It was a typo.

Still, I really don't see the logic in taking an infant into a loud movie.
2003-04-13 08:51:57 PM  
People who bring young children to movies intended for grownups should have their children taken from them and sold to the gypsies.
2003-04-13 08:52:47 PM  
Just for the record.. Bloomburg Vetoed this bill. But I can't believe that there are people who are in favor of a law like this - while talking on a phone in a theather is rude behavior, so is 50 persent of what people write on this board!

THINK!!! Do you really want a government that tells you how to act in public? How about one that tells you not to wear a hat backwards or even worse.. wear one indoors! How about going out in public needing a shave? I can't stand when people do that! Oh yeah... lets lobby for that law!
2003-04-13 08:53:48 PM  
Man,if you can't have cell phone in movies, what's the next thing? I mean, come on, what about the scene when the deranged stalker chick keeps on calling the dude on his cell phone and he has to turn it off or smash it to bits or something. We could never see that scene because cell phones in movies are illegal.
2003-04-13 08:54:11 PM  
what about taking a 2-year old to see something like "the hunted"? doesn't "under 17 not admitted" include small children like that? if you can afford the price of movies these days, surely you can afford a babysitter. either that, or just download it.
2003-04-13 08:54:29 PM  
ok, the movie theatre's have a right to make that rule and kick people out. WTF is wrong with New York and controling businesses recently?
2003-04-13 08:54:56 PM  
people with kids, low iqs, a cold, SARS, annoying laughs, loud cries, people who are too tall, ugly people, and smelly people should not be allowed in theatres.

In fact, unless you're me, you shouldn't be allowed.

P.S. The ugly and smelly people rule does not apply to me.
2003-04-13 08:55:05 PM  
my wife is on call all the time. She has a cell phone that vibrates. When we're at a movie, she puts in vibrate mode. simple enough for all you people who have to be able to contacted anytime, and the only person it disturbs is her.
2003-04-13 08:55:14 PM  
Here's a solution: Make better movies.

No, really. When I went to see "The Two Towers," no excess noise was tollerated. Some filthy woman and her crying child came in, the kid wouldn't shut up, she wouldn't put down the cell, and a mob went and got management to boot her out.

She went out complaining about "what kind of place is this that you can't take your kid to, blah-blah-blah," but she was drowned out by the applause given to those escorting her away.
2003-04-13 08:55:35 PM  
Anyone else think the headline meant we wouldn't be seeing anymore cell phones in movies, not movie theaters ?
2003-04-13 08:55:38 PM  
or doctors can have pagers.
2003-04-13 08:55:51 PM  
I was watching a movie in NYC and a guy answered his cell phone.

"Yeah? Hey Jerry. Not much. You know what I'm doing right now? I'm watching a movie !"

Death penalty's back in New York, right?
2003-04-13 08:56:06 PM  
Lawrence Fishburne would be proud.
2003-04-13 08:57:07 PM  
I usually block about 4 rows behind me with my wheelchair and the sound of my ventilator can be annoying. I try to be considerate of others but you know what I don't want to stay home and watch a dvd, I want the full theatre effect. Stick that in your crack pipe and smoke it.
2003-04-13 08:57:13 PM  
Sure they start out banning things the majority doesn't like. This gives them precedent and a legal means to ban other things that they don't like. Sure ban smoking in a private establishment. Everyone rejoices except the few who see this as an erosion of property rights. Ban cell phones in movies. Everyone rejoices because cell phones in movies is something that so impacts the health and well being of others that the government should stop it. Next up people who say offensive things.
2003-04-13 08:57:26 PM  
Most people should refrain from having babies anyway. Like their genetics are SO great that they must be carried on for future generations?

My advice: use the wall of your bedroom. Who knows, you might be able to escape the living hell of your married life, which will fall apart in two years regardless.
2003-04-13 08:57:33 PM  
Cheyenne: Depends on if the cops catch you after you're through with the guy.
2003-04-13 08:58:21 PM  
Saranac, only Peter_Veal... you two freaks!!
2003-04-13 08:58:41 PM  
I've got a two year old and decided not to take him to a movie until he's at least old enough to know when it's appropriate to be quiet (5-ish?). If we can't find a babysitter, we stay home.
2003-04-13 08:59:32 PM  
does anyone have a cell phone that does not have volume control, voicemail, or a vibrate function? and why cant people turn them off before class? i know nobody wants to contact that dorky little fratboy at 8 am...
2003-04-13 09:01:00 PM  

Can I buy you a beer?
2003-04-13 09:01:23 PM  
Elite-mrp, doh! shoulda read more closely. Movies from pre-mid 90's would still be OK...Yay! More Goonies for me!
2003-04-13 09:01:30 PM  
Go into any shopping mall and look, really look, at the people.

Yeah, the vast majority are not pretty to watch. Bad manners, worse hygiene, and an abundance of false self importance.

You biatch at some idiot in a theatre nowadays, you're liable to be shot.

So, what shall we do? Pay some cop $30 an hour to watch movies?

Screw that, everytime a phone interrupts my movie watching, I go and complain to the management.
Eventually, if enough people do so, they will make policy regarding cell usage, and enforce it.

More laws is one thing we do not need.

Cellular jamming techniques have been brought up. Unfortunately, current US law regards usage of such devices as terrorism, the jamming of legitimately liscensed airwaves.
One would think a business owner has the right to regulate what material can be delivered in his establishment, but the Govt. says no.
2003-04-13 09:01:39 PM  
I'm not a fan of big government, but I like it when it tries to do something useful.

Next, kill all spam from my Inbox!

/wishful thinking
2003-04-13 09:04:59 PM  
Come on people and join with me!! We need a law to stop people that need a shave from going out in public!! Why should we be forced to look at people like this guy? We need this law now!!

Then when we get this law we can move on to a law against going out in public wearing t-shirts - why should people be able to get away with that? How rude is it to go out in public wearing just one of those? We need these laws don't we?
2003-04-13 09:05:43 PM  
Can you hear me now?
2003-04-13 09:06:21 PM  
You can't have it both ways...either you want the government to stay out of the rights of private businesses and such, or the eventually they will ban are all your precious porn sites.

Next is fast food and alcohol.

THEN you'll be crying.
2003-04-13 09:06:36 PM  
both of you misspelled "decibel".

someone shoot me.
2003-04-13 09:07:03 PM  
Sunburn, I won't complain about your ventilator if you don't complain about my excessive flatulence.
2003-04-13 09:09:20 PM  

You can have it both ways, a minimalist government and personal accountability.

It's called Libertarianism.
2003-04-13 09:10:06 PM  
I also misspell Chakka.
2003-04-13 09:13:20 PM  
Lets have a whole series of laws that we'll call the "Courtesy Statutes". Siting, cussing, rude gestures, not saying please or thank you, not shaving, not showering enough, unsightly clothing, crying babies, people with teurets and rudeness in general shall be outlawed. Such laws are necessary since too few people now days know common courtesy.
2003-04-13 09:14:56 PM  
i guess the submitter is confused, cell phones not allowed in theatres, movie houses or concert halls that shows movie/performances, not in movies itself. dumbass.
2003-04-13 09:15:03 PM  
I agree MorteDiem.

But ours is a culture that lives by the edict of a two-party system.
2003-04-13 09:19:00 PM  
farking liberal Nazis her in NYC. First smoking. Then cell phones. What next? No public flatulence?
2003-04-13 09:20:42 PM  
If New York got a dollar for each law they passed, they'd wipe out their deficit in about two city council meetings.
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